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It's A Muggle Thing by HallowsAndHorcruxes
Chapter 2 : Making It Offical
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Freya Bowen


Staying at the Weasley’s house is now kind of a tradition for Trent and I. Ever since I became friends with Hugo in our first year we always at least spent some of the holidays with them. Usually towards the back end of the holidays as so we could go with them to Diagon Alley to gather our supplies. Our father wasn’t exactly helpful when it came to shopping in the wizarding world or anything magical, much like Hugo’s dad is with muggle things especially the television. He is known to frequently sit on the remote and then wonder why the channel’s keep changing at their own will. I guess it kind of comforting to know that wizards can get just as confused with muggle things as we had been with magic when we first learn of it.

Though this year we would be going to the Weasley home a little earlier than usual as Hugo had asked me to go to his cousin Victorie’s wedding with him. I had known that there was going to be a wedding between her and Teddy Lupin this summer as it was all Lily and Hugo’s older sister Rose had talked about since Easter. Though I had never expected that I would be attending it at all. But as ever the perk of being a twin Trent was invited too with Lily saying that he could be her plus one since she didn’t have anyone better to ask. So it was settled that we were to be guests at the wedding to be held at Shell Cottage where Victorie and her family lived.

So the night before the big event Hugo’s father Ron stopped by our home to up both Trent and I as well as the Wedding cake that my father had made and decorated especially for the occasion. The two father’s chatted in the kitchen over a cup of tea telling one another about the happening in their respective worlds while Trent and I finished up our packing for our stay at the Weasley’s and then onto Hogwarts. Now instead of having a shared bedroom we had a room each. Trent had kept the old shared bedroom we had when we were kids and I moved into our mother’s old button room as it had been known. This was because every time we asked to go in she said that there was only buttons in there, dreadfully boring buttons. Though we knew it where she kept her most precious things as well as hiding our birthday and Christmas present within it too.

Our mother had passed away when we wear twelve having been taken by the killer of cancer. We had known she had been ill since before we knew that we were magical though we would have never of dreamed that it would have all gone downhill so fast. When had seen her at Easter in our first year she had seemed fine and as healthy as anyone. But by the time summer came around she was very sick. She died later on that summer leaving Trent and I in the care of my father who now runs the family bakery alone. It is for this reason that I don’t always seem excited as the other to go back to school, but it’s not because I don’t like Hogwarts but because I hate to think of my father all alone at home.

So I was a bit tentative to accept Hugo’s invitation to the Wedding at first but father insisted that we both go and even suggested us staying there for longer. The only solace I have now is that he isn’t completely alone as we now have a dog, Tilly who keeps him company. Also I hear that both Ron and Harry stop by from time to time requesting cake or bun orders for birthday’s or anniversaries. Though I have a feeling it’s more like Hugo’s mother Hermione sending them over to make sure he alright. Or that what Hugo told me once any. As I pack the last few essential things I can hear a rumble of laughter echo up the stairs as they swap what I can only guess to be embarrassing baby stories. Smiling I snap shut the lid of my trunk before letting a long slow sigh escape my lips.

“To think in just over a month a I’ll be seventeen and able to use magic outside of Hogwarts. I wouldn’t need Mr. Weasley to help me get my case downstairs.” It was hard to believe that on September 23rd both Trent and I would be classed as of age in the wizarding when just over half a decade ago we were only just finding out about are magic. Lifting my gaze from my trunk I took a last look around my room. I hadn’t bothered to move any of my mother things out of the room. Instead I just move things around a little and fit my own belongings in between them.

The walls where a pastel blue, mother’s favourite colour and the carpet was cream. At the window stood an old wooden desk where she used to sit and make scrapbooks out of the family photos. A place that I know sat and looked through them finding inspirations for my stories which I would write. Walking over to the desk I stood briefly looking out of the window before my eye fell to the picture frame upon the desk. It was a photo of mother smiling out of the picture her hair gently blowing in the breeze. This is the only wizarding picture there is of her as it was taken the Easter before she died when I had borrow Hugo’s camera for the week.

“Freya are you nearly ready honey bun?” Hearing my father use his nickname for me made another smile break out upon my face as I turned my head to call down to him.
“Yes, I’m ready” It was then that I heard footsteps coming up the stairs as they came to collect our trunks. Bending down to the picture frame I gazed for a second into my mother loving eyes before laying a kiss upon the glass.

“I love you mother.” I whisper into the frame before straightening up just as Mr. Weasley steps into the room.

“Wow, I wish Hugo’s room was this clean, then again I don’t suppose I was much better at his age. This is the trunk then?” The red headed man asked gesturing to my trunk. I was clear to see where both Hugo and Rose’s hair colour came from. Like their father they both had inherited the fiery red locks of the Weasley clan, in the same way that both Trent and I had received or father’s dark unruly ebony mop of hair.

“Yes that’s the one Mr. Weasley.” I replied before he cast a quick levitation charm which he seem to have now perfected. I remember one evening a few summers ago Mrs. Weasley telling us over dinner that he had trouble pronunciating the levitation charm back in their first year. Though despite that he had managed to use the spell to lift a mountain trolls club to rescue both her and Harry when one was let into the castle that Halloween. I watched as he levitated the trunk out of the room before following him downstairs, grabbing my cloak and turning out the light before shutting the door behind me.

Trent was already downstairs sat upon his own trunk as he waited for us to come down. Upon seeing us he stood up as Mr. Weasley set my trunk down next to Trent’s. He tapped each of the trunks with the tip of his wand before reciting a short spell and his address before they popped off into thin air and hopefully arrived at the Weasley’s house. It was then that father came into the room holding a large white box which held Teddy and Victorie’s wedding cake.

“Let me help you with that Dad.” I say slipping my hands under the other side of the box to help him balance it. I was surprised he could have carried it by himself as even though it was just a cake it was still rather heavy due to the sheer size of it. As Mr. Weasley went to pull out his wallet to pay for the cake father ask Trent to take his side of the box before he went over to the wizard.

“No, no you don’t need to pay this one is on the house.” My father urged him. Mr. Weasley tried to protested and insisted still upon paying as he couldn’t let him make such a big cake off his own back. “ No Ron I don’t want your money, think of it as a thank you for looking after these two for the next few weeks.”

“Hey I heard that.” Trent called from around the other side of the box. I couldn’t see him but I could tell buy his voice he wasn’t pleased with the comment. He was never the best at picking up on sarcasm. Sometimes it made me question how he had managed to get sorted into Ravenclaw in the first place. But then you only needed to see him brew a potion or pot a mandrake sprout to see why.

Both our father and Mr. Weasley just chuckled to themselves before wishing each other farewell. Father came around to me and gave me a hug as best he could without making me drop the box. In return I gave him a kiss on the cheek. “You’ll behave won’t you?”

“Of course I will Dad, it’s Trent that you have to tell that too not me.” I reply with a smile as my father gives me a knowing one back. Though of course Trent had to put in his own remark.

“You know just because I am at the other side of the box it doesn’t make me invisible” He said his tone ever the same wise cracking tone that could only belong to Trent. At the same time he kicked out with one of his lanky legs so that it landed upon my own foot.

“Ah! Trent! That’s my foot” I say through strained teeth as pain shoot up through my leg. I could have thought of a thousand different colourful words to call Trent at the moment, but I didn’t as it would just get me into more trouble with father.

“I thought I just said for you two to behave. Now stop it!” Father said a slight commanding tone to his voice as he did. “Now behave for the Weasley’s and I’ll see you on the platform before the train leaves.”

“Right then you two keep a tight hold of that cake and I’ll take care of the apperating.” Mr Weasley said as he came to stand behind the back laying a hand upon each of our shoulders. “I’ll see you soon Anthony.”

“Take care Ron and good luck with the wedding.” Father said give the box a quick check over to make sure it was as safe as it could be. “Goodbye you two and be safe.”
“You too father.” I replied at the same time that Trent said his own goodbye to him. He nodded back toward to us before giving us a smile. It was then that Tilly came running into the room and halted by his leg so that his hand could ruffle the fur upon her head. Seeing him with Tilly made me smile and lightened my heart upon leaving him here alone for the rest of the summer. And with that Mr Weasley’s grip tightened slightly upon our shoulder’s which was the signal to take a deep breath as a moment later there was a pop as we apparated out of the living room leaving behind an empty space behind us.



After being greeted by Hugo, Rose and their mother we spent the evening catching up on what had happen so far that summer over dinner before being sent up to bed as it would be an early start in the morning. As usual I shared Rose’s room while Trent bunked with Hugo. Mr. Weasley had already sent our trunks upstairs so we were all fast asleep in no time as the big day drew ever closer. The night soon turned into day as the Weasley household slept peacefully. In fact had Rose not come and woke me shortly after she did I might have happily slept right through the day.

“Freya, wake up it’s time for breakfast before we leave for shell cottage.” She said in a soft voice as to not startle me. I opened my eyes to see her ginger locks hanging at either side of her face like red velvet curtains. Sometimes I grew jealous of how prefect her hair could look even after she had just rolled out of bed. My hair on the other hand I had to plat before bed to save it from looking it an untidy birds nest when I woke up.

Making are way down to the kitchen we stopped by the boys room to make sure they was up as well. Naturally both where still fast asleep so we quietly entered the room before taking up positions by our respective brothers before whipping the sheets off their beds. This caused quite a bit of commotion as Trent never did like his blanket to be ripped from his grasp.

“What do you think you’re doing? What if I had been naked under there?” He grumbled at me as she snatched back his bed cover. I just giggled at the accusation as never in all my life had I once found him sleeping in anything less than his pyjama bottoms. Hugo on the other hand didn’t seem too phased by the removal of his covers as he continued to snore on within the land of nod.

“Just like his father.” The voice of Mrs. Weasley startled me slightly as neither Rose or I had noticed her presence in the doorway. “Come on now girls, down to breakfast, I’ll get this one out of bed.”

And with that Mrs Weasley gave us a wink before shooing us out of the room and down the stairs. We were shortly followed by Trent who had slipped an old t-shirt on to come down to breakfast in. Mr. Weasley was already there tucking into what looked to be a full englsih breakfast with all the works. We joined him at the table while we waited for Mrs. Weasley to come back down to dish out the food. As I waited I began to pour myself a class of apple juice only to hear an almighty thud come from above.

“Ahhh… Mum! What are you doing in here?” We hear Hugo gasp surprized by his own mother tipping him out of bed. A chorus of laughter and giggles erupted all around the table so Mrs Wealsey came down the steps and began serving breakfast. A moment later Hugo appeared in the kitchen as he tried to flatten down his bed head as best as he could but to no avail. He took up the chair next to me at the table before pouring himself a drink.

“Would you like me to make you some pancake’s Freya?” Mrs Wealsey asked as she began laying out plates with a slightly smaller version of the breakfast that her husband was enjoying. It was kind of her to offer, but I didn’t want to trouble her with having to make something different for me. Ever since she found out I was vegetarian she always had made sure there was something for me to eat when I visited. Something that not even some restaurants did as they sometimes can have an appalling choice of food those who don’t eat meat.

“Oh no thank you Mrs. Weasley just some bean on toast will do me fine.” I replied not wanting to trouble her when it was such a big day. Though while I can’t say that I knew either Teddy or Victorie that well I knew that Teddy was already more or less family before he and Victorie became romantically involved. He was always at any family event Hugo invited me too and we tended to see him at least once through the summer while staying with the Weasley’s.

Once the breakfast had all been dished out we all ate our fill before we were sent back upstairs to get a quick change and gather the clothes for the wedding which were neating packed into Mrs. Weasley’s expandable handbag. Then once everything was gathered it was time to apparate to Shell cottage. I apparated with Rose who had just gotten her licence in May while Hugo travelled with his mother. Trent helped Mr Wealsey apparate the cake and we all thankfully arrived in one piece.

Hugo’s grandparents had already arrived as Grandpa Weasley came out to help with the cake. His wife Molly rushed out to greet the rest of us giving each of her grandchildren a hug before ushering us all inside. I had never been to Shell cottage before so I was amazed by the simple beauty of the place. The old stone walls that matched the colour of the sand not a hundred feet away had small shells fossilised within them which is where I presumed the cottage got its name from.

Inside the house despite the early hour the place was already buzzing with activity in anticipation for the event happening at noon. Rose and I were lead upstairs to where the bride and her bridesmaids were starting to get ready while Hugo off with the groomsmen. Trent was still helping out with the cake so I presume that he would join Hugo later.

Despite not being a bridesmaid or flower girl since I had been invited by Hugo, Rose had insisted I stay with her as not to be wondering around on my own. Entering the room I found a bunch of red head already inhabiting the room whom I could only presume where mostly Weasley relations of some sort. Some of the face’s I recognised from seeing around Hogwarts past and present but others were not so familiar. We were greeted cheerfully by the girls inhabiting the room some of whom had already started changing into their dresses for the wedding ceremony.

“Girls, this is Freya Bowen one of my brother best friends, he father is the one who has made the wedding cake.” Rose said before she introduced me to her various cousins present. First of all there was Dominque, Victorie’s younger sister and maid of honour whose hair was even more prefect velvety veil of fire. Next there where sisters Molly and Lucy who were to be bridesmaid with Rose. Their ginger hair more leaning toward strawberry blonde and tightly curled into ringlet either side of their freckled faces. Then lastly there was the more familiar face of Lily Potter whom I knew as she was rather close to Hugo. “Rose is going to be a flower girl along with Roxie.”

“Speaking of which where is Roxie?” I asked curious as to where she was. Roxie was one of my roommates at Hogwarts and except for Trent was the person I was probably closet to. While Hugo was my best friend, Roxie was my best, best friend. It was actually Roxie that introduce me to Hugo as he has a fascination of Muggle things, so with me being a muggleborn I was the perfect person to answer all of his questions. Though it was then that it became one of those speak of the devil moments and they shall appear as Roxie came in the room and hugged me from behind.

“Hey Fae, didn’t expect to see you here.” She said coming around to stand beside me. I tried to shake my head as if to roll my eyes at her but ended up just smiling. To think I had only told her in a letter the other week that Hugo had invited me. If her head wasn’t attached to her body I’m sure that Roxie would forgot to put it on. Though she just smiled at me with her plump lips as dark eyes already twinkled with excitement for the day.

“You really are forgetful Roxie.” I said as her mocha coloured hand took hold of my pale one. Kiddingly we had nicked named ourselves coffee and cream because of the colours of our skin. But now it seems to be what we go by when we are together. Especially at Hogwarts. Roxie was just going to pull me over to sit on the sofa in the corner when Rose’s mother appeared in the doorway.

“Don’t be forgetting these girls.” She said before she held out both mine and Rose’s dresses for us. We both thanked her taking our respective dresses before I went to go sit with Roxie who was now occupying the cream sofa. Her dress was laid across her lap as she waited for me to approach her, my own dress in hand. Roxie’s dress was a beautiful lilac colour which matched the one that Lily was already wearing.

“That’s a nice dress Freya,” Roxie said as she picked up the hem of my dress with her fingers running through the cream lace that adorned the bottom. The actual dress itself was a powder blue with elegant cream stitching upon it. I a way it reminded me of the old blue and cream French designs that my mother had been found of. And thankfully the colour blue fitted in with the dress code requested by the bride of blue’s with lilac and fuchsia.

Looking around I noted that the bridesmaid dresses were also blue albeit a more cyan blue than my own dress, but there were the same style as that of the flower girls so far as I could see. Though Dominque’s dress stood out noticeably from the purples and blues with it being a bright fuchsia pink. I guess she was the only on in that colour as to mark her out as the maid of honour. Victorie the bride had yet to put on her wedding dress which I had been told by Rose was a very similar design to her mothers.

“Your dress is nice too Roxie, you and Lily will look lovely in lilac.” I told her smiling as the colour did go rather well with her skin tone even if it did clash a little with her hair. Now Roxie’s hair was a marvellous thing as despite her having her mother’s darker skin she had somewhat inherited her father’s red hair, unlike her borther Fred who had his mother's dark hair. Though it wasn’t as bright a ginger as the other Weasley’s being a darker more auburn colour but it was still classes a ginger all the same.

It was then that Fleur, Victorie’s mother came in and ordered everyone to start and get ready in order to get everyone’s hair and makeup done for noon. So I quickly changed into my dress with it being of muggle styling it wasn’t very hard. Just a zip up the back which I got done with a helping hand from Roxie. Then I helped her into her dress which was as easy as mine had been. It was a corset style dress with little silver clasps at the back ever two centimetres apart. It took me ten minutes to get them all clipped in but we eventually got it done and covered the join with a ribbon which tucked into the top of the dress.

Next was hair and makeup. Even though I wasn’t a bridesmaid or anything Roxie’s mother Angelina insisted that she let her do my hair for me while Roxie gave me a bit of eye shadow to match my dress. I was glad that she didn’t go overboard with it just giving me a nice powdering of colour and a tiny bit of glitter above my eyes. I had never been the biggest fan of wearing makeup, but for special occasions such as this I didn’t mind. Especially when I was a guest of the family.

After an hour of hair, makeup and helping people get ready the time for the beginning of the ceremony was almost upon us. So I told Roxie that I was going to check upon Trent and make sure he was dressed properly. I didn’t doubt that he couldn’t dress himself but I knew Trent had chosen to wear a bowtie despite that fact that he has never been able to successfully tie one. I find him stood chatting with Hugo in the garden where and open air tent has now been erected to hold the ceremony.

“Hey Hugo best get into position as they are just sorting out the flowers before getting ready to start.” Hugo nodded in response giving me a small smile as his check turn a slight shade of fuchsia before he dashed off towards Teddy. It though it strange that he hadn’t given me a verbal reply but then again boys will be boys. Turning to face my brother the slight smile upon my face quickly turned into a frown as I saw how hap hazardly his bowtie was tied. “Oh Trent do you really think Mrs. Weasley would let you get away with such sloppy craftsmanship, here let me do it for you.”

Before Trent could respond I was already undoing the knot of a bow he had made before retying it in the proper way. Once again Trent didn’t seem pleased but men never where when a women corrected something they did wrong. “There now that’s better don’t you think.”

“Yeh, thanks Frey-Frey. So shall we go get a good seat while there are still some left?” With that I took his arm and we headed into tent to take our seats. Since we weren’t really with either the bride or the groom we sat upon the grooms side since the bride’s family was big enough on its own. We managed to get some seats about three rows from the front so we had a good view of the ceremony which started not long after everyone was settled and Teddy came to stand at the front.

On the front row on the bride’s side sat her mother with an empty seat for her father along with both sets of her grandparents. Whereas poor Teddy’s was rather more sparse having his grandmother Andromeda sat there along with Harry Potter his godfather and his wife Ginny. It was then the music sound so all stood to watch the wedding procession come down the aisle. First of all came the two flower girls Lily and Roxie escorted by Hugo who held a girl upon each arm. Following them came the three bridesmaids with their escorts. First there was Rose and Albus followed by Lucy and Louis with Fred and Molly right behind them. Then came the maid of honour Dominque escorted down the aisle by the best man, Teddy’s best friend James.

The couples parted at the front girls going to the left and boys to the right, making a V shape towards the altar. It was then that she came, Victorie graceful walked down the aisle on the arm of her father Bill. Even with the veil covering her face she still looked beautiful. As she passed we all looked forward and watched as Bill took her forward and ‘gave her away’ so to speak to the awaiting Teddy who looked stunned by his bride’s beauty. It was then that everyone was seated and the service began.

Though I am not much of a romantic writer myself I must say that I was inspired to try it after witnessing the purity of a wedding. Everything was so true and love filled that it was hard to not be caught up in the beauty of the moment. And when Teddy unveiled Victorie’s face for the first time as Mrs Teddy Lupin it was hard to stop myself from shedding a tear as they shared their first married kiss. For once Trent came in handy as he handed me a tissue from in his pocket. I silently thanked him before using it to dry my eyes as we watched the happy couple loving take one another’s arm before leading the procession out into the sunshine. Now it was official, Teddy Lupin was official part of the Weasley clan even if it was Victorie who had now taken his last name.

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It's A Muggle Thing: Making It Offical


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