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Wrecked. by MarieBlack
Chapter 2 : One Look.
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Author's Note: Undoubtedly it has been far too long since I've done this. Since I've actually written. But my mind is too full, and my fingers are too ready to avoid this any longer. Sorry for the wait.

I blew softly on the steaming mug of hot chocolate, and tipped the lip of the cup onto my mouth. The hot chocolate seared my throat but in the best possible way, the way that gives your voice strength.

"How are your parents?" I asked him softly, half afraid that this would only cause more pain upon me.

He sighed and set down his mug on the make-shift table we had created out of my luggage, "Well, mum's still a wreck. Hasn't even gone near the floor of the house that his room was in. Dad," another sigh escaped his lips, "He's better than us all. Mum blames it on the war and him losing so many people in his life. I think he's really learned to shut it all out and carry on."

I looked at his furrowed brow and worried green eyes, "And how are you, Al?"

He gave a chargrinned smile but before he could utter his reply the compartment door open.

"Look, Al, I know you're being all sensitive and man on a rescue mission but Scorpious is really going to have a fit if you don't make it to the Prefect meeting," came the incredibly demanding voice of Rose Weasley.

I wanted to shoot her look and tell her to piss off, but I knew that wouldn't help any. Part of me didn't really care either. It's not like Rose and I had the best relaitonship. I think part of her hated me for what happened to James, for not stopping him from living his dream. Or maybe it was my relationship with Al and how I totally ditched him the minute James entered my life.

Either way, Rose Weasley hated my guts.

Al looked apologetic, and stood up tapping his mug he had conjured and returning it to it's original shape of a hair dryer. I lifted my lips into a small smile to show it was okay. He pulled his sweater back on and met Rose at the door. She gave me a nasty glare and stalked off after Al.

I sighed and finished my drink, and tapped it with my wand to return it to the shape of my straightener. Sometimes magic was pretty cool.

I laid out on the compartment seat, letting my arm fall off and watched the country side slide past out the window. It was methdoical enough, and soon I could feel myself slipping into sleep and I let the darkness overtake my vision.

I peered around me, noticing the gentle breeze and the bright green grass below. Before me was a broom, a classic Nimbus 2000, incredibly vintage but entirely my favorite. I slipped on and allowed myself to glide upwards, looking down to realize I have my old Quidditch gear on. I looked up and suddenly I'm surronded by a large Qudditch pitch. I see someone zooming over head, and then so many others. Then I realized I'm in the middle of a game. I flew a little higher and my heart caught in my throat because I recognize one the players. The dark mane of hair, the tanned face, and that smug smile etched on his lips as he zooms toward the goal, unaware that an illy hit bludger is coming for his head. And all I can do it watch. It gets closer and closer until . . .

I shoot up, a scream caught in my throat only to see a familar form looming at the window messing with the latch that opens the window.

"Bloody hell, Frost, you scared me to death," I snapped with venom.

"Well," she replied with some angst, "You're still alive. Seems it didn't work."

I sat up, taking in deep breaths, and touching the seat. It was a dream.

Annalise Frost plopped down in front of me, her long mane of auburn hair pulled back into a stylish top knot. Annalise was one of the girls I consistently hung out with while I was with James. She was Chance Longbottom's girlfriend since about Fifth Year and therefore apart of a clique I was formally in. We were really all of the Gryffindor Qudditch Team girlfriends, but because most of our boyfriends were also tied to some part of the Potter-Weasley fame we forged a bond that wasn't easily broken.

Until I broke that is.

"Are you actually going to come out of your dorm this year Olive?" She asked bluntly, staring at me with her dark brown eyes.

I shrugged curling back up on my seat.

She rolled her eyes and scoffed, "Y'know, I only came down here because Veronica was worried. If you want to live like your life is over, go for it."

She got up and slammed to compartment door behind her, and I didn't even flinch.

Who was I to care about those girls? I mean, aside from Veronica Finnigan, most of those girls were down right obnoxious and snobby. Yeah, they understood what it was like to date someone who was in the public eye, but that certainly never made them bearable. Except for maybe Veronica, but I knew that her trying to console me would just break open a whole other dam of tears, and I was at the point at where I didn't want to feel anything.

I could hear people begin to shuffle in the corridors, and heavy footsteps reaching the back of the train and I got up to peer out my door. Albus stood a compartment away, talking to the people from outside the door and noticing the movement looked my way. He smiled and nodded to those in the compartment and headed toward me.

"Ollie," He said with some of his old friend affection, "We're getting close, it's time to put on your uniform."

Part of me felt joy at the old nickname, but another dismissed the feeling all together. I nodded and ducked back into my room to change. I drew the shade, and opened my trunk to find the familar uniform tucked in neatly. I slipped out of my clothes, and into the neatly ironed black pleated skirt, a white three-quater sleeve button down, crimson and gold tie, and black oxford shoes. I grabbed a jacket for the ride to the castle on the carriages, and shut my luggage.

I wasn't ready to face people again, and I don't think they were ready to face me.



I looked up at the familar canopy around my bed, the galaxy covered hangings had been why I had picked it nearly six years ago. I could see the sun beginning to climb up in the sky and huffed.

Last night went on without a hitch, I didn't bother anyone and no one bothered me. The beginning ceremonies were perfectly the same, all about house unity and the upstanding students we were all supposed to be. Crap.

I slipped out early and found my bed with my luggage already tucked undearneath and quickly got in, shutting out everyone else and warding off the other girls in my dorm.

When I awoke, I knew I needed to clear my head. This whole castle had far too many reminders of every year of my life with him.

I slipped out of bed and unlatched my trunk to find my running shoes, running shorts, and a t-shirt. I slipped off my crumpled uniform I had slept in and slipped on my fresh clothes. I pulled my heavy, dark hair into a ponytail and on tip toes slipped out of the dorm. I made it all the way outside of the castle with hardly any noise, and little to no distrubing of the paintings. Thank God. Those idiots could be hellish in the morning.

I started to run. The loop around the whole school was about a half-mile, and I needed something to get my mind off of, well, everything. I could feel my lungs opening up, and my leg muscles pumping. Just because I wasn't playing Qudditch anymore didn't mean I wasn't giving up on being fit. If anything I had dived into it more whole heartledly than ever.

The sun was pouring onto my face, and my breathing was coming in strong. I could feel my muscles working and straining, and the sweat beging to form on my back and face. But I felt free. I didn't feel like Olive "James's Last Girlfriend" Wood, or Olive "Daughter of Oliver Wood" Wood. I felt like Ollie. Just me.

I rounded the next corner with extreme power and feeling myself charge on, only to knock myself into someone doing the exact same.

Somehow I was the one to end up with their rear end in the dirt, and breathing hard underneath the mass of another person's body. Our limbs were slightly entangled, and from what I could tell it was not someone on the lighter side of life.

"Oh, bullocks, I'm sorry. Ack, sorry," they muttered, their limbs disentangling from mine as they moved to pull their face up from the dirt.

I looked up to see a mess of dark hair and piercing green eyes, Oh Al. Although it was a sweaty Al with dirt on his face and bits of gravel too. I felt a chuckle escape my lips and a smile stretch out on them too.

"Fancy seeing you here," I muttered as he pulled himself up.

Al met my gaze and smiled, I mean, really smiled. The kind of smile that made every girl in this school weak at her knees, mine even felt a little wobbly. He extended his hand to me and I took it. He pulled me up, and close to him and in that moment I chose to look up at his eyes. And they caught me. The sun was hitting them in just the right way that the flecks of gold in his eyes were visible and his stare was captivating.

And then I felt my heart do something of a stutter.

Oh no. Oh God no. I tore away from Al and with all of my might  ran to the castle doors, every part of me screaming. Every inch of my body fearful.

Not Al. No. Not Albus Potter. Not his brother. Not anyone. Why. Because that's all it took, right? One look, and a girl is utterly head over heels and there is no going back. But not for me. Never for me again. Love had only caused me pain, more pain than I ever cared to repeat.


Author's Note: Please let me know what you thought! And I hope you enjoyed it! :)

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Wrecked.: One Look.


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