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Wide Awake by oldnumberseven
Chapter 11 : Layla
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Disclaimer: You may hate me after this chapter. Or you may love me, I’m not sure.

The Purple Inkpot is based on a real place in Amsterdam called Kokopelli Smartshop (the stars in the image below are from a picture I took in real life). I couldn’t resist putting myself in the story too – Carl Menert is a combination of my nickname (my real name is Carly but most people call me Carl, because I’m quirky like that) and Michal Menert, the artist I couldn’t stop listening to when I wrote this.

"joie de vivre" means joy of life in French, just to clarify. 

Aaaaaand I'm the one who made the chapter image! 

What'll you do when you get lonely and nobody's waiting by your side? You've been running and hiding much too long, you know it's just your foolish pride.” – Derek and the Dominos, 1970

Silence. Nothing but silence.

The little boy hugged his legs tighter to his chest and slowly started to rock back and forth to calm his breathing. He squeezed his eyes shut. Breathe in, breath out. Breathe in, breathe out. Dad said everything would be all right. He wiggled his toes and involuntarily bit his lip as his terror slowly began to subside.

He opened his eyes and saw nothing but darkness as he listened to the rain hit the roof above him. He blinked but he still could not adjust to the lack of light. He whimpered softly. He wanted to be back in his warm bed. He didn’t understand why his parents had ripped him from his room to hide him and put him in the outside shed. It was for his protection, his father had said. But protection from whom?

Suddenly, a great stream of moonlight burst onto his face and he cowered as he put his hand up to shield his eyes. Someone had ripped off the door. He began to cry out for help until heard a low, guttural snarl. His breath caught in his throat as he lowered his hand and saw that it was not his father or his mother standing over him. It was a monster.

Fear. Unending fear. He blinked several times as his vision sharpened, his heart beating like the wings of a hummingbird. The large wolf snapped its teeth as it glared at him with piercing red eyes. The boy started to hyperventilate. Where was Dad? Where was Mum?

The beast jumped up on its hind legs and howled loudly at the Full Moon above them. The boy couldn’t help but scream as raindrops began to splash onto his face. The wolf set its front limbs back on the ground and seemed to grin at his misfortune when he began to shake. It snapped its jaws one more time before lunging towards him with its large teeth, aiming for his right leg …

Gemma Rawnsley screamed loudly as her eyes flew open. She felt someone wrap their arms around her torso and she yelped again, kicking backwards; the person behind her let out a sharp gasp as she hit something soft. She swiftly grabbed the sheet around her and curled into a ball in the cluster of pillows at the top of the bed. The Seer began to hyperventilate as she rocked back and forth.

“Bloody hell woman, I think you just killed all my future children!” Sirius groaned as he clutched his manhood between his legs.

Gemma continued to sway, muttering incoherently. Her right eye twitched rapidly as she fixated on the deep red curtains in front of her. Things started to spin and the individual threads of the crushed velvet material moved like grass swirling in the wind. It was like being stuck in a vortex. She felt a familiar nausea creep into her stomach and the Hufflepuff seized Sirius’ arm to steady herself as she came out of her visionary dream. She grasped it tightly and her world continued to flip around and around like the inside of a Muggle washing machine.

Her pupils dilated and then rapidly contracted back to their normal size; relief washed over her. Gemma let out several shaky breaths and the world stopped moving. She felt her magical ability start to leave her body and she relaxed her tense muscles; the Seer let go of Sirius’ arm and placed a hand to her cheek. She was still burning up, but everything else seemed to be normal. She let out another deep sigh of relief as she fell back into the pillows.

However, Gemma’s release was short lived. When she finally started to look around her, she realized everything was a shade of scarlet, mixed with accents of black and gold – Gryffindor colors. Although the curtains were completely drawn, she didn’t need a crystal ball to know that everything in the entire room was decorated with the same color scheme.

Fear immediately replaced her relief. She was in the Gryffindor Seventh Year dormitory, specifically next to Sirius in his proper bed. And to top it all off, it was also the morning of the first Hogsmeade trip of the year and the day before Halloween. She swore softly and tried to avoid his confused stare.

Memories from the night before flashed through her brain as she stared at his curtains. She'd hanging out with the band in an abandoned classroom when he'd found her; Sirius just magically appeared out of thin air, saying he was wandering by on the way home from his detention and smelled their gillyweed smoke. Gemma remembered not questioning his presence … and the way he passionately kissed her on top of the Astronomy Tower after they left together. He told her he wanted to make love to her in a real bed and since she was so caught up in the moment, she agreed to follow him anywhere. They ended up in his room but the Hufflepuff never planned to fall asleep afterwards.

She never spent the night with a bloke in order to avoid situations like the one she was currently in.

“Gemma,” Sirius hestitated, “what just happened?”

“Nothing, nothing,” she replied as she threw the sheet off her. She frantically began to look for her clothes that were strewn about on top of his bedding. “Look, I’m fine - fine really. Just a little spastic in the mornings. Sorry you’re shagging such a crazy nutter. Well! I’ll just be going then -”

“No!” Sirius cried desperately as he grabbed her hand. “No, I’m not letting you run this time. I – I love you too much!”

The four-letter word hung in the air and Gemma froze in an awkward position, her chocolate corduroy trousers pulled half way up her legs.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think I heard you correctly. You what?”

“I love you!” Sirius repeated and then scrambled over to her side of the bed as she deflated. He stopped panting and reached out to softly place a hand on her exposed right hip.

"You don't know what love is. This is sex, only sex." 

“No, I don't think you understand. I love you Gemma Rawnsley and I’m not ashamed to say it."  

Her eyes widened with shock.

"No - no, wait! Please don’t go. Please don’t run away from me this time. I couldn’t bare it.”

Gemma looked into his grey eyes and saw that he was telling the truth; his aura pulsated with sincerity and genuineness. Still, his honesty smacked her in the face and sent her flying into the unknown. She sucked in a deep breath and ran a hand through her messy, long blonde hair. She couldn’t face him. Sirius was opening so many new doors to so many new feelings and she couldn’t deal with it. It was all too much to handle, especially since she had just recently come out of a mystical tunnel of misery and despair. She clutched her core as her stomach acid began to eat the surrounding walls.

Shit. The word echoed through her thoughts.

Shit, shit, shit.

“Say something. Anyth-”

“I’m scared!” she blurted out. “Ok? I’m scared. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. I can’t help but run! It’s just what I do. I don’t get attached. And I know nothing about love.”

“Well neither do I,” Sirius said with a grin as he pushed a piece of blonde hair out of her face. She peered up at him, her eyes glassy and red. “I’ve certainly – well how do I put this politely?” He bit his lip and glanced down at his shaking hands. “Ok, I’ve shagged a lot of girls. There’s no way around that one. But I swear to Dumbledore, I have never felt this way before. I’ve been infatuated, but I’ve never been in love until now. And don't tell me it isn't a real feeling. I know it's love - I can feel it.”

“But Sirius, I’m not really girlfriend material,” she shrugged as she turned her cheek. “I’m damaged goods.”

“You are not damaged goods. If you say ever say that again, I will -”

“I’m a Seer, you dolt!” Gemma replied, smacking him on the side of the head lightly. “I make prophecies whenever I drink tea, which is a lot. I carry crystals around with me. I have visions in my sleep and most of the time I don’t even know what they mean. I’m bloody insane!”

“I know,” Sirius said as he locked his fingers with hers, “and I still love you. No matter how batty you are.”

His touch sent tiny shocks up her arm and down into her chest and the warm, tingling feeling quickly spread to her brain. Gemma felt her mouth prickle as her entire face went numb. She blinked, realizing that she was feeling pure happiness course through her veins. It was electric and the most satisfying thing she had ever felt.

She wondered if she could cast a full patronus using this memory alone.

“Then I’m never leaving your side,” she swooned as she wrapped her arms around his bare chest. Sirius whooped joyfully and nuzzled his lips against her neck as he muttered ‘I love you’ over and over again. She protested but once he started kissing her collarbone, she moaned appreciatively. Their desire took control but just as Sirius flipped her over, she yelped.

“Sirius! I still have my trousers on!”

“Not for long,” he growled as his hands wandered south.

“Arcoiris – yes, here you are on the list! Jolly good. Now, you say this is your date for the day? How did you get so lucky?” the Head Boy asked as he playfully nudged Ralph Arcoiris, a Fourth Year Hufflepuff. The boy’s face was etched in a delightful grin. “Well I guess I’ll just have to cross you both off the list then. Together. What’s your name, dearie?”

"Sofia Lovegood," the Ravenclaw brunette answered shyly.

“Alright, done,” he smiled as he tapped his quill on the parchment he was holding. “You’re free to go. But be careful lad, you’re taking a delightful young woman on a date. If I hear you were anything other than a gentleman, I will have to simply -”

“That’s enough James,” Lily Evans said rolling her eyes. “Let them go on their merry way. We’re just about done here.”

Ralph continued to grin and Sofia’s blush deepened when he reached out and grabbed her hand. Lily smiled wistfully as she watched them scamper down the road towards the small village; she closed her eyes and began to reenact her first date at Hogsmeade in her head. It was a gorgeous fall day and she still was able to smell the autumn leaves that swirled around in the wind. Although she didn’t like to leave Sev alone, she wanted nothing more than to go to Madame Puddifoots with her first crush, Zander Boot. He was so dreamy and –

“Padfoot, m’boy! You’re finally awake!” James exclaimed, ripping Lily from her daydreams. He seemed to be doing that a lot today. She internally groaned and opened her eyes to see that Sirius had indeed graced them with his presence. He was not alone, however. He was holding hands with Gemma, the elusive Hufflepuff whom the Marauder seemed to be head over heels in love with.

“Yes, we are. So you can cross us off the list,” Sirius answered, grinning madly. He looked like a child on Christmas morning and Lily’s face softened when she realized she hadn’t seen Sirius this happy in a very long time.

“So you’re officially going to Hogsmeade together then?” James bobbed excitedly and Lily couldn’t help but perk up her ears so that she could hear the potential good news.

“Yes,” Gemma replied and then dreamily looked up at the pureblood next to her. “And we’re actually together together too.”

“You – you are?! Merlin’s beard, it’s finally happened! CONGRATULATIONS YOU TWO!” James bellowed and he opened his arms and hugged Sirius t. As he slapped his best friend on the back joyously, Lily couldn’t help but smile at his genuine reaction. The Head Boy then pulled Gemma into a large bear hug and she yelped in surprise when he picked her up and spun her around, whooping with joy. When he put her back on the ground, he playfully pointed a finger in her face.

“You do realize what this means, right? You’re an honorary Marauder now!”

As Gemma laughed and Sirius pulled her closer to kiss her on the head, Lily felt a strong sense of loneliness creep up her spine. She felt like she was at the Muggle zoo, watching all the animals live their daily lives through a glass divider. She felt so detached while they looked so together. It pained her.

Although she kept telling herself that she hated James, she couldn’t help but frown when she realized that he was more excited about Sirius’ new girlfriend than their lack of a relationship; in fact, he was more excited about meeting every person he crossed off their master list of eligible students than socializing with her. She shivered involuntarily. She hated feeling this way.

But her imagination kept running wild. Would Sirius react the same way if she and James were to finally start dating? Would she be an honorary Marauder too?

“Look,” James began after he put his parchment up over his face and Lily scowled when she realized he was shielding himself from her, “I’ll tell Josephine we’ll meet you for a butterbeer at the ‘Sticks. Now run along love birds!”

Sirius saluted his best friend and then swooped Gemma up into his arms like a groom on his wedding day. She laughed blissfully and kicked her legs back and forth with a playful smile tugging at her lips. She didn’t seem to care that both boys had vaulted her off the ground; she was too caught up in her own ecstasy. Lily shook again, hating the cold shivers that her jealousy produce, and heard James drop the parchment back to his side and sigh as he watched them mosey down the path.

“Pinch me.”

“What?!” Lily exclaimed, extremely confused. This was the first time he’d spoken directly to her all day.

“Pinch me, Evans! This can’t be real. I can’t believe Sirius finally caught her! Man, he was going crazy over her and she just kept running and running and run-”

He stopped midsentence when he realized he was approaching deep water.

“Sorry. Nevermind.”

Lily internally screamed for him to keep going but remained silent when James gulped nervously. He turned away from her and began to push a rock back and forth with his shoe and she almost broke down in tears right there on the spot. It seemed he was officially over her. She pulled her large beige sweater tighter around her pale blue polka dotted dress as her shivers continued. The Head Girl had been waiting for this day ever since James had first asked her out but now that it was here, she felt abysmally sick to her stomach.

For the first time in her life, Lily Evans actually wanted James Potter to ask her out. She wanted to be wanted by him – and he was doing his best to ignore her completely.

“James!” she heard someone call out and she turned to see that Josephine was running out the Castle. Her extremely athletic frame was clad in bell-bottom jeans and a white lacy peasant top and Lily’s heart sunk even deeper. Josephine was the complete opposite of her and yet, she was the one who got the man. Her wavy blonde hair refused to stay in her ponytail and James reached out and tucked a loose strand behind her ear.

Lily almost threw up.

“Can you - ”

“Just go, Potter,” she snarled as she ripped his list out of his hands. “Enjoy your date.”

“Date?” Josephine said incredulously. “Is that the rumor going 'round? I thought this was supposed to be a day spent between two friends.”

“It is,” James grumbled as he glared at her. “I have no idea what Evans is on about. Come on, let’s go.”

Lily felt like a complete and utter fool. As they walked away from her - immediately striking up a conversation about Quidditch - despair filled her lungs and she felt unable to breathe. How dare he make fun of her like that? How dare he just wander away from her afterwards? Her anger prickled under her skin. Moreover, how could she have been so stupid? In a fit of rage, she kicked the rock James had been playing with earlier and it sailed through the air and hit someone straight between the eyes.

“Oh my god, Walter! I am so sorry!”

Aeryn Miller squealed with delight and clapped her hands as one of the servers placed two steaming cups of tea in front of her and Peter. As the very bored looking girl left several frilly napkins at the edge of the table, Aeryn excitedly blew on her tea to try and cool it down. After a couple more tries, she eventually stopped heaving and thrust two lumps of sugar into her drink. As she wrapped her fingers around her cup and slowly sipped her tea, she looked across the table at her boyfriend; he looked awkward and skittish but Aeryn didn’t care. She was having her favorite red velvet cake tea at Madame Puddifoots – her one condition if he was going to drag her through Zonko’s later.

“So did you see what Karen Milligan was wearing earlier? Oh. My. God. It was horrendous!”

“I didn’t catch her, dear,” Peter replied as he tugged at the collar of his black button down shirt. “Sorry.”

“Really? You didn’t see her talking to Professor Artro?” she asked. “I thought all male students couldn’t keep their eyes off that woman.”

She snorted loudly and then sipped her tea again. Aeryn wasn’t stupid. She could tell that the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor attracted many forbidden admirers among the student population and possibly the faculty; she’d heard a rumor that she was possibly shacking up with their long-standing Herbology professor, Loki Stotch. Aeryn let her mind wander as she continued to daydream. She concluded that if you combined Sabine Artro’s sharp, aristocratic features with Loki Stotch’s brooding personality, you’d get one hell of an attractive male or female child.

“I don’t like her,” Peter said and Aeyrn scrunched up her face in surprise. “She seems a little shifty to me.”

“How so?” Aeryn asked when she placed her lips to the side of the cup again. She almost let out a moan of pure bliss as the delicious liquid rolled down her throat. Peter, she noticed, hadn’t touched his tea yet.

“Oh I don’t know,” he responded while running a nervous, shaking hand through his hair. “She just slinks around. I always run into her in the oddest places. One moment I’m scurr – running down an empty hall on the Fourth Floor and then I turn the corner and bam! There she is. Just standing there. Alone. Doing nothing.”

“Maybe the other faculty members have warned her that the Marauders are real troublemakers,” she giggled. “Maybe she’s onto you. Say, do you think her and Professor Stotch are a thing? They could totally have a romance going on and we just don’t know it.”

“I doubt it,” Peter muttered as he looked down at his steaming cup of tea. He gingerly placed his fingers around his drink and then lifted it to his mouth. Aeryn jumped when he spit the liquid back into his cup. He started to swear softly under his breath as he put the cup back onto its saucer.

“Too hot,” he briefly explained and then stuck out his tongue so that he could try to cool it down by fanning it with his hands.

“Peter! What is wrong with you?” Several moments later, she realized that her question was rather loaded. Sure, he was acting like a fool in a very respectable teashop, but she’s been extremely suspicious of his behavior ever since the beginning of the term.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he apologized as he stuck his hands in his pockets. “I’m just nervous.”

“Nervous about what?” she growled, feeling tense and jittery.

“Oh alright, I’ll just come out with it!” Peter wailed desperately as he removed his hands from his pockets, placing a small black box in front of her. Aeryn froze and felt her teacup fall from her fingers and crash on the ground; the porcelain splinters littered the floor but she didn’t register the mess she made. She could only focus on the jewelry box in front of her. It explained his nervous behavior completely. The Gryffindor snatched it up from the table with lightning speed and quickly snapped it open. Inside there was a simple silver band.

No diamond. Phrases of dissatisfaction rang in her ears.

“It’s a promise ring,” Peter explained sheepishly. “I don’t have the money or status to marry you yet but this ring will hopefully show you that I’m serious about our relationship.” Aeryn slowly took the ring out of the box and placed it in the palm of her hand. She couldn’t deny that she was disappointed – girls like her always got excited at the prospect of a wedding ring – but the alternative was not the end of the world. She smiled as she placed it on the ring finger of her left hand.

It looked nice against her freshly manicured, white tipped nails.

“Thank you, dear,” she purred as she sat up in her seat and leaned across the table to kiss him. “We can go to Zonko’s after I finish my tea.”

Peter’s expression exploded with relief. He met her lips eagerly and soon, their exchange began to steam up the window next them. However, no one seemed to notice because most students in the teashop were doing the exact same thing.

Marianne Minot tumbled out of Tomes and Scrolls - the oldest bookshop in Hogsmeade - laughing hysterically. The Ravenclaw wiped her eyes as she and Remus settled just to the right of the main entrance to the building.

“I can’t believe you told Marius Fletcher he was an arrogant toerag for making up the ending of We Three Witches to impress Persephone Davies! I hate to say it but you sounded an awfully lot like Lily Evans.”

“Well, he was being an arrogant toerag!” Remus exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. “You can’t just make up the ending of a critically acclaimed novel without expecting people to call you on it.”

“Well your comment forced us of the shop,” she countered playfully. She down looked at her watch. “We’ve got about an hour left. Since I picked Tomes and Scrolls, you pick the last place.”

“Ok, one question – do you like Muggle authors?”

“I’ve liked the ones I’ve read,” Marianne admitted shyly, “but there weren’t many in my pureblood household when I was growing up. So I’m a novice.”

“Perfect,” Remus grinned and he waved for her to follow him. She chuckled and quickened her step in order to keep up with his long strides as he began to turn past Dominic Maestro’s music shop.

She couldn’t remember ever having this much fun at Hogsmeade before. Her first few visits had certainly been magical and she always treasured the trip she and her sisters had taken the year before, but her time with Remus blew all her other experiences out of the water. They’d come up with a game – a little contest – to see who knew the bookstores of Hogsmeade the best. Therefore, they’d spent the entire day running and in out of literary establishments, completely laughing their heads off every step of the way. Their witty banter was effortless and Marianne’s abdominal muscles hurt from expressing her massive amounts of amusement.

“Here we are,” Remus said, opening his arms wide. “The Purple Inkpot - our last stop.”

Marianne felt her jaw drop in awe.

The building was a deep shade of eggplant and she counted nine hanging ferns attached to the outside of it. She could see several intricately painted star shaped lights hanging from the ceiling inside and just under their reflection, the front window had ‘The Purple Inkpot’ written out in wiggly purple letters. She ignored Remus and ran into the bookshop, immediately realizing that it was more than a place that sold books; the entire inside of the building was painted sky blue with abstract puffs of white clouds scattered over the walls. To her right, there were several large pieces of psychedelic art hanging over the clouds, waiting to be sold, and she turned her head to the left and saw that there were several plush couches and large, self-sustaining teapots in the middle of rainbow circular tables. But the sight directly in front of her took her breath away.

Endless rows of brightly colored bookshelves waited for her to inspect each and every one of them.

“Well, do you like it?”

“Oh, Remus,” Marianne replied breathlessly as she reached down to pet one of the wandering cats around her. “I never want to leave this place!” She scooped up one of the house kittens, cooing in its ear softly, and meandered over to one of the couches. When she sat down and tried to fully drink in the trippy looking shop, the tabby cat began to purr in her lap.

“So I guess I won, right?”

“Absolutely” was her only reply. She was too busy swiveling her head around to come up with accurate praise for her literary friend.

“Remus!” an old man, dressed in shimmering red robes with a beard that rivaled Dumbledore, called out. “Back again I see. And who have you brought with you this time?” Remus grinned and stood up to hug the man while Marianne felt a blush creep into her cheeks as she continued to pet the cat in her lap.

“This is Marianne Minot,” the Gryffindor replied and she softly placed the animal on the couch so she could stand up and meet the Wizard in front of her. “She’s an old friend of mine. Marianne, this is Ben Smithers. He owns the place.”

“Minot?” Ben asked curiously as he reached out his hand. Marianne wanted to reach out and touch his perfectly dreaded silver hair but quickly thought against it. “French, I presume?”

“You are correct,” she giggled as she shook his hand and properly greeted him.

“Hmmm,” he pondered as he let go of her hand. Marianne shot an excited glance at Remus and he smiled back at her. When the Ravenclaw focused her attention back to the shop owner, he pulled out a moss green book from beneath his robes.

“I think you’ll like this one,” he winked and Marianne almost mistook him for their Headmaster as he placed the novel in her hands.

“You have Carl Menert’s latest work?” Remus asked in disbelief. “It doesn’t come out until next month!”

“I’m still able to surprise you after all these years,” Ben smiled. “I take that as a compliment.”

“Who’s Carl – Menert did you say?” Marianne butted in, feeling like a dwarf next to the two tall men.

“He’s an ace Muggle author,” Remus responded softly. “He writes about love, politics, personal growth, psychology -”

“I think you should let the young lady find out for herself. You don’t want to give away all his intricate plot twists, now do you?” Ben chuckled and then smiled at the two students standing in front of him. “I will tell you this though – you’re going to have to read his work several times. You won’t see all the clues and foreshadowing until you’ve gone over it a second time." 

“Wow, thank you! How much is it?” Marianne said gratefully as she began to dig in her pockets of her grey flares for her coin purse.

“It’s on the house,” he winked. “Now I urge you to look around. I love seeing the faces of magical folks who’ve come in here for the first time.”

Marianne couldn’t help but thank him several more times before he left to resume his post at the head cash register. She hugged the book to her chest and looked up at Remus, who had a dumb grin plastered on his face. He sweepingly held out his hand and directed her towards the colorful bookshelves. The Ravenclaw let out a gleeful squeal – something very unusual for her – and rushed over to examine all the books. While she recognized a few of the titles, most of them were unknown to her. She felt the familiar thrill of adventure and the power of the written word pulsing through her and she rounded the bookshelf, completely losing Remus.

She picked out one of the books from the shelf and stared at the bright yellow cover. Marianne couldn’t resist herself; she opened up the novel and began to flip through it. The typewriter font jumped out at her but when she reached the middle of the book, she realized that there were pictures. She tilted the book sideways and watched as one of the large folded pages unraveled itself towards the floor. As she looked at the photos, she realized they were not moving.

“It’s a trip, right?” Remus muttered softly behind her. “You can imagine what it would be like for a Muggle to see our books. Pretty magical.”

Magical was an understatement. As she placed the book back on the shelf, Marianne felt euphoria and pure joy bubble up from somewhere deep inside her. She finally felt alive and more empowered than she had ever been before … but she soon realized that the Muggle books were not making her feel that way.

It was Remus.

His dashing features and caring heart made her want to follow him anywhere, even if it was to hell and back. Suddenly Carl Menert’s latest novel fell from her hands as she reached up to touch his face. She didn’t even have time to register her courageous outburst; she was already kissing him passionately.

Remus, however, did not respond in kind. Seconds after she kissed him, he yelped and jumped back, smacking his head against one of the bookshelves behind him. The crack echoed through her ears and Marianne felt the air rush out of her lungs as she registered the utter terror in his eyes. He inhaled sharply. His hands began to shake violently and he shoved them into his pockets to conceal his fright.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I can’t.”

He quickly bolted - taking her heart with him - and left her completely alone in the aisle. Marianne cried out and instantly burst into tears as she crumpled to the floor next to Menert’s latest novel. She’d never felt so empty in her entire life; her euphoria and joie de vivre simply ceased to exist.

“Why didn’t I listen to you, Maman?” she exclaimed, hating the fact that she had deviated from her mother’s instructions and caused herself so much pain.

Author’s Note: So many things just happened. SO. MANY. THINGS.

Where should I being? I guess I’ll just start by saying that the first ten chapters were all background so you know what each character is thinking. The real drama starts now :D The rest of the story is going to be a rollercoaster and that’s a promise you can hold me to.

Sirius/Gemma. Hurray! They are together! But does she know what her dream means? You’ll find that out soon enough XD

I totally couldn’t resist hurting Walter in this chapter. I mean, you hate him too right? Right. That’s what I thought.

You weren’t expecting Peter to bust that one out either, were you? Heh, neither was I until I actually sat down and wrote this thing. As for Sabine/Loki … I’ve been rewatching HBO’s Rome recently so they are totally Polly Walker and James Purefoy.

And Remus/Marianne … please don’t hurt me. There’s just no way he was just going to kiss her back when he hasn’t even told his friends he loves her. But don’t worry, she’s not going anywhere.

Also, do you guys care about the music I’m quoting at the beginning of each chapter? 

Aaaaaaand we’re going back to the boys for the next round robin.

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who’s reviewed so far, especially randomgirl and pinaygirl3123 for responding to multiple chapters!

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