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my brothers bestfriend by Candeekiller
Chapter 2 : Return
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Dren & Sirius

"Welcome home kiddo"

"how many times do i have to tell you never to call me that."

"would you rather i call you kiddo or ickle babykins"


"thought so"

Sirius threw an arm around me guiding me into the great hall; gloriously decorated as always. My brother walked ahead of us trying to get Lily to talk to him and failing miserably before he falls back to join us.

"give it up prongs she's never going to crack"

"how about a little support pads"

"i'll support your obsession when she says yes"

"Dren make him support me!"

i rolled my eyes at his childishness "like i can control the git"

"he fears you! make him support me like a best mate should"


"you two will rue this day when me and my lily-flower ban you from our wedding"

"ha yeah right you cant even get a date with her!"

james shook his head "my own sister doubts me"

"damn right i do"

laughter erupts from Sirius as we take our seats smack dab in the middle of Gryffyndor table; center of attention right where we like to be. Remus who missing out on the conversation looked at our laughing faces asked us what was so funny

"my brothers inability to be smooth; you know like his hair ha ha"

lily and peter laughed along with the rest of us at this comment. Merlin i've missed this. Surrounded by all my friends everyday is going to be wonderful

"holy shit were we that small when we came to hogwarts"

"Potter must you speak every five minutes"

"if it gains a response from you my love"

"sod off"

chuckling as quietly as possible we all turned our attention to the sorting hat as it put everyone where they belong but in all honesty i thik we were all counting how many to go before we could chow down 

at least i know for a fact sirius and i were; we heard eachother counting down and couldnt help but crack a smile. he and i are always on the same page it's awsome knowing he practically reads my mind.


my brother and i let out a simultanious "huh"

"not you Dren although i'm sure you knew about this and neglected to mention it!"

"hey you already said not me im of the hook!:
Guess who just discovered the welcome back party and she's turning from me and onto Remus and James.

"lily flower it's just a small get together."

"Donot call me that. this is not a small get together. this is chaos i cannot believe you did this"

"aw come evans its a tradition."

"you irresponsible git have you stopped to think about the trouble we could get in! no because you never do. i swear to merlin i'm am going to hex you to oblivion if you dont call this off right now"

"really love it's not that big of a deal"

 ah yes the party hasnt started til lily caves just like she does every year. that girl will never just accept it.

"Stop calling me that. And you-" she turned to shout at poor moony. "Remus how could you let this happen! you're a prefect i would think you would mention it's against the rules while your planning the damned thing with this moron"

"li know i'm a prefect but..well we do this every he said it's a tradition."

"that doesnt make it alright! Oh merlin were going to lose our badges on the first day back; we are going to be the first prefects to lose their badges ever!!"

i should intervene before she has a panic attack" Lily calm down you're so overreacting-"

and my eardrums have burst

"yes you are; it's saturday night lils; technically the rules wont go into effect until the first day of classes; right Remus?"

"uh yeah..Drens right; i mean come on lily they can't exactly dock points or anything til the first day of classes"
Remus just stands in the middle of the common room where all of Gryffindor is watching the mayhem as a pretty sweet muggle band plays in the background...I think my brother went through my albums (how dare he touch my things)

"thats right theres nothing to dock so just calm down lily and enjoy the festivities"

"i swear if professor mcgonagall finds out about this"

"she wont i promise."

She looked at us both clearly seeing through our bullshit but instead of pushing she just mumbled under her breath about how 'stupid potter twins are exactly alike' as she walked over to the refreshments to get herself a butter beer
she never was much of a drinker.

"I resent that!"


thus the party ensued; the music got louder around us as we all sat on the couch with a firewhiskeys in our hands. as always i sat between my brother and sirius; bodygaurds meant to keep every and any guy who was interested from hitting on me.

remus and peter sat in the arm chairs to either side.

"so moony how goes the love life?"

"inactive as usual dren; you know that"

"i hear Dorcas is single and looking to mingle"

remus shakes with laguhter and his sand colored hair falls into his eyes.
"dren please stop youre embarrasing yourself"

"psh whatever; you have to lose it sometime remus might as well get it over with"


"you love me!"
i got off the couch to get another drink; i have built a strong tolerance to firewhiskey since fourth year. Sirius and i use started sneaking out of the castle on my fourteenth birthday and sneaking some at the Hogs head;
the first time we had it we got so drunk we ended up in the astronomy tower and got detention when the head girl found us.

I still cant remember her name.

"hey Potter how goes it"

"fine thanks. yourself?"

Emmaline Vance; she rooms with me and Lily. She and i arent exactly friends but we take a liking to each other. Dorcas and her are really close but me and Lily tend to keep to ourselves and the marauders. Mostly because i can not stand Marlene and she trails after them like a lost little puppy.

"oh i'm fantastic; i cant wait for classes to start although im dreading potions; the slytherins always mess with my potions."

"no worries if they screw with you just tell us and we'll give them whats coming"

"oh that would be great"

"anytime what are friends for."

"oh theres dorcas! Catch up later in the dorm?"

"of course"

she ran off to tell dorcas all about her summer and talk boys; which was never really my thing. Personally i dont understand relationships they seem pointless during adolescence afterall it's not like they're going to last forever in my opinion its really just an excuse for peopl to start having sex.
Unless your james; there is o denying that boy has it bad.

"that emmaline is looking good this year"

"dude cant you keep it in your pants for one night"

"i was thinking more of tomorrow nights endeavor this night is specially reserved for the marauders reunion."

"Sirius you live with me and james and those two were over the house three days ago"

"your point being"

"it's not like we've spent all summer apart loser."

Sirius ruffled myt hair with a huge grin his face "bros before hoes kiddo"

"true..wait! you do realise i'm a girl right"

"yeah but your more of a bro and you know it"


im not entirely sure why but i felt a sharp pain in my heart when he called me 'bro' something about it just irked me. it could be bcause i am not in fact of the male anatomy then again it has never bothered me before and i've always joined them in the boys dorm on the first night back.

"still though emma looks extremely shag worthy"

"your a pig"

He grinned his trademark grin"oh i love it when you talk dirty"

that smile could melt hearts; it certainly seduced the others girls in our year but it has never worked on any slef respecting gryffindor girl that knows him personally.
so really just me and lily and emmaline but clearly she's his next target

and admittedly it pisses me off. ugh i'm blaming teenage hormones. 

"i'm going to go find lily"

"tell her i love her!"

"tell her yourself james"

"but i've already been slapped today!"

"consider it tough love"

the halarity of it is that it's true; as many times as james has told my dearest friend he loves her she has slapped him right in the face 

My head is pounding and a strong arm has me wrapped in an inescapable choke hold; but i cant say it isnt nice.

He is so warm and innocent looking when he sleeps, before i can stop myself i push lock of his hair behind his ear.
I have got to get out of here; clearly i'm delerious.

"Sirius you are smothering me"

he grunted in return still not letting go "seriously dude get off"

he didn't move but i swear i saw a small smirk cross his lips when i said 'seriously' even in his sleep he acknowledges that stupid pun.
i squirmed and wrigled trying to get out his arms only succeeding in falling on the floor-CRASH

james popped right up at the noise and immediately laughed at me 

"nice going dren!"

"shut up james i have such a headache"

"no baby sister you have hangover; you drank like a fish last night"

"you are only three days older then me"

"three days is three days"

"you are never going to let that go"


its way to early for this and i can not find the hangover potion in james' trunk maybe its in sirius'. 

robes. jeans. books. comics. zonkos merch; oh yum candy, im so keeping that. 
plans for pranks; the map of the school.

oh merlin i found his porn "ew"
and yet still no potion.

"james where is the potion!"

"uhh check sirius' trunk"

"it's not there"

he poked his head out of the bathroom
" did you check hidden pocket on the inside rim of the lid?"

"theres a hidden pocket?"
i felt around the trunks open top and i still didnt find the potion but what i did find is every letter i've ever written sirius since we were kids in a neat bundle held together by a a silk red ribbon.

"it's not in there dren."
sirius was awake and pulling something out of his bedside table; the hangover potion. quite a few actually.

"sorry about that"

"no worries..uh could you put those back"

i was still holding the bundle "why do you still have these?"

he just shrugged and handed me two viles; one for me and one for lily. as angry as she gets about these parties there is no doubt she'll have a hangover. curse of the light weight. 
i left the letters in his trunk an wondered why he would keep them; them again i mention a lot of good memories in them. 

i bounded down the stairs and hopped down the last two steps. big mistake i stumbled and ran right into Alex. 

"first night and already sneaking out of the boys dorm eh."

"who said i was sneaking Wood?"

"well unless im mistaken you're a girl and that was the way to my dorms."

"i spent the night with my brother and our friends is all"

"Potters sister right?"

i nodded. "thats right now if you excuse me i really dont wanna miss breakfeast sooo-"

"right, see ya around i hope"

i turned halfway up the stairs to my dorm and saw him smiling after me. Alex wood, 7th year quidditch captain and very attractive. he could be fun but if ended badly it could affect james' position on the team which makes Alex off limits and all the more tempting.

when i opened the door to to the 6th year girls dormitory i saw that Emmaline and Dorcas were already gone and Lily was talking to Krista; she's a right cow that one is.

i gladly interupted their conversation by plopping myself on lily's already made bed as she did her make-up. Krista took her leave; that woman has hated me since hera Sirius hooked up last year. 

apparently its my fault sirius thought she was a lousy lay; then again i didnt object to him dumping her.
okay okay it was my idea.

"hey lily who's your bestest friend in the whole wide world"

"please tell me you have it"

"oh well i dont know this little thing is said to be against the rules. and i know how you feel about rules"

clearly her head was killing her "dren."

"oh fine here you go" i tossed the potion to her and downed mine. they tweaked it a bit it tastes so much better then last year.

i went over to much trunk and grabbed a pair of jeans and my favorite Beatles t-shirt; after all it is sunday but i had a little trouble finding my shamppo and conditioner

what i did find was the bundle of letters i kept at the bottom of my trunk tied up in a black ribbon. 

every letter sirius has ever given me.


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my brothers bestfriend: Return


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