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A Broken Jigsaw by Yayy im a Hufflepuff
Chapter 12 : Breakfast with Weasley's, Lunch with Malfoy's
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Ginny woke up the next morning and poked her fiancé awake.

          “Harry get up,” Ginny murmured. Harry grunted in his sleep and rolled over. Ginny was still fairly angry from last night so she grabbed her wand and cast the levicorpus spell at the lazy man in bed next to her. Harry flew into the air suspended by his ankle and woke up with a jolt.

          “Ginny!” Harry yelled as he flailed for a few seconds. He did not have a wand so he could only hang there as his fiery red head knelt in front of him.

          “Harry,” Ginny smiled sweetly.

          “Will you let me down please, and when you’ve done so please explain to me why you’ve woken me up at… 7am on a Wednesday morning when you know I don’t have work,” Harry said just as sweetly. Ginny thought of the counter curse and Harry crashed onto the bed. Ginny then skipped out of the way and grabbed a set of robes from the few she had stored in Harry’s wardrobe.

          “I woke you up at 7am because I need to have an early morning chat with my dear family and I can catch them all at the burrow right about now, because Bill, Fleur and Charlie are home for 2 weeks, George and dad aren’t yet leaving for work until half 8 and Percy doesn’t count cause he’s useless,” Ginny called over her shoulder as she entered the adjoining bathroom. There was a few moments silence when suddenly Harry entered the bathroom.

          “Can I join you Mrs Potter-to-be?” Harry purred as he wrapped Ginny in his arms. Ginny grinned and pulled Harry with her.


An hour later Ginny was standing at the end of the long Weasley kitchen table and staring at her entire family, bar Ron.

          “Ginny why don’t you take a seat?” Mrs Weasley asked quietly.

          “I don't want to. We need to talk about Hermione,” Ginny said shortly. As she said it she saw a flicker of anger across her brother’s faces.

          “What about her?” George deadpanned. Ginny strode across the room and leaned her hands on the table directly opposite George and stared into his blue eyes.

          “How dare you! How dare you ask what about her like that?! This is the EXACT problem!” Ginny yelled.

          “What’s the problem?” Mr Weasley asked as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

          “You’ve all forgotten what Hermione did for us! You all believe Rita Skeeter’s lies about Hermione and who she is… Don’t deny it I can see it in all of your faces!” Ginny growled.

          “Ginny you eez goin to av to elaborate on what zee problem eez. Ve cannot read your mind,” Fleur chimed in as she stroked her pregnant belly.

          “The problem is. That Hermione lost her parents almost two weeks back, and yes she ran away from us, but we should have stood our ground and not let her go. Instead she ran to Draco-fucking-Malfoy. Yes he’s changed, but why is she running to former enemies for comfort when she practically has family in all of us! Hermione admitted to me last night about how she felt. Did you know after the war she was just as broken as all of us...?” Ginny growled, but she was interrupted by George.

          “I didn’t see her crying the days away! I didn’t hear Hermione screaming herself hoarse every single night! Hermione didn’t lose Fred like we did!” George yelled as he faced his sister.


Although his sister was a good foot shorter than her brother the look she was giving him was a scarily accurate imitation of his mother and he almost visibly cowered from his baby sister.

          “She didn’t let herself cry because she thought she still had her parents, she thought that they were still alive, she didn’t believe her loss was as great as everyone else’s and one more person crying would not have helped anyone. So she didn’t cry. You didn’t hear her screaming herself hoarse every night because she cast a fucking silencing spell on herself George! She was that determined to be everyone else’s rock that she silenced her pain. Did you forget that she was tortured by Bellatrix, did you forget that she saw Snape get murdered by Voldemort, did you forget everything that Hermione watched happen in the final battle. Not to mention whatever she faced when she was hunting horcruxes with Harry.” Ginny yelled then she dropped her voice to an almost dangerous whisper. “And Hermione didn’t lose Fred? You think she didn’t consider him a brother. Do you think she doesn’t consider all of us family? Don’t you dare think that! We are Hermione’s family. Regardless of blood, we, the Weasley’s, are Hermione Granger’s family. Don’t ever forget she was there for you George. She was your rock and she was leaning on absolutely nothing. She was supporting herself for you. FOR YOU!” Ginny spat. Her voice gaining in volume till she was practically screaming at her brother and very close to tears. Harry caught her arm and then pulled Ginny back against his chest. But Ginny wasn’t finished.


          “Don’t you ever forget what that girl has done for us, she’s broken and not a single one of you have sent her an owl. I think it’s high time we become the shoulders to lean on and so help me if you don’t I will hex every one of you!” Ginny growled then she turned and walked out of the Burrow, slamming the door behind her as she left her family to their thoughts.

          “Do you think that was necessary?” Harry murmured as he followed after her quickly.

          “Do not make me start on you Harry James Potter. It was perfectly necessary,” Ginny growled as she reached the apparition point and took Harry’s hand before apparating with him back to Grimmauld Place.





Hermione woke up lying in her own bed next to Draco, she didn’t even have that moment of confusion as to who was in her bed now, she knew who she would be waking up next to and it calmed her funnily enough. She slowly rested her right hand on the arm that was around her waist and for the first time since a month before she discovered her parents were dead, she cast a quick wandless spell over Draco to shift him into a deeper sleep long enough for her to get out of the bed. Then she slowly moved out from under his arm and rolled off the bed. Quietly she padded over to the wardrobe and withdrew a set of green robes and a tank top and light trousers. Then she took the necessary things for a shower into Draco’s room to get dressed.


Half an hour later Draco found Hermione in the kitchen side of his flat and he crept up behind her and pulled her against his chest as he wrapped his arm around her small waist.

          “Morning,” Draco whispered into her hair by her ear.

          “Morning Draco,” Hermione whispered before she turned around in his arms and looked up at him.

          “If you go out you may want to cast a concealment charm on this,” Draco muttered as he ducked his head to place a kiss on Hermione’s slender neck, right above the biggest red mark on her neck. Hermione jumped in his arms and he chuckled before bringing his hand to her chin. Only as he went to lower his lips to hers she pulled back and turned around, manoeuvring out of his embrace. Biting his lip to avoid making any sound Draco moved away and sat down on his sofa.

          “I’m going to the daily prophet. Breakfast’s on the table Draco,” Hermione murmured quietly. Draco didn’t react until he heard the pop of her apparition. Then he let out a hiss of breath and rested his head back against the sofa as he groaned. He should have known that yesterday was only a lapse in her judgment and a combination of alcohol plus a good date.

Hermione had apparated to phone box that was the visitor’s entrance to the ministry of magic completely unaware of Draco’s inner turmoil, and as she began to sink below the floor she tried not to think about the last time she had been in the phone box and heading to the ministry. As soon as the doors were open she marched off in the direction of the elevators and would have continued past if she hadn’t caught a picture of herself on the front of a daily prophet. She quickly glamour charmed herself to have blonde curly hair and walked over to the man selling them and bought one before sitting down on a bench.


Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy Dating?

By Rita Skeeter


A few days ago Hermione Granger was revealed to be the Wizarding world’s most deceiving witch with her hidden drinking habits and her overdose. There was also speculation over the fact she is living with Draco Malfoy, former death eater and quite possibly, his father’s biggest disappointment. I say disappointment because it has been revealed that rather than man up and take his father’s place as the head of his father’s company. Draco Malfoy has passed it over and for the time being is living solely off the Malfoy fortune. But not only has he passed over the late Lucius Malfoy’s company, he has also been spotted on a date with the muggleborn princess herself.


Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy were always at each other’s throats back at Hogwarts, it was a common fact. Draco Malfoy the Slytherin Prince and Hermione Granger the Gryffindor princess were school rivals, with Hermione coming just a couple of marks above Draco in every subject they had together. So our readers will ask, what on earth is Hermione doing in a stunning black strapless dress having dinner at an Italian restaurant with Draco Malfoy? And not only having dinner, but flirting and having a good time with him too.


I very much doubt that Draco’s mother, who will very soon no longer be a Malfoy, is happy with this amazing turn of events, and I doubt that the Weasley’s and her fellow muggleborns are entirely impressed with Hermione’s new dating habits. Only time will tell what happens with this unorthodox couple.


Hermione let out a laugh as she folded the paper. Skeeter hadn’t been able to get much on their actual date but as Hermione’s eyes fell on the photograph she couldn’t help but gasp a bit. The photo had been taken when Hermione had looked up at Draco and given him the shy smile before Draco took her hand, and played that moment over and over again. She almost didn’t recognise herself as she stared at the girl on the front page. She had thick sheets of black hair and the black of her dress made her cream skin almost glow, while Draco looked as handsomely sex god-like as he usually did. The article was for once, probably not that far off correct but if the article and pictures in her bag had anything to do with it Skeeter probably would not be writing for anywhere ever again. Folding the paper, she placed it back in her bag and made her way over to the elevators where she headed to the 5th floor for the Daily Prophet.


When she arrived there she saw people flitting between offices and paper practically everywhere and slowly she made her way through the people to an office that said “The Editor” in big bold writing. Remembering her manners as always, she knocked the door and waited to hear the word “enter” before she pushed open the door.

          “What do you want?” The person snapped as they hammered on a keyboard. Hermione cancelled her glamour charm and frowned at the bald man with the wiry glasses on his face.

          “I have an article for you.”

          “You know the drill, take it to next door for checking!” The man snapped.

          “I’m sorry Sir but I actually do not know the drill,” Hermione replied. She was trying to keep her temper in check but the man she was talking to was pushing it.

          “Sweet Merlin, Hermione Granger?” The man questioned as he looked up and froze. Hermione tried not to react at the mention of her last name but she still winced.

          “Yes Sir, but I would prefer it if you just call me Hermione,” Hermione grimaced.

          “Of course, now you say that you have an article for me?” The man questioned, all smiles now he realised who was in his office.

          “Yes, one I think you will take quite an interest in,” Hermione smirked. Then she withdrew the sheet of parchment she had written her article on and handed it across.


The editor took it greedily and started to read, as he was reading his grin slid into an expression of shock and when he finished he looked up at Hermione. His general facial expression was a polite one, but Hermione could see the greedy glint in his eye.

          “You’re telling me that Rita Skeeter is an animagus?” The man whispered. Hermione simple smiled. “You know I cannot print this without proof.”

          “And I have it,” Hermione replied as she took the photographs from her bag. “My dinner date with Draco Malfoy was a ruse to lure Rita Skeeter out in her animagus form. You will understand that I cannot divulge how I obtained the photographs of course but there is my proof,” Hermione smirked. The man then broke into the widest smile she’d seen on him since she’s stepped through the door.

          “You have just made my day, Rita Skeeter is making my life unbearable. I am the editor, yet she is slowly getting more and more of editor’s privileges such as the right to process certain articles. Which is why you’ve ended up in the paper twice without your permission,” The editor growled.

          “Well I’m happy to be of assistance,” Hermione smiled.

          “So name your sum,” The editor said in a very business-like voice.

          “I don’t need a sum. I just want Rita Skeeter to get what’s coming to her. As long as she gets what she deserves without disappearing off the face of the planet as a beetle, well I’ll be happy with that,” Hermione smiled as she rose to leave.

          “It shall be front page of tomorrow’s news I promise you this. And thank you Hermione,” The man smiled.

          “No thank you Mr…?”

          “Mr James.”

          “Thank you Mr James,” Hermione smiled as she shook his hand before turning around and walking out of the office.


Hermione arrived home  around fifteen minutes later and found a message from Draco on the kitchen table.




I’ve gone to meet Mother at The Three Broomsticks, if you get home and I’m not there come and meet me, my mother has been hounding me to bring you to meet her.




Hermione sighed as she read the letter but apparated to The Three Broomsticks and looked around. She couldn’t see the white blonde heads of Draco and his mother so she found Pansy.


          “Pansy!” Hermione grinned excitedly. Pansy turned around and gasped as she saw one of her best friends standing there grinning at her when not more than 3 weeks ago she had been a wreck.

          “Sweet Salazar Hermione you made me jump, how are you?” Pansy asked with a smile.

          “I am… I’m okay I think, I wouldn’t say I’m perfect, but Draco’s helping me I guess. I still have my moments,” Hermione smiled. Pansy swept her friend into a hug. “How’s the little one anyways?” Hermione asked when she pulled away from her friend and indicated her still flat stomach.

          “I have no idea. I know I only found out 2 weeks ago, but Blaise and I only stopped using contraception around a month before, turns out I’m actually 10 weeks. Somewhere along the way it didn’t work I’d assume,” Pansy sighed as he hand ghosted over her stomach.

          “And you’re not mad or anything?”

          “Well no, I mean if something had happened and we didn’t want it to I could understand but we’re both ecstatic. You should see Blaise when it comes to shopping with me. He somehow always drags me into the baby department and is showing me little baby boots and little baby things. He hopes for a girl, I want a boy,” Pansy grinned. Hermione laughed at the image of manly Blaise cooing over little baby shoes.

          “Draco left me a note to meet him and his mother here,” Hermione smiled when her laughter had died down.

          “They’re in a private room out back… And talking about the Dragon, did you happen to leave those marks on his neck Mi?” Pansy smirked as she led Hermione towards the back door. Hermione blushed and it didn’t escape Pansy’s notice. “I thought so,” Pansy snickered as she pushed the door open.


          “You found my note then,” Draco grinned as Hermione stepped through the door. Hermione found Draco with her eyes and nodded with a smile as he walked up to her and hugged her before offering her the other seat between himself and his mother. Hermione then noticed Narcissa Malfoy, who was sat there looking as regal and composed as ever dressed in robes of deep sapphire.

          “Mrs Malfoy,” Hermione smiled in greeting.

          “Hermione, please call me Narcissa, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m not long for being a Malfoy,” Narcissa smiled warmly. Hermione almost visibly relaxed as the woman smiled, then she took a seat and looked between Draco and Narcissa. It appeared that Draco had got his good looks from Narcissa, as the woman was a true beauty in every sense of the word and when she smiled she looked positively angelic. Lucius Malfoy wasn’t even half as good looking at Draco even if he had looked like his father when he was a boy.

          “So Mother, you wanted to call us both here, was there a reason?” Draco asked politely. Narcissa nodded as she raised a glass of water to her lips.

          “Carlos has proposed to me and as I am old, I do not wish to have a large wedding, maybe just a small thing with a few close friends and family,” Narcissa grinned proudly. Hermione dropped her eyes to the ring on Narcissa’s ring finger and noticed how beautiful it was. Made of a thin silver band that looked like two ropes intertwined with a simple sapphire stone set in the middle.

          “It’s beautiful,” Hermione whispered.

          “Thank you,” Narcissa grinned warmly.

          “Uhm Narcissa, I understand why Draco is here but I’m not sure why I’m here,” Hermione said hesitantly. Narcissa let out a light laugh as she looked between her son and the woman who was staying with him.

          “Hermione, my son was never too good with concealment spells or vanity spells for that matter,” Narcissa smiled as she indicated Draco’s neck where a particularly harsh red mark stood out. Hermione looked over at the man himself who looked outwardly cool and collected but Hermione could see the very slight embarrassed flush across his face.

          “Mother please,” Draco pleaded smoothly. Narcissa laughed as she took in the two blushing teenagers then she turned to Hermione.

          “Hermione, Draco may not have told you so I will tell you, and you are a bright girl so you’ve probably sussed him already. Draco here, has feelings for you, which means that I want to get to know you and I’m inviting you to my little wedding,” Narcissa smiled.

          “There’s no nee…” Hermione started but Narcissa cut her off.

          “Dear I have invited you, no arguments,” Narcissa repeated. Hermione nodded with a weak smile and Narcissa turned to Draco. “Draco, I’m inviting Karelia Zabini, her son and his wife, you of course and Hermione while Carlos is inviting a couple of friends. It shall be very small and shall happen in a few weeks. We were planning to hold it at Carlos’s manor. And Malfoy Manor is no longer home to me,” Narcissa explained. Draco nodded but leant forwards at the suddenness of the wedding.

          “Mother why are you getting married so soon?” Draco asked. Narcissa smiled as she rested her right hand on top of Draco’s.

          “Because it feels right, you know me well enough to know that Carlos could not force the date on me. Do not worry, I know I am making the right decision,” Narcissa smiled, but Hermione noticed something Draco didn’t as Narcissa moved her left hand under the table to surreptitiously rest on her lower stomach.


Lunch with Narcissa and Draco passed quickly and when Draco went to pay the bill Hermione turned to Narcissa.

          “Uhm Narcissa, forgive me for asking, but are you by any chance…” Hermione left the question in the air and Narcissa raised a delicate eyebrow at Hermione.

          “Pregnant?” Narcissa whispered. Hermione nodded and Narcissa inclined her head ever so slightly.

          “Why haven’t you told Draco?” Hermione asked.

          “I feel if he knew before the wedding then he may form a dislike of Carlos when there is in truth nothing to dislike,” Narcissa answered. “I beg of you not to say anything to Draco until I feel the need to tell him.” Hermione looked into the big baby blue eyes of Draco’s mother and nodded, she couldn’t say no to that woman even if she wanted to. Then Draco came back and offered a hand to first his mother, then Hermione.


          “Where to now Draco?” Hermione asked as she raised a hand to his neck and thought the concealment charm. Draco, who had felt the flutter of magic across his skin grabbed Hermione’s right hand.

          “Did you just?” Draco left the question open and Narcissa who came up next to Hermione nodded as she looked at Draco’s neck.

          “You can do wandless magic Hermione?” Narcissa asked almost in awe.

          “Um only minor things, it’s something I was working on before I found out about my parents,” Hermione answered shyly, finding the words left her throat easily as she felt Draco interlace their fingers.

          “Have I ever told you, you’re an amazing witch,” Draco murmured into Hermione’s ear as he brushed his lips across her cheek. Draco’s voice sent flutters through Hermione’s stomach and she could almost feel an electric tingle across her cheek from where Draco had kissed her. Then she took note of Narcissa who was standing a mere few feet away and watching the pair with a smile, and she blushed deeply. Narcissa and Draco chuckled at this, as Draco moved away without letting go of her hand, and opened the door.

          “I was about to head to the ministry, I’ve got a meeting with the head of the law enforcement department to talk about becoming a lawyer,” Draco spoke up as they headed through the main area to the door, waving at Pansy as they passed.

          “You want to become a lawyer?” Hermione asked slightly shocked.

          “Yeah, but not just a magical one, a muggle one too. I haven’t taken you outside of my flat but it’s actually a muggle building, hence why, it’s fitted with electricity,” Draco smiled as they headed in the direction of an apparition point.

          “Do you plan to take me outside your flat?” Hermione asked with a smile as she nudged Draco. Draco looked down at the small witch as he stood his ground. With a grin he pulled her to a stop and placed his hands on her shoulders as he turned her to look at him.

          “Did you want to?” Draco then asked.

          “Maybe you could take me for a muggle ice cream and a walk?” Hermione suggested with a coy smile.

          “Your wish is my command,” Draco grinned as he offered his hand again. Hermione took it with a smile only to poke him in the side with her wand and run up to Narcissa leaving Draco to chase her after a ticklish yell.


Authors Note


Sorry for the wait guys, I had a few internet problems and I wasn’t happy with the way I wrote the chapter the first time round, so after the changes I hope you enjoy it, there’s a lot going on in this chapter I think. Let me know what you think in a review?? I’ll try and get the chapters up quicker from now.


~ eden xx

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