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In Love and War by Phoenix Quill
Chapter 15 : The First Time
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When I arrived at the Great Hall, everyone’s eyes were on me. The girls were giving me envious glares, although some of them were more resentful than envious. The guys seemed to be figuring out if they could get Scorpius to let me fuck them.

Nice try, boys, but no. I don’t do that sort of thing.

I spotted Scorpius and Roxanne - I wasn’t quite sure what she was doing there- and walked over, sitting down next to Scorpius and pecking him on the cheek. Roxanne grinned at me wickedly. Great.

“So, did you or didn’t you?”Oh, of course. To interrogate me. I rolled my eyes at her lack of subtlety. Seriously, there were far more delicate ways to ask.

“No, we didn’t. Now, can I eat?” Roxanne sighed and nodded, giving me a look that suggested by saying that I’d ripped her heart out and devoured it in front of her dying eyes.

I wouldn’t do that. Hearts are disgusting. Seriously, my dad made me try ox heart, and I threw up for half an hour.

I shovelled food onto my plate and began eating, moaning as the taste flooded over me. Damn, the food was good. Even better than usual, I mean.

Like, ten times better.

Sarah and Jason sat down opposite us, grinning. I raised my eyebrow at their cheerfulness, automatically worried.

“Why so happy?” Sarah poked her tongue out at me, still looking strangely cheerful.

“What, can’t I be happy without having a reason?”

“Nope. Spill.” Sarah grinned and handed me a piece of parchment. I unfurled it and began reading.

“The party of the century! Everyone come on down to the warehouse in Hogsmeade this weekend for the best party ever! Food and drink supplied.” I raised my eyebrow at Sarah. “This sounds like shit.”

“That’s why we’re going.”

“Because it’s going to be shit?” Sarah grinned wickedly.

“Because we’re going to actually make it the best party ever.” My mouth twisted into an evil grin. I looked over at Scorpius, who was wearing an identical expression.

Then I remembered my food, and the moment of coordinated evil faces was spoiled.

Oh well, bacon is worth it.

Sarah pulled out another piece of parchment and threw it at Scorpius while I stuffed my face with crispy, salty bacon. He looked it over and grinned.

“We’re going to need more than the three of us to do this. Time for a recruitment drive.” I looked up, with a mouth full of fried meat, and shook my head, swallowing.

“Breakfast first. Then recruitment drive. Momma wants her bacon.” Sarah snorted and turned back to her breakfast, which was toast and butter - boring - while Scorpius dug into his chicken.

Why do they serve chicken at breakfast? It’s more of a lunchy food, or a dinner one. Not breakfast.

Yep, lunchy is now a word. So there.

While we all ate, Jasmine joined us, her lipstick slightly smudged. I gave her a cool smile and raised an eyebrow.

“So, who exactly did you grace with your lips?” Jasmine blushed and wiped at the lipstick on her face, sitting down next to Sarah.

“That’s none of your business.” I held my hands up defensively at her cold tone, frowning.

“Okay, okay, sorry for prying. Are you up for Operation Awesomify?” Jasmine gave me a confused look. Sarah handed her the parchment and gave a brief explanation, as I watched her eyes light up.

“I’m definitely in. Who else is in?” I shrugged, looking around our little group.

“Scorpius and I are in, and so are Sarah and Jason. I don’t know about everyone else, though.” Jasmine grinned savagely, then ran off, assumedly to gather people for Operation Awesomify. Almost the moment she left, Duncan arrived, grinning widely. Scorpius bumped fists with him and grinned.

“So, why are you so happy, Duncy?” Duncan surprisingly didn’t hit Scorpius, but instead just kept smiling, grabbing a bit of bacon from my plate. I hit his hand, but let him have it.

“No reason. Hey, what’s that?” Sarah handed him the parchment, now with the explanation written in curly purple script - you know, because black is too lame. Duncan nodded, chewing his bacon slowly to savour it.

“I am so in. Now, what exactly are we going to do to awesomify this party?” Sarah grinned and pulled out yet another piece of parchment, covered in script.

“Meet me in the Room. We’ll go over the plan there. Grab everyone who you think would be interested and bring them too. To get in, think ‘I need a place to plan a party’.” I nodded, shoved a bit of toast into my mouth, and ran over to the Ravenclaw table.






By the time breakfast was over, I was dragging Lily, Rose, James, Kaitlin, Dom and Luke to the Room. I paced in front of the room, thinking ‘I need a place to plan a party’, and after the second time, the door materialised. We all went in, and then all gasped in unison. The Room looked awesome. There were materials everywhere for decorations, and a huge whiteboard to write ideas and plan.

“Oh man, this is awesome!” Sarah, who was standing in front of the board, laughed and nodded, quickly finishing off her sketch. Scorpius was also standing nearby, as was Duncan. I ran over and hugged Scorpius, ignoring Duncan as he made gagging sounds.

“I know, right! I love the Room. Seriously, it always gets it exactly right!” I laughed and grabbed a whiteboard marker, running over and studying the board. There was a design of the warehouse, and markers for where all of our stuff was hidden.

Like, pool table and bucking Buckbeak. Not weird stuff. Calm down, guy with the strange tastes in the third row. Calm down - no, don’t start doing that, that’s disgusting. Security! Security!

Sarah had also listed ideas on the side, which I read over.

“Hmm, karaoke, nice, very nice. Costume, we’re saving that for Halloween. about instead we have a dance contest?” Sarah nodded and wiped off the costume party, jotting in my idea.

“The rest are great. Now, how to invade without someone stopping us...” Sarah grinned and pointed to another piece of writing. I started reading out loud.

“We invade at eight, and wait for a really boring time. Then, you, me and Jasmine go up the front and set up everything with spells. If anyone complains, we ignore and continue.” I grinned at Sarah, feeling an evil laugh bubbling up inside me.

“You are an evil genius, Sarah. Evil, and genius.” Sarah laughed and blushed, walking up to the board.

“Well, I try my best. Now, what do we still need to do?” I looked at the list.

“Hmm...nothing, actually. So, what do we do now?” I looked around at everyone.

“Does anyone want to go to class today?” Roxanne laughed and shook her head, as did James. Lily shrugged and sat down. Rose bit her lip, but shook her head. Kaitlin seemed fairly uncomfortable, but stayed put. Dom and Luke looked at each other and ran out, probably to go find a room to shag in. Scorpius put Duncan in a headlock, as least until he got punched in the gut, which I took as no.

“Okay, that’s a no. So, what do we do?” Roxanne held up a hand, grinning. She pulled a bottle from her robes, stoppered with a golden plug.

“This is Veritaserum, from old Sluggie’s stores. I say we spice up lunch a little.” I grinned wickedly, at about the same time as everyone else.

“To the kitchens!” We all laughed in unison, running out of the Room and down the corridors.






Somehow, we managed to pour a little of the Veritaserum into every pitcher of pumpkin juice without getting caught by any of the house-elves. Sarah poured one for us and minimized it, tucking it into her pocket. We walked down to the Great Hall, barely beating the rush of students as they ran in from their common rooms, and sat all in a group. The food materialised, and so did the pitchers. I slid ours over to the side and pulled out the one we had put aside, marked with a small snake.

“And three, two, we go.” People started drinking the pumpkin juice, seemingly not realising what had happened. I turned to the girl next to me, who wasn’t part of our group, and smiled.

“Who do you like?” She blushed, but immediately blurted out an answer. The guy next to her laughed.

“I don’t like you at all.” The girl ran out in tears, giving me a little stab of guilt, but as I watched the chaos unfold, it was replaced by laughter. Jasmine joined us, grinning and pouring herself a drink.

“I’ll assume this was your doing. How did you manage it?” I laughed and took a bite of a pastry.

“We put Veritaserum in every pitcher except ours. Roxanne came up with the plan.” Duncan took a slurp of his juice, finishing it and pouring himself another glass. Jasmine looked over at him.

“Hey, Duncan.” Duncan grinned and nodded, tearing off a piece of steak from a huge lump of meat. I shuddered and finished my pastry.

“I’m going back to the dorm. Don’t want to be here when McGonagall figures it out. I’ll see you all later.” Everyone nodded and scattered, except Scorpius who walked out with me. I grabbed his hand and smiled.

“Let’s go to the Room. It’s been far too long since we went there.” Scorpius nodded, giving me a peck on the lips, then we ran up the stairs to the seventh floor, laughing. I skidded to a halt in front of the patch of wall.

“I want to spend some time with Scorpius alone.” I paced and repeated this in my head before the door materialised. I pushed it open and ushered Scorpius in. He poked his head back out, laughing.

“You’re not going to believe this. Come in, quickly.” I walked in, shutting the door behind me. It shimmered and dissolved into the wall. I looked around and burst out laughing. The Room was almost empty, aside from a huge bed and a small table with a vase of red roses. Scorpius plucked out one of them and handed it to me.

“Here you go, milady. A flower for a flower.” I grinned and tossed it aside, planting my lips on his.

“Okay, I guess romantic works. I should try this more.” I laughed and threw him onto the bed, sitting down next to him.

“Nope, I just wanted you to shut up. Plus I like kissing you.” Scorpius grinned and pulled me in for another kiss, brushing his fingers over my cheek as he did. I smiled and started undoing his shirt buttons, glad he’d picked a button-up today. Scorpius slid his arms out of the shirt sleeves as I finished the buttons, throwing it away. For once, my little sceptical voice was silent, and so was the rest of my mind. I slipped off my own shirt, leaving me in a lacy red bra. Scorpius’ fingers brushed the edge of it as my hands went to his pants, unzipping them and sliding them down. Scorpius broke off, breathing hard.

“Are you want us to...” I silenced him with a kiss, sliding off my jeans and throwing them away.

“Yes, I want to. Please.” Scorpius looked into my eyes, which were a light, soulful grey.

“You’re a hundred percent sure?” I nodded, but froze.

“Hang on...oh shit, protection.” Scorpius grinned and walked over to the table, looking over it.

“This has a drawer, right here. Now, if my suspicions are correct...” Scorpius slid the drawer open, and stuck his hand in.

“Yep, my suspicions are confirmed. The Room has an extremely dirty mind.” I laughed as Scorpius pulled out a box of condoms.

“How the fuck did it know that?” Scorpius shrugged and walked over, taking one out.

“ Are you...are you still sure?” I took his hand, looking into his eyes.

“Yes, I’m sure. I want this with you, Scorpius. I want to be your first, and for you to be mine.” My hand drifted up to my bra, unclipping it. Scorpius’ eyes went wide as it slipped off, and even wider when my underwear followed. I              leant forward and kissed him again, slowly going lower and lower with the kisses, until I was at eye level with his boxers. I looked up at Scorpius again.

“I’m going to ask you once - are you ready? Do you want this?” Scorpius swallowed and nodded.

“Yes, I want this. I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life, Taylor Zabini.” I smiled up at him, and slid his boxers off.






I rolled over, breathless and slightly sweaty. Scorpius looked over at me, grinning and breathing loudly.

“That was fucking amazing. Thank you, Taylor.” I rolled back over, snuggling into his chest and smiling, his chest hair tickling my cheeks.

“I should be thanking you.” Scorpius laughed, the vibrations echoing through his chest and into my ears.

“Well, I guess, if you really feel like it...” I laughed and curled up around him, looking at my watch.

“It’s only two o’clock. I don’t really want to go back to the common room, in case Sluggie’s there, so...can we just stay here? For a little while longer?” Scorpius nodded, lying his head back down and closing his eyes. I moved up a little, tucking my head into the hollow of his neck, and arranging my body around his.

“I could stay here forever.” Scorpius nodded in agreement, his eyes shut tight. I closed my own and quickly fell asleep in my boyfriend’s arms.

For a change, I dreamed while I was asleep. I was in a golden forest, with a stream bubbling somewhere nearby. There was a little melodic laugh, and a head topped with curly brown hair popped out from behind a tree.

“Come and get me, Mama.” I laughed and ran over to the little girl, who turned and dashed into the forest. I paused when I lost sight of her, but soon that head popped out again.

“Follow me, Mama. Catch me if you can!” I ran over again, this time keeping my eyes firmly on her. She ran through the trees, dashing quickly and leaping over obstacles with amazing dexterity and speed. I struggled to keep up, but Quidditch training kicked in and I soon found myself going through the forest robotically, jumping and running. I burst out into a clearing, looking around. The clearing was filled with green grass and a few fallen leaves, and in the very middle was the little girl. I walked over and grabbed her around the waist, tickling her. She looked up at me with clear grey eyes, laughing.

“You caught me, Mama.” I laughed, cuddling my daughter into my arms. There was a crash, and Scorpius came falling out of the tree nearby, laughing. He walked over and wrapped his arms around both of us, kissing the little girl on the head. I smiled at my family and slipped back into consciousness.

“Morning, sunshine. Or should I say afternoon?” I glanced up at Scorpius and poked my tongue out at him, looking at the watch on his arm. It was half past five already.

“Hey, sleep is a natural thing that needs to be completed in order to survive. You can’t blame me for wanting to survive.” Scorpius laughed and sat up, effectively pushing me off his chest as he did. I stretched and got up, grabbing my clothes and his.

“Here. Cover yourself, star-boy.” Scorpius caught the bundle of clothes with a mock-angry expression.

“Just because I have the luxury of being named after a constellation does not entitle you to call me ‘star-boy’. It would be like calling you ‘seamstress’ because your name sounds like ‘tailor’.” I flipped him the bird and slid on my clothes, trying to limit the amount of flesh exposed to the now-chilly air.

“Well, star-boy is a better nickname than seamstress, anyway. Besides, what kind of nickname can you get from Scorpius?” Scorpius mimed placing a cap on his head and squinted his eyes.

“Well, there’s Scorp, Scorpy, Pius, and of course star boy. Are there even any nicknames for Taylor?”

“Well, everybody calls me Tay Tay at parties, but apart from that, not really.” Scorpius thought for a second, actually thinking instead of just looking like it, and turned back to me.

“Lori. I’m going to call you Lori from now on. That’s a nickname for Taylor.” I frowned, but paused. The name sounded pretty good, better than Taylor, and a million times better than Tay Tay. Seriously, I don’t even know how my friends came up with that one.

“I guess so...but only you. Everybody else calls me Taylor still.” Scorpius nodded, moving over and putting his arm around me.

“Yep. If anyone else starts calling you that, you have permission to hurt them.” I laughed and snuggled into his chest.

“You’re a good boyfriend. I’m glad I have you.” Scorpius smiled at me and glanced at his watch again.

“Yeah, we should get to dinner. It’s about to start.” I nodded and slipped out, going over to the door, which materialised when I walked over.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!” Scorpius nodded and walked out with me.






We made it to the Great Hall at ten past six, where all of our friends were waiting. Everyone’s eyes were on us as we joined them. Duncan gave Scorpius a fistbump and waggled his eyebrows.

“Well, you two were gone for a while. What did you do while you were...absent?” Scorpius punched him on the arm, grinning.

“There was a Divination essay Taylor needed help with, something about stars, so I helped out. Sue me.” Duncan clearly wasn’t convinced, but he shrugged it off, grabbing a lamb chop and tearing into it. I grinned at Scorpius and piled potato onto my plate. Jasmine nudged my arm, grinning.

“Please, we all know that an ‘essay’ is code for something else entirely. So spill. What did you two turtledoves do all alone?” Scorpius sighed and looked around.

“Okay, I’ll tell you. I took Taylor on a picnic, down in the Forbidden Forest. Now you can berate me for being unmanly.” Duncan laughed and thumped Scorpius on the back, hard enough to make him almost plant his face into his plate, and thwacked his fist on the table.

“Oh, you’re killing me, Scorpius! Any more girly, and we might as well put you in a dress and call you Shirley!” Scorpius blushed slightly and looked down. Jasmine put her arm around me, smiling.

“Never let this kid go. If he’s already taking you on picnics, you’ll be together forever.” I grinned and looked over at Scorpius, my eyes glinting. I looked back down at my food and kept eating, thinking happily to myself.

I was glad to have him. Extremely glad.

“Hey, can I talk to you? Taylor?” My head jerked up at that voice. My eyes met emerald green ones.

“What do you want, Potter?”


My computer literally crashed. All the data was wiped. I had to start this chapter all over again, and I completely changed the storyline to keep it less depressing than the original one.

So...Starlor...naw...I think I'm flirting with this chapter being too risque. Definitely have to change some ratings now *bites lip*

CLIFFIE ADDICTION STRIKES AGAIN! Albus returns! I kinda missed he's back!

Thanks for being patient through my little writing drought.

Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

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