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The greatest witch of their age: Hidden Truth by thelost_lovegood
Chapter 1 : A new term and some shocking news
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A/N written  through hermionies p.o.v  The characters in this story all belong to j.k.rowling i only own the plot and characters you don't recognise

I woke up in my own room , it's lovely to say that .... as head girl i have my own room !! No more sharing with the gossip girls. It's hard to understand why someone like Ron dated someone like Lavender Brown, I mean she NEVER stops talking unless its to kiss whoever her boyfriend was at the time. I heard screaming in the corridor but it was more like laughter , still on edge from the war I ran out to the hall wand in ahnd to see aurors handcuffing Ron and .. wait handcuffing RON  and some girl who resembled the Flint family ... possibly scarlette, Marcus Flints youngest daughter I wasnt sure what was happening then all I saw was Malfoy, McGonagall and Poppy run in and blackness I woke up in my room with a two letters on my pillow both from the minestry opening the first one with shaky hands I began to read


Dear Miss Granger

I send this to you with apoligies and an explanation to the matters of this morning

Ronald weasly and Scarlette Flint have both been arrested for performing many unforgivables and attempting to set free Miss Flints family from azkaban ... we are ashamed with Ronald turn out and ask that you remain calm

apoligies on behalf on Ron's mistakes


Kingsly - minister of magic


too  upset to read the next letter i headed down for lunch as ginny told me i had been excused from today and tomorrows classes i ate very little but only because harry made me .. i wasnt hungry i was in a daze until Dean yelled "BLIMEY  Bellatrix has been set free due to 26 years of being under an imperious. hte women had been tortured and sold by her parents to Rudolfus. the minestry have confirmed through veritsirum ,pensieve and numerous spell that she is innocent and will be taking care  of her-" i never found out what she was going to take care of beacause dean was cut of by Mcgonagall's announcmet harry dragged me away before she started talking i was about to question this but he just murmed "Ron"


I walked into the heads room and told harry I wanted to be alone he simply nodded and said he'll come back later and that he knows the password I  walked up to my room shut the door and collapsed on my bed, as soon as  did so some one knocked the door assuming it was harry I called out he could come in  but when I turned away from the book I began reading Malfoy was standing there ... wearing Ron's head boy badge he sat on the floor next to my reading chair and  just looked at me and said sorry i knew he meant it, I nodded and sat on the chair next to himm we just sat their then he took my book and began to read allowed reminding me of my dad before
 the war,before his death and mums death,before hogwarts,before voldermort ,before everything that was wrong. So for once in along time I felt .. not happy but .. content 

Hours later harry walked looked over at me and Malfoy walked up to us and hit Draco -yes i called him draco - round the face I pulled harry off malfoy and asked him to calm down he agreed and sat on my bed while i returned to the chair and we all (Me , Harry and Mal-Draco )sat their in silence until all of us one by ine burst out laughing, not because anything was funny but it was tense harry then chucked somthing at me asking what it was. It was the letter I couldnt read earlier I opend it scanned what it said looking at Harry I dropped the letter where it landed by draco's feet .

" i need to call ginny "


a/n  so my first ever fanfic   what do you like ?? please read and review leave ideas that you would like to see in this story and it is going to go in a draco/hermionie way from here  also how was the chapter length ? too short   will write more next time promise

thelost lovegood x x x

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