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One of the Boys by jillybeans
Chapter 6 : Crazy Girls and Campfires
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(drew you into this chapter with that finn/ella moment in the summary, didn't i? bwahaha!)


so i probably had wayyyy to much fun writing this chapter, and it may not make sense since i wrote it at 2am. but i don't really care. i am amused. this chapter could be called filler i suppose, but i like it and you'll like it so read it.


i should really go to sleep now. i'm rambling like crazy.


happy reading! (and easter and april fools and whatever else you might celebrate! yay spring!)


haha as of august 2013 this has been updated! and its not 2 am this time. its only 11:30. i sleep sometimes, i swear.



“Would you like another box of donuts, miss?”


“Oh, no thanks, I think three is plenty.”


“I’d like another one!”


“Sam! You have four already!”


The twins and I were in the kitchens, gathering supplies for our victory campout. Apparently the Hogwarts house elves wanted to give us the entire kitchen, since they kept shoving food into our overflowing arms. I was already holding a teetering tower of sugary sweets, and Nick had somehow balanced a giant bowl of pretzels on top of his head.


After taking one last box of pastries and a couple of cookies for the walk back, the three of us wove our way through a knee-high sea of elves, trying not to drop our teetering stacks of snacks.


“Remind me how we’re going to manage to carry this all the way to the lake?” Nick asked as we slowly walked down the hallway. Every few steps a couple of pretzels tipped over the edge of his bowl. I was already loosing my grip on my boxes of donuts, and Sam couldn’t possibly carry that many bags of chocolate frogs for more than a few minutes.


“This is ridiculous!” I cried exasperatedly. I plunked down my food and pulled my wand out of my back pocket. “Wingardium Leviosa!”


At once I had a floating stack of donuts and other assorted goodies. I repeated the charm on Nick and Sam’s food.




“Why didn’t we think of this?”


“C’mon, let’s go.” I led them down the corridor and across the grounds, pointing my wand at the food to keep it aloft.


“Merlin, you three, could you possibly get any more food?” Ryan asked when we reached our campsite. He and Freddy had come here directly after the match to begin setting up. Finn and Al were taking showers in the locker room. I should probably go there as well. I certainly wasn’t winning any beauty contests in my sweaty Quidditch uniform and partially unraveled French braid.


“Where should we put it?” I asked, gesturing to the floating mountain of sugary goodness.


“Over there,” Freddy pointed next to a stack of sleeping bags.


I levitated the food over. “Anything else we can do?”


“Well, you m’dear, should get down to the locker room to wash up. You look hideous.” Ryan picked up my ruined braid from my shoulder and playfully smacked me with it.


“Look who’s talking. You smell like a dead badger.” I retorted.


What a loving relationship we have.


About an hour later, the whole team was gathered by the docks, freshly showered and in clean clothes. The late afternoon sun glinted off of the water, and the giant squid swam lazily across the surface. None of us smelled like dead badgers, which was a relief.


“Donuts!” Finn exclaimed, ripping open a box and shoving the sprinkle-covered pastry into his mouth in one bite. His cheeks bulged like a chipmunk’s and a mix of sprinkles and chocolate frosting dribbled down his chin.


“Finn!” I sighed. That kid had zero manners.


We all helped ourselves to donuts. The rest of my team ate theirs with (slightly) more manners than Finn, but Sam still managed to smear frosting all over his shirt.


Once we’d polished off a second box, a high-pitched squeal reached our ears.


“There they are!”


We all turned toward the voice, and saw a group of about seven giggling girls running through the hills towards our little group. The group seemed to be comprised of fourth through seventh year girls from all the houses clad in short skirts, high heels, and red lipstick. Gryffindor Quidditch fangirls. Also known as Devil spawn.


“Oh no,” Ryan groaned, chucking the rest of his fifth donut back into the box. “They’ve found us. Can’t they leave us alone for once? I mean, yeah, we’re all incredibly sexy, but still!”


Freddy was wringing his hands in panic. “What are we gonna do?”


For some inexplicable reason, the six of them turned to me for a solution. I gaped at them. “How am I supposed to know? They aren’t coming for me!”


“But you’re a girl!” Finn cried, as if that clarified everything.


“Thank you for noticing,” I said coolly. “But they’re practically a different breed.” I pointed to the hills. “Do you honestly believe that I think like those boy-crazy, makeup-addicted bimbos?”


“Of course not, princess,” Al hurried. “But you’re forced to associate with them on a regular basis, so you must have some idea of what we can do to get rid of them!”


“Just eat your donuts like Finn, and the girls will be gone in a flash.”




“Seriously, Ella!” Al pleaded. “What can we do?”


I glanced back at the hills. They were just a hundred yards from the lake, stilettos and designer handbags in hand.


“The lake.” I muttered.


“The what?”


“The lake.” I repeated. “Jump in the lake. I’ll talk them into looking somewhere else. Besides, they won’t follow you in because they’ll ruin their outfits.”


“But it’s October! And it’s cold in there!” Ryan complained.


“Do you want to be covered in lipstick, Mister Drama King?”


“…mayb—oh fine.”


“Get in!” I hollered.


The boys pulled off sweaters, shirts, and hoodies, and kicked off their sneakers. They dove in at the far end of the dock. I stashed their clothes behind our food mountain just as the girls arrived in a cloud of sickly sweet perfume.


“Where’s the Gryffindor Quidditch team?” asked a girl with curly black hair.


“You’re lookin’ at her!” I said with a grin. The fangirls glared, and I could feel them judging me. I looked at my outfit- well-worn jeans, sneakers, and an oversized blue sweater. My hair was in its usual ponytail and I wore no makeup. I didn’t look that bad.


“No, we want the boys,” snarled the curly-haired girl.


“Yeah, the Evans twins!” added one girl.


“And Finn! He’s so hot!” another piped up.


“They’re all hot!”


“Give them to us!”


“Sorry girls, I’m fresh out of attractive guys.” I said apologetically.


“But we saw them down here!” a third girl complained.




“Oh, you must’ve seen the mermen!” I invented wildly. “I’ve been practicing my Mermish. Last I saw, the Quidditch boys were having a spitting contest from the top of the Astronomy Tower.”


“Really?” asked the curly-haired girl. She seemed pretty convinced.


“I love spitting contests!” added another.


“I love Gryffindor Quidditch!”


“Let’s go!”


They ran off to the tower.


I walked down the dock and peeked underneath it, where my teammates were hiding under the wooden beams.


“You all owe me,” I smirked. “Now get out of there before you freeze.” I jogged to the shore, grabbed their clothes, and went back out to the dock.


I tried averting my eyes while they got dressed, but it was pretty hard. You try staring at your shoes while surrounded by six hot guys clad only in soaking wet jeans! Yes, I know, they’re my best friends, and I definitely don’t have feelings for them, but still…damn guys. You look like that and yet you eat truckloads of junk food on a regular basis? How?


“So c-c-cold!” Al shuddered, grabbing his shirt from the pile.


“It was like s-s-s-swimming in ice cream-m.” Finn added. He was jumping up and down to regain feeling in his toes, which had turned purple.


“Can we start that camp-f-f-f-ire?” Ryan whined, rubbing his biceps.


“On it!” Freddy called as he zipped up his hoodie and walked back to shore. I followed him over.


Some stacked wood and a quick incendio charm later, we had a roaring bonfire. My teammates gravitated towards it like moths. As the sun set behind the Forbidden Forest, Al pulled a pack of marshmallows out of our stash. Finn and I ventured to the edge of the forest to break off branches to use to roast them.


“So, is this a good time to talk?” Finn asked cautiously. He snapped a thin branch from a maple tree, and began to pick off the brilliant yellow leaves. “What did you want to tell me at the pitch?” He sounded so serious, and that confused me at first.


“Wha—oh, yeah. I just wanted to say thanks for being there for me, you know, with the pre-match taunting and stuff.” I looked up at him and smiled. “I know you organized the escort to breakfast.”


Finn smirked. “Yeah, it was my idea. But I didn’t have to force anyone to do it, princess. We all wanted to make sure that you were okay.”


“Well, thanks, Finnie. It meant a lot, coming from people besides Dom, at least.”


“Yeah. Speaking of Dom, what’s up with her?” Finn asked. “Like down at the pitch today; am I really that horrible to be around?”


“No, she just thinks that you’re corrupting me, dragging me off to spy on Hufflepuffs, raid the kitchens for more banana-Nutella sandwiches, and now have illegal campfires.” I smiled.


“’Drag you off?’” he asked incredulously.


“Let her think I’m reluctant.”


He laughed quietly. ”Good riddance, I suppose. Not like her opinion matters to me anyways.”


For some reason I doubted that last comment. I remembered an old line, there’s a fine line between love and hate. I shook off the idea. There’s no way Finn would go for Dom. They’re polar opposites.


We scrounged for sticks in silence for a moment.


“You’re one of my best friends, you know.” Finn said, plain and simple—no laughing or smirking, which showed how serious he was being. “It’s hard to believe that we barely talked before you made the team, but now we do almost everything together.”


“I know what you mean. You and the others are my closest friends, besides Dom of course, and we probably wouldn’t have become friends without Quidditch.”


Finn smiled. “Crazy what friendships can be built with a couple of enchanted broomsticks, huh, princess?”


I laughed and held out my arms for a hug. Finn gladly obliged.


It was a perfect moment, except for one thing.


“Finn,” I said, my voice muffled by his shirt, “Why are your pants still soaking wet?”


“Jeans take forever to dry.”




I heard someone coming from behind, and we let go just as Freddy entered our clump of trees.


“You two get enough sticks yet?” he asked. “Nick and Sam have gotten impatient and are playing Chubby Bunny. Could you hurry up before there’s no more marshmallows left to eat?”




“Marshmallow me!” Al demanded, tossing me his roasting stick.


“Yes, sir!” I barked, adding a mock-salute. I skewered one on it, careful not to touch the sticky end.


Nick and Sam began another round of Chubby Bunny, which is a type of contest to see who can shove the most marshmallows into their mouth at once. Their record so far was eleven.


 “It’s on fire!” Ryan yelled, whipping his flaming marshmallow and stick all over the place.


Aguamenti,” Freddy said lazily, dousing Ryan and his marshmallow in water.


“Hey!” Ryan cried indignantly. “You ruined my marshmallow!” Ryan chucked said marshmallow at Freddy, leaving a charred streak of sugary goo on his cheek.


“MARSHMALLOW WAR!” Finn hollered, brandishing a stick with four golden-brown marshmallows on it. He swung it at me and I dodged, but one marshmallow stuck in my ponytail, making a goopy mess. He’ll pay for that one. I thought.


I grabbed the nearest bag of marshmallows and began chucking them at random at my teammates. Nick and Sam spit their half-chewed Chubby Bunny remains at us all, and Freddy spun graham crackers through the air like Frisbees. Ryan set new marshmallows on fire, singing some song about fire at the top of his lungs (horribly off-key, of course.) Al ran towards me, wielding his stick with the marshmallow I’d given him, freshly roasted. I shrieked and ran from the campsite into the hilly grounds, Al in close pursuit.


I tossed marshmallows over my shoulder as I ran, hoping they would hit their target. I heard the rest of the team making their way into the hills.


“Gotcha!” Al tackled my legs from behind, and I fell to the ground, my ammo scattering everywhere. His marshmallow spear found its mark in my back, ruining my blue sweater with a sticky white streak.


“You killed my sweater! I will have revenge!” I screeched, jumping up and gathering my fallen marshmallows. I pelted Al mercilessly, then sped off to the campfire for more supplies.


“You’re not getting away that easily!” Al yelled, catching up to me again. I threw a marshmallow into his mouth to shut him up, and ran into the hills after Finn. He was going to pay for that marshmallow in my hair.


thoughts and such? yeah, it's sort of a filler but whatever. i felt the need for some team bonding. what was your favorite part in this chapter? thanks for reading and dont forget to leave a review!!!




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