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Music is Might by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 1 : Performance of a Life Time
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“And now welcoming Hogwarts’ own: Music is Might!” McGonagall announced, to the whole of Hogwarts student body. They screamed despite having no idea who we were.


We walked on to stage, the lights blazed against our faces. Adrenaline rushed through me as I picked up the mike, and my guitar. I smiled as I looked into the crowd “Hello Hogwarts” I screamed. They roared back. I turned around at my band mates and mouthed “ready?” they nodded at me in response.


“One, two, three, four!” the band started playing, and the students started dancing, not really caring for our music, just enjoying the atmosphere, and enjoying their Valentines Dance. The mood started changing and we slowed down our songs, couples started slow dancing. It was getting close to midnight; we had enough time to do one last song, before any of the spells I’d cast on myself wore off. No not massive ones, just a confidence spell and a few makeup and hair spells, to give me the perfect rock star image.


“Now this is our last song” there were a few boos from the audience, maybe they actually did enjoy our music “so if you want to grab somebody special, now is the time to do it” I bit my lip, as I smiled into the audience, feeling slightly nervous about this last song, I didn’t know whether it was the confidence spell wearing off or the fact that I’d wrote this song myself, without the bands help and was nervous for people hearing it the first time.


“When the spell hits you, it’s like you’ve lost all control. Like someone else is running your life, guiding you home. Controlling your thoughts. Making you feel like you’re going insane”


“You think it’s love but it’s just lust, and the desperation telling you, you must”


“When the spell hits you, it’s like you’ve lost all control, like you’re there on your own. Like you’re no longer in control, control of your world”.


“You’ve been hit by a spell! No not imperio. You’ve been tainted by love, drugged and bit by the bug”


“Now you’re being crushed by his bond, the wave of his wand. The words from his tongue, taking air from your lungs”


“You’ve been hit by a spell! No not imperio. You’ve been tainted by love, drugged and bit by the bug”


“Now you’re being crushed by his bond, the wave of his wand. The hurtful words from his tongue, taking air from your lungs”


“You’re better than that, you don’t need him, you can survive on your own two feet. Cause after all you’ve been hit by a spell but you can gain back control, stop suffocating your soul”


I could see the faces in the crowd working out that it wasn’t the average love song, but the complete opposite I smiled, before thanking them and in the most non-Gryffindor way possible, running off the stage.


My band followed me back to the Ravenclaw common room, by the time we got there the spells had completely worn off. Leaving me, to my normal boring self.


We knocked the eagle knocker, and it gave us the riddle “What has roots as nobody sees,. Is taller than trees,. Up, up it goes,. And yet never grows?”


Adam answered “Mountain” without skipping a beat.    


“Been practising your riddles?” teased Marcus.


“No, I read the same riddle in the hobbit last night”


“Ah good old J.R.R.Tolkien” I said smiling.


“Oh and by the way Al you were amazing” I smiled again brightly looking at my fellow band mates. There was Adam Hordan who played the base, he was a muggle born, whose parents taught music at a muggle secondary school, he had light brown hair, with shocking grey eyes, he was good looking, there was no denying it, but he was too much like a brother to me for anything else. Marcus Jordan, son of Lee Jordan, he had dark toned skin, with brilliant hazel eyes, he played the drums, perfectly I might add. And lastly Spencer Pegg who sings back up and plays the guitar, he was tall, really tall, I just about reached his shoulders. He has curly dirty blonde hair, and the best cheek bones I had ever seen on someone, it’s too bad he’s gay… Don’t tell anybody I told you that, it’s a secret. Should I tell you another? Him and Marcus, just saying, I’m calling it now, before anybody else can. : “no you guys were amazing” I said back to them, we hugged it out as we sat in the common room waiting for the others to return.


I should probably explain, the reason behind the charms earlier. Well If you haven’t guessed by the blue common room, I’m no Gryffindor, I’m not confident and under no circumstances would I ever have the confidence to sing in front of a crowd that big. Just thinking back at it makes me feel queasy. So I use a confident spell, apart from Adam none of the other band members know this, it was his idea. And well the other spells, they make me less like me. I need an alter ego, I like having these two aspects of my life, it always gives me somewhere to run off to. Yeah I’m acting like we’re famous, we’re not by the way, we barely make the standard of mediocre.


I like being invisible. It’s what I’ve been doing for the past 16 years, always in the background, so that’s me: Althea Lockridge (Ally or Al for short, call me Althea, and you’ll be digging your own grave before you can muster an apology), your average Ravenclaw, book worm extraordinaire. Anyway back to the alter ego, when I perform on stage, I go under the name Phoenix, genius right? It’s one of the most common names in Hogwarts due to the order of the phoenix back in my parent’s day, it’s like parents want the world to know they were on the chosen one’s side. Sorry I’m getting off track. I put spells to cover my appearance, whereas in real life I have normal boring brunette hair, Phoenix has bright orange. I have square glasses that cover my boring brown eyes; Phoenix has contacts which aluminate her sparkling sapphire eyes. Phoenix wears makeup, I don’t. You get the picture?


Phoenix is everything I’m not, and I’m everything she is. The rest of the band has similar procedures however they chose the easier option of just using their first name and wearing masks, which hide their identity, you’ll look at them, but you won’t even be able to recognise them. Why didn’t I just do that? They wouldn’t let me. They refused to in their words “hide my beauty with a mask” I just think the stingy gits, wouldn’t pay out for another mask.


“Ally, are you even listening to us?” asked Spencer


“Hmm… yeah”.


“So what did we just say?”


“Ally, are you even listening to us?” I said mocking Spencer’s voice.


“Hilarious. You know sometimes I wonder why we’re your only friends”


“Maybe it has to do with the fact, she’s scares people away with her sarcastic tone, and never attempts to befriend anyone” answered Marcus. My mouth fell open; he smiled at me letting me know he was only joking. But we all knew it was true.


“You do realise that was a rhetorical question, meaning you didn’t have to answer it”


“Of course. But what would be the fun in that” I hit him with the pillow that was situated next to me.


“I’m going to bed” I said to the guys, before walking up to my dorm.


“Good night” they called.


I went up to my dorm; my bed was the furthest in the corner and the furthest away from everyone else. I got changed and lay down, pulling the covers over me.


Just as I was nodding off to sleep, I heard the rest of the girls in my dorm enter.


“Reckon she’s been up here all night?” one questioned.


“Most likely, or in the library, you know her” the rest giggled, confirming that they were intoxicated, because no sane Ravenclaw giggles, it’s almost unheard of.


“So what did you think of Music is Might?” one asked, I perked up, listening intently into their not so private conversation.


“They were brilliant”


“I wonder if they’ll release an album soon”


“They’re going to be huge when they leave Hogwarts”


“I can’t get that last song out of my head ‘You’ve been hit by a spell! No not imperio. You’ve been tainted by love, drugged and bit by the bug’” one sang, quite badly I might add. But I couldn’t contain my happiness. They liked our band! They liked my song! I was smiling like the Cheshire cat, thankfully I was facing the pillow, so it didn’t bring any attention to the girls.


“That Phoenix is so beautiful, I wish I looked like her” I coughed. URM SHIT, ABORT, ABORT. I Tensed hoping none of them heard it.




“I wonder who they are?” one questioned.


“Well it won’t be long till we find out”


“Why’s that?”


“Haven’t you heard? James Potter said he’s going to find Phoenix and make her his. He said in his own words, ‘she’s perfect, and she’s going to be mine’ I don’t know if it was the alcohol talking but we all know once he sets his mind to something, he gets it”


“Yeah, I also heard him, Louis and Freddie have a bet to see who can find her and kiss her first” I gulped. No way in hell, I’d rather give Voldemort a foot massage, than kiss anyone of those baboons.


“Either way she’s the most luckiest girl in the world, talented pretty and she can have any guy she chooses” I choked on my own spit, I tried to hide it as a cough, but with no luck. I was choking I jumped up out of bed gasping for air.


“Are you ok?”


I cleared my throat, just managing to breathe again, “Yeah, just choking on air you know me” I said as I got back into bed, going bright red from embarrassment.


“Ok, well good night” one of them called. They carried on chatting like old women, who hadn’t seen each other in years, despite spending every bleeding day with each other. I drowned out their ridiculous conversation, and drifted off to sleep. Remembering their earlier comments of how good the band was. Not worrying for the plans the rest of the school had in store, for Phoenix. And by Phoenix, I meant me...




Author's note: Hello! You know the drill, I don't own anything that you recognise, Harry Potter or Hobbit related, they of course belong to the wonderful J.K.Rowling and J.R.R.Tolkein I wish I did, but I don't. So yeah, first chapter, what do you guys think? Any good, do you look forward to the next chapter?

Ps... I may be a little slow, with uploading with this one, as I'm going on holiday tomorrow, but I do have the next four chapters written to upload when I get back. Feel free to review, I don't mind ;) Thank you for reading! 

As always, 


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