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Secret Malfoy by GabriellaGMW
Chapter 11 : The Reunion Part 1
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So this is the first part of the Reunion. I hope you like it and remember to read and review :)





Molly Weasley jumped from her slumber as the door bell rang. She had been busy all day and had been hoping that she would get a few hours sleep, apparently not.

She opened the front door to see her daughter and her family stood outside; their youngest daughter Nymphadora shivering slightly in her thin cardigan.

“Ginny, Harry, come in out of the cold” she ushered the Potter family into the warm house and was grateful they were there before anyone else, Ginny was the one who had planned this whole get together in the first place.

“You look amazing mum” Ginny said, complimenting her mother as she shrugged off her coat. Molly was just about to thank her daughter when she saw her clothes. Her dress was a pale coffee colour and sat just below the knee; she didn’t look her age at all.

“So do you Ginny, you dress is very becoming on you”

“What about my dress nanny? Is my dress becoming on me too?” Dora asked as she span around in front of Molly, grinning madly as her dress twirled out around her.

“You look like a princess, dear” Molly praised, kissing Dora’s cheek once she had stopped spinning. She giggled at her grandmother before prancing away after her older brother’s Albus and James, who had disappeared into the kitchen.

“I picked out the dress for her!” Lily added before she too followed her siblings into the kitchen. Molly laughed at her granddaughter before turning and leading her daughter and son-in-law into the living room. Ginny straightened out the pillows on the sofa Molly had just been sleeping on before she sat down. Harry sat beside her and Molly opposite them.

“Do you think they’ll come?” Harry asked his wife and Ginny frowned.

“Who? Hermione and Draco or Ron and Astoria?”

“Either” he said and Ginny shrugged in answer.

“I don’t really know, Hermione will definitely turn up though, even if her husband doesn’t”

“Are you kidding me? Have you seen those two? It’s like they’re joined to the hip”

“Well I for one would love to see Hermione” Molly interrupted the couple’s banter, smiling down at her daughter and the boy she considered her son. She considered Hermione her daughter as well which was why she was so desperate to see the girl. After Ginny had told her the truth about Ron’s affair, Molly had forbidden him to enter the house without invitation and Astoria was the same. She had demanded that he say sorry to Hermione today or he would not be welcomed back into the family. He had reluctantly agreed through gritted teeth which had made his mother smirk.

Ginny looked thrilled at her mother’s words “That’s good mum, I would hate it if you never wanted to see Hermione again”

“As would I, I liked Hermione, she had spunk. She also helped me with the washing up” Molly added, raising an eyebrow at her daughter who just gulped before edging slightly closer to Harry.

“I do it now, honest mum I do”

Molly laughed “I’m joking Ginny”

The group were interrupted by another knock at the door. Before Molly could get up a head stuck around the side of the door. It was Dora.

“I’ll get it” she sang, obviously very excited. Molly looked at Harry and Ginny questionably as Dora disappeared. Ginny chuckled.

“She’s become tight friends with Hermione’s daughter Quinn. I think she’s hoping it will be her”

Dora’s accusations were proved false when the slim blonde figure of Fleur Weasley nee Delacour stepped into the room; a smile wide on her face.

“Molly, ‘Arry, Ginny” she walked towards them and kissed each of their cheeks twice; customary in France which was Fleur’s native country.

“Fleur, it’s good to see you” Molly said, trying to sound interested. As much as she tried to act as if she liked her daughter-in-law she didn’t have any patience for the woman whatsoever.

“Thank you, you too”

“Mum” Bill Weasley boomed as he stepped into the room, slipping an arm around his wife’s waist as he did.

“Hello Bill, how was it in Egypt?” Molly asked, her oldest son had been in Egypt lately, trying to hack into some ancient rune codes. Molly was hoping that when Hermione arrived she could give Bill a hand as she was the best at ancient runes.

“It was brilliant, I’m going out again next week but I thought I’d spend Christmas at home with the kids”

“Good, I actually want to see my dad” the bored tone of Bill and Fleur’s youngest daughter Dominique sounded. She slouched into the room and threw herself onto a nearby armchair, her eyes thicker outlined with eyeliner and kohl pencil. Fleur rolled her eyes at her punk like daughter before turning and kissing her husband’s cheek.

“I’m extremely glad zat you are ‘ome. I miss you when you are away”

Molly couldn’t help but grimace at the lovey dovey couple and looked over at Dom who was also looking away, picking at her black nail polish as her parents kissed.

Twenty minutes later, the house was full to the brim with Weasley’s in every single room downstairs. Even the bathroom seemed to be occupied by a different member of the family every two minutes.

Ginny and Harry were stood in the kitchen, having a wide conversation about Quidditch with George and Angelina as they waited for their friends and brother. Ginny turned to look at the clock which now read five to six. The party had started at half past four which meant that both the Weasley-Greengrass’ and the Malfoy-Granger’s were very late. Ginny was beginning to doubt her friends’ appearance.

“Harry, I don’t think either of them is coming” she whispered to her husband once George and Angelina had left to talk to George’s brother Charlie who had just come back from dragon training in Romania.

“Just be patient Ginny, both families are probably scared out of their wits about seeing each other. I know that if I was Ron I would be anyway; who knows what kind of revenge Draco’s got up his sleeve”

“So you think they’ll come?”

“I know they’ll come, Hermione can do it”




“I can’t do it” Hermione groaned to herself as she sat in her and Draco’s en-suite bathroom. She was perched on the edge of the toilet with her head in her hands, just as she had for the past twenty minutes. She had been completely fine until Draco had told her they had to go, she had then flipped out; resulting in her running upstairs and locking herself in her bathroom.

“You can do it love, just think of Weasley’s face when we walk in together and then we can go and talk to Ginny and Harry”

Hermione smiled at her husband’s words. She had never expected Draco Malfoy to ever call Harry Potter by his first name but it sounded nice coming out of his mouth. It was like the first time he had called her Hermione;




Hermione Granger walked into her boss’ office. Her arms laden with the papers he so kindly gave to her every day.

“Where shall I put these Mr Malfoy?” she asked through gritted teeth, angry that she had to call her boss, and old classmate, by his last name; and add ‘Mr’ at the start of it.

“Just over there Granger” he said, pointing to an already overflowing pile of work and paper. Hermione glared at him angrily, that was another thing she hated. Whilst she had to call him Mr Malfoy he could call her whatever he wanted. Beaver, Girl, and of course Granger were among his personal favourites.

She put the files on top of the other paper and watched in worry as the paper on the table wobbled precariously. She turned back to her bored looking boss who was currently just watching her. She felt uncomfortable under his gaze and straightened out the non-existent creases in her skirt as she gulped.

“Is that all Mr Malfoy” she asked, biting her lip nervously as his head lifted, cocking to one side as he looked at her as if trying to figure something out. Then he nodded, giving her a weak smile as he did.
“Yes Hermione, you may go now”

Hermione nodded and left the office. It wasn’t until she was sat at her desk that she realised what he had just said.


He had used her real name, her first name, her Christian name willingly.

 She smiled as she imagined him saying it again; it had felt so nice, so right; so... perfect.

That was the moment Hermione Granger realised that she felt something for Draco Malfoy.




Hermione got up and unlocked the door; the memory had reminded Hermione of how much her husband loved her. Even when she was only the tender age of twenty one, him twenty, they still felt a spark and that had kept them together for seventeen years.

Draco was shocked when he saw his wife open the bathroom door willingly; he had thought he would have to result in blowing the door off its hinges with his wand. He was happy that he hadn’t had to do that; Hermione would have had a right old go at him for that.

“What are you doing sitting around on the sofa, we have a party we must attend” she said, storming out of the room, her sapphire blue dress flowing out behind her. Draco raised his eyebrows before a smug look graced his lips. His wife was back.




“They’re not coming; they’re not going to turn up. Neither of them will turn up and this whole party will be for nothing. What am I going to...?”

“Ginny, will you please get a grip and stop pacing. You’re making me nervous” Harry groaned to his flustered wife, she flung her face around and glared at him.

“Shut up Harry, stop nagging me”

Harry raised his eyebrows at his wife’s hypocritical words but ignored her and let her carry on.

There was silence for a few minutes, the only noise coming from the buzz of talking in the living room and kitchen, and the soft click of Ginny’s heels against the wooden floor. They were in the hallway in front of the front door, Ginny pacing the floor as if trying to wear a hole in it; while Harry sat on the bottom stair, gazing up at his wife with a puzzled expression on his face.

Both Potter’s heads shot up at the muffled sound of flesh on wood. Ginny stopped pacing and was now just staring at the door, her mouth hanging open. Harry sighed at his wife before pushing himself off the stairs and walking over to the door.

A grin stretched across his face when he saw who had arrived.

“Hermione” Ginny cried, running over to the brunette and hugging her tightly. Harry smiled at Draco, thumping him on the back whilst muttering a quick “Glad you came” in his ear. Draco nodded, smiling back at his new Gryffindor friend.

“I didn’t think you were coming” Ginny said as she let go of her friend, standing back so she and her family could enter the house. Ginny stared in awe at Evangeline’s beautiful white dress, with her pale hair and skin; she looked just like an angel.

“For a minute so did I” Hermione chuckled

“Make that twenty minutes” Hyperion added as he took off his coat and put it in Harry’s out stretched arms “Thanks Harry”

“You’re welcome Hyperion, and really Hermione? Twenty minutes”

Hermione glared at her snickered son who was now stood between Draco and Harry, snickering behind his hands.

“It was twenty minutes, but only because I actually went to the loo”

“Right” Eva said as she lifted Astrum up in her arms “Where’s Lily? I want to tell her something”

Harry gestured to the living room and shortly after the four Malfoy children disappeared into the living room, following their older sister.

“Hiding in the toilet Hermione, classy” Ginny giggled as she turned to stand next to her husband.

“Well I needed the loo; I just decided to stay in there afterwards”

“Of course love” Draco said, wrapping his arms around his wife’s waist.

“I did” Hermione seethed
“I believe you”

Ginny smiled at the happy couple just as a loud bang erupted from the living room behind them. They all looked at each other before running into the room. There were surprised to see a family of four walking out of the fireplace.

“Ron” Molly said, surprised and slightly annoyed by her youngest son’s entrance.
“Mum” he said, walking over to embrace her in a hug. She pushed him away.
“I told you that you couldn’t enter the house unless you were invited in”

“But I was invited in, this was a family party that I was invited to” he said cockily and Molly Weasley’s narrowed to slits. She then turned to Astoria who was now fiddling with CeCe and Scorpius’ coats. She glared at the family before turning back to her conversation with Percy’s wife, Audrey.

Ginny took this as her chance to show Ron and Astoria their ex’s. She pushed through the crowd of people to try and get to him. However, before she could reach them a bundle of kids ran through the room, one of them crashing into Ron on his way through.
“Oh, sorry” he mumbled as Ron turned and glared at him.

“And so you should be, stupid boy” he was about to turn back to Astoria when a voice stopped him.

“I don’t appreciate you calling my son stupid, especially as he is cleverer than you anyway”

Ron turned around, about to shout at the source of the voice but was speechless before any insults had even come to mind. There stood in front of him, stood his ex-girlfriend Hermione Granger. Her arms coiled around the blonde boy who had just bumped into him and a glare etched on her face. A man appeared at her side and Ron gulped as he recognised the platinum blonde hair of Draco Malfoy. He too, was glaring at the redheaded man in front of him.

“He’s so incompetent he’s even forgotten how to speak love” Draco said to his wife and Hermione smirked, her eyes never leaving Ron’s bright red face. Astoria turned around to see what was wrong with her husband, only to be also shocked by their sudden company. Draco’s face turned sour when he saw Astoria.

“Ah Mrs Weasley, cheated on anyone lately” Draco mocked, a sneer on his face. Astoria glared at him and pulled her son closer to her chest as he lay asleep in her arms. He was just about to answer when another person graced the two family’s presence.

“Ah Ron, Astoria; you came. Have you met our friends Draco and Hermione? I believe they used to be very close to you”

So what did you think? I think this is the longest chapter I have ever written so I am very proud of myself :)

I've been thinking about writing a sequel about their children and then after that a prequel about them... I think that in the prequel I might add in some stuff about Ron's life as well... about how he keeps his lie towards his family.

What do you think?

Until next time :)


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