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A Broken Jigsaw by Yayy im a Hufflepuff
Chapter 13 : Ice-Creams
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          “Why are there so many people in there for one assessment?” Hermione asked Narcissa quietly. Narcissa crossed her ankles and tried to make herself comfortable on the hard wooden chair outside the Minister’s office.

          “Because he’s a Malfoy, he is his father’s spitting image and if you intimidate him, puts on a perfect imitation of his father’s personality,” Narcissa murmured back. Hermione wriggled in her seat as she thought about Narcissa’s words.


Lucius had always had a cold, sneering personality, the same personality Draco had shown when at Hogwarts, but if Draco only showed that side of himself when he was intimidated, had herself, Harry and Ron come across as intimidating when they were at Hogwarts? Hermione shook her thoughts from her head and decided to address Narcissa’s other comment with a small smirk.

          “I think Draco looks more like you now he is older, his father never struck me as good looking,” Hermione said as her smirk became broader. Narcissa let out quiet laugh just as a Hermione spotted the messy, raven coloured hair of her best friend weaving between the people in the corridor.


Quickly she jumped up and stood in front of the door.

          “Identification please,” Hermione said sternly as Harry rushed up to her. In his flustered state he quickly reached for his wand and was only stopped by Hermione’s laughter.

          “Mione?” Harry gawped.

          “Harry?” Hermione imitated him before laughing. “What are you doing here, I thought today was your day off?” Hermione then questioned with a serious demeanour.

          “I was called to an assessment of someone,” Harry groaned as he pushed his ever present circular glasses up his nose.

          “You have got to be kidding me, this is getting fucking ridiculous,” Hermione snarled, before she turned on her heel and marched through the door.


The sight that met Hermione had her gasping and very close to tears.

          “Miss Gr-,”Kingsley started, but Hermione cut him off.

          “What the HELL are you doing?!” Hermione yelled as she surveyed the scene. Draco was sat in a straight backed chair, two burly looking aurors stood behind him holding their wands at the ready. Kingsley was sat behind a desk with his hands flat on the desk and next to him stood the head auror and a second man who was moving his hand towards his pocket clutching a phial. In anger, Hermione flicked her fingers at the man and the phial he had been trying to conceal flashed over to her. The sudden movement made the two burly aurors jump and face her, pointing their wands in her face.

          “Lower your wands please,” Hermione growled as she raised the phial and looked at it. The liquid was clear and she started to assume the worst, as she uncorked it she took a quick sniff and her eyes narrowed. “Veritaserum, you’ve given him Veritaserum?!” Hermione whispered, her voice escalating into a shout.

          “Hermione please calm down, it’s not what you think,” Kingsley said in that deep voice of his as he ordered the men to lower their wands with a hand signal.

          “Why should I calm down, why are you force feeding him Veritaserum, and yes it’s obvious you force fed him. What has he done in the past year that makes you feel the need to force feed him this shit! He came in here because he wants to be a lawyer, he wants a job, but instead you force feed him this crap!” Hermione hissed. Harry touched Hermione’s hand softly and only then did she feel her anger start to ebb. Kingsley noticed this and moved around his desk to stand in front of Hermione. The way he stood made him outwardly appear as if he cared, made him appear as if he was sorry for what he had done, but Hermione could tell that he was only standing in front of her to remind her of his height and power and intimidate her.

          “Hermione,” Kingsley murmured. “You should know this is procedure.”

          “Why is it procedure?” Hermione growled.

          “He’s an ex-death eater,” Kingsley said patronisingly. Hermione took a step back and then walked around Kingsley and knelt in front of Draco who was staring into space at nothing.

          “Draco can you hear me?” Hermione asked softly. Draco’s eyes fixed on hers and she saw a flicker of his true consciousness before the potion took over.

          “Yes,” Draco said in a monotone. Hermione bit her lip as she touched his hands then held them.

          “Are you okay?” Hermione then asked.

          “I am not truly okay, nor am I ill,” Draco said in a monotone. Hermione looked up at Kingsley and then back at Draco’s hands, tightening her grip on them. Frowning in concentration, she sent a shock of her own magic through him from her right hand.


What she could do was a strange piece of magic as no witch or wizard in all her reading had been able to send their magic through another being and retain control of it and, it was incredibly rare to be able to do wandless magic. Hermione could feel her own pulsating magic in Draco’s hand as if she was inside Draco’s body, but she quickly began to speed the magic through him searching for the potion and pulling it along when she found it. Once she had it all in one spot she tightened her grip on Draco’s hand and closed her eyes before throwing another shock of magic straight at the offending potion and neutralising it.


Hermione felt Draco stir in her hands and she quickly brought her magic back through his body to his right hand which she held in her left. Absorbing the magic back she opened her eyes to find the liquid silver orbs she loved staring at her. With a shy smile she stood up and offered her hand to Draco, and without a word she pulled Draco from the office to where Narcissa stood nervously.

          “Draco whatever’s the matter?” Narcissa asked as she took in the greyish tinge to her son’s complexion.

          “Veritaserum,” Hermione growled, before she tightened her grip on Draco’s waist, took Narcissa’s hand and apparated them away to a muggle park.





Upon landing Draco felt a bag be conjured for him and he threw up into it before vanishing it and resting his back against a tree and groaning as he looked up through the leaves.

          “Are you okay?” Hermione asked from close by him. Draco cut his eyes down to the small witch rocking on her heels next to him.

          “I could be better if I’m honest.” Draco drawled. Hermione chuckled as she took his hand.

          “You’ll live,” Narcissa smirked. Draco looked at his mother with sad eyes and she stepped up to him and embraced him. “The ministry is wrong in the way they treat you, you are not your father Draco, and just because this path has not worked, does not mean the muggle path will not,” Narcissa murmured. Draco just rested his head on his mother’s shoulder as he tried not to cry, then he felt Hermione squeeze his hand and all desires to cry faded as he remembered what she had done.

          “I felt you,” Draco whispered. Hermione blinked, confused and then a light switched on and she blushed.

          “What do you mean Draco?” Narcissa questioned as she looked from Draco’s awed face, to Hermione’s embarrassed one.

          “Hermione put her magic in me and controlled it enough to capture and destroy the potion in my system,” Draco mused. Narcissa looked at Hermione in shock and Hermione looked down at her feet.

          “Hermione?” Narcissa questioned.

          “I don’t know why I can do it, I just can. I discovered it 2 years ago when I was with Harry and Ron after Ron had been splinched. I gave him dittany but I was worried and I guess my magic was a bit haywire so I when I touched him I felt my magic slide into him. I wanted so badly to heal him internally, I knew I could do that, but what if something went wrong. There’s always a risk,” Hermione sighed as she rubbed her forehead in worry before turning around and facing out of the patch of woods they had landed in to see the sun glinting off the park. It was still August and surprisingly the British summer had been nice and warm for a change instead of raining at every opportunity, so the sight that met Hermione was pleasant until her eyes fell on the spot where she had sat with her parents every year at this time. In their place was a couple with a picnic basket and blanket and as Hermione watched she saw a girl probably slightly younger than herself walk up and take her seat and lounge in the sunlight, taking no notice of the love her Parents were showing for each other and their daughter. Taking everything she had for granted.


Hermione felt her breathing hitch as she watch the scene then she felt Draco’s hands on her shoulders, followed by his warm breath against the side of her face as he brought his lips close to her ear.

          “It’s okay Mi,” Draco whispered as Hermione leant back into him. He slid his hands down from her shoulders and wrapped them around her waist. “It’s okay to be sad,” Draco continued. He felt Hermione freeze in his arms but tightened his grip on her and placed a light kiss on her neck. “I promised I’d be here for you and help you,” Draco whispered. Hermione released the breath she had held and then breathed in deeply, but in doing so, it meant her senses were attacked by his cherry and smoke scent causing her to have to fight to keep her heart rate and breathing even.


Draco sighed as he let go of the small witch, but as he pulled back she suddenly twisted in his arms and pulled him down to her. Before he could really comprehend her mouth crashed onto his as she kissed him with all the passion he had been longing for since last night. His arms wrapped around the brunette and he pulled her body tight to his as his thoughts became consumed with the witch in his arms. Just then Narcissa cleared her throat delicately and Hermione jumped away from Draco blushing ferociously which caused Draco to laugh throatily.

          “It’s not funny,” Hermione whined as she poked him in the ribs, the childish movement only made Draco laugh harder, which made Hermione stare. She had never seen or heard Draco laugh so much in all the time she had known him, it did wonders for his appearance, making him seem open and light and genuinely happy which at that minute he was and Hermione couldn’t help but smile.


When his laughter finally subsided Hermione noticed the family looking at the trio curiously but Hermione firmly turned her back on the onslaught of memories and pain and took Draco’s hand.

          “So am I going to get that ice cream or are we just going to let a day like this go without it?” Hermione asked. Draco grinned and then directed his hand in a lead the way gesture and Hermione skipped out of the trees towards this little wooden building with queues of muggles outside.

          “She’s good for you Draco,” Narcissa said softly as she observed him watching after Hermione. Draco looked down at his mother and she truly saw how much pain the Veritaserum incident had caused him.

          “She’s good for me, but am I good for her or even deserving of her? Look at all I did… I picked on her for six years and then took the wrong side in the war, how, after only a year of me being on the straight and narrow, has she come to be so trusting of me? I truly don’t deserve that woman,” Draco mumbled.

          “Draco, firstly do not mumble it is unseemly, secondly, look at how happy she is now, she was a shell of herself, or so you told me, yet now she’s smiling and laughing and yes she’s still sad, but you’re helping her heal. If that doesn’t show that you’re good for her and you do deserve her then nothing else will,” Narcissa said firmly as they walked together.

          “You really think so?” Draco asked quietly.

          “Draco I know so,” Narcissa said pulling her son to a stop. “Look at me.” Draco looked down at his mother with his expression guarded. “You deserve happiness and from what I’ve seen you’ve found it with that amazing muggleborn witch. Now stop moping ad go and help her get the ice-cream, don’t forget my sweet tooth,” Narcissa smirked. Draco smirked back and then left his mother under the shade of a tree before loping off after Hermione, gathering her in a bear hug when he reached her. Narcissa watched her son and smiled. She was glad he was happy after all he had been through.





          “Hermione you must tell me what this delicious flavour is called,” Narcissa gasped as she tried one delicate, experimental lick of the chocolate coloured ice-cream. Draco chuckled as he looked at his mother’s alight with her love of all things sweet.

          “It’s Nutella flavoured mom. Nutella’s like chocolate with hazelnuts but I’ve only ever found it in the muggle world,” Draco grinned after he took a lick of his own chocolate and vanilla ice-cream. Hermione nodded in agreement as she lounged next to Draco in the sunlight as she licked her own Nutella flavoured ice-cream.

          “You must take me shopping for this stuff Draco,” Narcissa insisted. Hermione chuckled as she took in the ever so slight role reversal of mother and son, to daughter and father.

          “Mother, it’s generally not good for you in large doses,” Draco murmured as the same thought Hermione had had ran through his head. Narcissa pouted but then regained her composure and contented herself with sitting on her cloak in the sun.


Shortly after she had stood in the shade of the tree Narcissa had observed that most of the muggles her age were wearing dresses and robes of sapphire blue not only stood out but were extremely warm in the heat, so after making her way over to Draco and Hermione she informed them it would be a good idea to look a bit less conspicuous. Hermione had looked around in shock and then making Draco keep their place, rushed off to the ladies room with Narcissa where she transfigured her green robes into a short green and white summer dress and changed her soft boots into sandals, completing the ensemble with sun hat that had a green ribbon around it. Narcissa copied her, only her dress was slightly longer in length and sapphire blue with small white flowers covering it. When they had returned Draco observed the changes and strolled towards the men’s room and transfigured his own silver robes into cut-off jeans and a white tee-shirt, figuring he couldn’t go wrong with the pumps he wore, changing only the colour from grey to white.


When he’d met the women he found them smiling as they held the ice-creams and he couldn’t help but really admire Hermione. She was his angel, stood there in a short green and white summer dress that complemented her black hair and the creamy coloured skin he could see a lot of at the minute. When he stood next to her and could smell the strange combination of coconut and strawberry it took everything he had to not jump on her and attack her mouth with his.

          “So what’s next Draco?” Hermione asked after a while of silence. Draco looked over at the witch and caught the sparkle of her chocolate brown eyes.

          “I don’t know,” Draco whispered.


          ”I know nothing about law, muggles will make me go to university, and I was hoping to get training in the ministry, they’re obviously not going to take me, so I need to find a new path,” Draco murmured as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. Hermione rubbed his arm gently and she felt some of his tension ebb away as he relaxed under the comfort of her touch.

          “What’s next for you now?” Draco asked.

          “I need to see Luna, we scheduled an interview, she was coming back to the flat if it was okay with you,” Hermione smiled. She wasn’t really asking him for his permission, more like telling him what was going to happen and hoping he would be alright with it.

          “I guess that would be alright, do you think we could do the interview together, I feel like we need to explain a fair few things to a lot of people out there, Skeeter really twisted things,” Draco sighed, then he looked at his mother. “Mother you mentioned that Malfoy Manor was no longer home to you, what do you mean?” Draco asked.

          “There’s magic placed on that manor. I was only allowed to live there as I was Lucius’s wife, I inherited the Malfoy name, and only Lucius, you and I could invite people to live with us. When Lucius died the magic was bound to you and I, only when I agreed to marry Carlos the magic bound itself to you and I found I could not access anywhere in the manor other than the parlour. So I summoned my belongings and left, once I left I could not enter the gates again so I’ve been staying at The Three Broomsticks. The manor is waiting for you Draco,” Narcissa explained. Draco grimaced and then leant back on his hands.

          “I’m going to level the place,” Draco growled.

          “What do you mean?” Narcissa asked.

          “I’m going to destroy the manor as it stands and rebuild it. As much as I know I like to live in opulence, the 15 bedrooms, 2 ballrooms, 3 Parlours, 4 studies and dungeons my father added are absolutely useless. I’ll level the place and build a more normal sized manor, one that actually feels like home, and maybe sell off some of the excess land that’s left,” Draco mused as he let the sun play on his face. Narcissa and Hermione looked at Draco with a mix of shock and a slight bit of awe on their faces.

          “You will defy your ascendants?” Narcissa questioned. Draco just shrugged.

          “I’m not defying them. The only one I have defied is my father and his wishes for me,” Draco answered. Narcissa nodded her head at her son with a smirk on her face, proud of him in a way his father had never been. Draco noted her pride and he felt a warm happy feeling swell inside of him, a feeling he had so far felt only when he was with Hermione.


Hermione then leant towards Draco concern on her face.

          “Draco, you should let your mother stay with us,” Hermione said quietly. Draco looked down at Hermione with a questioning gaze.

          “My flat only has two rooms,” Draco reminded her.

          “You’re a wizard are you not?” Hermione smirked. Draco’s mouth opened slightly as he blushed, but Hermione continued. “Even if you don’t want to modify your flat even more I could always stay in your room and let your mother have the spare. It’s not like I haven’t slept with you before.”

          “If it would make you two uncomfortable then I am happy to stay at the Inn,” Narcissa offered but before she had even finished Draco was shaking his head.

          “It wouldn’t make us uncomfortable mother and you can’t stay at The Three Broomsticks on your wedding night,” Draco countered. Narcissa knew that her son and Hermione had cornered her and she simply smiled graciously.

          “We should retrieve my belongings sooner rather than later then,” Narcissa said and she took the last few dainty licks from the top of her ice-cream and frowned.


Hermione noticed that both Narcissa and Draco were behaving as if their ice creams were finished as they could no longer reach the ice-cream and Hermione remembered the difference.

          “You can bite into the cone,” Hermione stated with a demonstration. Ice-creams in the wizard world, didn’t come in cones, but were made with a no-mess charm and a freeze charm to contain the ice-cream so you could hold it in a cone shape and keep licking without actually getting a mess on your hands. Draco looked over at Hermione and then with a quick glance at his mother, took an experimental bite of the cone. Narcissa waited to see Draco’s happy reaction before she too tried it. Hermione couldn’t help but laugh at Draco’s enthusiasm.


          “What?” Draco asked as he looked at Hermione. Him turning to face her only made Hermione laugh even harder as she noticed that Draco had ice-cream on the corners of his mouth and somehow on the tip of his nose.

          “You have a little bit of ice-cream,” Hermione started, as she indicated her own mouth and nose. Draco raised his hand to the corner of his mouth and when found ice cream which he licked off his finger, before licking the corners of his mouth quickly before settling back to eat his ice cream. “You have ice cream on your nose Draco,” Hermione then sniggered before she knelt up and wiped it away.


The trio remained in the park for a further half an hour before they finally made their way to a secluded alley where they apparated to The Three Broomsticks. Once inside Draco left Hermione with Pansy to help his mother but not before he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and placed a soft kiss on the corner of her mouth. Hermione blushed crimson as he walked off and Pansy raised an eyebrow at her.

          “Mi is there anything you want to discuss?” Pansy asked, her voice loaded with accusation and Hermione placed her face in her hands.

          “You’re not going to let me wiggle out of this are you?” Hermione moaned hopefully.

          “Not a chance,” Pansy smirked as she pulled her hands away.

          “What do you want to know?” Hermione finally asked as her face returned to its normal cream colour.

          “Are you his girlfriend?” Pansy asked.

          “Is that all?” Hermione questioned, slightly shocked.

          “That’s all I need to know,” Pansy shrugged.

          “I don’t know. He’s been treating me sweetly, we haven’t argued since that first day and our pseudo date was lovely, but I’ve only known him a week,” Hermione murmured.

          “No, you’ve known him for seven years,” Pansy corrected.

          “But not like this,” Hermione countered. Pansy shrugged her shoulders in a ‘same difference’ kind of way and Hermione didn’t say anything.


If she was honest she’d been thinking of Draco in that way since the first article from Rita Skeeter had come out, but was she ready to be someone’s girlfriend? Was she really healed enough to love someone? Hermione groaned as if in pain and Pansy smirked as she wandered away. Draco suddenly appeared, closely followed by his mother. He wasn’t carrying any suitcases though.

          “I thought you were helping your mother carry suitcases?” Hermione questioned.

          “Wizard remember?” Draco smirked as he waved his wand between his fingertips. Hermione blushed slightly but then shook her head as a small grin graced her face.

          “We should get going; Luna will want to meet us soon. I told her to meet us around about 3pm,” Hermione murmured as she checked her muggle wristwatch. Draco nodded and he waved goodbye to Pansy and wandered outside, closely followed by his mother and Hermione. Once outside, he apparated to his flat with his mother and Hermione followed shortly after.





Hermione and Draco had been back at the flat for no more than ten minutes before Luna was ringing the doorbell. Narcissa was packing away her things into the spare bedroom so didn’t hear the bell while Draco and Hermione were sat on the kitchen counter talking quietly where the sound of the doorbell made them both jump.

          “Luna,” Hermione grinned as she opened the door to greet the tall slim blonde with the huge eyes.

          “Hermione,” Luna smiled dreamily as she wandered in on Hermione’s request. She stopped once she was inside and looked around, eventually spotting Draco leaning nervously against the kitchen counter. “Draco,” Luna smiled.

          “Hullo Luna,” Draco greeted as he moved over to Hermione.

          “So Luna where do you want to do the interview?” Hermione asked. Luna turned around and faced the couple.

          “Oh don’t you two look sweet,” Luna grinned. Hermione blushed as Draco looked down. “And anywhere is fine, but why not on the sofa?” Hermione and Draco moved over to the sofa and sat next to each other and offered a chair to Luna, who sat down and withdrew some of her notes and a muggle recording device which she pressed play on.

          “So Mione, you told me there were many unfair untruths written about you in Rita Skeeter’s first article, so I brought together a list of questions to ask about the first article. Firstly, she mentioned that your parents died at the beginning of your seventh year, but all appeared well back then, besides the Voldemort killing mission. So do you want to tell me what really happened with your parents?” Luna asked as her voice lost some of its dreamy quality as she became business-like and efficient. Hermione recoiled into Draco’s warmth and he put an arm around her. Drawing on his strength she took a deep breath and prepared herself to speak about her parents for the first time in almost two weeks.


Author’s note


Don’t kill me please!!!!

Firstly sorry about the cliff hanger, I just didn’t want to put something that felt so important at the end of a chapter. I say the end because it would have been too long. I didn’t want to have to try and scrimp and save on words to keep it under 5000 (I know there’s no limit on chapter length really but I feel like if a chapter’s too long it gets boring easily).

Secondly, I’m also sorry if this chapter and the one before feet a bit like filler chapters, I’ve been suffering from writers block when it comes to making these chapters. But I promise I will do my utmost best to make the next chapter really good. Including Luna’s interview, Hermione’s article and if I have enough words, Rita’s response. Please leave me a review I love to see your responses, even if its criticism, and any tips on how to get past writers block would be greatly appreciated.

I also know my spelling of ice-cream is sometimes ice cream, sorry about that.


~ eden xxx

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