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Karma by Aitchy
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10: Detentions, siblings and tears.
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Disclaimer: I'm still not JK Rowling... :( 


"Whoever's responsible for this had better own up now, the longer you stay quiet the more detentions you'll receive." McGonagall told us in a deadly calm tone as we all stood in our transfiguration classroom laughing loudly. All thanks to my brilliant artwork.

The whole room (including desks, chairs and windows) had huge neon paint splurges splattered everywhere. I had colour co-ordinated the desks and chairs to be patterned in order (red, blue, green, orange, pink, yellow, purple, red, blue… You get the picture). The walls and floors were decorated in the different coloured neon paint splurges. I thought it gave the room a bright friendly feel.

Clearly McGonagall disagreed.

"You have five seconds or the whole class is in a months worth of detention." McGonagall then said, the murmurs replaced the laughter immediately.

I rolled my eyes and shot a quick smirk at Sirius as I stepped forwards. "It was me." I announced, attempting to look sheepish. I don't think it worked…

"Care to explain why you felt the need to redecorate the classroom?" McGonagall asked icily.

I hid a smirk and pointed at Sirius. "Dare." I stated bluntly, feeling Sirius glare at the back of my head.

Sirius stepped up alongside me. "I hate you Willow." He muttered to me, but was smiling all the same.

"Nah, you don't." I muttered back, grinning inwardly.

Whilst Sirius had walked up, McGonagall had waved her wand at the classroom and made my wonderful masterpiece disappear. As sad as this was, I had to use it to my advantage.

"So, now it's gone, there's no harm done right?" I asked hopefully.

"You still have detention." I scowled at the ground and heard Sirius snigger next to me. "Both of you." McGonagall added sternly. "Everyone, take your seats!" She then said to the class, causing everyone to scurry to their seats except me and Sirius who took our and muttered foul curses under our breath.


"That was brilliant Willow!" James chortled as we left the classroom.

"It was certainly unexpected." Lily added, smiling.

"Willow's not exactly the most predictable person." Remus said, laughing.

"Why thank you!" I beamed, taking a mock bow.


"Did you see McGonagall's face? Hilarious!"

"You deserve the detention though." Guess who that was from?

"Lily! You're supposed to stick up for me and curse about how unfair McGonagall's being!" I exclaimed, outraged.

"It's true!"

"Sirius dared me to." When Lily claims you deserve a detention, the best way to deal with it is simple. Blame it on Sirius.


"What? It's true." I turned around to Sirius and grinned, walking backwards along the corridor.

"It's not my fault, I didn't dare you to paint it just to prank it."

"Couldn't you expect something like that?"

"No, you're not a normal person."

"Ew, normal."

"I said you weren't!"

"I know! If you did call me that you'd be in a hell of a lot of trouble."

"Calling you normal?"


"You are kinda normal though…"

I stopped walking and waited until Sirius was alongside me and jumped on his back, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck. "Take it back."

"Struggling to breath here!" He gasped as I continued to strangle him.

"That's the point."

"Ok! You're definitely not normal!" I loosed my grip but remained on his back, forcing him to give me a piggy-back up to the common room.



"That was dull." I commented lightly as Sirius and I left the potions room after spending two hours cleaning filthily, grimy, manly cauldrons. Just for some paint that was removed in five seconds! How unfair is that? And we have the joy of doing the exact same thing tomorrow.


"Slight understatement." Sirius replied, grinning at me.

"Ok, that was unbelievably and exceptionally boring there is no way I'll willingly do that again." I glanced over at Sirius. "Better?"

"Mildly offensive, did my amazing presence not improve it all?" He winked at me and laughed as a faint blush rose in my cheeks.

"Very debatable." I replied, shooting a wink back at him. Similarly to me, a faint blush also rose to his cheeks. Huh…

"Well considering how we're almost in the common room and they'll probably slaughter us brutally if we return 'debating'."

"True, although Lily will probably kill us if we complain about the detention as well…"

"Nah, she'll drag us down to the detention tomorrow after suspicions we'll skive it."

"Us? Skive detentions? Never!" Not strictly true… We've skipped quite a few, out of boredom.

"Of course not!"

"Anyway, she'll drag us down there after one bad word about it. For some reason she thinks we deserve it!"

"I doubt it would be after one complaint."

"If she does, you have to announce how I am soooooo awesome the next day at breakfast." I challenged him, stopping, folding my arms and trying to keep a straight face.

"If she doesn't, you have to do the same to me." He replied, not even bothering to try not to smile.

"Deal." I held out my hand and he shook it, sealing our little bet.


"You have another detention tonight don't you?" Lily asked curiously, as both me and Sirius hadn't moved despite it being 7:50 and our detention at 8:00. We're lazy alright?

"Urgh, sadly yes. It's dull." I muttered, trying to look at Sirius. If I did, we'd both start laughing suspiciously.

"Come on, I'm taking you down." She demanded, standing up and staring at us with her hands on her hips. James, who was sat next to her, grinned at the event beginning to unfold. When neither of us moved, I was too busy smirking victoriously at Sirius, Lily walked over and grabbed me by the arm and pulled my upright before smiling sweetly at James. "James? Drag Sirius to his detention?"

Being exceptionally lazy, we had quidditch practice earlier in the evening, both Sirius and I allowed Lily and James to march us down to the potions room. Once outside, when they let go, I cheered loudly. "HELL YEAH!"

"What?" Lily asked, looking very confused at my little victory dance and Sirius' glare.

"We made a bet." I told her smugly. "If you forced us down to detention I won."

"Won what?" Both James and Lily chimed suspiciously.

"You'll see tomorrow." I winked at them. "Won't they Sirius?"

"I hate you." Was his response.

"That's something Willow would say." James commented, smirking.

"Yeah, you've hung out with each other a lot recently." Lily added, an alarming evil smirk appearing on her face.

"It's cause he finally knows how awesome I really am." I replied, sniggering.

"Or it's because Padfoot likes you." James mumbled, waving brightly as they left. Aw, they looked adorable together.

I glanced curiously at Sirius, who was quite red. "Sirius? What was James on about?"

Sirius paused, contemplating his answer. "Nothing." He replied, shaking his head dismissively.

I frowned at him, trying to work out what James meant. I also dismissed it and followed him into the potions room where we had to spend another two joyful hours cleaning. "Great…" I said sarcastically.

"It is actually." Sirius said, chuckling. His blush had practically faded now.

"How?" I demanded, staring at him.

"No one collected our wands." My eyes widened in realisation and I laughed in delight.

"Excellent!" I turned towards the filthy cauldrons in front of us and waved my wand. The cauldrons were suddenly shiny and clean. I love magic. "Let's go!"

We turned and left the potions room and started aimlessly wander the corridors, knowing we can't return to the common room without being killed by Lily. She never sympathises with us on our detentions… "Hey Willow?" Sirius asked hesitantly, interrupting my thoughts on how funny it would be if Lily got a detention.


"Are you going to the Winter Dance?"

I sighed. "No."

"Why not? I heard Lily saying loads of people asked you." He asked incredulously.


I smiled slightly. "Four people have, I've said no to all four."

"Why? Saving it for someone special?"

"Because I'm not going, it's the day before my parents hearing."

He stopped walking and turned to me. "Then you'll need something to take your mind off it, instead of sitting in the common room alone and upsetting yourself." He said gently.

"I dunno… Anyway, its next week. Everyone's got dates."

"Go with me?" He asked suddenly, smiling hopefully.

I stared at him in surprise. "Huh? Aren't you going with the slutty Slytherin?"

He flushed. "Um, I dumped her last week."


"I can pull off going stag." He smirked at me sarcastically. "Willow, will you go to the Winter Dance with me?" He asked cheesily, but a hint of hopefulness was masked in his voice.

"Fine, but I won't exactly be in a good mood." I warned, grinning.

"I can change that." He winked suggestively at me, but laughed when I hit him around the head.

"Idiot." I told him, giggling.

"I'm flattered." I shook my head at him, trying not to grin too obviously. Glancing sideways through my hair, I saw Sirius was also looking very cheerful. So, James makes some sort of comment about Sirius 'liking' me and Sirius goes bright red, he then asks me to the Winter Dance? Maybe he actually does like me like that… I should say something, shouldn't I?

"A sickle for your thought?" Sirius asked, interrupting my thoughts.

"I was just wondering… Why did you ask me to the dance?"

"What do you mean?" He asked hurriedly.

"Well, James made that comment about you liking me and…." I trailed off, realising how stupid I sounded.

"You heard that?" I saw him grimace out of the corner of my eye and blushed.


"Well isn't this cute?" Someone drawled entering the corridor we were stood in. Both Sirius and I scowled as Regulus approached us.

"What do you want?" I demanded angrily.

"To give you two an offer." He smirked at the surprise on our faces. "You're both strong fighters, the Dark Lord has recognised that."

"That's kind of him." Sirius replied mockingly.

"I'm mildly offended." James' voice rang through the corridor as he and Lily both joined us. "I'm clearly better than Sirius."

"Actually, he's recognised it in you two as well." Regulus' lip curled up. "He wants you to join us."

"Not happening." Sirius and James retorted and Lily watched on in shock.

I laughed humourlessly. "I'd rather die."

"He'd easily arrange that." Regulus stepped up close to me so the others couldn't hear, next to me Sirius stiffened. "Actually, he tried to." He murmured in my ear. "But just ended up killing your parents."

I froze. "What?"

"Does it still traumatise you? The worst day of your life? It was their fault you know, the Death Eaters only did what was necessary." He sneered, not stepping away.

"It… It wasn't an accident?" I paled, memories beginning to flood back from the day it happened. It was bad enough knowing, but knowing the were murdered? I don't think I could cope.

"Of course not. It was all set up, it all went according to plan. Well, except your survival." I inhaled quickly. "Oh yes, you were targeted as well." He smirked. "I know all the details, reading of your Nana Ella's will? You're parents were hesitant about it, it was a very wintery day but you persuaded them. You wanted it over as soon as possible. Do you feel guilty? They could be alive now, if you didn't make them travel. The brakes didn't work and you veered off into a lake? Of course the brakes didn't work, the wires were cut. You being able to wriggle out the car and surfacing in the lake, screaming for you parents, screaming for anyone. The cops not arriving until it's too late. I know it all." I started shaking badly, really badly. I hadn't even told Lily those details. The screams of when I was younger rang in my ears, my lungs aching slightly from the memory of almost drowning. Wishing I did after I learnt my parents fate. No one except me and Regulus were moving. Regulus had stepped back and was watching me satisfactorily as I shook.

"Stay away from me." I told him calmly, too calmly. Inside I was screaming, my heart being torn out from me again. Regulus' smirk only grew, and I ran.


"WILLOW!" I vaguely heard a voice call my name again. They'd called loads of times, why didn't they leave me be? "WILLOW!" The voice came again, closer this time. "WILLOW! WI- Oh god Willow." The voice suddenly rushed forwards and I felt arms cradle me, gently rocking me backwards and forwards. After a few minutes the person pushed me away from them and lifted my head up to meet theirs. Blinking a few times, James' concerned face swam into view still slightly blurry from tears. "You need to find Sirius. He's already beaten Regulus to a bloody pulp and is now punching walls."

I stood up slowly and stared at James. "Where is he?" I choked out.

"Um, hang on." James pulled out a piece of parchment and tapped his wand on it. "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good." I was to upset and tired to be awed by the swirling lines of the castle forming. "There he is, third floor corridor."

I nodded and ran out of the astronomy tower, finding comfort in it from the other night. Once I'd managed to reach the third floor corridor I skidded to a stop and looked around. "Sirius?" I called quietly, my voice hoarse from the sobbing.

"I'm here." His voice said quietly behind me, I twisted around and was right up close to him. Looking up, I saw he was as pale as I was and he had a cuts on his cheekbone and lip.

"What happened?" I asked him, reaching up and tracing his cut on his cheekbone. He shivered slightly at my touch and I pulled my hand back. "Sorry." I muttered.

"Don't be. And I could ask you the same question." He replied, his voice still quiet. When I lowered my head, my eyes welling up, he spoke again. "But I won't, your clearly not in the mood to talk about it." I nodded slightly, not trusting my voice to speak. Sirius, noticing this, pulled me into a hug. "Shh Willow, it'll be ok."

"How?" I whispered, my voice barely heard.

Sirius looked at me and tilted my head up to meet his, before lowering his head and presses his lips gently against mine. When he drew away he smiled at me faintly. "Because I'm here for you."


A/N Better? Much quicker update ^_^ (Consider I was writing the majority of it in school and had the part with Regulus already written out...)

Anyway, I think that was actually a shorter chapter but it's got a lot more stuff in it! And they kissed!! I decided not to be evil and drag the whole do-I-say-anything-or-not thing out, because I'm just nice like that.

Also (this is a long A/N), for some reason I can't answer my reviews, which I think I've mentioned somewhere before. But I have read them! I check them every couple of days and read them all, so thank you to dontdiscrimate, mischeif manage, sorcha, -BookDinosaur~ and Durmah for the reviews!

Even though I can't respond to the reviews, they still make me happy so please review!


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