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Change by Bobby Dazzler
Chapter 3 : III
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Dear Harry, Ginny and family,

Life abroad has been interesting.  While some places are nice, and the culture overflowing, the people are so different and well, some are downright insane.  I don't know how mum and dad can live in Australia after what I've seen; let's just put it that way.

I'm not going to lie, it's been... difficult.  I left because I had to, because things were just not... well, you all know the reason.  I wish I could say that I'm having a wonderful time, meeting new people and am happy, but it would be a lie.

I still haven't found it yet, at this rate I don't think I ever will.  There are sadly only so many places in the world and I'm rapidly ticking them off.  I guess I can always take up residence alongside Trelawney in her tower if things get that dire...

All my love, Hermione.

P.S. Don't ever let me buy a shawl, or beads.


Hermione travelled around the United States for three weeks, going from place to place and really trying to make a go of it in a new country, as per her instructions in Ginny's return letter that had reached her in New Zealand four days after she sent her own back home to England.  While New Zealand really attracted her, more than any other place she had visited in her travels, she found it too difficult to understand what the people there said and was reminded too much of being on the outback station in Australia with Macca, the rude stockman, and decided to move along.

She had enjoyed her travels through some of the northern states in America, but as she travelled around, with all the different places and people she found it all too imposing and diverse and quickly left, crossing the border into Canada where she promptly froze.


"Where will it be this time, Miss Granger?" Marvin Wallace, International Apparation Network's number two-zero-four guard asked her as she arrived at the international station on an unplottable pacific island in mid December.

Hermione had gotten to know Marvin quite well over the four months she had travelled, having to apparate to the international location to get processed before continuing on her journey to wherever it was she felt like going.

After having to spend three weeks in hospital in Canada for hypothermia, Hermione escaped the muggle hospital and apparated safely to a nearby wizarding hospital in Montreal to get proper, magical treatment and was sent on her way within the hour.  Quite content not to venture further north to Alaska, or brave any more of the cold weather after not being acclimatised to it since leaving England, Hermione gathered her few belongings and returned to the International Apparation Network to continue with her journey.

Hermione thought about it long and hard, like she did every time Marvin asked her where she wanted to go next, but she never knew the answer.  Usually, the places she arrived in were on Marvin's recommendation, or those of other witches and wizards also waiting for clearance to apparate to another country from the I.A.N.  So far, all of the recommendations had turned out to be been horrible ones for her, but given that she still didn't know where she could find herself and start her life over, Hermione once more resorted to asking for Marvin's advice.

He grinned mischievously and handed her a map written in a language she couldn't understand.  Hermione turned it around in her hands, inspecting it from all angles to see if it would make sense – it didn't – and finally looked at Marvin as he waited for her reaction, one hand hovering over a large red button.

"I think you're going to like this one, my dear," he said kindly and slammed his palm upon the buzzer; Hermione felt herself being stretched and pulled against her will and the vision of the I.A.N's headquarters and of Marvin's smiling face were soon gone to be replaced with something quite different.

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Change: III


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