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Decided by sapphire25
Chapter 1 : Part I
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After The World War, where muggles and wizards fought until life itself was left defeated, desperate measures had to be taken to conserve the magical world. All remaining wizards where held in the now abandoned region of Scotland, led by a board of specifically chosen wizards and witches, pure bloods and muggle borns alike. Every person who showed magical ability, however small, was Sorted at the age of 15, and left to decide their fate. Stay in their families House, or leave to another. For good. Your House was your home- you lived there, you were taught there, you fell in love there, you rose a family there. You belonged there. But each one had its traits, and each one had its reason for existence.

Hufflepuff- truthful and impartial. Took jobs as Healers or Ministry workers, the majority of the New Ministry made up of them. This was because they always stated the truth, and saw both sides of an argument equally.

Slytherin- ambitious and a leader. The dealers of the New World- shop owners, factory men, food suppliers. Despite their importance, they were as cunning as ever, tricking their customers with please.

Ravenclaw- intelligent and original. The scientists, the brains behind each operation, the hand behind each work of art. Many wanted to develop away to turn muggles and Squibs into fellow wizards and witches, creating a world of harmony instead of paranoia. Their rules were tight, and they didn't indulge in vanity, as it was a distraction from their true meaning.

And Gryffindor- courageous, proud and independent. The silent protectors, standing in star lit shadows. Though the most admired, or the most loathed for some, they were the most secretive, their true home hidden until you turned 15.





"Cassia, you'll be late!" My mother called, distracting me from my daydream where I was gazing out the window.

"Just a minute mother!" A wisp of black hair brushed against my cheek, having escaped my tight bun. Picking up my powder blue messenger bag, I took a final look out of the dusty windows.

"Any second now..." As if hearing my call, the faint hiss of the train reached my ears. The red train, doors snapped off, windows shattered, sped along the line. In each open compartment was a bundle of students, all dressed in similiar grey uniform as mine, except many of theirs was ripped and covered in stains from grass and Merlin knows what. In shimmering gold, a large contrast to the rest of the broken, graffitied and scarred train, was the famous title in twirling letter- 'Hogwarts Express'.

"Cassia! Your brother's ready, why aren't you?"

"Sorry mother!" I called, rushing out of my room and down the stairs.

"Ready Benji? Don't want to be late!"

Benjamin, my twin brother, smiled at me, chucking over my stray black boot.

"Don't forget it's the Sorting today." He whispered, opening the pale blue door for me. Worry was laced in his tone, his back straighter than normal. Not that he had anything to worry about; he was a Ravenclaw through and through, just like my parents.

"How can I? It's all mother and father talk about, hinting at their 'high expectations'." I said back, shutting the door behind me and sprinting to catch him up. We were a few minutes behind schedule, thanks to me, but it was easily fixed if we ran after the boundary line. The boundary line divided each House, well, three of them, and No Man's Land, home to the House-less and the squibs. That was where we were heading to get to school. We jogged in silence, our stomachs filled with raging tsunamis. The Sorting meant everything to us; it determined our future, mapped out our lives.

Back on schedule, the drab beige building came into view, and we began to go our seperate ways.

"Good luck sis." Benjamin whispered, tapping my arm reassuringly.

"Same to you, though I don't think you need it." He smiled, uncertain whether to be concerned for me or proud for his almost certain path. Regardless of him, my mother, my father, all my ascendants and relatives being 100% Ravenclaw, I was not.

I could be a Ravenclaw, but I was easily distracted and as smart as a pygmy puff.

I could be a Hufflepuff, but I lied too much. And too easily.

I could be Slytherin, but I could never con an innocent person, and I was a horrific salesman.

And no matter how much I longed to be a Gryffindor, to jump aboard the scarlet train which holds so much history and watch the silent fields and hills disappear into the distance, I could never be strong enough to hold such responsibility, and I wasn't proud of my past, my actions and me on a whole.

I was an anomaly, and everyone knew it. There was a likely chance I'd end up in No Man's Land, getting a few Sickles from working in one of the Slytherin factories and cuddling with a dirty rag everynight to keep myself warm.

Taking my seat in Simple Charms, I waited for Christopher to arrive. There were four people from each House in each class- two boys and two girls. Ever since first year I was partnered with Christopher Rankin, while Lucy Bayne was with Oliver Cameron. You didn't mix with the other Houses. Though not against any rules, it wasn't seen as proper, and was taken as an offense to your original House. From the age of seven to fifteen you were taught the neccessities, the rules and the basics of magic. After your Sorting, the final three years was up to your House. You learnt what you needed to know, nothing more, nothing less.

"Good morning Cassia. Are you excited?"

I jumped, turning to see Christopher taking his seat beside me. His blonde ringlets danced from side to side, his pale green eyes sparkling with glee.

"Excited? Oh yeah, the Sorting. More nervous actually. I'm dreading the outcome." I sighed, flicking my hair back impatiently.

"It'll be fine. Just this lesson and it's over. One lesson and it's the beginning Cassia." He smiled happily. From our first day, he'd been counting down the days till our Sorting. Just like Benjamin, I can't picture him in any other House, wearing any other colour. In fact, it was like that with every Ravenclaw.

"Right class. Turn to page 273." Professor Lupin, a Hufflepuff, called out, before I could answer Christopher. Not that he asked a question, more of a statement that needed correcting. While he recited the words of the page in front of me, one we'd been through many times before, my mind kept repeating those words.

It's the beginning Cassia.

The beginning of the end.





The bell rang throughout the classroom, signalling the end of the lesson. Students stopped where they were taking notes or answering book questions or doodling in the corner of their page. You could feel the fear, swimming out of every body.

"Right. Class. It's been's been an honour teaching you. I wish you all the best of luck, and I'll see you at the Banquet. Remember, Main Hall, sitting in alphabetical order in your Houses. No mingling. Class dismissed."

There was a pause, the tiniest second, no student wanting to be the first to leave. This had been a makeshift home, a makeshift House for over seven years. Even though we never talked to one another, everybody knew everybody's name, their immediate family, their area in their House, their expectations.

Then a chair groaned across the floor, everybody else following as the Gryffindors took the lead. It was silent in the hallways, every student staring at us as we passed. As soon as we entered the Hall, I scanned the blue zone for Benjamin, finding him sitting somewhere in the middle. Alone. Neither of us said a word when I sat down, only taking each other's hand and squeezing it tightly.

Only one student went in at a time, and we were forbidden to tell anybody what happened in that room. It was a mystery. It was a law.

"Rose Alchetley."

A Hufflepuff girl rose, nerves shown in the twitching of her hands and the raw skin of her chewed lip. But she would be fine. Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws rarely swapped Houses, even if it was suggested, as they had practically no reason to. Slytherins wanted to escape their bad reputation, Gryffindors wanted to escape a lifestyle of danger and death. Hufflepuff offered them family, good jobs, no labels included, while Ravenclaw offered a home for those with a healthy and free mind. Eight minutes later and the next name was called out. There was a different exit, so you could walk straight home to think about your results. With each person taking around 7 minutes, and there being 48 students overall, me and Benjamin sat in silence for over two hours, both of us contemplating the outcomes. I was repicturing life in No Man's Land when the next name startled me.

"Benjamin Rookes."

My heart stopped. My throat tightened. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't talk, I couldn't move.

With a final squeeze of my hand, Benjamin stood up and walked towards the wooden doors, shaking off the stares cast his way. I took him in, memorising every line, every curl, every scar. Slightly wavy black hair covering the tips of his ears; a messy, ragged side fringe; set jaw; pale lips; even white teeth; dimples on his right whenever he smiled; rough hands from all the work he did with father on the weekends; bold, sturdy figure; slightly wonky walk as his left foot caved in a tiny bit; large azure eyes covering with a blanket of thick, long lashes, mirrors of my own.

And then the doors engulfed him, stealing his figure from my sight. I felt a choke rise in my throat, my eyes drifting towards the old clock above us.

One minute.

Two minutes.

Three minutes.

Come on Benji, you're pure blue! This should be quick.

Five minutes.

Eight minutes.

Ten minutes.


"Cassia Rookes."

Taking a deep breath, I calmed my heart race and stood up, flattening the hem of my skirt. Ignoring the stares from everyone in the room, I walked towards the doors, listening to the hushed voice that appeared inside my head.

Just walk straight through. It won't hurt, I promise.

Tossing another loose curl over my shoulder, I marched straight through the solid figure of the oak door, head held high. Light engulfed me, choked me. I couldn't breathe, couldn't think. As my feet made contact with the ground, my blurred vision began to focus, landing on a crumpled brown object in the middle of the room. A hat.







~Author's Note~


So, do you like it? Tell me what you think about the characters, the plot, if you have any speculations or suggestions. Thanks for reading it! And has anyone read Divergent/ Insurgent by Veronica Roth? It's an awesome book/trilogy, if you haven't read it you definitely should!

Disclaimer- I don't own Divergent, nor Harry Potter. Anything you recognise comes from a different brilliant mind, as I only own my characters and most of the plot.

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