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A Bump In The Night by prettywishes
Chapter 17 : Late Night Rushing
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 Lily was not normally the type of person who rushed, and she found herself tripping many times as she scrambled her way up the stairs towards the Great Hall. She knew that Scorpius had wanted to be the one to come and help her find the murderer as he wanted his name cleared, but Lily knew that she needed Lorcan on her side if she wanted to get anything achieved. Lorcan had read more murder mystery’s than anyone else she knew, if anyone was going to be her sidekick it had to be her.

But when Lily reached the Great Hall she realized that the doors had been sealed and there was no way that she was getting in or that Lorcan was getting out. Biting down on her lip she resisted the urge to bang her fits on the door and demand to be let in, knowing that it wouldn’t get her anywhere. Lorcan wasn’t there to be her partner and there was no way that Scorp was going to be let out of the Slytherin common room which meant that she was going to have to solve this all by herself.

“If I were a murderer where would I be?” Lily muttered under her breath, making her way away from the Great Hall and towards the staircases. She figured that whoever it was had to be staying clear of the Aurror’s, which meant they were probably somewhere on the higher floors staying in the shadows. It couldn’t be that hard to find them when most of the school was hidden away on the lower floors.

Suddenly she realized that she was being incredibly stupid; there was no need to go hunting around in the dark for the murderer when she had the Marauders Map. Lily had nicked it off James ages ago and she knew that as soon as she had it in her possession it would only take her a few minutes to locate who it was, or at least possibilities.

A smile crossed her face as she realized that she might actually be able to solve the case, even if Scorpius had doubted her, and she quickly took off across the castle for the Ravenclaw tower. It was only a matter of time before she figured out who had done the killing and while she hadn’t thought through what she was actually going to do once she found them she wanted a name as soon as possible.


Scorpius watched as the Aurror’s hurried from the Slytherin common room to various parts of the castle; they were clearly hoping that whoever had ended James’s life had left more clues than when they had taken Albus’s. It hardly mattered to Scorpius as he supposed this had been evidence enough to clear his name. He was sure that Aurror’s weren’t stupid enough to think that he could kill someone on the seventh floor while he was sitting in the Slytherin common room.

They had left him behind after all, and he doubted that they would leave him alone with no one to stop him from going anywhere if they thought that he was going to go off and kill a bunch of people.

“I guess I’m off the hook.” He muttered, for lack of anything else to say. His father simply nodded, but his eyes showed that he was lost in thought. For a moment Scorp thought he was going to say something about how stupid it had been that old rivalries had influenced the case but something entirely different came from his mouth.

“Scorpius, we’re leaving.” Draco decided suddenly. “Something is going on here, and I’m not going to wait around until half the school turns up dead.” Not that he cared about half the school, he really only cared about his son and he didn’t want them to be tangled up in this business any longer.

“Dad, we can’t just go.” Scorpius muttered, wondering how his father expected him to go home and sleep until her knew who had killed his best friend. “Don’t you want to know who did this?” He pressed wondering if he was too old to have any curiously left.

“Well I’m not going to find out by sitting around until he comes in here and finishes one of us off-now we’re going home and I don’t want to hear another word about it.” Draco tried to make his words sound final, to make it clear that he was to do as he was told. But his son had his own ideas, and his eyes suddenly lit up as if he’d realized something important.

“But if the murderer is still out there, Lily-she’s going to get herself killed.” He muttered, wondering how she could be so stupid.  Lily didn’t know that anyone was dead but Albus which meant she was blind to the fact that whoever had done this was more dangerous then they seemed.  With James dead as well he knew that things were not looking good for the youngest Potter, for all he knew she could be dead as well. While he knew that he had no real obligation to, as Albus’s best friend he knew that he ought to look after her. “I’ve got to go-I’ll be back as soon as I can, I swear to Merlin!” Scorpius announced before darting out of the common room before his dad could get as much as a word in edge wise.


Lily was going to be the most difficult to find.

As Teddy made his way up the stairs of the castle he knew that the youngest and the most unpredictable Potter was probably somewhere wandering about the castle looking for him. Of course she wouldn’t realize that it was him, Lily had always put far too much faith in everyone to ever imagine that someone she loved could have done this to her family. That was half the reason of leaving her for last. Of course the other half of the reason was that he simply hadn’t run into her yet that night. Everyone else had been two easy, and he supposed it could almost be fun having to go and hunt for one.

He tried to think of where she would have gone; knowing that if the whole castle was open game that he’d never be able to track her down. She was headstrong and his hopes were that she was rushing into things without knowing what she was doing. All he had to do was get Lily to trust him for just a little longer and the Potter family would be gone.

Of course he had to find her first, which could take all night.

That was when he remembered that Lily had the marauders map, and there was no way that she would have it with her. He would be surprised if the red head had remembered to bring her wand after being pulled from bed in the middle of the night. All he would need to do was waltz into the Ravenclaw tower and Lily would be as good as dead as it couldn’t take long to find her after that.

Picking up his speed Teddy headed for the Ravenclaw tower knowing that the sooner he got it over with the better.  

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A Bump In The Night: Late Night Rushing


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