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Seriously Black by kjp
Chapter 3 : A barmy knight
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^ amazing, awsome, asdfghjkl ci by easterlies @TDA :D thank-you

chapter 3- A barmy knight

“Is it true?” A young boy yelled out to anyone who would listen as he passed the marauders and Marlene “Is it true? What their saying? That death eater’s really were on the train”

Sirius grinned at the boy didn’t reply merely he kept walking towards the carriages silently laughing at the boys excitement. James’s head was still bleeding heavily, though Marlene had tried the best she could she was no healer and the wounds were still deep, he winced as they made their way up to the horseless carriages, hopping into one with the help of Sirius.

The night was cold and damp as the horseless carriage trudged it’s way through the muddy hills of Hogsmeade on its way to Hogwarts.

Just as the carriage turned the corner the first glimpse of Hogwarts came to view for the five of them, the great castle shadowed over them, its tall towers almost touched the sky. As every year Sirius had to bite back a gasp, the sight would also manage to take his breath away.

“Who do you think’ll be our defence against the dark teacher this year?” Remus asked closing the book in his hand and looking up at the four of them, all of whom had been staring up at the castle.

Everyone stared blankly at one another “Probably another Gryffindor hater” James shrugged turning his gaze back towards the castle. A few groans were let out at this and Sirius stared blankly at the lot of them.

“She wasn’t that bad” He stated.

“She gave Peter a detention for opening the book to the wrong page! How is that not bad?” Remus fired back “You only liked her cause she was ‘hot’” He said using inverted comma’s.

“Yeah… well she was. Too bad she started to support Voldermort”

Silence fell upon them, they all sat awkwardly staring out of the window with their arms in their laps, apart from Remus who had re-opened his book and continued to read.

“It scary, just how big this war has gotten” Marlene said breaking the silence, her face heating up as everyone turned to look up at her “I mean, they even managed to get on the train. Two years from now we will be out there fighting them off for real, and there will be no school to go to” She finished taking a deep breath and facing to look out of the window where the rain had became to pour again.

“Well that’s a way to dampen the mood Marls” James cracked up slightly nudging her in the arm playfully. A smile played on her face before she began to squint at James’s robes.

“Is that- Is that a quiddittch captain badge?” She smiled staring at the shiny badge that James had begun polishing since he’d received it.

“Yes!” He replied back sticking out his chest proudly showing it off.

“Congratulations James, Gryffindor are sure to win this year” Marlene said as a groan was heard from Sirius’s direction.

Many minutes later the horseless carriage finally stopped and the five of them were forced out into the rain, their feet splashing through the thick mud. Sirius jumped about splashing in the muddy pools of water like a five year old a childish grin splitting across his face.

The four laughed at him and Sirius showed of a smirk running over to them and throwing mud.

“Mary!” Marlene called ahead noticing a certain blonde haired girl. She turned, her hair flipping behind her.

“Marlene! There you are, I was beginning to get worried when I heard about the death eaters? Is it true? Was it really death eaters?” She asked, a smile still fully on her face, though the idea of death eaters excited her.

“Yes, it is true” Marlene mumbled sadly.

The two went off as they went through the double doors into Hogwarts grand entrance. The marauders joined the line of students pushing their way into the hall, excitement rising.

“Pete’s, isn’t your sister joining this year?” Remus asked curiously peering at the entrance as a whole load of first years appeared, completely soaked and a look of terror creased across their faces.

“Yeah” Peter said shortly, with a note of boredness in his voice “Yeah she is”

“Enid?” Sirius said raising an eyebrow in shock “I always thought she would turn out to be a squib, a bit daft that one”

They entered the Hogwarts great hall and finally taking a seat the nearest to the front as possible without chucking too many people out of their seats. Minutes later the timid first years came stumbling into the hall, their faces fell as they looked up at the sorting hat, terror crossed them.

Sirius noticed one girl impaticular, her messy hair flying about done up in a ponytail, she was short and plump with rosy chubby cheeks. Her grey eyes stared up at the hat and she almost fainted with fear wondering what the hat was for.

Sirius sent her a small grin when their eyes met, she trembled up at it and noticed her brother sitting next to Sirius, and she gave him a little wave and a small smile in return.

Professor McGonagall rode up the front and pulled a long piece of parchment out.

The names continued and Sirius rested his arm on the table, his eyes drooping, dreaming about the canopy bed now awaiting for him in his dormitory’s.

“Pettigrew, Enid”

The plump small girl looked up and with shaking legs made her way to the stall, keeping her face down, she had taken down her hair since the last time Sirius looked up at her and it now covered her face from view. She twisted her notty brown hair in her hands before sitting down on the stall and the hat was placed over her.

A few moments went by before the hat finally called out “HUFFLEPUFF!”

Sirius clapped with the rest of the school as he heard a long groan beside of him, he looked at Peter behind him who had barely lifted his hands.

“You alright Pete’s? You look bored?”

“I am” He replied simply shaking his head.

Professor Dumbledore stood up and the hall became slowly still, every head was turned towards him.
“Welcome to another year at Hogwarts. I know you are probably all tired and hungry but before you tuck in I would like to welcome you to our newest Professor. She well be taking over the defence against the dark arts position”

A women in her mid thirties stood up, her hair done up in a fair and neat plait that fell down below her waist she smiled kindly bowing down at the students and scanning the room her eyes lingered on the Gryffindor table for a moment and her eyes narrowed before sitting down once again.

The plates began to fill and the chatter started and finally the hall was filled with noise.

“I don’t like this new defence against the dark arts teacher. Did you see her glare at us!” Sirius mumbled as he went in for food.

“She wasn’t glaring” replied Remus shaking his head at his friend as though the idea was stupid.

“Yeah she was!”

Remus raised an eyebrow at him telling him the conversation was closed “It’s a shame Enid wasn’t placed into Gryffindor” Remus said.

James responded by shaking his head quickly taking a sip of his drink and gulping it down “Nah, no offense Pete’s but she pisses me of she’s annoying she never shuts up especially about unicorns”

“I know” Was all Peter said before tucking back into his roast.

Sirius yawned and stretched dropping his knife and fork on his empty plate “I’m stuffed”

“Whoa, you feeling alright Sirius?” James asked tilting his head to the side in fake worry “Don’t think I’ve ever heard you say that”

“Shut it”

The main dishes went away just as Peter dived in for thirds, it was replaced by golden dished filled with cakes, pies and chocolate everything imaginable and desirable.
Remus was straight in for the chocolate as Sirius sat back, his stomach not able to handle much more.

“I think I’m gonna be sick”
“No your not”

“Nah I won’t but I still feel heavy”

“Its ‘cause your tired” Remus said. They’d only been reunited just a few hours ago and Sirius was beginning to get on Remus’s nerves, he did it every year. Fortunately for Sirius, Remus was able to get used to it throughout the year.

Finally the desert vanished, leaving Peter looking at the empty plates with a frown. The boys dashed up to their dormitories, feeling heavy and tired. They all yawned in canon as they fell back into their canopy beds letting the soft mattress carry them away into a deep sleep.




The timetables were being passed around in the great hall at breakfast the next morning, Remus was already gone having found his already and wanting to make a good impression on the first day.

Sirius looked down at his own and saw that he had Divination, he swerved to James who was packing his things for Mugglestudies.

“Why’ve you got your mugglestudies text book?” Sirius asked raising an eyebrow.
“Because I’ve got Mugglestudies first” James replied obviously passing down his Timetable towards Sirius who looked down at it.
“What! I though we’d have Divination together, bugger now I’m gonna be all alone in that shitty lesson”

James shrugged giving him a comforting pat on the back “Sorry mate, I’ve got to go Evans’ll be in Mugglestudies and I want to see if she’s-”

“Yeah whatever” Sirius chuckled pushing James slightly forward and grabbing his rucksack stuffing his timetable inside of it feeling utterly miserable.

He began walking the great distance to the divination tower, his feet were starting to ache just as he arrived on the seventh floor on the north tower, he rarely came up there and the surroundings were still unfamiliar to him. It was what he loved about Hogwarts that there was still things to discover.

“Sirius!” A soft voice called behind him, he swerved to find a red faced Marlene desperately trying to catch her breath “You must be deaf, I have been trying to catch up with you for the last twenty minutes” She said finally able to breath in some air.

“Uh… sorry” He replied stupidly wondering how he hadn’t heard.

“You are taking divination?” Marlene said tilting her head to the side to catch a glimpse of the text book that was firmly in Sirius’s hands.
“Yeah, you too?” He wondered.

“Yes. Thank-god for that, I though I would be all alone in the lessons” She smiled relived that she would know, or like anyone in divination. They were supposed to be taking the class with Slytherine’s and it would have chilled her to the bone knowing she’d be the only Gryffindor there.

“Your taking it to!” Sirius yelped out in delight, infact he was so glad to see a fellow Gryffindor that he pulled her into a tight hug. Last year he’d been all alone and had no other choice but to be partner uped with Catchlover, a Ravenclaw girl far to interested in him for comfort, and her laugh had annoyed him immensely.
They walked along the hallway knowing they were already ten minutes late but taking their time anyway with no wanting to get to their lesson.

Just as they turned a corner a booming voice caught the two of their attention.
“Keep striding you cowardly warlock rather than hinder at the grasp of my fatal weapon” A portrait to their left pounded walking through other portraits so reach them.

Sirius recalled the first time he had ever seen (or rather heard) the portrait of Cadogen and remembered how he had almost wet himself with fear.

Sirius gave him a glare and continued walking but still the Knight followed banging into other portraits along the way and disturbing them.

“Eugh!” Sirius let out swivelling to face him “Go away”

“I request a challenge!”

“I don’t have a bloody challenge for you!” Sirius cried out throwing his hands into the air and seriously considering punching the portrait out of frustration.

When the painted knight still stood where it was and refused to move Marlene stepped forward rolling her eyes and letting out a frustrated sigh but straight away replacing it with a small smile that lit up her whole face “Knight Cadogen? I would like to request a challenge for you, are you up to it?”

Sir Cadogen suddenly nodded enthusiastically causing his helmet to fall of his head stupidly.

“Of course my fine Lady for I am brave and courageous at heart, what is this task you set for me to achieve?” He announced throwing his sword in the air causing him to be hit in the face.

For a moment Marlene and Sirius stared at it weirdly before Marlene realized what she was doing and shook her head “May you please search for a sixth year Ravenclaw boy by the name Joseph”

Cadagen pulled out his sword and wavered it about “Of course for a fine maid like yourself”
Marlene turned on her heel to face a very amused Sirius “Nice, who knew you had such skills”

With that Marlene turned a very deep shade of pink and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear “Thanks I-”

She was cut of by the sound of armour from behind them.

“My maid, what would be the price for this deadly task that awaits me, perhaps your hand in marriage” The knight called her back over.

Marlene’s eyes widened as Sirius started chuckling his barking laugh having to hold onto the door frame to keep a steady foot.

“Run” Marlene growled under her breath as she pushed Sirius through the doorway roughly into the divination corridor where a ladder hung in the middle where Sirius’s howl still echoed around the room “And shut up!”


A/N thank-you everyone who has reviewed it means a lot, sorry this one took so long but its here now! Enjoy :D


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