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What would you do for love? by beccam
Chapter 2 : HERMIONE
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     “I am so angry! I screeched while pacing the Gryffindor common room. “How does Dumbledore expect me to share a common room with Draco ferret face Malfoy!"







  Ron and Harry were sitting on the couch, listening to me rant. Ron appeared to have been paying more attention to the flames in the firepace but Harry seemed to be listening at least.









     “Herms, it can’t be that bad, just ignore him and spend time in the library like you do every year” Ron said.







    I glared at him, “Don’t. Call. Me. Herms.” Ron went very quiet after that.







     “Mione it’s alright, you need to calm down or the windows just might explode” Harry said calmly.








    I looked towards the window to see that my magic had been flaring and the had been rattling in their frames. I sighed before flopping down on the couch.








     I put my head in Harry’s lap and laid my legs across Ron’s lap. An hour or so later Ron slid out from under my legs to go up to bed, “night guys, see you in the morning” he yawned before going upstairs leaving Harry and I alone.








     “This year is going to be a living hell” I mumbled before falling asleep, with my head still in Harry’s lap.







    “Mione! You’re late for potions! Snape’s going to kill you!” I heard, startling me awake and almost making me fall off the couch.








    I looked over at Harry who was laughing. I stood up and threw one of the pillows from the couch at him.








     “Hey! I tried to wake you up nicely but you didn’t wake up” he smiled. “C’mon, it’s almost curfew. I’ll walk you to your chambers” Harry said still laughing.







    We walked through the empty hallways in comfortable silence until we reached the heads common room. “Thanks Harry” I said leaning against the wall.








    “Not a problem Mione” he replied. “Goodnight, I’ll see you at breakfast, that’s if Malfoy doesn’t make me want to kill myself first” I smiled.







     “Night Mione” he said with his sideways grin. He hugged me tight before turning around and walking back to the Gryffindor common room.








   I sighed as I watched him go, he really was a great guy and I almost wish something could happen between us. Instead I had to act like I didn’t care.








    Everyone knew he was in love with Ginny and Ginny was, after all my best girl friend. If Ginny ever found out I had those thought about Harry it would end our friendship right then and there.







    Plus Ron has obviously shown an interest in me for the longest time and he seems to believe those feelings are mutual. I mean, don’t get me wrong Ron is a good guy but we truly have nothing in common.







    ‘Why does life have to be so complicated?’ I thought as I leaned against the wall. I entered the common room only to find it empty and the door to Malfoy’s bedroom close. ‘Well that’s a relief’ I thought before going into the bathroom.








     I decided to have a hot bath to help me relax before bed. I filled the tub with hot water and bubbles while listening to my I-pod. I had figured out how to enchant it to make it work on the school grounds back in 3rd year.







    I laid down in the bath, chin deep in bubbles with my eyes closed just listening to my music.







 I opened my eyes to find the water cold and the bubbles gone. It was two in the morning and I had class in six hours.







   I quickly got out and dried my hair with my wand before changing into a tank top and some shorts and going to sleep.

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What would you do for love?: HERMIONE


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