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Writings of Nelissa Finnigan - A Failing Journalist by hplover987
Chapter 13 : Thirteen
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You promised me dinner. - James Potter.

I crossed one leg over the other. My tights rubbed together and I sat with both feet on the floor, straightening my skirt. I'd made so much effort with my outfit. I looked sharp, and professional, and like I maybe had a power marriage where we both make our smoothies together in the morning before flooing to work. I don't know why I tried so hard, they wouldn't be able to see me anyway.


See, after the wedding I wrote my article for the Prophet and Gavin called me in his office. He congratulated me after he'd told me off for not letting him in the 'buzz'. And gave me the biggest promotion of my life to date. He said someone owled for me, the biggest Wizard Wireless Station in England. They wanted to interview James and I live on air. And I couldn't say no. With my promotion and the money I've gotten from the radio appearance my debts have kind of taken care of themselves.


So, now I'm sat on a comfy settee in the reception of the station. I've been instructed to wait here until I'm fetched. And sitting here has made me think, I'm actually a little bit nervous. James has apparently been on radio loads of times.


I looked up and saw a man striding towards me. He was wearing loose

denim jeans and a baggy black t-shirt. I stood up and he held his hand out for me.


“Nelissa Finnigan I'm guessing?” the man asked.


“Yes,” I nodded. “Nelissa's fine,”


“Cool. I'm Adam. I'm going to be briefing you and just letting you know how things are going to work,”


“That's great,” I smiled and Adam gestured for me to follow him.

We walked down a corridor with framed pictures of radio presenters and musicians on the walls. We came to a lift and the doors opened. I stepped inside and Adam pressed a button.


“How you feeling today?” Adam asked.


“Okay,” I shrugged. “A little nervous, I guess,”


“That's normal. We've all read your article, by the way,”


“I hope you thought it was good,” I joked. The doors opened and we

started walking down another corridor.


“Yeah. I don't know how you figured it all out. Like something out of the old murder mystery books,”


“Well, it takes time and intuition,” I laughed.


“Just in here,” he said and gestured to an open door. I walked inside and found myself in a small room, with a table and two more settee's.


“So,” Adam said once we'd sat down. “Radio's easy. As long as you don't screw up on air. We'll get you to wait next door until we're ready. You sit down and just talk,”


“Sounds okay,” I reasoned.


“Charlotte and Robbie will just give a brief overview of what's been in the papers and ask you to go over it. Then they'll ask some questions. The slot is only for about ten minutes,” Adam added.




“Any questions?” he asked and I shook my head. “Okay, I'll take you down,” he finished. We stood and Adam led me down another corridor until we reached two doors. I walked through the one on the left and Adam smiled before leaving me. I looked around me at the waiting room and found James on one of the settee's opposite a group of women who were readying themselves to go on.


“Hi,” I said and sat next to him.


“Nelissa,” he smiled lightly.


“I'm not even going to ask if you're nervous,”


“Are you?”


“Yes, thanks for your concern,”


“If you don't want to answer anything just give me a sign and I'll cover you,”


“Like a native bird call,” I mocked.


“Very funny,”


“I suppose you heard about my job?” I asked.


“Yes, I did,” James smiled. “Crime correspondent for the Daily Prophet,”


“And you?”


“What about me?” he asked.


“Is everything okay with your job now. How did David take it?”


“He called me a dick and broke the new coffee table in my waiting room,”


“Oh dear,” I muttered.


“It's okay. He's been charged for the damages and my pride has healed from the name calling,”


“That's good to know,” I laughed.


“Nelissa, James,” Adam said from the door. “We're ready for you now,” he said.


“Come on,” James urged. He let me go first and we walked through a door into a large room. There was a glass screen in front of us and Adam led us through a door and into the main radio studio. I saw Charlotte and Robbie, and if I'm telling the truth I'm a little disappointed. They're not as half as good looking as I imagine them.

“Hello sweetie,” Charlotte said and stood up to hug me. We broke apart she gestured for me to sit across from her.


“Hello,” I smiled.


“Nelissa,” Robbie grinned and reached over to shake my hand.


“Yeah, hi,”


“Back again, James,” Robbie said.


“Yes,” he nodded.


“Can I get a glass of water?” Charlotte asked.


“I'm on it,” Adam said.


“On air in three . . . two . . . one,” a male voice said. Then a

green light flicked on the wall.


“Now I'm with two names that have been in the paper frequently this week,” Charlotte said.


“That's right, James Potter, who we know of course as England's Quidditch Manager. And Nelissa Finnigan, newly made crime correspondent for the Daily Prophet,” Robbie added.


“For anyone that has been living under a rock England keeper David Grimm reported the disappearance of his wife, Belle Clementine to Mr Potter. But this was proved incorrect last week and their reasoning for the pretence was exposed. It was potentially to create some very bad press for you, wasn't it James?” Charlotte asked.


“Yes, it was,” James started. “David went for England Manager last season but was turned down. Whatever way I handled the matter I would have bad press because of David. I think they hoped I'd lose my position as Manager and David would be voted in by the Quidditch Association,” James explained. “I would be suffering from bad press if it wasn't for Nelissa exposing her,”


“And how did you know they were lying in the first place, Nelissa?” Robbie asked me.


“Well,” I sighed. “After James asked me to work on this with him I arranged to visit David Grimm's house. I spoke to him and nothing jumped out until I spotted a pair of stockings drying on the radiator. I excused myself and had a little look around the house. There were traces of a woman living there all over the place,”


“Goodness,” Charlotte replied. “And what was your next step?”


“To find out more about Belle. I spoke with a few more people until I learned about her. She was with him for his money, basically. And after learning that I knew I needed to make Belle think she was going to lose this money,”


“And how did you go about this?” Robbie questioned.


“I arranged with James to get David out of the way, then I went to the house. The plan was to get Belle thinking I was marrying David the next day to lure her out of the house. But I found her with another man. A bit of a shock to say the least,” I explained.


“I can imagine,” Charlotte laughed.


“Well, I needed James for the press, I don't know if you've noticed but they'd follow him of a cliff it they got the exclusive. Once they were there we just waited for Belle to show up. And she did, letting reporters get a million and one photos of her,”


“How did you come up with this plan?” Robbie asked with interest.


“I'm still not sure,” I smiled.


“So, without Nelissa, you'd be in trouble, James,” Charlotte stated.


“Very big trouble. I owe her a lot,” James said and smiled lightly.


“Now we've got their story, we want to hear from you at home,” Robbie said airily.


“A big thank you to James Potter and Nelissa Finnigan for appearing today. We wish them the best of luck,” Charlotte said and she used her wand to hit a box, sending music echoing through the room. The green light turned red and Charlotte turned to me. “Fantastic,” she beamed.


“Thanks,” I muttered.


“If we can have you out now,” Adam said. James and I stood and Robbie said bye to us as we walked out. A woman was waiting to take us downstairs and we followed. James took my hand and I looked down and smiled.


“You were great,” he beamed.


“Thanks, so were you,”


“I spoke for about a minute,” James shrugged. “It was all you,”


“I know,” I joked. We fell into silence but when we reached the reception and the woman left us James turned to me.


“Nelissa, you promised me dinner once we'd sorted this,” James reminded me. I'd forgotten about that.


“You have a good memory,”


“Is that a yes?” he teased.


“You can take me out to lunch. I'm having dinner with Josie,”


“I'll settle,” he joked. We walked out of the station and James held out his arm for me. I took it and we apparated.


When we reappeared we were in front of a posh looking bistro. The doors opened for us and we walked into a contemporary waiting area with black leather settee's.


“Can I help you?” a suited man asked from a podium.


“Two for lunch, please,” James told him.


“This way, please,” he replied and picked up two menus. He led us past tables and stopped a table on the edge of the room, private and separate from the others.


“Thank you,” James smiled. We sat down and I grabbed a menu after a minute. “Can I get some champagne,” he said to a passing waiter.


“Right away, Sir,” he man nodded. Shit. I hope I'm not paying. James set glasses out and when the champagne poured itself out James held his glass up for a toast. I did the same and looked at him.


“What are we toasting?” I asked.


“You're new job,” James smirked and our glasses clicked before I sipped the delicious bubbles.


* * *


When James and I left the final bar it was dark outside. I slipped, nearly falling onto my arse (because of a loose cobble, not because I'm pissed). James caught me and straightened me up.


“Careful,” James laughed.


“Shut up,” I replied, giggling.


“I think you need to go home,” James stated.


“I do,” I agreed quietly. “Josie's going to murder me,” I frowned.




“I missed dinner and I'm waking her up at. . .” I paused and pulled at James's wrist. “four in the morning,”


“It says two,” he corrected.


“Just because you have a photographic memory and an I.Q. of a billion doesn't mean you need to show off,” I replied.


“I live just a minute away,” James said. I looked at him and smiled.


“Sure,” I agreed. He took my hand and we walked down the pavement and around a corner. Not far away was an old manicured building lined with glass and soft brick. I knew this area, it was expensive and converted. James led me to the entrance and fumbled with his wand. The door clicked as he muttered a spell and he pushed it open. We were in a large entry hall with black leather settee's and arm chairs.


“Come on,” James urged. We walked into a lift and he pressed the

top button. We waited for a minute and James smiled at me. I looked down as we reached the top floor, then I was pulled out and led into an open, wide corridor. We continued until we reached a dead end and James unlocked the door with his wand. He entered his apartment but I walked in slowly, looking around in awe.


It was fantastic, if slightly plain. There was a long, wide beige corridor with soft wood doors every so many feet. I followed James into a modern, spacious, open planned kitchen and he held out a glass of wine for me. I took it and sipped hungrily. James finished his and I picked up the bottle of wine to refill his glass. I was only inches away from him and he took the bottle off me, then leaned in to kiss me long and deeply on the lips. I sighed in contentment and wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled me close to him and I felt his hands reach my bum and squeeze. We broke apart and I grinned up at him.


“Shall I show you to the guest room?” James teased.


“Do you want to?” I asked lightly. He smirked and walked away, out into the corridor. I followed him and he opened a door. I peered inside and found myself in his bedroom. James leant down to kiss me again and my hands went to his jacket, pulling it off. He pulled at my top and I pulled it up over my head. I slipped out of my skirt as he unbuttoned his shirt and stepped out of his trousers. James held me close to him, his skin hot against mine. Then we fell back onto the bed and I felt his hand slip inside knickers as he kissed my jaw softly. I heard him groan and I did the same. This is what I've been waiting for.

Thanks for reading and feel free to review! This was the last chapterfor the Writings of Nelissa Finnigan - A failing journalist. But look out for the sequel the Writing's of Nelissa Finnigan - Crime correspondent. Thanks everyone! 

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