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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 16 : Chapter 16
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“Perhaps they’ll win,” Amelia said to James as both of them walked towards the Quidditch pitch. Scorpius, Adam and Kelly were all walking ahead of them.

Today was the Ravenclaw versus Slytherin match and Scorpius was wearing a bright green coat to show his house pride, he said that it brought out his stormy grey eyes, to a lot of groans from the rest of them, no one wanting to point out to Scorpius that his eyes were just a light blue. He was providing the group of them with Honeydukes chocolate during the match, which his father had sent to him, so they felt obligated to listen to his lies. At least until they had eaten everything.

“I don’t think they will,” James told her as he kept his arms shoved into his pockets, Amelia had her arms folded in front of her shivering slightly, she was still cold even though James had leant her his Gryffindor scarf. She felt like such a traitor to her house for wearing it but didn’t dwell that much on the fact, as James’s aftershave was making her head feel a bit fuzzy, not that it stopped her from sniffing it without anyone noticing.

“Unless Mariah and Albus somehow manage to get through an entire match without hurting or seriously maiming each other, I don’t see that happening.”

“Why are they still on the team if they do nothing but attack each other?”

“Because they’re both really good players, once they put their mind to it. So that means Albus not trying to harass Mariah and Mariah not trying to kill Albus. Which they have been doing for so long, I’m not sure they know how to act any different around each other.”

Amelia shook her head at the two as they climbed up the flights of stairs to their seats.

“Which is good for me,” James told her as they shuffled along some empty seats before sitting down at the side. Both Kelly and Adam were sitting either side of Scorpius, Kelly was vying for
Scorpius’s attention and Scorpius was vying for Adam’s. Adam was just staring out at the pitch and engaging both of them in conversation. “As when they’re distracted it makes it easier for me to win.”

Amelia rolled her eyes at James as she smiled, “so you don’t mind that your brother could get seriously hurt?” she asked.

“Well I would, but it happens so often that I’m just used to it by now,” James said with a shrug. They all settled down, James leant his arm across the back of Amelia’s seat and gave her a smile.
She gave him a smile back as she resisted the urge to shift in her seat so she was sitting closer to James; she could have sworn that he shuffled slightly closer to her, but she didn’t want to get her hopes up too much.

“Scorpius, can’t you do anything about it?” Amelia asked leaning forwards to talk to Scorpius around Kelly.

Scorpius gave a shrug, “I’ve tried, but they won’t listen to me. So I just let them get on with it, they’ll tire themselves out eventually.”

“Hey everyone,” came a new voice. They all turned to see that Lucy had made her way over to them; she was standing next to where Adam was sat and was giving them all a smile, “sorry I’m late, I was trying to convince Hugo and Lily to sit with us, but apparently we’re not cool enough for them.”

“We’re too cool for them!” James called, Adam gave a laugh and they both reached a hand up as though about to high five, but the people sitting in between them hindered that plan. Adam and James decided to just lean over everyone instead and bump fists, the others let out groans at being squashed by them.

Lucy rolled her eyes at them, her eyes looking over at where Amelia was sat as though hoping for an empty space next to her.

“Any room for a little one?” she asked hopefully, Scorpius gave her a smile before patting his lap and giving her a wink.

“You could sit here,” he joked. Lucy laughed; Amelia could see the angry and jealous look on Kelly face at Scorpius’s joke and nudged her to try and pull her out of it. Everyone knew that Scorpius was joking around, but Kelly was jealous of anyone getting Scorpius’s attention and refused to admit to herself that Scorpius was gay. Amelia hoped that Kelly would let her crush on Scorpius go so she wouldn’t get hurt in the long run, but Amelia knew that was a hopeless case.

“How about you sit here?” Adam said, giving her a broad smile, patting the seat next to him before turning to face the others, “everyone budge up and we can fit her in.”

After they had all budged up, Amelia found herself sitting extremely close to James; she gave him an embarrassed smile, noticing that James seemed quite pleased with himself. She didn’t feel as cold sitting this close to him and was thankful.

Lucy sat down with thanks to everyone, and Amelia could see Lucy’s face becoming flushed from being so close to Adam.

“Do you have enough room Amelia?” James asked her, looking down at her. She gave him a nod as she turned to face him, noticing just how close they had become, if she leant forwards she could have kissed him. Her eyes flickered down to his lips before she quickly looked away giving a small cough.

“I’m not squashing you am I?” She asked him, looking out onto the pitch to see the players beginning to arrive and fly to their spaces in the air. Scorpius was handing out his chocolate stash to everyone as the commentator began yelling out the names of the players.

“Not at all,” He told her, taking a bar of chocolate from Scorpius with a quick wink at him, before turning back to face Amelia, “you’re looking good in my scarf by the way.” She felt herself grinning as she buried her face into it, the smell of James’s deodorant filling her nostrils.

“Quidditch is quite boring isn’t it?” Kelly asked Amelia, they were about twenty minutes into the game, with Ravenclaw scoring two goals already. Kelly wanted nothing more than for this match to end and to be able to go inside and sit in front of the common room fire; she was mainly in a bad mood because Scorpius was too busy inspecting his nails to talk to her.

“I think it’s quite fun actually,” Amelia told her honestly, she looked back at the game in front of her, to see that the Ravenclaw chaser had kicked the back of the Slytherin chasers broom, causing him to drop the Quaffle.

“That was a foul!” Adam yelled loudly, pointing over at the Slytherin chaser, who managed to right himself and yell at the Ravenclaw player, who gave a smirk. The teacher who was the referee of the match blew his whistle and awarded the Slytherin chaser a free penalty.

“Oh my god, what’s happened to Albus?” Lucy cried, pointing to the other side of the pitch; they all moved their gazes to look at where Lucy was pointing to see Albus falling to the ground.
Everyone had been distracted by the foul on the Slytherin chaser that they hadn’t seen what had happened to Albus to cause him to fall, even the teachers hadn’t noticed what had happened as they game continued playing around them.

Albus fell to the ground in a heap, his broomstick flying away from him; they saw Mariah hovering where he had fallen from, her beaters bat in the air and a horrified look on her face. It was obvious from the way she looked at her bat and then down at Albus that she had something to do with it, she flew down to him quickly and threw the bat to the floor.

Amelia stood up her hand covering her mouth as she looked down at the pitch where Albus had just fallen. Next to her everyone was pretty much doing the same, apart from James who was yelling at the top of his lungs and Scorpius who was inspecting his nails lazily, as though bored by the match, which he had been since before it started. He looked up as everyone stood up and looked around slightly confused, before he looked down at the pitch and saw Albus lying on the floor.

“What the ...” he began just as James quickly ran from the stands, the others all followed him quickly, James’s face had gone pale and he looked like he was going to throw up.

“She hit him. She hit him around the head with a beaters bat!”


They all sat around the hospital bed that Albus was laying in, he had been unconscious since the incident, there was only a small amount of blood but his head was still wrapped up making him look like he was wearing a hat made out of bandages. The game had finished a few hours ago, Ravenclaw won the match and the whole of the Slytherin team were sitting around the bed glum looks on their faces. Mariah’s appearance was met with many glares, when she had approached them. She had stumbled over her words as she tried to explain that it was an accident, she was trying to hit a bludger, not realising that Albus was going for the same one. When she had swung her bat she hadn’t realised that Albus was in the way and accidently hit him.

“You could have killed him,” James snapped at her, Mariah had the decency to look upset.

“I really didn’t meant to hurt him,” everyone could see the worry on her face at these words, Amelia wondered if she was only worried about getting in trouble for hurting Albus or if she actually had feelings for the unconscious and drooling boy in front of them.

“He looks like he’s been brain damaged,” came Lily’s voice from behind them, they all turned to see that the rest of the Weasley and Potter families had arrived, putting their grand total up and causing them to crowd the hospital wing for only one patient. Amelia should have asked for some of them to leave but she didn’t have the heart to do it. Everyone looked at the drool falling down Albus’s face in disgust.

“If he didn’t always drool whilst sleeping I would be worried,” James admitted to them all as his family all tried to find seats. Most of the visitors were sitting on the floor around the bed, apart from James and Adam who were sitting on the end of Albus’s bed, and Lucy, Kelly, Amelia and Scorpius who were all sitting down on chairs.

“What if he’s lost his memory and doesn’t remember who we all are?” asked Hugo, as he climbed over the end of Albus’s bed and tried to sit in between Adam and James, causing them both to almost fall off. They shook their head at him and rolled their eyes before they stood up.

“Then we must all assume new identities,” Scorpius drawled, his legs dangling over one arm of the chair as he leant against the other one. At the same time as Lily who said,

“We should all count ourselves lucky and hope he never remembers us.”

“We can’t be so mean,” Amelia said as Kelly nodded along, not believing what Albus’s family had said, or their new plans about how to get new identities or how to palm Albus off onto another unsuspecting family.

“I wonder how long it’ll be before he wakes up?” Louis asked, most of them mumbled a reply to him as others shrugged in response.

“Maybe he needs something that smells familiar or sounds familiar to bring him back from the brink of death? Like in those movies that mum watches, that dad is always yelling at,” Hugo suggested loudly, looking at Rose who looked like she thought that Hugo’s idea was a good one.

“Like what?” Kelly asked looking around at everyone.

“Err... how about this,” Fred said walking over to Albus before bending down to his ear, “Don’t go towards the light Albus!” he yelled, causing everyone to jump and let out yelps of shock.
“Well not only did that not work, but he is now deaf as well as brain damaged,” James stated a glare at his cousin who shrugged at them, “well done Fred, any other geniuses from my family willing to try?”

Hugo rummaged in his pocket as Mariah got closer to Albus and looked down at him, seeing his face was pale and he looked quite sick. She felt a bit sick herself that she had done this to him.

“How about this,” Hugo cried as he pulled out his triangle from his pocket, the Weasley’s and Potters all let out groans, as the others all looked at each other in confusion. “I’ll play him a song, he’ll love it!” and before the others could stop him, he began to play the instrument loudly, head banging slightly to the ‘music’ he was making. There was a small scuffle as James, Louis, Fred and Rose all tried to dive on Hugo and take the triangle from him. Lily meanwhile was smiling happily and dancing to the music that Hugo was making.

Mariah ignored the scuffle that was happening behind her and stroked a hand gently down Albus’s face as she sighed, leaning down to whisper in his ear.

“I’m sorry Albus, please wake up.” she said sadly. She pulled away and looked down at him to see that his eyes were fluttering open. She quickly moved her hand away from his face and gasped, everyone else who was watching the family squabble take place was now looking down at Albus who was groaning in pain, his hand rising up to his bandaged head to clutch at it. Mariah glanced at the others and gave a quick sigh of relief as she saw that no one else had noticed her moment of weakness around Albus. Well everyone but Scorpius who was giving her a knowing smile, she chose to ignore him. She let out a small cough before she quietly slipped from the room, not wanting to make Albus yell in his current weak state.

“What happened?” Albus asked them all, as he blinked up at them; trying to sit up slowly and feeling his head throb with every movement he was making.

“Mariah hit you around the head with her bludger bat,” James explained, he looked around for the girl but she seemed to have disappeared.

“Is that why my head hurts then?” Albus asked.

“Are we sure he hasn’t got brain damage?” asked Rose tutting down at her cousin.

“There’s a high chance that you have concussion,” Amelia said as she stood up and quickly looked into his eyes, Albus gave her a small confused look before Amelia explained that she was training to be a Healer.

“Can you follow my wand please,” Amelia said as she pulled her wand out and moved it in front of Albus’s face in different directions, Albus’s eyes followed it and Amelia seemed pleased at the results. She asked him a few questions which he answered slowly, he still seemed quite confused and his face was still incredibly pale. The others all seemed a little upset that Albus could remember who he was and who they were; they were looking forward to trying to give him to another family.

“What did you find Amelia?” came a voice from behind them all, Amelia turned to look at the Healer as did everyone else. She was ignoring the amount of people in her ward for the time being as she questioned Amelia.

“He seems to be responding very well, he says that he feels sick so I’m suspecting a mild concussion,” Amelia explained, the Healer nodded at her.

“And what do you suppose we should do now?” she asked, Amelia answered quickly.

“I believe we should keep him over night just as a precaution and monitor his progress. In case there’s some hidden damage.”

“A bit too late for that,” James mumbled to Adam and they both began giggling.

“Very good Amelia,” the Healer beamed walking over to the bed, people moving out of her way quickly. “That’s exactly what I would have suggested to do.”

Amelia beamed proudly and Adam and James patted her on the back as Kelly said, “well done Amelia!”

“Now for the rest of you, Mr Potter needs to get his rest and he’s not going to have it with all of you around is he?” the Healer stated turning around to face the students, all of whom had stood up at her words. “You may come and visit him after dinner if you so wish, but I’m afraid only a few of you at a time. He’ll be released from hospital in the morning.”

They all said goodbye to Albus as they walked out of the hospital wing, everyone talking amongst themselves as they made their way to their respective houses, Kelly waited behind for Amelia who was having a quick word with the Healer before she too left the hospital wing. Although everyone had joked about getting rid of Albus they were all very relieved that he was okay, and hoped that he was back to his old self soon, although not too quickly, as he still freaked them all out and they wanted a break from his craziness.



A/N: I hope you all like this chapter, there's a bit more Albus and Mariah in this, they're slowly admitting to their feelings, although probably not in the same way that any of us would, poor Albus.

Let me know what you think in a review my lovelies! :D

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