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The Sight by Xaria
Chapter 4 : Realizing
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Chapter 4: Realizing


“Hey, I think she's waking up!” a voice penetrated her thoughts, bringing her back to reality. But Delphia didn't want to wake up, burying her face into the soft plump pillow she groaned. “C'mon Delphia, you've been asleep for a week. I think you've had enough sleep.”


A week?...


She raised her head slowly, wincing as her eyes adjusted to the light. She was in a large room, along the sides of the walls were rows and rows of beds. It resembled an infirmary. At the foot of her bed stood Alice and Lily. Lily's cheeks were red and her green eyes flashed dangerously.


“What happened?” asked Delphia, her voice raw and cracked. Alice quickly handed her a glass of water while Lily fumed.


“They said you fell and hit your head, but I know you didn't fall! I saw the red marks on your wrists.” she snapped, although she sounded harsh Delphia could sense the worry in her voice.


“Slytherins. I bloody hate them!” growled Delphia as she brushed her hair out of her face.


Alice bit her lip, looking at Delphia. “It's your eyes isn't it? They'll find anything to make fun of a person!”


Lily sighed heavily and continued, “Well Remus Lupin found you after he went to go to the hospital wing with something. You know, the tall boy with brown hair, scar on his cheek.”


Delphia tried to recall this boy in her memory but she was sure she hadn't seen him. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes as Madam Pomfrey hurried out from her office.


“Oh, finally you've woken up! Take this and then you can leave with your friends. But if you feel lightheaded come back immediately.” she gave Delphia a small bottle full with red liquid. She sniffed it suspiciously. “It's not poison.” Madam Pomfrey assured her.


She swallowed it, ignoring the bitter taste as it went down her throat. Delphia quickly changed behind the curtains and followed her friends out of the hospital wing. Lily and Alice talking animatedly about what she had missed in class as they walked down to the Great Hall.


“Oh, and James Potter brought his broomstick! Ugh, the nerve of that boy! I'm so glad he's got two weeks of detention for it! Although I say that is not even near enough.” Lily rambled, stopping adruptedly as Delphia had stopped in her tracks. Her blue and green gaze was directed to the Slytherin table. Where Lucius sat next to Bellatrix, a blonde girl was pressed close to him, her eyebrows frowned in worry. A few other boys also sat with them, but none she recognized.


Alice quickly grabbed her hand and dragged her away to the Gryffindor table. “Don't stare, it'll cause attention. And that's the last thing you need after what they did to you!”


She took a seat in between the two girls, trying not to look over at the Slytherins. She wasn't scared of them, but confused. They knew something about her parents that she didn't know. Frustrated, she stabbed her mash potatoes repeatedly until it resembled the very squished insides of a bug.


A letter fell onto her lap and she looked up startled. A boy stood over her with the same description that Lily had said about Remus. His brown, almost golden, eyes blinked at her with apology. A sudden vision burst in her head.


It was cold and dark, a little boy sat on a porch of a small cottage. He was playing with a very large white cat. The moon was full and bright overhead. He grabbed the cat with his small chubby hands and squeezed it to his chest. The cat purred and batted at his brown hair that hung in his face. Suddenly the cat struggled out of his grasp, his ears perked up to the woods.


What's wrong Toni?” the little boy asked as his cat fluffed out his fur and hissed violently.


A growl tore through the dark night. Pacing forward was a gigantic gray wolf. His yellow eyes wild with hunger. The boy gasped and backed up to the porch, trying not to make any sudden movements. Toni let out a ferocious growl as the wolf launched himself forward. The large cat sprang on top of the wolf, determined to come between him and his human.


He clawed and bit at the wolf, trying to apply as much damage as possible. But no cat was a match for such a large wolf. With his huge sharp paws he flung the cat away where it landed several feet away and lay still.


Toni!” the boy screamed. The wolf jumped forward and sunk his teeth into the five year old boy just as the back door open. The boy was in to much pain to notice, and everything went black.


Delphia shook her head as the vision cleared, but she understood the scars along his cheek. He coughed awkwardly and said, “This letter came for you this morning”


She nodded and avoided his gaze. Turning the letter over and broke the wax seal. Recognizing the fancy scrawl she continued to read.




I heard what had happened from Dumbledore, as a letter had been sent to me. I hope you are alright and recovered well. Dumbledore also explained to me the reason as to why you were hurt in the first place. Don't seem so surprised, he is the finest wizard around and tends to know everything. I'm sorry that I can't explain to you why you were their target. You are too young to understand. But I promise that one day I will tell you. Now ignore them and focus on your work. I love you and I can't wait to see you for Christmas.


Your father, Braxton Fairchild


Delphia quickly crumpled up the letter and shoved it into her pocket. Her cheeks red with anger, obviously she wasn't going to get any answers from him.


“Who was it from?” Alice prompted. Delphia looked up from her silent fury to notice Lily and Alice staring at her, their eyes filled with worry.


“My father.” she said simply. But after another thought she added carefully, “Those Slytherins know something about my family. About my mother and my father. He wouldn't tell me why because I am 'too young' as he put it.”


“Just give it a few years and maybe he will tell you. For now I suggest staying away from them.” suggested Lily. “Focus on something else, like school work.”


Delphia rolled her eyes, of course Lily was the one to propose school work as an option. She let out a heavy sigh and looked past her table to the Slytherins. Bellatrix and Lucius stared directly at her, their lips moving as they spoke to a few other menacing students. That's when she realized that in a few years they would be out of Hogwarts. Not only that but Braxton would also be willing to tell her about this problem they have with her mother. Delphia focused her attention on her food and thought to herself.


Perhaps Lily was right when she said to occupy her time with school work. Delphia smiled reassuringly at her two friends to show that she wasn't upset as they thought her out to be. Happiness stirred inside of her when the two returned her smile with some of their own. Thinking about the years to come she knew she wouldn't be so lonely after all.



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