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The Truth Behind The Freckles by RavenclawGirl11
Chapter 4 : Tears, Truths and Coping Quotes
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Credits for this AMAZING CI of Dom goes to......rebel_heart@TDA!



Author notes: sorry for the long update, computer messed up :(


All eyes turn towards me as I enter the Great Hall the next morning. They direct their confused and curious looks towards my new Gryffindor uniform. Oh well screw them. I pull Al towards the centre of the Gryffindor table, otherwise known as the Wotter Territory. Al sits next to Fred and Rose, who automatically stands up as soon as I sit down.


Rose obeys, good choice. I've been on the other end of Dom's bitch slaps and trust me they hurt.

Rose smirks. "What are you doing here Barbie?" she asks, a sarcastic edge accompanying her already frosty tone.

I wince because I've always hated Barbie: she's so fake and unreal. Seriously, no one can smile that much.

"You want to resort to name calling Rosebud?" I ask. "Because I'm sure Daddy will punish you for coming second in that as well." I immediately regret what I’ve said. It was a low blow that I can’t take back.

The colour drains from her face and she’s left looking as white as a ghost. Hugo, who is going through his unfortunate acne phase, looks confused.

"What is Lucy talking about Rose?"

"Just about our father being much better than her bastard of a father," she replies, keeping her ice-blue eyes fixed on my green ones.

I jump out of my seat because although I might not like my father, no-one dis-respects Lucy Weasley's family.

"What was that bitch -sorry I mean Rosebud." Rose acts like she hasn't heard me.

"But it’s not like he's her real father anyway - she's adopted!" she announces loudly. I lunge for her, determined to hurt her - because I know she's right. In that moment the realization dawns own me that it must be true. That must be the reason why everybody treats me differently, because I’m not really a part of their family. I’m not one of them.

"And Hugo guess whose sister she is - Scorpius Malfoy!" I grab hold of her hair, twisting and pulling it until Rose squeals.

"Take it back," I snarl through gritted teeth.

Rose-bitch-face laughs. "Never." I feel myself being thrown back and come face to face with Teddy Lupin.

"What have we got here?"

Three hours later in the Room of Requirement, we’ve finally finished talking. Teddy has been crying a lot- how that boy is an auror I'll never know - and has been hugging me for at least an hour.

"What about me?" Rose asks, looking offended.

"I don’t think your feelings are the cause for concern here Rose." Teddy says, matter-of-factly.

Rose starts crying. "But it’s not fair!" she says through sobs. "I'm pregnant!" 

Just as she says this, the whole Wotter Tribe plus Scorpius walk in.

"When are quidditch Try-outs?" Freddie asks. Al chucks a pillow at him. "What? I'm just trying to defuse the tension."

We all laugh somewhat nervously at this. The whole Wotter Clan are in the Gryffindor common room, waiting for a sign that Rose and Scorpius had stopped arguing. Dom is in a corner flirting outrageously with some Ravenclaw, flicking her strawberry blonde hair over her shoulder every few minutes.

I keep thinking about what Rose said - was it the truth or was it just a spiteful lie she made up? A tear runs down my cheek and Freddie notices. He pulls me over so my head is resting on his shoulder. 

I must have fallen asleep because my muscles are stiff when I wake up.

"You know what Rose said was true." I hear Al say.

"I know, my Dad told me." Freddie mumbles back.

"I can't believe she told her that, especially after it was the anniversary yesterday."

"Anniversary?" Fred asks confusion evident in his voice.

"Didn't you know? When Lucy was one, her mother tried to kill her. Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey adopted her because Audrey was infertile after Molly."

I can’t take it anymore. I jump up, tears streaming down my face. Al looks shocked and Freddie looks frightened.

"You kept this from me for all these years? You know, I always thought you would be there for me Al but you're worse than Rose! At least she had the guts to tell me!" I yell, looking directly at Albus.

I run away because all of a sudden everything is too much. All of a sudden I find my heart has broken in two.

Author notes:

Not going to say much, but that is my wow chapter, lots of drama yeah and usual review and rate

~Macy x

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