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I love you, Mum by erinn1197
Chapter 14 : Chapter 13
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 “Nikkole, get up.” Lily said, shaking me. “We got to get to the Burrow.”

I rubbed my eyes, stretched, and looked around. Lily held Tyler in her arms, dressed and ready to go. His diaper bag sat on the floor at her feet. I moaned and rolled out of bed.

“Give me five minutes.” I said.

Lily took Tyler downstairs so I could dress. I put on a pair of skinny jeans that had the rips in them, a green v-neck long sleeve shirt, and a pair of dark brown calf boots. I put a spell on my hair to get rid of the frizz. Doing a once over in the mirror, I made my way down to the kitchen. When Tyler saw me, he reached for me from his high chair.

“Merry Christmas baby!” I said, kissing him on the forehead. “Are you excited to see what Santa brought you?”

Tyler giggled and planted a huge, sloppy kiss on my cheek. I smiled and ruffled his hair.

“Morning.” James said from behind me.

I spun around to face him. He was dressed in jeans and a simple flannel shirt. It actually looked…looked very nice on him.

“Hey.” I said. “Merry Christmas. Tyler, you gonna say Merry Christmas to Daddy?”

Tyler reached out for James which made my heart jump a little. This is good, this is very good. He’s learning who his daddy is.

“Hey sport.” James smiled. “Merry Christmas kiddo.”

Tyler smiled at him and snuggled into his shoulder. Aww, that was so freaking precious. I need a camera. I grabbed Ginny’s camera off the kitchen table and snapped and unknown shot of the two boys. James blinked a bit, seeming fazed.

“Couldn’t help it.” I smirked. “It was so precious.”

James smiled at me but it didn’t hold for long.

“Jamie!” Alexia squealed.

James looked from her to me and then to Tyler, unsure of what to do. I turned my attention to Lily, pretending to be interested in her scarf.

“Get rid of that…that baby and give me my Christmas kiss.” Alexia demanded, sneering at the word baby. “Come on, get rid of it.”

That was it. This bitch has been pushing my buttons way to long. She finally broke the ice by insulting my child. I turned away from Lily and walked up to her.

I raised my hand up and put all my force in slapping her git-like face.

Alexia’s hand flew up to her cheek and she stared at me in utter shock.

“You bitch!” She yelled. “You stupid little bitch!”

Now, I expected her to start cussing at me but this wasn’t going to go down in front of Tyler.

“Why don’t we continue this away from the children?” I said, heading upstairs.

Alexia followed me, fuming. Good. Bitch should’ve known this would have happened sooner or later. I walked into Lily’s room and shut the door behind me.

“You stupid little whore!” She yelled. “You think you’re so great because you had a kid with James. It doesn’t! It just makes you a whore. You don’t even deserve James.”

“Oh, and you do? You’re nothing but a gold digging whore and a bitch. You deserve what you have coming for you.” I snarled. “I’m used to people judging me for being a teen mum. But if you ever insult my son again, you better be expecting a trip to St. Mungo.”

I opened the bedroom door and headed back down to the kitchen. I took Tyler from James’s arms and put on a fake smile for everyone.

“Well, are we ready?” I asked.


Once we were at the Burrow, I kept my distance from James. I gave Dom and Roxie the details of the blow out Alexia and I had. They spent the rest of the day sending glares to her.

“Supper time!” Molly Weasley called from the kitchen.

Everyone ran, literally, towards the kitchen to grab some food before it was gone. I laughed. This family loved their food. I left Tyler playing with some toys to go make us a plate. I filled my plate up with Christmas ham, two rolls, corn, green beans, and some mac and cheese for Tyler. I took the plate back out to the family room and sat it on the coffee table.

“Tyler baby.” I said. “Come have some supper so we can open presents soon.

“Presents!” Tyler squealed.

He slowly teetered over to me and plopped himself on the floor next to me. I laughed. He was just so precious. I handed him one of the rolls and let him tear at it while I began on eating some ham.

James came over and took a seat on the other side of Tyler.

“Hey kiddo.” He said. “I came to share supper but it looks like your mum already got that covered.”

Aww, how sweet. I was proud of James. He was trying really hard to be a good daddy to Tyler.

Tyler, Mummy thinks your daddy will be a great Daddy.


Author’s note: I know, it’s really short. I have a valid excuse though. I lost the notebook that had this all pre-written. But…I’m back! Nikkole, Tyler and I are glad to be back : D

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Erinn : )

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I love you, Mum: Chapter 13


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