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Daughter of Earth by BBWotter
Chapter 2 : Secrets Revealed
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Chapter 2:

Less than five minutes later, Ally was at the tree house she and Teddy (mostly Teddy, honestly) had built four years ago. It was made of dark teak, completely covered in every variety of roses imaginable. Dark, seducing red crowned the top, descending to dark pink, to light pink until it finally reached innocent white at the base.

 “Ally! I’m bored.” Whined Teddy as they lazed around on the grass.

It was a hot summer day, early August, and they were both completely at loss as to what to do. They had helped the farmers enough – well Ally had, Teddy just liked to think he helped- bought her school supplies, played Quidditch enough times, visited Victoire at her new boutique, visited the Weasley-Delacour family four times last week, went through the whole forest looking for injured animals, rescued about 4, Teddy taught her some spells and moves from his Auror training- something he most certainly shouldn’t have been doing- and countless other things. They had used up all their summer activities in a matter of 5 weeks, and with two weeks left of the summer, they were completely bored.

“Go see your girlfriend then.” Came her teasing reply she gazed up at the sky

“Vic’s busy with work you doughnut, you know that!”

“Go bother someone else then!”

“I know what we should do!”

“What?” her irritation was beginning to show, why couldn’t this idiot let her be lazy for one day?

“We should climb trees!”

“We did that on Tuesday, remember? It also resulted in two broken ribs and a mild concussion on your part.”

“So tree climbing is out then?”

“Yes!”She exclaims, exasperated.

He was silent for several minutes, much to her relief, but of course, it wouldn’t last for long.

“I know!”

“Oh Merlin.” Her reply was muffled since she rolled over onto her stomach, burying her head in her arms as she did so.

“A tree house Ally! Let’s build one!”

“You are way into exclamations today Teddy dearest.”

“I’m serious! It would be like our hide-out.”

“What are we? Seven?”

No we’re eight, now come on, let’s ask ol’ Minnie to help.”

“Can’t we do it ourselves?”

“What? Like a secret?”

“Nah, more like a surprise.”

He nodded thoughtfully, “Yeah sure, she’ll get the impression that we’re actually responsible.”

This caused her to laugh, her usual, quiet tinkling laugh, “She already knows I’m responsible, all we need to prove is how responsible you are!”

A startled shriek burst out of her as Teddy begins to tickle her mercilessly, and a manic chase ensued around the beautifully grown garden.


Inside, it is light, airy and pure, and there are small stools that her Aunt Minnie had provided. Shelves line one wall, groaning with the weight of yet more books and some healing equipment for any animal she happened to find that was in need of help. Seed were scattered on a small raised table, for any birds who venture here. The floor is covered in soft overgrown moss which, she speculates as she sinks down on the floor, is nearly as comfortable as her own bed. This summer, she has started growing honeysuckle vines on the inner walls of the tree house and now almost a wall and a half are completely covered. The beauty of nature is absolutely breathtaking to Ally, the haphazardness of the vines crossing each other finer than any human scheme design.

Lying down on her side, she concentrates on the half covered wall opposite her. Soon, she has vines creeping up slowly, and golden petals unfurling. A soft gasp behind her causes her to lose her focus and the forgotten magic she is using stops instantly. Peeping through the opening that serves as a doorway there are two faces she instantly recognises.

One is the face of her dorm mate, Rose Weasley. Her red hair tumbles down her back in glossy waves, the light behind her causing it to look like a halo of fiery light framing her heart-shaped face. Her skin so pale it is as if she is a ghost, however achieving a healthy look due to her sparkling dark blue eyes and the pale pink flush adorning her cheeks that manages to instantly betray any form of anger or embarrassment. A dusting of freckles was splattered like paint across her button nose, giving her an unavoidable ‘cute’ look that she detests.

 Beside her is Albus Potter, her cousin. He sports the typical Potter mop of dark shaggy hair, forever untamable–exactly the same as both his brother, James, and his father, Harry Potter. His eyes are emerald green, also the same as his father’s. Ally is instantly mesmerised. Their eyes lock, but she hurriedly looks away and busies herself with inspecting her jeans for any, non-existent, signs of dust.

They clamber through the opening, gaping in astonishment.

“Where the hell is Teddy?” She thinks to herself, “Oh Merlin, my secret’s out, and everyone will know and Aunt Minnie will go into hiding and Teddy will probably kill himself ‘cause he’ll think it was his fault and Vic will try to kill me, then Albus, then Rose, and she’ll probably be sent to Azkaban for attempted murder-unless she succeeds- then she’ll probably get the Dementor’s Kiss then Bill will let his inner were-wolf take over and is going to become the next Greyback, and Fleur will become mad with grief and is going to live in a trailer in the middle of nowhere. Dom will lose it when she sees her family fall into pieces, she’ll turn to drugs and is going to get pregnant at seventeen and the papers are never going to leave me alone and the Ministry are going to use me and-”

“How did you do that?” Albus asks, his mouth hanging open, interrupting her internal monologue of despair.

“There’s no magic like that, especially without a wand.” You can always count on Rose, even when in shock, to revert to her ever studious self and recite some of her seemingly endless knowledge.

Teddy finally manages to make his presence known, looking extremely apologetic.

“Hey Ally, I’m sorry, these two sort of found a way to bind me to a tree.... what’s going on?” he asks, seeing the semi annoyed look on Ally’s face, the rest of her was just plain amused. The two teenagers who just came out of 5th year were able to tie him to a tree and he’s a fully-fledged Auror!

 “Wow” she thinks, “there are levels of stupidity and I do think Teddy surpassed them all with flying colours!”

She giggles to herself, a sound that, to Albus’ ears, is startlingly endearing. He finds himself studying the girl before him. For the first time, he realises just how exceptionally beautiful the girl is.

Her hair is wild and untamed, blonde locks catching the sun’s rays. The warmness of her chocolate brown eyes, completely alive, twinkling with barely concealed mirth at the situation Teddy had gotten into.

Her skin is tanned, with a surprisingly large amount of freckles dotting her bare arms and face. She wears no make-up, something he finds oddly refreshing.

He shakes his head, his shaggy hair flopping over his brilliant green eyes, as a bee buzzes past. He fixes them firmly to the ground, determined not to stare at her. Why hasn’t he seen her before? He is certain he would’ve spotted a beautiful girl like her.

He looks up sharply as the girl in question begins to speak, but the action goes unnoticed, her attention is focused firmly on his god-brother.

“Teddy, could you just explain everything to them please? They’ve seen me do it, and you and I both know you’re terrible when it comes to obliviating.” She rolls her eyes and Rose finds herself wondering what could’ve happened that had lead the pair to this discovery.

“Knowing Teddy, it’s no doubt an amusing story.” She mutters to herself, she gives a bashful shrug as the others give her a curious look at her comment.

“You sure?” Teddy asks, his gaze holding Ally’s worriedly

“Yeah.” She gives a small smile, walks past the two cousins as if they are not here, except for sending a small, almost non-existent, smile at the red-head, stops for a second to give Ted a quick kiss on the cheek and climbs calmly down to the ground where she proceeds to look for Red, the fox who frequented these parts of the woods.

As she searched for the red streak of fur that normally appeared whenever she was in the vicinity, she hears exclamations of surprise and shock as her unique talents were explained to the pair, or as Teddy likes to call it, her amazing talents of divine awesomeness.

“That child needs help.” She smiles to herself, thinking back to all the difficult situations Teddy had gotten them both into, usually aggravating one of her animal friends, then leaving her to deal with the consequences.

She finds Red curled up at the base of a tree a small distance away from the tree house and quickly picks him up. As she walks the short way back she hopes Teddy has cleared up any confusion.

She carefully holds onto the fox as she clambers back up the tree. As she tumbles in she catches sight of Albus and Rose staring at her with undeniable curiosity. 

“Right.” She says curtly, “I would appreciate it if you would keep this a secret. It’s not exactly pleasant to be followed by people who are so amazed by your talents. I'm sure you both know what the paparazzi are like.” She says nodding at Rose and Al.

They nod furtively. The Potter and Weasley family are completely used to the many scandals and reports that are written on them in The Daily Prophet, Witch Weekly and just about every other wizarding magazine or newspaper one can find.

“Rose, I know and trust you, but Albus, I don’t know you at all, I’m pretty sure this is the first time I even spoke to you. I know you have no obligation towards me but, please, don’t tell anyone.” She speaks quietly, as if she is afraid that if she speaks any louder, the words would burst out in an angry tirade. But she is good at hiding that.


Teddy used to call her Ice Queen when he saw her interact with other people. She only ever laughed when she is with him or Aunt Minnie. She changed in fifth year, a little. She responded to other peoples’ questions, laughed at their jokes, but still kept to herself. The only person who truly talked to her was Rose, and even that was more talking at her than anything else.

 Teddy knows about her past, knows her present, and they both know he’ll be in her future. He is the older brother that replaced her real one, and nothing would ever change it.

She turns to the boy in question. (She refuses to call him a man; she has known him for far too long and knows that he can be as immature as a five-year-old who wants his way.)

“Where have you been? I've been worried sick. No owl. No floo. Nothing. I realise you proposed to Vic but honestly! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT SHE SAID!”

“Oh, so you weren’t worried about my well-being, I knew it was too good to be true.” He laughs at her indignant face and winks at his god-brother and cousin.

“Tell me, or I’ll tell them about the rabbit kingfisher incident, the one with the pears.”

He pales slightly, “You wouldn’t.”

“You know I would.”

“Ugh, I was going to tell you anyway! There's no need to resort to petty threats!”

“Get on with it.” Comes her bored reply, “You know what? Never mind, I know exactly what you said and did, so there’s no point. The real question is did you get me anything?”

“Okay then, what exactly did I say and do?” the older boy asked her, challenging her memory.

“You went to the South of France, took her to a seaside restaurant where you had a nice fancy dinner. You asked her, in a gentlemanly fashion for a stroll along the beach. When you got to a pretty deserted area, you commented on how the stars could hardly rival her beauty. She wacked you on the arm and told you to stop being a cheesy idiot. You got down on one knee, proposed, and know you’re getting married next summer.”

Rose and Albus mouths are wide open, but Teddy’s face forms into a resigned smile.

“How did you know that?” stutters Rose.

“Didn’t you know? She’s a seer too.” Teddy answers for her, and for once his sarcasm worked.

“You’re a seer too?” comes Albus’ completely bewildered reply.

“Okay, perhaps his sarcasm doesn’t work since Albus clearly didn’t pick up on it.” She thinks. “Or maybe he’s just dense.”

“He’s not particularly bright is he?” Ally turns her attention to Rose, who giggled back, rather uncertainly.

Rose hasn’t seen her friend in well over a month, but never before has Ally been so talkative, and she simply puts it down to the fact that Teddy is here. The first time she had met Allia was in their dorm room. She had seen her from afar during the sorting and feast of course, but their official me had been in their newly appointed dorm. She had liked the girl, who looked shy and reclusive. And sad. She had hoped they would become fast friends, but Ally just retreated further and further into her shell and Rose had decided to stick with Albus and Scorpius, perfectly content in finding company in her older and younger cousins who were in Gryffindor when the two boys were busy with Slytherin matters.

Now, she really wants to become a friend to this intriguing girl with an unknown past and uncertain future.

“Right.” Ally says, interrupting Rose’s musings, “Where are you headed?”

“Your place.” comes Teddy’s confident reply.

“And who are you to say that?”

“Your best and only friend.”

This earns the blue-haired boy a slap on the back of the head, which is simultaneously delivered by both girls.

“You guys can come over if you want. I was going to go see Vic later, but I’ll leave that to another day. Let me just check out Red here.”

The fox in question subsides to a hasty check over, and Rose rather fancies that he rolls his eyes as Ally clucks and fusses over his scratched ear and the thorn on right hind foot.

When the four of them-five if you count Red- reach the ground, Ally releases Red who thanks her for her help once again, and they head through the forest towards the cottage.

Rose and Albus ponder at what the day would come to.

Teddy is happy that his little Ally is finally making friends....sort of.

And the girl at the centre of it all just hopes they won’t ask about how she came to live with Aunt Minnie, she isn’t ready to relinquish all her secrets just yet. 


Hey there fellow Potterheads,

I know this update is long overdue, it's been...what, 5 months? So, my sincerest apologies, but on the upside, chapter three shouldn't take so long to go up. Until then,  I hope review and you enjoyed what you just read :) Maybe you could check out my two other stories as well? (Mistletoe and Extraorinary) Next time, you get to meet Scorpius, WOOP WOOP!

BBWotter xoxo

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