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Connection With A Mudblood by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark
Chapter 17 : Captured
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AN: So sorry you guys! I know this is a really late update, and I apologise! Please don't hate me! I hope this chapter makes up for the lateness of updating. (:


The curtains were slid open, the bright light hitting Draco’s eyes. He squeezed them shut, in attempt of protecting himself from the fierce sunlight, but he didn’t find it possible. He finally surrendered to the sun and opened his eyes, just to be met by an amazing beauty in front of him. Hermione was in light blue shorts and a plain white top that was wrapped around her body loosely.



‘Good morning, beautiful.’ He said to her telepathically.



She turned around and smiled at him. She slowly approached him, and sat down on the edge of the bed, beside him. He sat up slowly, stretching his arms out, shaking the tiredness off himself.



‘Good morning.’ He heard her say.



He pulled her by the hand, and spun her around, so that her back rested on his chest. He lovingly wrapped his arms around Hermione, and kissed her on the cheek softly. He started to trail small kisses down her neck, but she pulled away from him, though she loved the tingling feeling he gave her.



‘Not so fast, Malfoy.’ She teased him, smirking, worthy of a Malfoy. He smirked back at her.



‘What, are we still on last name basis? Oh, come on, Hermione.’ He teased back. He tried to grasp her, but she slipped away.



‘Oh, so it’s that way, huh?’ he pushed the covers aside, and rolled out of the bed. He then approached Hermione, with a mischievous smirk plastered on his face. He reached for her again, but she slipped away once again.



Hermione, not about to give up to him so easily, escaped from his reach. She out her hand in his face, her thumb titling side to side, saying that he won’t be able to capture her.



 He attempted again to catch her, but failed, yet again. However, he was not about to give up just yet. He continued to approach her.



‘Maybe, you should give up, Draco. You aren’t going to catch me.’ She teased him again.



‘Oh yes, I am!’ with one swift move, he pulled her towards him, making her gasp.



“What was it you were saying, Hermione?” he smirked, his arms closing in around her waist. He didn’t allow her to answer as he pulled her into a soft, tender kiss. She smiled through the kiss as she kissed back.



“Draco, I think we should start getting ready. We have to get to Harry’s room in less than half an hour for the meeting.” Hermione said through the kiss. Draco groaned and broke apart.



“Fine.” Draco sighed. Then, he decided to push his luck a little bit. “You know...I would sure love it if I had some to accompany me...” he said, though knowing what her answer was going to be. Hermione pushed Draco back playfully and smiled.



“No!” she cried, blushing. She then pushed him towards the bathroom. “Now go!” as soon as he entered the bathroom, he pulled her with him and closed the door.



“How can I let you go so easily? You enjoying teasing me don’t you?” he smirked. He was about to kiss her, when Hermione pushed him back and exited out of the bathroom, closing the door behind her.



“Hey!” Draco cried.



“Just have your shower, Draco.” Hermione commanded him.



“Yes, ma’am.” Draco joked. Hermione rolled her eyes and chuckled softly. She walked back to her bedroom, and got into the shower herself.







Draco got out of the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around his waist. He noticed that Hermione was gone, and frowned. He quickly put his clothes on, as he had to get to the meeting in 15 minutes. As soon as he was done though, he decided to take a detour to Hermione’s room first. He turned on the spot and apparated, feeling a familiar tug at the navel.







Hermione wrapped her towel around her body, and got out of the show room. She then pulled on her jeans, and a red top with floral designs printed on. She unwrapped her towel and placed it on the radiator to dry.



She exited the bathroom, and was startled when she was brought down to the floor by none other than Draco, who appeared out of nowhere. Draco was on top of her, that damn smirk still plastered on his pale face.



“You know, it would be nice if you would knock on the door next time, than apparating here.” She told him.



“Oh, but I like it this way.” He grinned mischievously, and went in for a kiss. Just when he was about to crash his lips on hers, there came a knock on the door. Hermione pushed Draco off her and opened the door.



“Hi, ‘Mione. Just came in to tell you that the meeting will be starting early.” Ron informed. Then, he remembered that he Malfoy needed to know as well, and so decided to ask her, having not seen the Slytherin in his room. “Oh, and do you know where Malfoy is? I knocked on his door, but-“ Ron stopped when he spotted Draco inside Hermione’s room. Hermione turned to where Ron was looking at and found that it was Draco. She turned back, only to be met by Ron’s raised eyebrows. She blushed, confirming Ron’s suspicions. Ron started to walk ahead with a smile on his face, happy to see his best friend happy, even if she did find it through Draco.



Hermione followed behind after grabbing her wand from her bag. Draco did the same.
When they reached Harry’s room, they sat down on the armchair, Hermione sitting on the arm of it.



Harry just looked at the pair and couldn’t stop the smile brandishing on his face.



As soon as everyone had come, Harry started the meeting. “Alright, so, we’re going to be split into three groups. The first group is Walton, Grinden, Marlowe and Dwight. You guys will be asking passersby in here if they’ve seen anything weird anywhere.” The first group nodded, having understood their task. Harry continued. “The second group will be Hashford, Dresden, Angelo and Jackson. You will be going to individual shops and asking the owners and workers if they have seen anything out of order at any time. Krane, Roland, Foster and McLean will be joining. The last group will be I, Ron, Hermione and Draco. We will be going to places of transport to acquire any information we can about arrivals in the past month. Everybody understood?” They all nodded in agreement and made their way out of the hotel, immediately getting to their appointed task.










Blaise was just having his lunch in a small cafe named The Griffin, when he saw her. Violet Crown. Damn! She’s so hot! He thought. He watched her enter the cafe and approached to where he was seated.



“This seat’s not taken is it?” Violet asked, with an alluring voice, batting her eyelashes.



“! Be my guest!” Blaise grinned from ear to ear. He smirked inwardly as he received deadly glares from competitors.



‘Yeah, that’s right! In for the win!’ he then remembered that he had possession of the beauty’s diary and opened his mouth to speak, but she beat him to it.



“Alright, where is my diary?” she demanded. She knew? He thought. He decided to answer.



“It’s with me.” He said.



“I know that, you bimbo! I mean to say that you give it back.” She snapped.



“Oh, sure.” Blaise then smirked; he was not going to give the diary so easily. Oh no, that’s not how he rolls. Violet noticed this menacing smirk, and started to fear a little of what he was thinking. Having not been given back her diary, she became impatient and chose to speak.



“Can I have my diary back?” she demanded again, rather than asked.



“Oh yeah, but...what do I get in return?” he asked.



“What do you want?” she came straight to the point.



“A date. If you do so, you can have your diary back. So, what do you say, my fair lady?” he somewhat mocked.



“I knew it. There’s always something you bastards want. Deal. But I want my diary back now.” She agreed.



“No can do, my lady. I’m not as dumb as you think. If I give you back your diary, you’ll just slip from the deal. As I said, you can obtain it after our date.” He smirked again.



“Fine.” She growled, defeated. She had somewhat underestimated this guy, for sure.



“Great! Where do you live? I’ll pick you up from your home.”



“48, Glendale Avenue.” She answered through gritted teeth.



“Okay. I’ll be there by 8pm.” He stood up from his seat, placed his money on the table, and before departing, winked at Violet. Violet looked away, disgusted.



“Men, they’re all the same.” She grumbled under her breath before ordering a cappuccino.









“Harry, we’ve been inquiring for more than 5 hours, yet have found no leads of these strange happenings whatsoever.” Hermione stated.



“You’re right, Hermione, but there had to be something. We heard clearly that this was the part of Australia that has gotten reports of strange happenings. Maybe, if we split up. Okay, Malfoy and I will go this way, and Ron and Hermione that way.” They all agreed and parted.



‘Be careful, Hermione.’ Hermione heard his voice from inside her head.



‘I will, Draco.’ She replied and smiled.








“Are you happy, Hermione?” Ron asked, after a while of walking. Hermione knew just what he was talking about.



“Yes, Ron.” She answered simply.



“I’m happy to see you happy, ‘Mione. But, if he hurts you in any way, I will beat him to a pulp.” He warned her.



“I know you will, Ron. But I know Draco well enough to see that he won’t do such a thing. I trust him.” Hermione assured.



“Okay, if you say you trust him, then I will not interfere. For now, let’s find those bastards, whoever they are, so we can pummel them.” Ron said, his fist making contact with his palm. Hermione chuckled but continued to walk ahead.







“Malfoy, I swear, if you hurt Hermione in any way, I’ll-“



“Beat me to a pulp, I know.” Draco finished the sentence for him, having overheard Hermione’s conversation with Ron.



“Yes, well,” Harry began. “I just don’t want to see Hermione hurt after what happened with her at Hogwarts.” Harry said with slight hesitation.



That didn’t go unnoticed by Draco. He was curious to know more about this. “What happened at Hogwarts?” he asked.



“Well, you must have heard that she had been going out with Dean Thomas.” He stated more than asked.



“Yes.” Draco said, urging Harry to continue.



“Well, she had been dating him for more than three months since Hogwarts was open to students again. It was all fine at the beginning, then...Dean became more distant, and kept on going out late at night to Merlin knew where. That was all revealed on one night, when Hermione was doing her night patrol, she had heard noises coming from a broom closet, and so, being the curious Gryffindor she is, went to investigate. What she saw was Dean, snogging the life out of Rose Gleason, the new girl who had started at Hogwarts just two months of the start of term. –I had seen her glancing at Dean a few times, but thought that was it was just paranoia, so I ignored it. I should’ve told Hermione straight away, but I didn’t. The reason for Hermione getting hurt was partly my fault.” He said sadly.



“Don’t beat yourself up about it, Potter. It was not your fault. The blame goes upon Thomas. I knew there was something off about him. I saw him glancing over at the new girl a few times. That git just didn’t get how lucky he was to have Hermione as his girlfriend. He didn’t deserve her.” as Harry listened to Draco, he could see the anger evident in his eyes, and then came to the realisation.



“You liked Hermione, didn’t you, Malfoy?” he said, smirking.



“’t be so daft, Potter.” He said, avoiding eye contact.



“Then, why did you seem so angry? You would not be so angry if you didn’t care for her.” Harry said, raising his eyebrow. “Just admit it that you liked Hermione. It’s not so hard, you know.”



“Okay, fine. I liked her.” Draco finally blurted.



“Then, why didn’t you tell her?”



“Because of whom I was, because of what I am, because of how I treated her. I didn’t deserve her. I still don’t.” He said quietly.



“It wasn’t your fault, Draco. Your father forced you into a life you did not want; you were helpless. It couldn’t be helped.” Harry assured.



“But, I could’ve had refused.”



“No, you couldn’t. He would have hurt your family if you did so. You had no choice. You were only protecting your family.” Harry said.



‘Harry’s right, Draco. Don’t blame yourself for what you did. You life was being dictated. It was not your fault.’ Hermione said telepathically. Draco smiled.



‘I’m sorry about what happened at Hogwarts between you and Thomas.’



“What are you sorry for? You weren’t at fault there. I was.’ Hermione frowned.



‘No, Hermione. It was his fault. He was stupid to have let someone as amazing as you go. That new girl was nothing compared to you.” He complimented. He could see her blush furiously. ‘Don’t you ever forget that.’



‘Thank you, Draco.’ Hermione smiled. ‘-Was it true? You liked me, at Hogwarts?’ she asked, blushing.



‘Yes, I did.’ He admitted as a small red tinge appeared on his cheeks.



“Expelliarmus!” Draco and Harry were pushed back harshly to the ground. Draco tried to retrieve his wand, but it was snatched away by the enemy.



“Well, well, well...if it isn’t Scarhead Potter.” The voice said, smirking. He used the tip of his wand to pull Draco’s face up, so that he had eye contact. “Ah...Draco Malfoy...I’ve much about you.” He smirked mirthlessly. “I’m very disappointed, Draco. Very disappointed. I had heard you were one of the brightest wizards at Hogwarts. Now I see that the rumour was incorrect; couldn’t even deflect a simple disarming spell.” He shook his head and tutted.

AN: Again, so sorry you guys, for such a late update. It's just I hadn't had the time due to revision for exams and everything. I can't say that I will be able to update as quickly as I used to, because that would most definitely be a lie. But, I will try my best to get the chapters up as soon as I can. I hope you guys understand. Thank you to everyone who has read, reviewed and favourited my stories. You guys are the best. Anyways, I will see you soon! Sayonara! ^_^


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