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The origin of the hatred. by Meggnog
Chapter 1 : Pure Hatred
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 A/N: Okay, so, this is my first real fanfic, and it's REALLY short/badly written, but I hope you enjoy it all the same! =)


I’m sitting in the Slytherin common room. It’s completely empty, as everyone else has gone to the Quidditch match. But I was in no mood to be reminded of how I failed to get on the team, so I decided not to go. I sit alone, drumming my fingers on the arm of the chair.

Christ, I’m bored.

I wish something interesting would happen.

That’s when I hear the scream, piercing the otherwise silent air.

Be careful what you wish for.

I recognise it immediately, from all the nightmares she’s had, all the times I teased her when we were little, all the times she saw a spider.

It’s Narcissa.

I run up the stairs, following the sound. It’s coming from her dormitory. When I finally make it there, I slam the door open and see a sickening sight.

Cissy has her back to me, because her boyfriend, Henry, is holding her by her hair, and yelling at her. Neither of them notices me. I would try to help her straightaway, but Henry’s huge, and could probably knock me out, so I decide to wait.


He says the last part in a disgusting imitation of her voice that has me shaking with rage.

“I am!” Cissy whimpers. She’s shaking too, but with pure terror.


It’s this word that makes me snap. Unable to control myself any longer, I manage to choke out:

“What did you just call her?”

“BELLA!” Narcissa sighs with relief, but she still can’t look at me. Henry never lets go of her hair once. Instead he smirks in such a way that I want to go and rip his face off, but I use what little self-control I have left to stop myself from doing this.

“Ohh! Is Big-Sister-Bellatrix here to save you?” He lisps, in that same revolting voice again.

“Well, you’re too late this time, Trixie” I wince as he uses the name he knows I’ve always hated, and wonder what he means by “Too Late”


I don’t have to wonder for very long.


He spins Cissy around to face me by her hair. She yelps at the pain, and I rush forward to help her, but what I see stops me dead in my tracks. Henry was always such a sweet guy. When did he become a monster?


And as soon as I see the bloody nose and black eye he has turned her around to reveal, I lose all sense of self–control. I march towards the pair, wand raised, and a fury building up inside of me that I’ve never felt before.


“You….You…” I shriek, pointing at Henry. I try to think of a sufficient insult, but there is no word foul enough to express my unadulterated hatred for this boy. So instead, I cast my mind back to the dark magic books I found grandpa’s basement last summer, and try to remember the worst hex I can. And then…the word pops into my head. A word I know I shouldn’t say, but I can’t stop myself from screaming.




Henry collapses and writhes on the floor in agony, but I feel no sympathy. I keep him there for around a minute before dropping my wand.


“You’re scum.” I hiss at him. He doesn’t reply, so I simply look at him as if he’s something I’ve stepped in. After a few seconds, I say: “Get out of here. Now. Because you’re not even worthy of being in the same room as her.”


And then I say something I never thought I’d say.


“You filthy Mudblood.”


He stands, and I look him up and down, before spitting in his face. He runs for the door before I can torture him again, and I call after him.


“Henry! You tell anyone about tonight and I will kill you.


He nods, and then continues running. I turn to Cissy, who is collapsed on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably. And as I bend down to comfort her, I am filled with a burning hatred which I know will never leave me for as long as I live.


So....what do you think? I know it's pretty poor, but please review even if it's just to tell me how to improve. ^_^

P.S: Thanks for reading!!! XxX

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