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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 2 : Gone
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Hermione just stared at the parchment in her hands. Her heart felt like it was just ripped out of her chest, her eyes started to well up with tears. The bathroom started to feel uncomfortably cold. Hermione stood up and walked out of it, folding the paper as she did so. 


Hermione knew what she had to do. She just had to leave. But not tonight, tonight she would act like nothing is wrong. Tomorrow she will call Ginny and ask if she can stay with them for a little while. 


Hermione snuck back into their bedroom and lay in bed, looking at Ron’s features as she did so. That red hair that she imagined her children having, that muscular chest, his silly sense of humor... This was the worst loss she has ever imagined. Her heart was breaking in ways she never thought possible before. Her first love was now completely ruined... there would be no wedding and no red-headed children. 




“Hermione! What’s wrong?” Ron was standing over her with an upset, worried facial expression.


 It was morning, and the sun was resting on her face revealing her puffy, swollen eyes. 


Play it cool, Hermione thought to herself. “Nothing Ronald, I just didn’t sleep well last night. Alot on my mind.”


 “Ok," He said with a sigh of relief. "Well, I am heading to work, I love you.” He then bent down to kiss her, “see you tonight.”


 “I won’t be here.” Hermione said softly with a cracked voice, rejecting his kiss and looking at the left wall the opposite direction of him. 


“Well then I’ll see you when you get home tonight. Won't I?” 


He’s so oblivious to things. Stupid, She thought as she rolled back over without replying.


When she heard their front door close, she got out of bed and thought about how she would pack all her stuff in one thing. She then realized she still had her beaded hand-bag that she brought with her on their horocrux journey two years ago. It held up to a thousand times its' size with the Undetectable Extension Charm and would defidently hold all her belongings. She ran to find it in her wooden and abandoned Hogwarts chest. 




After using the charm on her bag, packing didn’t take long because she used the Accio spell to get everything in the bag. 


She managed to get mostly everything: their TV, loveseat, all of her cooking supplies, her pillows, all of her clothes, her bathroom supplies, her books, and every other single thing she owned in their house. Then she put Crookshanks in his cage.


 As she finished she sat at the kitchen table and took out the portable cellular device her mum gave her for Christmas the previous year. Ginny, being like her dad and interested in muggle artifacts got one from Hermione for her birthday.  


I won’t even leave him a letter. Let him wonder. She then picked up her phone and dialed Ginny.


“Hermione, are you okay?” A light feminine voice asked when she answered. 


“Yes I am. But I have a question for you.” Hermione stated as confidently as she could manage. 




“Can I come stay with you and Harry for a while when I look for a new place?” 


Hermione could hear the gasp in Ginny’s voice, “What the hell happened ‘Mione?!” 


“No time to explain because he will be here for lunch. I need to leave now and will explain when I get there.”


 “Okay I guess.” Ginny whispered with a saddened tone. 


Hermione then hung up the phone and examined the apartment one more time to see if she forgot anything.


She hesitated to pick up the picture on her nightstand of them kissing...


She remembered the day like it was yesterday, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, and Ron went to visit Paris the summer before last for Harry's birthday and Hermione had brought a camera to get pictures with. In front of a beautiful lake surrounded by flowers, there was a bridge that viewed it all and the eiffel tower in the distance. Hermione had wanted to get a picture of them there in that very memorable and amazing moment with the scenery right behind them...


After Ginny agreed to take the picture, Ron suddenly got on one knee and proposed to her. 


"Hermione Jean Granger, you are beautiful, smart, my best friend, and I have loved you since the first day you annoyingly barged in to our compartment on the Hogwart's Express. Will you do me the honours of marrying me?" His hands shook out of control and he almost dropped the ring when he got on one knee. 


Ginny then started snapping many pictures including the one she was looking at now.


Hermione started to cry after screaming "YES!" And the two hugged and kissed as Ginny and Harry watched them, happy for the two of them. 


Hermione stepped outside of what was Ron’s and her apartment, shaking that memory off her mind. 


She looked back at what she was leaving and felt tears well up in her eyes again. She just couldn’t believe this man who she trusted with her life and has loved her since he met her had done such a horrible and heartless thing with a werewolf woman! 


Lavender had been bitten during the war by the werewolf, Fenrir Greyback, and now had a deep scar on her neck that was noticeable to anyone who looked at her. Ron obviously looked beyond that and was attracted to her more so than Hermione... 


How could she ever forgive him? 




Hermione finally gained some courage and stepped on her sidewalk near her porch to apparate.


 She arrived at the pretty country side home of Ginny and Harry. It was drizzling there and Ginny was sitting on the front porch rocking their newest addition to the family, their first, baby James Sirius. She gazed at Hermione with a frown as Hermione walked down their long driveway. 


Ginny motioned for her to sit by her on their bench when Hermione arrived at her side and she did just that. 


“Now what did my brother do?” Ginny asked in a hushed voice.


Hermione looked down at her legs and the tears she was holding at bay started to fall.


 “Ginny… he cheated on me with Lavender Brown and has been for at least three months.” 


Ginny then stood straight up and her face looked like it was on fire with the anger radiating from it. “I am going to kill him! Take the baby!” She screamed at Hermione as she handed little James to her. 


“GINNY, no! He doesn’t even know I left so just drop it. I want him to find out I know on his own.” 


Ginny’s blue eyes were blazing, “How could he?” 


“That’s what I am asking myself.” Hermione whispered, tears increasing in flow, making a small puddle onto her lap.


 Ginny then sat back down and took baby James, looking at Hermione with sad eyes. 


“I’m so sorry ‘Mione.”




The day went on with much talking and crying.


 Hermione was so grateful that Ginny was there to help, even though this was her brother they were talking about. Ginny was totally on Hermione’s side and was completely ready to have a serious conversation with her brother possibly ending with some painful spells.


Hermione’s phone rang like crazy when she knew Ron was home for lunch, she didn’t even think to answer it. There would be no talking to Ron unless she had no choice and she regretted giving him a phone too! It was just a month ago when Ron became so intrigued by Hermione's phone that he wanted his own. 




Rain started to pour as Hermione set up her stuff in Ginny and Harry’s spare bedroom, the second biggest one in the house. It was beautiful with a blue tint to the walls and a silver and turquoise bedspread. It also had its own bathroom with a huge marble white bathtub.


When everything was where she wanted it and Crookshanks was out of his cage and comfortably resting on her loveseat, Hermione lay on her bed.


 The happenings of today swirled around in her mind and she was afraid of what Ron might try to do to find out why she left, he surely wasn’t the patient type.




At six in the evening, Hermione was washing up for dinner when she heard the front door open. 


Harry came in and kissed his wife, setting his huge briefcase down on the coffee table in the humungous living room.


 Ginny whispered to her husband, “I have to tell you something.” 


They went into the living room and Hermione followed. 


Harry looked at both of them with a confused look on his face. “Did something happen? Hermione, what are you doing here?” 


Ginny and Hermione told Harry all about what happened and Harry was upset but not generally surprised.


“I knew it! I knew something was up with them. She had been in his office more than she should be and for many hours of the day. Wow, what a git.” Harry sneered, “but I can’t exactly stop being his friend, you know that. I am on your side through all of this though, Hermione.” 


Poor Harry hated when this happened, he absolutely hated being between his very best friends.




When they finished dinner Hermione went back into her bedroom.


 Her phone then started to ring again. Ron has now left twelve voicemails and sixteen missed calls and counting. Soon after Hermione returned to join the couple in the living room Harry’s phone started to ring too. 


Hermione didn’t want Ron to know where she was, and told Harry to answer and lie.


“Hello Ron…”…“No, she isn’t here. She stopped by awhile back but didn’t tell us where she was leaving to…”…“No Ron, I don’t know why she left, she and Ginny were talking but Ginny won’t tell me…”… “Found out about what?”…“That was wrong of you Ron… I bet she did leave then.”…“Yes mate, I’ll talk to you later. Bye.” Harry hung up the phone and hugged Hermione. “He feels horrible and he seems to be falling apart but it is his fault. Don’t go back to him Hermione, I mean it.” Harry whispered to her, grabbing her hand for comfort across the coffee table between them. 


Hermione nodded to thank him. She felt like she could cry but the tears wouldn’t start because she had been crying all day and felt there were no tears left.


The bed felt so warm as she lay in it later that night. The rain was hitting the window softly, just right that she could fall right asleep.


 Her phone was turned on silent but lit up with Ron’s calls every hour or so. 


She had dreams of Ron that night... dreams of their first year in Hogwarts, the first night she felt her crush on him, the first kiss in the Chamber of Secrets after destroying that horocrux, and the proposal. 


They kept coming and coming and wouldn't stop... 











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