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What would you do for love? by beccam
Chapter 1 : Draco
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    “I will NOT share a chamber with him!” her voice yelled rather loudly. Dumbledore looked at her, the kindness that was always in his eyes lacking a bit. I don’t know what her problem is I mean, who wouldn’t want to share a common room with me? oh yeah that's right, someone who hates my guts wouldn't want to share a common room with me.



  “Ms. Granger. Rooming with Mr. Malfoy is not the end of the room and comes along with the responsibilities of being head girl. Now I was under the impression that you wanted this position and if that were the case, if you truly wanted to be head girl then this really shouldn’t be an issue” the old man said calmly.



    I sat there quietly, almost afraid to speak and make Hermione yell again.I looked over at her and she glared at me, if looks could kill I know for a fact Hermione would have just killed me several times. Hermione looked away from me then huffed in anger before standing up out of her chair, grabbing her head girl badge and walking out of Dumbledore’s office.



     I talked with Dumbledore for a while before saying goodnight and dismissing myself. I would never admit this but I was looking forward to sharing the heads chamber with Hermione this year. I can’t believe that it took me 6 years to realize just how extraordinary she was.



   I made my way to our common room, mumbled “flourish and blotts” and entered the heads chamber. It was amazing how the room had transformed to have a mixture of reds and greens representing both houses. Hermione was nowhere in sight and her bedroom door was wide open. I decided to write to my mother, seeing as I had nothing better to do.





     I don’t know what to do. You know the girl I was telling you about? Well, she made head girl and she is absolutely furious about sharing the heads chamber with me. And of course it would seem over the summer she’s only gotten more beautiful. She hates me though and I know that even if she didn’t there could never be anything between us. She’s a Muggleborn and if that wasn’t enough for Voldemort to use her against our family my feelings are I know that love is weakness in his eyes. Besides, she’s with the witless wonder Ronald Weasley. I just feel so trapped… I’ll talk to you soon, let you know how the beginning of term is and everything. Please stay safe mother, I love you.



                                                                                           Your son, Draco Malfoy




I sent the letter off with my owl, Optimus, and watched him until he was out of sight. I know there’s nothing my mother can do but it helps to just let it all out and she’s the only person I can trust.



    After That I decided it was time for bed, I crawled into bed but sleep wouldn’t come. I lay awake just thinking of Hermione Granger and why she had to be so beautiful. I decided then that I couldn’t let any of these emotions show themselves to Hermione, if I was even the slightest bit nice to her I knew she’d go running to Scar head and Weasel and that’s the last thing I needed.

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