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The Rose by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 2 : War
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Teddy wrapped his arm around Lysander as they stood at the front desk, ready to check in. He let out a chuckle and tried not to move as the little boy traced the pattern on his t-shirt with his finger, unknowingly tickling Teddy's stomach. He shook his head slowly when the manager gave him a funny look and gave the man his details, as Rolf had Lysander's. They stood there talking about what Lysander wanted to do first while they waited for the manager to give Teddy his key.


Teddy turned around at the mention of his name and opened his arms to catch Rose in a hug. "You finally made it," she said excitedly.

"I did," he answered. "You enjoying yourself so far?"

Rose shrugged and pulled a face. "We haven't really don't anything yet."

Teddy put his hand on his heart and pretended to wipe away a tear. "Aww, you waited for me. She waited, Sane," he said, looking down at the little boy, who giggled. "How's Vic?"

Rose's smiled faded at the mention of her cousin's name. She leant against his chest and burst into dramatic fake sobs. "I have to share a room with her." She looked up. "She'll drive me crazy."

The manager tapped Teddy on the shoulder, gave him the key and said he hoped they enjoyed their stay. Teddy thanked him and took Lysander's hand, his bag on his shoulder and Lysander's in Rose's hand. Teddy wrapped an arm around Rose's waist. "My two favorite girls together. I'm a lucky boy." He gave a cheeky smirk. Rose just glared. He turned back to the little boy as they got into the elevator of the Muggle hotel. "Okay, Sane, you are on the second floor with your parents and brother, right next door to me. Isn't that cool?"

Lysander shrugged. "Guess so."

Teddy hugged him. "I wish you could stay with me, too, kiddo."

"The second floor?" Rose asked. When Teddy nodded, she smiled. "So am I."

Teddy's grin brought butterflies to Rose's stomach. Teddy's comment brought everything crashing down. "That's great. That means Victoire will be, too."

"Yay," she muttered sarcastically. Judging from his chuckle, only Lysander heard her.


Rose left Teddy alone to unpack his things, and after a quick word and a forceful push to get changed when she'd bumped into her cousin on her way to her room, she met up with Dominique by the hotel's poolside.

She found her cousin quickly; her blond hair and curves were easy to spot. She followed the heads of every guy who would turn in Dominique's direction. Her cousin was beautiful, there was no doubt; her hair cascaded in waves, just passing her shoulders, and looked perfect no matter how she wore it - which was usually in a ponytail - and her already tanned figure from her many trips to France seemed to glisten. But what Rose admired the most was that she didn't even seem to notice the looks she got, which people found odd considering her job, or use her beauty, because though people stopped and turned, it was her personality that made them want to stay. Dominique was chatty and bubbly and just fun to be around, even when she did something incredibly clumsy and embarrassing.

Rose had to stop and wait when she saw Dominique remove her t-shirt, to reveal her all-white bikini, amused when she noticed the pool boy walking behind her. Her arm collided with his chest, knocking the towels he was carrying to the ground and almost causing him to lose his balance.

"Oh, my God, I am so sorry," she apologized, and kept apologizing until the man was calming her down and asking if she was okay. "I'm fine. I'm sorry."

"It's okay, miss," he replied in a soft Italian accent. He picked up the towels. "Can I get you anything?"

"No, thank you," Dominique said, now grinning. The pool boy nodded and walked, leaving her free to watch him. "I love it here," she told Rose as soon as she saw her and sat down on her sun lounger.

"Of course you do," Rose laughed, though she was pretty sure that their aunt and uncle wouldn't want their niece sleeping with the staff on their anniversary holiday, not that she would anyway. She gestured to her cousin's swim suit and sat next to her. "Not back for a girl who was wearing sweat pants and yelling about the Puddlemere foul yesterday."

"You're just jealous because I looked good in those pants," Dominique smirked, not knowing that Rose secretly agreed. She always seemed to look a mess. "Honey, I'm Witch Weekly's fashion columnist; I know what to wear. And other, toos; you look amazing, by the way."

Rose looked down at her own bikini; red and white stripes that, although wasn't too revealing and had passed her mother's inspection - though not her father's - it left Rose feeling awkward. But she'd promised her cousin she would wear it because she trusted her judgement, so she smiled, still embarrassed, and tried not to cover her self with her arms. "Thanks."

Reading Rose's thoughts quickly, Dominique turned to face her properly and smiled reassuringly. "You look great, now use it."

"How?" Rose asked, confused.

Dominique held up her arms and gestured around them. "You're in Rome, Rosie! Anything can happen here." She leaned in close and whispered, "Do you want Teddy to notice you or not?"

After a hesitant pause and a quick look to make sure no one else could see, she nodded.

"Good," Dominique said, her eyes moving to look elsewhere. "Speak of the devil and the devil shall appear."

Rose followed her gaze, her eyes widening. It wasn't often she got to see Teddy in nothing but a pair of swim shorts - whether the Weasley-Delacours lived on a beach or not, British weather was not the most reliable - but there he was, in dark shorts that stopped at his knees and nothing else. Her cheeks heated when he found her and they locked eyes, then she turned away fast.

"Hey, girls," he said with a smile. He focused on Rose properly and seemed to realize what she was wearing for the first time. "You look great, Rose."

"Thank you," she answered with a shy smile.

Dominique coughed. "You always look great, Nicky."

"I'm going to pretend not to take offense to that," Rose muttered, loud enough for Ted to hear.

"It's just - that's not what I - damn," he cursed.

"Just give up, Ted, give up," Dominique advised. "And you can call me 'Dominique or you can call me 'Dom'. You cannot call me 'Nicky'."

Teddy folded his arms across his chest and stared down at her, willing to forget his embarrassment a moment ago. "You're "friend" Keiron gets to call you 'Nicky'."

"Yeah, but I like him," she told him, as though that was the obvious answer. "Nice use of the quotation marks, by the way. Kieron is more than friend, if you must know, but I'll let you talk to him about it when he gets here tomorrow."

"Wait, he's coming?" Rose asked surprised. She talked to Kieron Nott a lot due to being close to Dominique, she knew how busy he'd been in the Ministry thanks to a merger between to companies. That was all she knew about the case, though. He couldn't talk about it much - something to do with lawyer confidentiality.

"He had better be," Dominique replied darkly. "I need a date to this ball."

"But I thought he was working?"

Dominique shrugged and smiled innocently. "Who can say no to moi?"

"Okay," Teddy said slowly, rolling his eyes. "It's hot, so I'm going in the pool. Care to join me, Rose? Fair warning, Lysander wants to play."

He held out his hand and smiled charmingly, causing Rose to laugh and feel like she'd do anything he asked. She took his hand and allowed him to help her stand. "I'd love to. Coming, Dom?"

Dominique pulled a face. "No, thank you."

Rose left her to it, walking away with Ted, and was almost ready to get in when he said he'd be back in a minute. She heard a loud shriek and a demand to be put down, turning around to see Teddy lifting Dominique over his shoulder.

"Put me down this instant, Teddy Lupin!" she cried, causing people to turn and look. Family members dotted around laughed and onlookers watched to see what would happen. It was an amusing show. "Teddy!"

"Put you down?" he asked.



Teddy lowered her down and Rose almost thought he was going to let her walk away. But that wasn't the Teddy Lupin she knew; no, the Teddy she knew would go against what a person wanted and do his own thing. And she was right; just before Dominique's feet touched the floor, Teddy lifted her up and carried her bridal style, making sure he had a proper hold before jumping into the pool, bringing Dominique in with him.

The jump caused a huge splash that caught Rose and caused her to scream along with her cousin when the cold water hit her. Dominique came out from under the water spluttering and coughing, slapping her hands in the water to hit Teddy the moment he came up for air.

"I hate you," she yelled.

He couldn't stop laughing, which both got on Dominique's nerves and had her smiling - albeit unwillingly. Rose took that as her moment to jump in, too. She landed in the middle of them, splashing them both. Then Lysander joined in.

After that it was war.

A/N: Woo, new chapter! I hope you enjoy. :)


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