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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 5 : Stake Out Shocks
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Chapter 5

Carla kept her eyes closed listening at the coffee pot in the office break room as it slowly dripped glorious droplets of caffeine into her cup. It was still dark outside and she wondered how anyone could possibly wake up this early on a daily basis.

Yawning obnoxiously loud she couldn’t help but hear Rose’s nagging voice in the back of her head telling her that if she wouldn’t procrastinate on her case reviews then she could avoid these early morning rituals which occurred once a month. However once again here she was at 5:30 in the morning looking as if she hadn’t even bothered to get ready and her hair thrown in a bun.

It also didn’t help that she hardly slept during the weekend, because the two most important people in her life refused to talk to each other leaving her to be stuck in the middle. It was stressful attempting to comfort Rose and at the same reason with Matt. She could understand why Rose would want to keep that information about her past quiet and to be honest the Rose that she described she had a hard time believing was the same person. Yes Rose had a temper when she got angry but that was actually very rare, with the exception of the past few weeks Carla had only seen Rose truly loose her temper once and it was when her parents came to visit two years ago for Christmas.

Rose had been in an ill mood all day on Christmas Eve. They all had just finished dinner and her father was mentioning something about how happy her brother Hugo was with his current girlfriend and how he wished that he could see his little Rosie that happy.

Rose’s face had become blood red as she spat in a dark tone “You could have.” Carla had never seen two people become so enraged as quickly as they had.

Mr. Weasley’s face taking on its own deep shade of scarlet screamed “DO WE REALLY HAVE TO HAVE THIS CONVERSATION AGAIN FOR THE FOURTH TIME?”


Rose’s mother gave Carla an awkwardly tender look tilting her head to the door, suggesting that they go get some fresh air while they let the two of them argue it out. While in the coffee shop down the street Carla mentioned “He still not too thrilled about her deciding to live in New York,” assuming that that was what the argument was about because it was what most of their arguments centered around, her having decided to stay there permanently a couple of months prior.

Mrs. Weasley casually nodded her head although the expression on her face would have suggested that it was about something else entirely. About an hour and a half later Rose and her father showed up in the coffee shop looking as if nothing had occurred and that they were as close as ever.

Carla could also see Matt’s point of view as well, he had been nothing but honest with Rose from the day they met and he had willingly believed that she was just as honest with him. They both had their reasons for why they were right and they both had reasons for why they were wrong. Rose’s past didn’t bother Matt he had accepted it and thought no different of her than he had the day before, because he did love Rose.

What Matt’s biggest issue was that Rose didn’t willingly tell him. He found out because she was forced to talk about it and Rose knew him well enough to know that he would have never judged her for something like that and yet she still didn’t trust him enough to tell him herself. He would never admit it, but Carla knew that that was what was killing him inside. That her lack of trust was the knife wedged in his back.

Covering the back of her mouth as she made another loud yawn she let her eyes blissfully close for a moment, the stinging sensation feeling so good that she could have fallen asleep there.

Sighing she opened her eyes again figuring that if she narrowed her eyes at the coffee pot it might make time go by faster, there was always the option of magic, but she had to admit that although magic made everyday things much more convenient, it had little effect on coffee. She would either make it too hot or cold, and sometimes the actual coffee grains themselves would find their way into her cup, proving the point that even a witch or wizard had to learn the meaning of patience.

So lost in her quiet sate she was shocked when she heard the break room door open up beside her as someone shuffled through and open the fidge door to place something inside.

“Morning,” she half-heartedly mumbled.

“Morning,” the male British accent responded.

Peeking her eyes open at the person who was in front of her, Carla made an attempt to straighten her posture as she watched Scorpius reach for a plastic cup, fill it with water, and then put in the microwave to heat. She wasn’t sure what exactly to say, seeing as how they had all but left him alone in the restaurant, her going after Matt and Rose going home. “Why are you here so early?” she asked attempting to fill the awkward silence that was between them.

“I had to get some files sent back to my boss in London, and I know how clogged the Flu mail system can become in the afternoon so…” he let the sentence fall.

“Isn’t London only like four hours ahead of us though?” Carla asked still confused as to why he had to come in at this time of morning.

Scorpius gave a slight smirk, Carla may not seem to catch on to things that much, but to him it seemed like she understood a lot more than she let on. “I don’t sleep much anymore.”

Taking a deep breath she let her hands fall from their crossed position, wondering if the coffee pot was even working now, they had been complaining for years to get a new one but Cornell always found a better place to put the budget money. “Sorry about Friday.” She said softly.

Scorpius gave an odd expression “Oh it’s alright, I’m used to that sort of reaction, especially from Rose.”

She knew that he was saying it just to be nice but that didn’t exclude the fact that it had been extremely rude of them. Finally seeing the green light on the coffee pot appear she walked over to it pulling the warm cup out and adding sugar and cream to it. “Do you mind me asking, you knew that it was going to upset her right,”

Scorpius didn’t respond although he did start to pay very close attention to the cup in the microwave that he was pulling out and pouring into his mug. Reaching into the cabinets for the box of tea bags Scorpius felt his body become stiff.

“So why did you mention it if you knew that it was going to upset her?”

Turning to Carla he crossed his arms “What exactly has she told you?”

“Only that you used to hate each other that she hated who she was when she used to fight you,”

Dropping the tea bag into his cup “Rose is one of the few people who has ever been able to bring out the worst of me and the best of me.” Continuously raising the tea bag in and out of the warm water, “I didn’t say it to upset her. The thing about Rose is that she isn’t very good when it comes to confronting problems. She will argue to the day she dies that she isn’t running, but deep down inside she is. ” He sighed softly staring at the brown liquid in the cup “Now don’t get me wrong I don’t particularly like to talk about my past either, and believe me I have done my fair share of avoiding it but unlike Rose I have accepted it for what it is. I can’t just forget what happened and pretend that there wasn’t a history between us.” Scorpius could feel his chest start to tighten up when he whispered the words “I won’t.”

“Not to pry but…” she started softly.

“You know I hate it when people say not to pry,” Scorpius interrupted “It’s like saying not to sound like a hypocrite, only something that is extremely hypocritical can be said.”

Carla closed her mouth and gave stared Scorpius down, as he gave the notion that he wasn’t going to talk any more about the subject “Point taken,” she said with a laugh as she grabbed the door to get back to her work.



Rose sat in the chair in front of the window, pulling the strands of her curly red hair in front of her and counting the split ends that she had. She normally put a little more effort into her cases but this one was absolutely ridiculous. She understood why Cornell had given them such an easy case, to test their partnership and see how well Scorpius would be in New York, but judging by Scorpius interest in the seventies carpet print, rose would guess that he was just as bored and offend as she was.

“Anything interesting happen yet?” he grumbled, sitting cross legged on the bed, his elbows on his knees and his cheeks squished by his knuckles

“No” Rose groaned pulling the curtain to the Motel room shut the realization that Harper Willcoat was staying put for the night, not taking the chance of being seen by the police, although the police were the least of his concerns if he turned out to be the Harper Willcoat in Rose and Scorpius’ case.

They were almost a hundred percent sure that they had tracked down the muggle who was helping his wizard brother break into Wizard houses and stealing artifacts to sell to dark Wizards.

Rose couldn’t help but roll her eyes at the pages in the file, these brothers weren’t only careless they were just plain stupid, “This is such a rookie case,” she complained, throwing the papers back to the floor where they had been laying all-night long.

Shaking her head she yawned they were supposed to be Aurors, great dark wizard catchers, these two boys weren’t even good enough to be the minions of a dark wizard, they were just scoundrels looking for an easy way to make some cheap cash. In fact if hadn’t been for the fact that Clark Willcoat was a wizard and the artifacts held some sort of magical charm, this case would have just gone to the police.

Scorpius straightened his back from his hunched position, blinking his eyes a few times, to get the colliding vision of the carpet pattern out of his mind. He would have preferred to just go raid and interrogate Harper Willcoat once they first found him, seeing as how they knew without a doubt that he was the correct guy, but it was his first case here so he was somewhat restrained to playing by the book, and actually wait for some sort of evidence to confirm what they already knew.

Scorpius wasn’t sure how to feel, he was grateful to be out of the office and actually have something productive to do, besides staring at paperwork all day, but sitting in a motel room with a working air conditioner, and bed sheets that probably hadn’t been washed since the eighties wasn’t exactly the type of productivity he had in mind.

Watching as Rose pulled back and forth on the chains that controlled the curtain “What are you doing?”

“The guy is completely nutts, he keeps looking between his blinds to the street, at first I thought it was because he was waiting for someone but seeing as how he has done every ten minutes for eight hours I think he is just paranoid.”

Scorpius nodded, “You know I put a tracer spell on his door, when we first got here, if he opens it we will know.”

Rose scrunched her face, closing the curtain for a final time. Turning around in her chair, which she was slouched back in. “The only problem is that we are still stuck waiting until someone either comes…”

“Or goes,” Scorpius finished.

Rose hadn’t mentioned anything about Friday night, which didn’t surprise Scorpius, actually the fact that she even said hello to him that morning was somewhat shocking to him, and admittedly it wasn’t a pleasant hello, more of a growl.

Other than that it was pretty much the same as last week, she would speak when spoken too, and her sentences were short and to the point, the only difference was that today it didn’t seem to be so much as directed at him, but more of to anyone who talked to her.

Rose looked around the cramped room, with the old television in it, the one bed and a small bathroom, she supposed that this was an ideal place for a couple who was having an affair to come and shag during their lunch break, at least that’s what the front desk attendant seemed to be thinking when they asked for a room and he had raised eyebrows with a smirk, giving Scorpius a wink as they paid.

Sighing she let her eyes land on Scorpius, it was through these stake outs that she and Matt had gotten to know each other so well. Extending her leg she kicked the mattress of the bed jerking Scorpius’ attention to her. “So what book did you bring?”

“What makes you think I brought a book?” said Scorpius, looking up to meet Rose’s stare.

Raising her eyebrows Rose rolled her head and crossed her arms, beaming her eyes to him in a knowing way, “Seriously?”

The Lost World of Creatures Unknown,” he said momentarily. “You?”

The Truth Beyond Fiction,

Scorpius gave a slight nod to his head “It any good?”

“It would be better if I read more fiction, but it brings up some interesting points.” Rose stated simply, fiddling with her wand like she were a drummer in a band.

More silence fell between them, Scorpius bending his head back down now focusing on the bedspread that he was sitting on.

Biting her lip, unable to sit in total silence for another eight hour she asked “Are Stacy and Bryan pregnant?”

Scorpius shot his head up in surprise, it was common knowledge that Stacy was pregnant, but he was shocked that Rose knew, seeing as how she didn’t seem to talk to anyone, except her family, from London.

“Oh for crying out loud I can add Scorpius,” Rose stated unfolding her arms, “You aren’t with someone for two months, and decide to get married unless you’re pregnant.”

“So you don’t believe that two people can fall in love and decide to spend the rest of their lives together in only two months?”

Straightening herself up in the chair “No I don’t, in fact think that the entire institution of marriage is a bit ridiculous.” She said matter of factly.

“Oh I have got to hear this theory,” said Scorpius in a sarcastic way.

Meeting his crystal eyes “Think about marriage is an institution where you have better chance of failing than succeeding. It is beyond me why someone would willingly enter into that knowing that they are going to fail.”

“It’s a fifty fifty chance that it will succeeded, not all marriages fail,” Scorpius said letting his legs drop from his crossed position and onto the floor as he leaned forward.

“Now that is a joke, the only reason that it is fifty fifty is because the fifty percent that are still married haven’t gotten divorced yet, and the ones that are divorced are simply getting remarried again.” She paused “The question that they should be asking isn’t if one has a successful marriage, but how many times one has been married because more likely than not the answer is probably two to three times, not once.”

“There is something almost heart breaking about the way you think Rose,” Scorpius looked at her with tender eyes his voice almost a whisper “Marriage is meant to be a risk, your right that most people end up getting a divorced, but the few who don’t those were the people willing to fight through the hard times together. They believed that their love was so strong that they wouldn’t let what they had fall into a statistic.” He paused looking away from Rose for a moment only to re-meet her gaze which had a curious expression “I’m not saying that marriage is supposed to be easy, because it’s not. I’m just saying that if you love someone so much to marry them, then you should love them enough to fight for them for the rest of your life.”

Rose had to force herself to pull her eyes away from Scorpius’ intense stare, he had always been good at being passionate, if he believed in something he had a way of making everyone else believe it too if they were willing to listen, that’s why he would always whip her when it came to debates in Hogwarts.

Hunching forward Rose leaned against her knee and let her head look to the ground as she thought about what to say next “I understand that the concept of marriage isn’t completely ridiculous. I mean look at my parents, they are just as in love now as they were when they were seventeen. I just could never picture myself doing that.”

“So you never wanted to get married?” asked Scorpius.

Rose shook her head, a spare pieces of a curl falling free from the loose braid she had “No, not even when I was a little girl,” Said Rose thoughtfully.

“I’m assuming that you hate weddings as well?” Scorpius inquired. 

“I can’t deny the fact that you do know me,” she said off handedly looking up to meet his eyes only to realize that their faces were almost touching from the lack of space between the bed and the chair along with them both sitting in a similar position.

“And what’s your rationalization on that?” his voice was slow and precise.

Biting on her lip again “To me a wedding doesn’t prove the love people have for one another.” She went silent her breathing slow and controlled, as Scorpius could feel it press against his skin “If, and that’s a big IF, but if I loved someone so much that I decided to marry them I sure as hell wouldn’t spend months planning a wedding for a bunch of people that I didn’t know, I would just go ahead and get married. I shouldn’t even have to think twice about it because the thought of spending another second not bound to the person that I love would seem almost…”

“Unbearable,” he whispered his eyes locked on hers.

The slightest touch of heat started to rise in her cheeks. “Exactly,” she heard herself say, but was taken off guard by the look that Scorpius was giving her, and yet she was unable to pull away from it.

He wasn’t sure what but something in her expression lit up, something that made him want to reach out his hand and tuck the spare piece of hair behind her ear like he had done so many times before, and he probably would have lost control if a white spark hadn’t flown out from his pocket, where his wand was, pulling both Rose and Scorpius out of their trance.

Quickly Rose jumped to her feat pulling the curtain open as she looked down to the Harper Willcoat’s room. The man was standing in the doorway with grungy white shirt, a baseball cap and jeans, looking extremely anxious.

“You are right by the way,” Scorpius said from behind her his arm leaning against the window frame, as he looked out, “Stacy is pregnant.”

“I knew it,” said Rose with slight satisfaction, squinting her eyes to the door on the bottom floor across from them, as a woman with short black hair stood in the parking lot looking back and forth before walking inside Harper Willcoat’s door.

Rose’s eyes widened as she turned her head towards the direction of Scorpius who had the same stunned and concerned expression on his face “You recognized her right?”

Scorpius gave a slight nod his fist tightening around the wood of the window frame. “Angelica Warwick,”

“But, I remember catching her she’s in Azkaban,”

“Apparently not,” Scorpius mumbled,

Rose turned around leaning against the window with a confused look, “But what would she want with two idiots like Willcoats, I mean he’s a muggle.”

“I guess that’s for us to figure out,” Said Scorpius still looking out the window to the door.  



A/N: So I hope that you enjoyed the chapter. This story isn’t going to be a big adventure story, so this case along with other cased will play out during the story but they won’t consume the story, I just wanted to make a note of that. So what did you think, not too much about Matt but I tried to show a little through Carla’s POV, also how about Scorpius’ response to Friday, and most important the scene with Scorpius and Rose in the room? Please review.

Also as for updates my goal is every two weeks, I always aim for the chapter to be posted on weekends, however that is a bit unpredictable because of the validation waits, so sometimes they may be posted after the weekend, on like a Monday or Tuesday. I just wanted to let you know so you know when to expect updates. So the weekend of 4/12 is my next update.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope that I am keep you interested. Please review and let me know what you think.

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