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Blind by CooperTowne
Chapter 14 : Fireworks, Food, and Cats Wearing Dress Robes
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I don't know why I didn't put this image up when I first updated, but I apologize!

Credit to Magic_Pheonix :)



“She’s not here,” Ponce said calmly in the face of several worried and angry teenagers. She didn’t bother to look up when they hurried in just to find an empty bed and then stormed into her office looking for answers.


“What do you mean she’s not here?” Freddie bellowed. James grabbed onto his shoulders and pulled him back before Freddie said anything else.


Ponce sighed and stood up from her desk. She walked around it and then led the mob out into the Hospital Wing. The Wing was quiet and nearly deserted besides one kid sitting on the far bed with a green boil on the side of his face. “Her condition was too severe,” Ponce finally said. “She was transferred to St. Mungo’s.”


“Severe? Impossible,” James scoffed as he followed after Ponce when she began to walk to the boiled boy. “I caught her before she hit the ground.”


“Well whatever caused her fall also caused significant damage. I was not able to care for her properly,” Ponce shrugged. “Now if you excuse me. I have work to do. I suggest you all go about your day. I will send word if I find anything else about Anna.” Ponce closed the curtains around the boy’s bed successfully shutting up any other protests they might have had.


Freddie stormed out of the Hospital Wing followed by Dom who mumbled something about not leaving him alone. The rest of them walked slowly out of the Wing.


“Any chance McGonagall would let us go see her at St. Mungo’s?” Kate asked sadly.


“Doubt it,” Isa mumbled.


Polly and Kate sighed simultaneously. “I guess we should just go back to class then,” Kate said.


“Or,” James said slowly. “We can ditch the rest of the day and relax at the far end of the Black Lake.”


“Ditching?” Kate said horrified. “We can’t! We have exams soon!”


“Now that you say that, we are definitely ditching!” James exclaimed. “Charles, will you please?” Charlie nodded and in one swift motion picked Kate up and slung her over his shoulder.


“Put me down!” she growled as the group walked outside. She pounded his fists on Charlie’s back, but eventually gave up.


Pierce came up next to Isa as they made their way outside and looped his arm around her shoulders as they walked. “Isa?” Pierce stammered out slowly from next to her. “Are you okay?”


Isa nodded. Of course I wasn’t okay.


“Are you sure?” he persisted. “James seemed to think—”


“James was wrong,” Isa snapped. Pierce seemed slightly surprised at Isa’s tone.


“You can talk to me if you need to,” Pierce said quietly. “It must be hard going through all of this.”


“What makes you think I need to talk Pierce?” Isa said harshly.


Pierce stopped walking and Isa did the same. I am tired of everyone being worried about me. I can handle myself. All the time from Kate and Charlie, they ask, ‘Isa are you okay?’ or ‘Do you need to talk?’. If I needed to talk, I would.


“Isa,” Pierce said sounding more annoyed, “you barely talk anymore. You don’t smile, laugh, or even look remotely happy. Ever since Anna got hurt. The only person you only really talk to is Taylor.”


“She’s my sister,” Isa grumbled.


“And I’m your friend!” Pierce exclaimed. “We’re all your friends, and you don’t want to talk to us anymore.”


Isa lowered her white eyes to the ground and shuffled her feet awkwardly in the grass. Guilt washed over her as she realized how right Pierce was. I have physically been with my friends since Anna got hurt a week ago, but I haven’t been there mentally. I don’t dislike being with them. But every time we are together, I am aware of Anna being gone.


And it hurts. It drags me back to my inner demons. My fault about Donny. My fault about Anna.


The others had noticed we stopped and were waiting a little ways down the hill. “Can we just catch up with everyone else?” Isa asked her voice cracking as the tears started to spill over.


“Shit, Isa. I’m sorry,” Pierce said quickly enveloping Isa in a hug. They stood there silent for a few extra moments with Pierce hugging Isa and Isa silently crying and breathing deeply.


After awhile, Pierce and Isa began to walk again and caught up with their other friends. James looked questionably at Isa, but didn’t say anything.


I could feel the sun on my face and it felt great. It had been really cloudy recently and that just didn’t help my level of happiness.


When we got to the other side of the lake, it really was more relaxing. We could hear the waves and the wind. The sun was gentle and the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest offered protection. I lay in the grass and closed my eyes focusing on the feel of the grass, the sun, and nothing else.


Everyone else sat around talking loudly and happily. Everyone was trying to ignore the fact that Anna’s condition is worse than they thought.


“I hate to bring it up,” Polly said biting her nail, “but are we going to tell someone that it was Glennie?”


Silence followed. Someone sat down next to me and I instantly recognized James’ musty smell.


“We know what happened with Anna and if we can get Glennie to squeal and tell what she did, that could help them cure Anna,” Polly reasoned. Everyone nodded in agreement.


“Fair point,” Charlie said.


“McGonagall is not going to believe us,” Kate said. “There’s no point.”


“Don’t be so cynical,” James said skipping another stone on the water.


Kate scoffed and rolled her eyes. “There is a reason we didn’t tell McGonagall before. We knew that she wouldn’t believe us.”


Charlie pulled grass from the ground and threw it on Kate hair. “Polly still has the better argument,” he said. Kate shook her head to get rid of the grass and scowled.


“So we tell her?” Pierce shrugged.


“We tell her,” James nodded. He looked at Isa who had stayed silent. Isa hands were folded over her stomach. James poked her in the stomach and she grimaced. “Are you awake?”


Isa opened her eyes reluctantly and squinted at James. “Obviously,” she said.


“It’s not good to keep things bottled up, you know?” James said.


“Yes,” Isa finally said. “And yet that’s not stopping me from staying silent.”


“So you admit you are keeping something from us?” James asked. Isa grimaced in response. “I will take your silence as a yes. What ever happened to ‘I can’t lie to you James’?”


“I’m not lying to you,” Isa snapped. “Lying entails giving false information.”


“Or withholding the truth,” James countered.


Isa sighed. There’s no harm in telling him. But there’s no harm in telling someone else. Like Taylor, actually only Taylor. He does not need to be the person I tell everything to.


“Come on Isa,” James said poking her again in her side. I can’t help it. I laughed. I’m ticklish. “There’s a smile! A little forced, but we’re getting there!”


“Isa come on!” Pierce called from the bank. He and Polly were poised at the bank each with a rock in their hands. “We’re trying to get the Giant Squid over here! Come help us!”


“Wait, I’m in!” Kate cried throwing her hand in the air like she was answering yet another question in class. “Come on Isa. It’ll take your mind off things.” Kate grabbed Isa’s hands and hauled her to her feet. Isa smiled weakly and walked with Kate down.



“This is very serious if what you are telling me is true,” McGonagall said facing all of them menacingly. Several of them fidgeted under her gaze and avoided all eye contact. Except for Freddie who stood his ground and looked confidently at McGonagall.


“Professor, we are telling you the truth,” Freddie affirmed. “Glennie Clara caused Anna to fall. She threatened Isa and has made us feel unsafe to even walk to class.”


McGonagall sighed. “But Ms. Clara is an exemplary student. High grades, good relationship with her professors, and a prefect. She is not malicious enough to actually cause someone to end up in St. Mungo’s.” McGonagall shook her head. She clasped her hands in front of her and her gaze hardened. “And she’s doing this because of a boy?”


They all cringed as she spat out the last word.


“Our prefects are chosen carefully, and we know Glennie or any other prefect is out for malicious revenge,” McGonagall continued. “I can assure you, Glennie is not to blame.”


“Professor,” Isa interrupted. “I apologize for interrupting, but you are blinded by your expectations to see the reality. Glennie was desperate to stay with James that she saw me and him talking and she locked me in a cupboard she claimed no one would find. She found me a threat when nothing was happening between us.”


McGonagall shifted her weight and crossed her arms. She didn’t say anything so Isa’ continued.


“There is nothing romantic going on between James and I, and there never will be. But she was too blinded by greed to care.” James cleared his throat and nodded. “After James broke up with her she swore she would get revenge.”


“She told Isa,” Kate interjected, “that she was going to get someone else. And make us pay for stealing James from her.”


“I’d say I lucked out,” James shrugged. “Can you imagine if I kept dating her?” James scoffed and chuckled.


McGonagall needs to believe us. We were right about her not believing us because of Glennie’s status in school. News flash! Not all prefects are good. The Slytherin prefects can be fair, but sometimes they take points for people breathing too loudly or for public displays of affection such as holding hands.


A person’s worth and status is not dependent on how much power they have. They are not automatically a better person for having power.


Everyone ignored James’ last comment. “We assumed that Kate falling down the stairs was her revenge,” Polly said. “But it was too simple and not dramatic enough.”


“You have to believe us,” Pierce begged. “If you just question her and get the truth out of her, we can help Anna get the proper countercurse.”


McGonagall pursed her lips and sighed. “Yes alright. Since you are all so confident that Glennie did it, I will call her here.”


Isa smiled and sighed. Glennie is going to come in confess and Anna will be all right. Finally, everything will be all right.


A while later, we sat in the same room. Arms crossed and Glennie sitting across from us.


“Professor, I would never,” she said innocently. “Why would I want to hurt Anna? Or Isa for that matter? James and I dated, but that’s it.” Glennie had a smile painted on her face. It was disgustingly sweet and looked legitimate enough that McGonagall would not see through it.


“That is not it,” Kate snapped. “And it wasn’t only Anna or Isa, I broke my leg!” Kate pouted and Charlie rubbed her shoulder soothingly.


“Kate, you tripped,” Glennie said her smile faltering. “It happens.” Glennie cleared her throat and rubbed the back of her neck.


“Glennie just admit it!” James snapped crossing his arms tightly. Glennie looked startled at him, but she composed herself after a moment. James is not on your side this time. “Don’t look at me like that, just because I’m your ex-boyfriend doesn’t mean I’m taking your side.”


She looked at James with an amused look in her eye. “I know that James.”


“So Glennie how did you almost kill our friend?” Pierce asked nonchalantly. Polly flinched and slapped Pierce’s arm. “What? It’s true.” Glennie sat up a little straighter and brought her lips in tight.


“Mr. Goon,” McGonagall said exasperated. “Please quiet down. Ms. Clara are you in some way involved in Anna’s accident?”


“Professor I assure you I am not involved in what happen,” Glennie said looking primarily at the wall behind McGonagall. “It is a tragedy what happened, and—”


Glennie’s voice drifted off and the group was thrown into silence. McGonagall didn’t look like she knew what to do. She looked torn from either side of the room. “Well,” she said after a while, “unfortunately, there is no evidence.”


“No evidence?” James cried jumping up. “What about Isa? She knows that for a fact that it was Glennie. She heard Glennie threaten her and then Anna! That’s evidence.”


“Ms. Marksmen isn’t the most reliable source Mr. Potter,” McGonagall sighed. “No offense, Isabelle, but we need proof that—”


“Someone actually saw,” Isa mumbled. “You need someone who can see.” Isa sighed and sank lower into her seat. McGonagall didn’t say anything and the room became significantly more awkward. It’s not like I was horribly offended by what she said. It was more like she didn’t trust my instincts. I don’t have much interaction with McGonagall so I’m actually not that surprised that she is automatically siding with us.


I’m our only proof and Glennie is a prefect and probably a front-runner for Head Girl.


“Come on, Isa,” James said grabbing her hand and pulled her to her feet. “Let’s go. There’s no point in being here anymore.” Glennie looked triumphantly as they went from the room.


But there has to be someone. Anyone.


“Wait,” Isa said pulling her hand from James’. There was someone. “There is one person.”


“There was?” was the simultaneous response.


“Yea,” Isa stammered. “Cecilia.”


“My sister?” Glennie shrieked. “My sister? You have got to be joking!”


Polly stood up slowly realization dawning over her face. “You’re right! Merlin, you are totally right! Ask Cecilia! We overheard Cecilia and Glennie talking in the corridor about how—how James’ female friends and relatives were ruining him.”


“And how they needed to be reminded how James was hers,” Isa exclaimed smiling broadly at Polly’s memory. Polly stood up and hugged Isa tightly. “Cecilia is your proof ask her.”


Glennie stood up with her nose high in the air and her arms crossed. “Even if that was proof against me, my sister wouldn’t just tattle on me.”


“She would if the truth would save someone’s life,” Kate said happily.


“So we talk to Cecilia,” Freddie said sounding happy for the first time since the accident, “and we can get the truth out.” With that, Freddie sprinted out of the room with Charlie, Pierce, and Kate on his heels.


“To proof!” James exclaimed thrusting his fist into the air. Glennie scoffed and stared incredulously at McGonagall.


“Are you going to allow this?” Glennie exclaimed at McGonagall. She shrugged and sat behind her desk.


“Why wouldn’t I?” McGonagall asked. She looked at Glennie over the rim of her glasses. “That is unless you have something to hide.” She stared at Glennie patiently and folded her hands under her chin.


Glennie was seething with her jaw clenched tight. “No, it’s just ridiculous!”


“In that case, shall we go?” James asked Isa. She nodded brightly. “Hop on!” Isa jumped on his back and James ran out of the office with Isa holding on tight.



Cecilia sat next to Mark at a table in the Great Hall when they ran in. Freddie slid spastically into the bench across from them. Freddie placed his chin in his hand and smiled at them. Cecilia look startled at him and her confusion increased when she noticed everyone else approaching.


“Hello?” Mark greeted Freddie skeptically. Freddie smiled at Mark and Cecilia as everyone gathered around him. “What can we do for you?” Charlie and Pierce sat down next to Freddie. They folded their hands like door-to-door salesmen ready to make a sale.


“Actually, we have a question for Cecilia,” James said. Isa smiled and slid off James’ back and stood next to him.


Cecilia looked confused at all of them and looked at Isa. “Isa? What’s going on?”


“Erm—this is going to sound weird and I know it might be kind of an imposition, but we need a big favor,” Isa said slowly looking down at the floor.


Freddie coughed and shifted so he was looking at Isa. “Big is kind of an understatement, don’t you think?”


“Monumental maybe?” Pierce offered.


“Praise you to the high heavens for the rest of eternity?” Dom said.


“I’ll name my first child after you if you help us,” Freddie said turning back to Cecilia. He stared at her straight in the eyes. “Maybe middle name if the first born is a boy. George Cecilia Weasley has a nice ring to it don’t you think?”


Cecilia tried to not make her grimace to noticeable. “Ok, what is it?”


“You remember a while ago you and Glennie were talking in the corridor about what happened to Isa?” Polly said brushing her hair behind her ear.


Cecilia paused and scrunched her nose in thought. “Maybe,” she said finally. “Honestly, I haven’t talked to Glennie in a while. She’s—erm—gone slightly mental. And her and I don’t exactly see eye to eye anymore.”


“What do you mean?” Isa asked.


Cecilia sighed. “It’s complicated. How she’s treating her friends and her responsibilities as a prefect. I think the main part you would be most interested in is the part about James,” she said looking like she wanted to be talking about anything else. “You guys know that she didn’t exactly handle the fact that James had other female friends well.”


“Yea,” Charlie snorted. “Something like that.”


“And I believe I know exactly what night you’re asking about,” Cecilia said to Polly. “Glennie thought I ‘would understand’ her perspective,” Cecilia mocked rolling her eyes. “But she admitted to me that she did in fact lock Isa up and is planning something else, but she wouldn’t tell me what.”


“This is perfect!” Kate exclaimed. “You are perfect!”


This was perfect. For obvious reasons. Cecilia can help us out tremendously. And by the sound of it, she’s not too happy with Glennie, which works in our favor.


“Listen Cecilia, this is going to be a huge favor,” Isa said stepping forward. “But we need you to tell McGonagall exactly what Glennie said to you.”


“McGonagall? Why?” Cecilia asked looking frustrated. She was graduating in 5 days and some people she barely knows are distracting her from her work.


“We think Glennie cursed our friend Anna,” Pierce explained. “Actually we know.”


“And we think that getting Glennie to confess and tell the curse can help save her,” Dom finished off.


It was quiet as Cecilia looked shocked from the group in front of her to Mark who seemed to mirror her expression. Cecilia swallowed hard and scratched her head meaninglessly. She drummed her fingers on the table and spoke slowly.


“You want me to turn in my sister?”


“Yes,” Isa said after a moment’s hesitation. “We really would rather that we didn’t have to do this, but it’s a matter of Anna’s health and possibly life.”


“It’s not like you’ve talked to her! You said yourself that you two don’t ‘see eye to eye,’” Freddie pointed out.


Cecilia clenched her fist then relaxed it flat on the table. “I realize that, but do you think I don’t want to talk to her?” she snapped. “She may be mental, but she’s still my sister!”


“There’s a possibility that your sister cursed our friend into never waking up!” Freddie exclaimed. Freddie was glaring at Cecilia and she was glaring back. Her arms were folded tight across her chest and Isa could hear Cecilia’s foot tapping impatiently.


“I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Cecilia said harshly. She slammed her book shut and shuffled papers into an uneven stack. Cramming the papers and book into her bag she stood up in a huff. “I’m sorry about your friend, but there’s nothing I can do.” She began to walk away angrily leaving a bewildered looking Mark.


Freddie swore under his breath and ran to catch up with her. They were too far away for me to hear them. They talked for a while. Mark didn’t get up, deciding that it was best for them to just talk. He resumed studying and eventually we all sat down.


“Do you think she’ll help?” Isa said to James.


He shrugged. “Based on what she just said, I doubt it. But if anyone can convince her, it’s Freddie.”


“That’s promising,” Isa mumbled. James wrapped an arm around me and drew me close to comfort me. I knew he was right. He knew Freddie better than anyone. If he says Freddie can do it, then Freddie can do it. It just still scared me, like it should. Cecilia might still say no and Anna will go untreated and lying in a hospital bed.


“He’s coming back!” Charlie exclaimed looking eagerly at Freddie.


Freddie was looking downcast and had his hands shoved in his pockets. He stopped close to the group and sighed. Mark paused midsentence in his essay and looked up with interest.


“She said she would think about it,” he sighed.


“That’s a good sign!” Kate said smiling. “It’s not a no.”


“It’s not a yes either,” Polly pointed out. Kate sighed and pouted.


“But she’s considering it,” Mark said suddenly. Everyone looked at him and he rolled his eyes. “Once you give Cecilia an idea or asked her to do something, it practically plagues her until she does what she knows is right. She may not want to turn in Glennie, but chances are she will.”


“So you think Cecilia is going to help us?” Polly cried hopefully.


Mark shrugged but nodded. “I’d say there’s a very good chance. Plus because of exams she’s not going to want this bothering her and distracting her from studying. Give her two days max. I bet you by then, she would have told McGonagall.”


Pierce cheered and threw his fist in the air. Freddie finally smiled and let out a huge breath. The very real possibility of Glennie finally being turned in could make any person ecstatic.



“Four days to exams!” Freddie announced as he slammed his stuff down on the table. The surrounding tables started to shush him, but he shushed them right back, rolled his eyes, and then dropped into a seat. “How are you two lovely individuals?”


James rolled his eyes. “Until now,” Isa said looking up, “I was getting a lot of work done. How are you Freddie?” Because of Mark’s testimonial of Cecilia’s guilt getting the best of her, he has been in an excellent mood. His mood has affected everyone else. Even though Cecilia still hasn’t gone to McGonagall, we know she will, therefore, we are all just buckets of sunshine right now.


“Splendid,” Freddie exclaimed plopping himself down in a seat. “How are you? Probably pretty good since James is here.” Freddie wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and winked at Isa, which did not have the same effect as he wished.


“Err—yea I guess,” Isa said slowly. Barry, who had earlier been writing notes, began to copy down Isa and Freddie’s exchange.


There was a dull thud. “What was that for?” Freddie howled gripping his shoulder.


“What happened?” Isa asked snapping her head up.


“Nothing,” James grumbled shooting a glare at Freddie.


“Nothing?” Freddie scoffed. “He calls punching me hard in the shoulder nothing! Can you believe it Isa?” Freddie rubbed his shoulder and pouted. James clenched his teeth and stared hard at Freddie, who winked back.


Isa looked at James confused. “Why did you punch him?” Freddie began to glare at James.


“Because—because—err,” James looked around helplessly. “He told me he would show me where a book was, and he hasn’t.” James grabbed into Freddie’s robes and dragged him out of his chair.


I don’t know what happened just now, but I intend to find out.


We all know James would have talked to Kate if he wanted help finding a book. Why would he go to Freddie? Very suspicious if you ask me.


They weren’t too hard to find. James was trying his best not to start yelling at Freddie and Freddie was trying not to laugh.


Curiosity killed the cat, Isabelle. You are the cat in this situation.


Screw it.


Isa stayed a few bookshelves away and buried her head in a book pretending to be a student reading in case they came around the corner.


“You’re crazy mate!” James exclaimed. “Absolutely mental!”


“I am not mental,” Freddie snapped.


“Anna isn’t here to show you reason,” James reasoned. “That’s why you are coming up with this crazy notion.”


“Anna would agree with me if she were here,” Freddie whispered glaring at James. James sighed and shook his head. “You need to tell her you fancy her!”


James fancies someone? No he doesn’t! He would have told me!


“Come on mate, come off it,” James said grabbing a book from the shelf. “What are you going to do when Anna comes back to school?” Clear way to try and get Freddie off topic. But as we both know, Freddie has an elaborate way to celebrate Anna’s return. There will be fireworks, food, and cats wearing dress robes.


“Grab her and kiss her until her world spins,” Freddie said smiling. “And do you know why I’m doing that?”


James sighed. “Why are you doing that?”


“Because that’s what you do when you fancy a girl!” Freddie exclaimed loudly. Freddie shrugged off the resounding shushes and began talking in a lower voice. “That’s what you need to do.”


“I can’t,” James sighed. And he’s not denying it. Alright. “What if I tell her and it ruins everything?”


“What do you mean?” Yes, James. What do you mean?


“What do I mean?” James asked incredulously. “I mean, if I tell her and it ruins our friendship?” What? “Sure it worked for you and Anna and Pierce and Polly, but who says it’s going to work for us?”


“It’s Isa,” Freddie said. What?


“Exactly!” James whispered. “I really like her and I would rather have her as a friend and keep this to myself than tell her and lose her!”


What? What? My brain is malfunctioning. My ears aren’t working. I did not just hear what I think I did.


“You guys are like attached at the hip!” Freddie said. “Just tell Isa you fancy her!”


“It’s not the same with her and I as it is with you and Anna. I can’t just snog her and hope for the best,” James shrugged. “I really like her, I don’t want to scare her away!”


I’m not listening to this anymore. Get up Isa. Your feet aren’t broken.


Isa closed the book in front of her as softly as she could and began to creep away. Isa went back to the table they were at and sat down numbly. She tried to process what she just heard, but couldn’t.


She packed her stuff up and stood up. She slung her bag over her shoulder and made her way to the door to escape the suffocating feeling that was overwhelming the library.


“Isa!” It was James. Can’t act weird. He’ll know that I know. Isa turned and attempted to smile. “Are you leaving?” Isa nodded. “Are you ok? You don’t look so good.”


“I’m feeling a little ill,” Isa said. Well at least I’m not lying. Get big news and feel like puking, that’s my philosophy. “I’m going back to the tower to take a nap—or shower—or something.”


“Oh,” James said giving a weak smile. “Let me get my stuff, I’ll walk you back.”


“No!” Isa said quickly. James raised his eyebrows in surprise at her tone. “You have your exam tomorrow, you need to study. I can walk back, it’s fine.”


“I’ll just study in the common room,” James said nervously. “Let me just tell Freddie I’m leaving.” James turned and disappeared into the library to fetch his stuff. Isa quickly decided to try and get back as far as should could before James caught up. It was obvious that he would.


She made it halfway up the stairs before she heard the faint call of her name.


How could I not know? I always know. Everyone else I can tell. I could hear it in everyone’s voice except for James. Why is that? Maybe because I’m the one being fancied. I’m the object of the affection. But it’s not possible; James cannot have a crush on me.


It’s literally impossible.


“Damn you can move!” James huffed slowing down next to Isa. Isa nodded and avoiding looking at him. “So what’s wrong? You were feeling fine when Freddie was showing me where that book was.”


Imaginary book of how to screw with my head.


Isa shrugged. “Sudden case of nausea, I guess. Erm—girl issues,” Isa said mentally slapping herself. Girl problems? Brilliant, Isa.


It was silent the rest of the time, and when they got to the common room, Isa ran up the stairs to her dormitory without saying bye. Isa swung the door open and shut it loudly.


“We’ve got a problem!” she announced. Dom’s head poked out from her bed and Kate looked up confused from her book. “Merlin, do we have a problem.” Isa paced quickly into the room and threw her bag down. She twiddled her hands nervously as Dom and Kate looked at her.


“Is it Glennie? Has she threatened you again?” Dom said rolling out of bed.


“No, no. Nothing like that. And not a problem like that. It’s—err—more of a guy problem,” Isa stammered stupidly. Dom smiled broadly and Kate started to bounce excitedly. I don’t know why I thought it would be a good way to introduce the problem this way. Dom especially has been on my case about finding me some guy.


“You have a guy? Who?” Kate exclaimed.


“That’s the problem!” she groaned rubbing her eyes and frowning. “It’s James!” Isa cried as she sat down in a heap on Anna’s bed and crossed her arms.


“What?” Dom and Kate screeched simultaneously. Kate’s book fell with a thud as she stood up and Dom’s eyes widened in disbelief.


“My cousin James?” Dom asked walking over to Anna’s bed. Isa nodded. “Your best friend James?” Isa nodded a second time. “I knew it!” Dom sat down next to Isa on Anna’s bed and smiled triumphantly.


“You knew? Why didn’t you tell me?” Isa said angrily slapping Dom’s arm.


“Well I didn’t know, I guessed,” Dom shrugged. “So what happened? Did he tell you? Did he kiss you? Oh my Merlin, are you going to be my cousin-in-law?” Isa shook her head. “Come on, how did he tell you? Make it gooey and romantic.”


Isa chewed on her thumb before answering. “That’s the thing,” she mumbled dropping her hand to her lap. “I’m not supposed to know.”


“What do you mean? Did someone else tell you?” Kate asked sitting in front of Isa on the floor.


“No—well—yea. Wait no—James told me. But I was eavesdropping on him and Freddie, and they were talking about a girl that James fancied who happens to be me. So I’m not supposed to know!” Isa cried. Isa buried her face in her hands and lay down on the bed. “What am I going to do?” she mumbled.


“You have to tell him that you know!” Dom exclaimed. “That way you two can go out and get married and having beautiful babies!” I have a feeling that Dom knowing is not going to be beneficial. She’s going to shove us together so she can have her idea of a perfect couple.


“Don’t listen to Dom!” Kate snapped slapping Dom on the shoulder.


“Kate, tell me what to do. You are the voice of reason right now,” Isa pleaded.


Kate smiled and stood up a little straighter. “Yes, I am. Thank you. Ok Isa, don’t tell him you know.” Dom scoffed. “Summer holiday is starting in 4 days, you can’t tell him something like that and then not see each other for 3 months. Wait a little bit.”


“Seriously?” Isa asked sitting up. Her hair was flopping in different directions and she looked at Kate with a pout on her face.


“Unless you have a reason to tell him sooner,” Dom edged poking Isa in the side.


“I don’t,” Isa mumbled.


“Ouch, friendzoned,” Dom said. Isa glared at her and stood up.


“Just until I figure everything out,” she said wandering her way to her bed. “And until I do, keep your traps shut that I know.”


“We will!” Kate called. With that, Isa closed her curtains and fell into a restless sleep.



A/N: After so long, I am finally updating. I have gotten so many reviews on my last chapter telling me to that I needed to update. And that was a really good push for to actually write some more.

As always tell me what you think. I welcome your thoughts and criticisms.

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! Thank you to everyone who reads every chapter. It really means a lot to me. However, there may be a haitus over the summer months. This is a very big possibility. I may have gotten a job at a sleep away summer camp over the summer, and I'm not sure how much access to my computer I will have if at all. So as much as it pains me, this might be the last chpater until September. I'm really sorry, but I promise that I will continue to work on this once I get back.

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