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Half and Half by K_Bear
Chapter 17 : Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun
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James POV:

I walked into my dormitory, sopping wet with a stinging cheek. Man, I know Beth said she went easy on me but it freaking hurts. Adam came out of the bathroom in some boxers, took one look at me, and burst into laughter.

"Decided to take a Sunday morning dip into the lake?” He rubbed his wet hair with a towel. “Cute nickers. Mind if I borrow them sometime?”

I grabbed a pillow and threw it at his head. He dodged, still laughing. Wanker. We were the only two in the dorm room. Everyone else was still down at breakfast.

I couldn’t help but smile to myself. Beth had pulled a prank on me. The world must be turning upside down, hell must be freezing over, Peeves and Filch much be doing the waltz on the second floor because all of those seem more likely than Bethany Heart pulling a prank on someone. And it was a bloody good one too! I totally wouldn’t have figured out who it was if she hadn’t looked so guilty.

After three weeks of torment, Beth finally forgave me. At least, I think she forgave me. True, she did slap me for throwing her in the lake, but she kissed me first. And Merlin’s beard what a kiss. Does this mean I can start dating her again?

I mean, she’s got to have cared about me these past few weeks. Otherwise she wouldn’t have pretended to be Rebecca. That also surprised me. That was quite a Slytherin move for a Hufflepuff- but that’s just Beth. When I think I have her figured out she does something or says something and I’m lost again.

Take today for instance. The girl who I thought was fearless was actually scared. She grabbed onto me so tight I thought I was going to pass out due to lack of oxygen. She acted like a little kid who was had just woken up from a nightmare or something. And right after I act like a gentleman and take her to safety, she slaps me! Love you too, brat.

Whoa, did I just use the L-word with Beth? Did I seriously just say that I loved her? Well, she already used the L-word with me. Yes, she had just punched me in the face and we were breaking up, but she said it! It counts!

"You okay there mate?” Adam grinned, pulling a shirt over his head. “Why do you have a such a serious look on your face?”

I shrugged, “Just thinking about how we should let your sister off the hook.” I said conversationally. I didn’t even look at him as I said it; I kept staring at the same spot on the wall.

Adam stilled, but he recovered and plastered a smile onto his face. “Are you sure that’s such a good idea? I mean she still hates you.”

"No she doesn’t.” I said, still not looking at him.

Adam pulled on a pair of trousers. “Why do you say that?”

"Because we just kissed.” I said it casually, as if we were discussing the weather.

"Y-you what? How-“

"Adam.” I cut him off. I turned to look him in the eyes. “It’s time to tell Beth the truth about why I broke up with her.”

"So go tell her-“

"No.” I interrupted again, “It needs to come from you. You owe me this.” I turned my body to face him head on. “You’ve been a huge dick to me this entire time. You don’t even treat me like your mate anymore! I’ll admit my intentions at the start of this weren’t noble. And yes, with my track record you had every right to be wary of me. But even after my intentions changed, and I genuinely began to care for your sister, you still treated me like something you scraped off the bottom of your shoe! I put up with it because you’re one of my best mates, but I won’t anymore.” I stood, seething in anger.

Adam hung his head. “I know man, I’m sorry.” He looked back up at me. “It’s just, she’s my baby sister. I’m supposed to protect her from getting her heart broken.” He shrugged. “I guess I just saw how you used to torture her, and assumed you would keep doing it. She’s liked you ever since third year, you know that?”

I nodded, “So I’ve been told.”

Adam ran a hand through his hair. “I’m so sorry mate.” He opened up his arms. “Is there anyway you can forgive me?”

I let out bark of laughter. “What is this? One of those muggle reality shows? Of course I forgive you, ya poof!” I gave him a hug, a manly one… for men.

I gave him a clap on the shoulder and he nodded solemnly. “I suppose I should go tell Beth now.” He began to walk towards the door, but stopped with his hand on the handle. “If I don’t come back within an hour, can you send someone to look for me?” It was meant to be a joke, but there was some seriousness hidden under his playful tone.

I nodded, “Of course.” Poor bastard. I know I said I wanted him to tell her because he owed me… but the truth was I didn’t want to face Beth’s wrath.


Beth’s POV:

Thanks to James’ pratty move of throwing me in the lake, I had to take another shower. Does he not realize how much of a hassle that is? I mean, first I have turn it on, then I have to get undressed, then I have to shampoo and condition, then I need dry myself off and get dressed again. The whole process is just exhausting.

I was trying to tame my hair when one of the girls in my dormitory walked up to me. I think her name is Karyn? No… Katie? Kar- … Kat-… Kyr-… You know what, I’ll just call her bimbo one.

"So, we were all wondering if you and James are, like, a thing again.” She said in an obnoxious nasally voice. She flipped her long blond hair over her shoulder and gave me a barely interested look. Boo you whore.

"Um, I’m not sure-“

"Well, if you were,” she cut across, “you’d be the only one in this entire school to have dated him twice, and that earns you some props.” She glanced over her nails.

"Oh… thanks?”

"You know,” She continued as if I hadn’t said anything. “None of us here really thought you were anything special.” She jerked her head back to the other girls behind her, all with the same bored expression. Let’s call them Bimbo’s two, three, and four. “But you must be somewhat interesting if James is this into you.”

I wrinkled my nose. They obviously thought they were doing me a favor by talking to little ol’ me. “Great. Now if you will excuse me I have other things to do.” I pushed passed them to the door of our room. Only when I opened it and took a step out, I ran into something incredibly hard.

"Ouch! Damn it, Adam!” I screamed at my brother.

Bimbo’s one, two, three, and four were suddenly behind me, flipping their hair and looking like idiots.

"Well,” Bimbo one said, flashing Adam a painfully white smile. “I don’t think any of us expected to see you here, Adam.”

Adam grinned uncomfortably. “Yeah, sorry to just drop in Tessa.”

I snapped my fingers. “Tessa! I knew it didn’t start with a K.” I turned around and gave Tessa a once over. “I still like Bimbo one better.”

Bimbo one scoffed and shoved passed me. She stomped down the hall with the other three bimbos trailing after her.

Adam grinned, “Bimbo one?”

I shrugged, “I’m bad with names.” I opened up the door wider so my big brother could come in.

He tentatively took a few steps in, constantly turning his head to look at me.

I grinned, “What’s wrong?” I closed the door and he jumped.

"I… I have to tell you something.” He sounded serious, so I approached him carefully, not wanting to upset him. He sat down on my bed.

"Okay,” I sat down next to him. “I kind of figured this day would come.” I put an arm around his shoulder. “I will love the baby no matter who the mother is… unless it’s the bimbo or any of her posse.”

"What?” Adam spluttered. “I did not get a girl pregnant!”

"Oh!” I placed a hand on over my heart. “Okay, good. So, what else is wrong?”

Adam sat stalk still for a few minutes before standing up again. “Well, good talk.”

"Adam,” I grabbed his hand, “Come on talk to me. You supported me when James broke up with me. The least I can do is support you when you’re going through something.”

Adam seemed to blanch as he pulled his hand from my grasp and ran it through his hair. “But that’s the thing Beth! You see… I kind of had something to do with your break up.”

I stilled, remembering what James had said a few days previous. “Because I shouldn’t be the one to tell her this, her brother should.”

So it was Adam who had played a hand in our break up. I plastered a grin onto my face, “Go on then.” I tried to sound encouraging.

Adam took a deep breath, squeezed his eyes shut, and spoke in one quick breath. “IkindaforcedJamestobreakupwithyouanddateRebecca.”

My smile became a hallow shell, devoid of the emotion that once supported it. “Excuse me?”

Adam gave a heavy sight, “I’m sorry. I was trying to protect you! I watched him hurt you for three years and I was afraid he would do the same thing again. So, I told him to break up with you and date Rebecca. I said if he could do that and still like you, that I would let him date you.”

I gave a heavy sigh of my own and stood up. “Adam,” I placed a hand on his shoulder and he flinched. Yeah, you better be scared. “I appreciate you watching over me. I get that you want to keep me safe from heartbreak, but you can’t decide who I date and for how long. That’s something for me to decide, understand?”

Adam nodded, looking relieved. “Yeah, I get it. Thanks for being so cool about this, Beth.”

I shook my head, grinning. “Oh no I’m not.”

Adam’s relieved smile faltered, “What?”

I patted him on the shoulder. “Run, bitch.”


Erik’s POV:

I was enjoying a delightful Sunday morning stroll when I saw my twin brother turn the corner, running full speed. Before I could question the bizarre scene, I saw my little sister, Beth, chasing after him- hair flying, teeth bared, eyes ablaze with fury. Yep, now I get it.

I promptly turned on my toes and began to walk the opposite direction, hoping Adam hadn’t noticed me. Alas, Merlin did not pitty me as Adam grabbed onto my sweater back, turned me around and used me as a shield. 

I huffed exasperatedly and braced myself for Beths’ attack. Sure enough, Beth attacked me with all the force a one hundered and twenty pound sixteen year old ex-hockey player could muster. It was shocking how much force that was.

I fell back onto Adam, who braced me and kept me standing. It sounds kind, but really he was just keeping his precious shield up. I managed to gain my composure again and was able to pull Beth off of me. She was screaming and trying her very best to get to Adam, who quaked in fear behind me.

I held her out at arms length. “Beth, Beth, calm down,” I instructed.

She shoved my arms off of her. “Did you know about his insane plan?”

I winced. “Kind of.”

She shoved her crazy hair out of her face. “Why didn’t you do anything?” She growled.

I shrugged. “You know how Adam gets when things don’t go his way. He would have been much harder to handle if we didn’t go along with his ludicrous plan.” I pointed to my incredibly brave counterpart behind me. “But now that he’s learned a lesson, he’ll be way better and actually support you and James.”

At the mere mention of James’ name Beth morphed from raging monster to fragile china doll. She straightened up, clapping both hands on her cheeks, eyes wide in realization. “James!” she gasped. “I had completely forgotten! I need to go apologize.”

And without another word she rushed passed us to the Gryffindor common room, no doubt to confront James about Adam’s confession.

My sad excuse for a Gryffindor brother stood up and clapped me on the back. “Thanks for that bro. I thought I was a goner.”

I held out my palm. “Hand over your man card.”

"What?” Adam spluttered.

"Any guy who looks that scared when running away from a tiny sixteen year old girl doesn’t deserve a man card,” I said seriously.

"Any sane boy who’s aware of Bethany Heart’s strength would run from her!” Adam bit back.

I looked at the spot where Beth had just been and back to my brother. “Really? Because I’m a sane boy and I just confronted a furious Beth head on and didn’t run away screaming like a girl.” I let the smallest of smirks slip onto my face.

Adam glared at me in response. “Shut up.”

BAM! An update within what... two weeks? I'll try to make the next one just as fast (if not faster).

Quick Note: That other story that I was writing is up now! It's called The Silver Lining and you should def. go check it out! Like... right now. Seriously what are you doing still reading this? juuust kidding. ;)

So what did you guys think of this chapter? Beth knows everything now! Do you think her and James are definitely getting back together? Do you think it'll be smooth sailing from here on out? Let me know in the comment box (it could use some love).

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