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I Just Can't Help Myself... by Hazel Bludger
Chapter 7 : I Just Love Hogsmeade
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Look at me, updating at a reasonable time. :) Aren't you proud of me? I'm proud of me! I'm super excited, we're about to begin unfolding some major drama in this story. (I know what you're thinking, we're beginning major drama? Hold onto your knickerbockers, kiddies. You have no idea what I have in store for you.) So, let's get on with it, shall we?

Disclaimer: Um. No. Not JKR.

Chapter Seven: I Just Love Hogsmeade


“Hey, Dad,” Dorothy said as she entered the greenhouse, Freddie tailing close behind her.

“Thee,” he said grinning, looking up from the bush he’d been trimming. “Freddie. What can I do for the two of you?”

“Well, we’re about to head into the village, I was just wondering if you needed me to pick anything up for you,” Dorothy said.

Neville set his wand down on a greenhouse table and thought for a moment, wiping his hand across his sweaty forehead and leaving behind a trail of dirt. “Planning to pop into Honeydukes?”

“Course, Professor,” Freddie said with a grin. “You know how Dor needs her Sugar Quills.”

“Oh, like you don’t go around raging like the Whomping Willow when your chocolate stash runs low,” Dorothy shot back.

Neville smiled fondly at the bickering teens. “Brilliant. Grab me a few Cauldron Cakes and a Licorice Wand, okay? There’s some Sickles in my desk in the office, top right drawer.”

Dorothy nodded. “You got it.” She went over to him and pressed a kiss onto his cheek. “See you later, Dad. By the way, you’ve got mulch all across your forehead.”

“Ah, I’ll get it later,” he said with a soft chuckle. “See you, dear. Bye, Freddie.”

“See ya, Professor!”  Freddie called as Dorothy dragged him from the greenhouse.

“So what’s the plan for today, huh?” Dorothy asked as they entered her father’s office. She made her way through precarious towers of Herbology textbooks intermingled with stacks of dirt-stained papers to his desk. It was covered with photographs in frames, books, spare bits of quills and parchment. She grabbed a couple Sickles from the drawer. “Honeydukes, Spintwitches for your new bat, I want some more emerald ink, and I promised Hope we’d join her in spying on Louis and Fi.”

“I still can’t believe the bloke’s finally grown a pair and asked the girl on a proper date,” Freddie said as the two of them left Neville’s office and headed off for the trail to the village. “How long’s he fancied her now, four years?”

“Had to have been. She’s got it bad for him, too; I knew having him send the letter late would drive her mad.”

“Honestly, you’d think he would’ve asked for our help sooner than this,” Freddie joked. “And other than that, I don’t have anything special. We can grab lunch at Broomsticks if you want.”

“Can’t, that’s where Lou and Fi will be. I don’t have a problem with the Hog’s Head.”

Freddie shook his head. “No, ever since I heard goats when we hid out behind it last year, I can’t go near the place.”

“Right,” Dorothy recalled laughing. “Well, I guess we could grab a late lunch. Get most of our shopping in before we go to spy, then get something after the two of them leave.”

“Sounds alright,” Freddie agreed. “Oh, don’t let me forget, I’ve got to pick up a gift for Rox, her birthday’s next week.”

“Bugger, I forgot all about that,” Dorothy muttered. “She’s turning sixteen, right?”

“Don’t remind me,” Freddie groaned. “Older end of the fifth years, getting way too much male attention for my taste.”

Dorothy laughed. “You’re so overprotective.”

“With good reason!” Freddie said defensively. “That’s my baby sister those blokes look at like she’s a piece of meat, thank you very much.”

“Whatever, Fred,” Dorothy said rolling her eyes. “What I was going to say was that she needs a party. Sixteen’s a big one for girls.”

“Lily and Rose have been planning it for weeks,” Freddie told her. “Halloween themed. Only reason I remembered, to be honest. They asked me whether it’d be smarter to have it in the Room of Requirement or the Common Room. I said the tower, of course, because there’s no way Neville will bust us because Rox is like his niece. He knows she should have a good party. And, there’s less of a chance any Slytherins will break in.”

Dorothy nodded. “When is it?”

“Next Saturday, after the Halloween feast. You’re welcome to bring Hope and Fiona if they want to come.”

Dorothy smiled. “I’ll ask them.”

“You know,” Freddie said thoughtfully. “It’s a little weird to think you’ve got friends in Hufflepuff.”

Dorothy laughed. “It only took seven years to play nice with my own House.”

Freddie smiled down at her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders protectively. “There’s the village. The line for Honeydukes doesn’t look too bad yet, we should probably hit there first.”

Dorothy grinned up at him. “Race ya!”


“You’re late!” Hope said as Dorothy and Freddie hurried over to the bushes outside of The Three Broomsticks.

“They’re not supposed to meet for five more minutes,” Freddie said.

Hope frowned. “We were supposed to get a table inside, but now Louis is in there. It’d be too suspicious.”

“Hope, we’re hiding in a bush beneath the window,” Dorothy reminded her.

“Here comes Fi!” Hope whispered. “Let’s hope these things still work.” She unraveled a pair of ratty Extendable Ears and placed the receiving end in the window, holding the other end between the three of them.

“Course they do, Lifelong Warranty,” Freddie scoffed.

“Stop advertising and listen,” Hope snapped. Dorothy snickered.

“Little!” a deep voice rattled through the Ears. There was the scraping of Louis’s chair legs against the wooden floor.

“Weasley,” Fiona responded coolly. “You could use a haircut.”

“He’s trying to grow it out like Uncle Bill,” Freddie explained. Dorothy pulled a face. “I know,” Freddie agreed.

“I don’t think it’s too bad,” Louis said, a bit disgruntled.

“You look like a bearded lady,” Fiona replied. “I see you let the facial hair grow out more too.”

“Some people say it’s rugged.”

“They’d be lying.”

Louis laughed. “Ah, to think I thought that I missed your never ending wit.”

“Isn’t that why you’ve been writing me every day? So not a day goes by without you insulting me?”

“Maybe I just missed you, Little.”

“Don’t get sentimental on me, Weasley.”

Louis sighed. “Let’s sit down. Let me buy you lunch.”

“What are you going to do to it, add some Puking Pastilles to my burger?”

“Don’t give me any ideas, Little.”

“You’d think that being part Veela would help him with the ladies,” Hope said rolling her eyes. “He’s pitiful.”

“So, how’s seventh year going so far? Hufflepuff look good on the pitch?”

“Fine,” Fiona said warily. “And how’s curse breaking? Having fun beneath your old man?”

“It’s interesting,” Louis said. “I enjoy it. It’s constantly stimulating.”

“They are so boring,” Freddie groaned. “I still need to get my Beater’s bat.”

“Well, maybe if someone hadn’t spent an eternity looking for No-Melt Ice Cream, we would’ve had time to go to Spintwitches before Lou and Fi’s date,” Dorothy shot back.

“Hey, it took you an hour and a half to decide what you were getting Rox for her birthday.”

“Sorry I didn’t think that a prank from her father’s shop was enough for her sixteenth birthday.”

“That’s not for her,” Freddie said. “That’s for me. I got her jewelry while you looked for the ‘perfect present.’ I’m not that stupid.”

“Merlin, would you two hush up? You bicker like an old married couple,” Hope hissed. “We’re attempting to spy!”

There was a loud bang, and the part of the Extendable Ear in Hope’s hand disintegrated. “Bloody hell!” she cried, dropping the dust. She turned on Freddie. “What happened to a Lifelong Warranty?”

“Louis must’ve seen it and cut the line. Your pair had to’ve been too old, didn’t have the protective spells on it that the newer versions have.”

Hope groaned, aiming a kick at the bush. “Seriously? So now we’ve been caught, and we have no way to listen in anymore! Not to mention I missed half of their conversation because the two of you wouldn’t shut the hell up!”

“Freddie is horrible to spy with,” Dorothy said.

“You’re not much better, Dora,” Hope said, frowning. “Fi’s going to be explosive tonight.”

The doors to the bar banged open, and Fiona ran out screaming, “I hate you, Weasley! You are the most vile being on the face of the planet!”

Behind her, Louis Weasley appeared looking fairly roughed up. His long blonde hair was tousled and his clothes were off center, as if Fiona had jumped him in her rage. Even though Dorothy saw Louis as an older brother figure, his Veela genes pulled at her, causing her to notice the stubble lining his strong jaw and the thick, defined muscles pushing against his long sleeved shirt. “Come back here, Little, I am not finished with you! You want vile? I’ll give you vile!”

Fiona shot a hex at him, which he dodged easily, and tore up the street. Louis let out a strangled roar and followed her.

“Looks as though they’re headed to the Shrieking Shack,” Freddie observed.

“Fitting, if you think about it,” Hope said. “Considering how much shrieking Fiona will probably be doing.”

“Should we follow them?” Dorothy asked.

“And get caught in the crossfire?” Hope asked. “Merlin, no. Made that mistake once. We’ll get the story later in the common room. See you later?”

“Course,” Dorothy replied. “Oh, by the way, Rox’s sixteenth birthday party is in Gryffindor Tower after dinner next Saturday, you want to come? Fi’s invited too, of course.”

“It’s not like I’ll be doing homework or anything,” Hope said. “Sounds fun. Always been curious about Gryffindor parties.”

“Awesome,” Dorothy said. “We’re going to grab lunch, care to join us?”

“Nah, I’m supposed to meet Marcus later. Taking me to Pudifoot’s, but hey, free food, right?”


“Frederick Weasley, I’m paying for my meal, and that is final!” Dorothy shouted. “Take my money!”

“No!” he shot back. “You’re making a scene, Dor. Just let me be nice.”

“That’s what you always say! You can’t keep buying things for me.”

“I can, and I will.” He shot her a smirk and handed the coins to Madame Rosemerta. “Keep the change.”

Freddie grabbed Dorothy’s hand and dragged her out of the pub, grinning at her. “I’m buying you more ice cream then,” Dorothy huffed, dragging him back down to Honeydukes.

“If you insist,” Freddie said. “You’re mental sometimes, Dor.”

“Well, you suck dragon eggs sometimes, Fred.”

He laughed. “It’s part of my charm.”

Dorothy scoffed. “Yeah, okay. Let’s play this game. Just pick your ice cream.”


Fiona didn’t return to the dormitory until after dinner.

The door banged open loudly, causing both Hope and Dorothy’s heads to shoot up from the Quidditch play they were trying to formulate. “Where have you been?” Hope demanded. “Everyone was supposed to be back from Hogsmeade hours ago!”

“How dare you spy on me!” Fiona shot back at them. “You knew that I would’ve told you exactly what happened, you didn’t need to shove your creepy old Extendable Ear through the window of the pub!”

“Well, thanks to you, I have to buy a new pair,” Hope huffed.

“Thank Merlin!” Fiona snapped. “They looked like you cut them off of Dumbledore’s corpse.”

“Where have you been?” Hope asked again. “You missed dinner.”

“I grabbed something in the village,” Fiona said smoothly, laying down on her fourposter.

“But what were you doing all that time? Seriously, it’s been hours since you and Louis ran off screaming at each other,” Dorothy pushed, just as curious as Hope was.

“Fought with Louis,” Fiona replied. “I hid in the cellar of Honeydukes after a while, you know, he wasn’t too fun to be around once he had purple blisters oozing out of his skin.”

Hope cackled. “You are such a harlot!”

Fiona sat up in bed and raised an eyebrow. “Excuse you?”

“It’s obvious the boy likes you, why else would he hang around?” she said. “Seriously, you ought to make yourself a bit more likeable so he doesn’t gain some sense and fall for someone who doesn’t put him through physical and emotional turmoil.”

“He doesn’t like me,” Fiona said.

“Yes, he does,” Dorothy said. “I’m going to be honest with you. Freddie and I have been helping him.” Hope squeaked, shaking her head at Dorothy. “No, Hope, she deserves to know.”

“That you’ve been giving him advice on how to make me like him? Think about him all the time?” Fiona supplied. “Yeah, I know. It came up right as he was shouting about how much he didn’t fancy me, and could never fancy a girl like me. Said he should check himself into St. Mungo’s at the thought.”

Hope’s smiling face fell into concern. “Oh, Fi, are you okay?”

Fiona laughed. “Am I okay? Of course I’m okay! I don’t like him!”

There was a loud beep from Dorothy’s nightstand, and she lunged over to it, pulling the journal from the drawer. “What the hell is that?” Hope asked.

“It’s how Freddie and I communicate between Houses,” Dorothy replied, opening it on her bed. “Just got a note from Hibou. Says Louis has cured himself. No longer thinks he has feelings for Fiona.” Was scrawled on the page.

Dorothy picked up a quill and responded, “Just heard the same story from Fi. As long as they’re happy, right?”

“That’s brilliant,” Fiona said, looking over Dorothy’s shoulder. “Magical connection.”

“Yeah,” Dorothy said, watching as Freddie’s words began appearing on the page. “We’ve had them since first year. Obviously, we’ve expanded them, and we added the alarm feature in case one of us is sleeping or not paying attention.”

“You really believe them?” Freddie asked.

“Don’t see why not,” Dorothy replied.

“Innocent,” he teased.

“That is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen,” Hope gushed. “You two are perfect.”

Dorothy laughed. “We’ve been best friends for our entire lives. We had to make this Housing arrangement work somehow.”

“See, Hope?” Fiona said, her voice tinged with annoyance. “These two are perfect. Weasley and I are far from it. We can’t even handle being in the same room together.”

“Can’t blame a girl for being a hopeless romantic,” Hope sighed.

Dorothy laughed and placed the journal back into her bedside table. “I’m going to hop in the shower. It’s been a long day. Oh, and before you try to read me and Freddie’s journal, you should know that you won’t be able to. Only we can see what’s actually written there.”

“I dislike that,” Hope whined.

“I don’t care,” Dorothy responded perkily.

“She was much nicer when she was scared to talk to us,” Fiona commented as Dorothy shut the bathroom door.


As Dorothy got out of the shower, she could hear bits and pieces of Hope and Fiona’s conversation. What she didn’t expect was to hear her name dropped.

“Why can’t she be more like Dorothy?” Fiona gasped. “He really said that?”

“That’s what Marcus and I heard!” Hope replied. “She was furious, mind you. Would’ve been shocked if she hadn’t been, considering she’s supposed to be Hogwarts’ Perfect Bird, and all.”

“But what’s he doing saying shit like that?” Fiona snapped. “It’s not like he’s ever treated her as more than a mate, right?”

“As far as I know,” Hope said. “But I don’t want to tell her. Seems like she’s finally starting to get over him. She and Freddie would be so much better than her and James. Honestly, I don’t really know what she ever saw in him.”

Fiona was silent for a moment. Dorothy’s breath was caught in her throat. “I can’t even picture it. James just outright saying, ‘Merlin, Jen, you annoying twat, I wish you were more like Dorothy!’ Doesn’t seem right.”

“Well, he said it a bit more tactfully than that,” Hope said.

“But still, the intent was the same,” Fiona said. “I’m a bit worried about how Jen will react to Dorothy after this.”

“It still doesn’t make sense,” Hope thought out loud. “He spends all this time trying to get Jen back, and then wants her to be like Dora? He has to know that she liked him. Why not toss the plastic and give Dora a shot if he’s so interested?”

Dorothy opened the bathroom door. “There’s something I haven’t told you.”

Hope and Fiona jumped violently, shock and fear etched on their faces. “Dora, honey, we didn’t mean for you to overhear—”

“Seriously, Longbottom, it’s not like we don’t think you’re good enough for James, he’s not good enough for you, and you were finally feeling better—”

“We just don’t want to see you hurt—”

“Guys!” Dorothy shouted, her hands playing with the sash on her robe. “It’s okay. I understand. But to help you understand, there’s something you need to know.”

“What?” Hope asked.

Dorothy took a deep breath. “James and I hooked up.”

OH MY ROWLING WHAT A CLIFF HANGER. DUN DUN DUNNNN. YOU MUST BE THRASING IN FRONT OF YOUR COMPUTER. But seriously, what'd you think? Lots of Dorothy/Freddie fun, plus the girls of Hufflepuff! What do you think of Louis and Fiona? And what do you think will be the reaction to Dorothy's big reveal? Read, rate, and review!

Peace, Love, and Potter,


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