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We Are Family by aquabluez17
Chapter 1 : one more offense
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“Water! I need water!” he screamed in pain due to thirst, “Oh look there! There is water! My water!” he told the camel standing beside him.

He started running with renewed energy as he saw the pool of water being shaded by a palm tree. Naturally he would have wondered why there was a palm tree in the middle of the Sahara Desert but all thoughts evaded him as he ran to the water parched. He ran for what felt like miles and miles until he realized that it had been what felt like hours since he had found his water pool. Looking back he saw that his companion camel was nowhere in sight. Looking back at the pool, he noticed that it seemed to be the same length away it had been before.

He slowly started to walk to the pool finally seeing how the pool moved away from him the closer he got. Opening his mouth, he tried to let out a cry of desperation only to gag over sand which has been blown in his face. He coughed, trying to get the sand out and to get some saliva to entry his mouth so he could be realized, so he was not so thirsty. Sadly all that came was small grains of sand, no feeling of water anywhere in his body.

Allowing his knees to buckle, he fell down on the sandy land. It was barren, no sight of life anywhere. The water pool that been there seconds ago was now gone, nowhere in sight. Then it struck him… he had fallen prey to the heat!

He woke up with a start. Sitting up, he breathed heavily as he tried to ingest the room visually. It was pitch black, with some moonlight entering the room through the slight crack of the curtains. A small rise and fall of the blanket told him he was not alone. Swiftly getting up, he went to the table located in the middle of the room to get water.

He picked the jar up, expecting it to be full and almost flung it across the room since the thing was empty. Sighing internally he made his way out of the room after staring into the second bed which was also in the room near the door.

As he walked down to the stairs, he heard loud noises coming from one of the rooms. He stopped to make sure the voices were coming from the room that he thought they were, his parents’ room. When he heard the name “Bonnie” being exchanged in the conversation he knew.

Sighing once again he made his way down to the kitchen to get his drink. He didn’t want to hear anymore than he already had. What he had heard was enough to tell him that tomorrow was going to be a long day and maybe… just maybe… he should still hope.

Chapter 1

She shifted in her seat from one side to another as her eyes kept glancing at the clock on the wall. There was only 5 more minutes left, before it was their turn. What am I going to do now? It’s almost time and I’m not even properly ready! What now? Why does this always end up happening? I was prepared this time! We were all prepared but off course it couldn’t happen as planned. How could it when he is in the plan…

She broke out of her thoughts when she heard a girl’s name being called, “Mariam Kaggen.” What? NO! No it can’t be. It’s his turn next! Right? Right. Just to make sure, she went through the alphabet, already knowing the result. K comes before L which comes before M. Since no one has a last name by L then… It’s his turn…

Frantically she looked at the door to see if he was there yet, but to her disappointment, no one was there. He promised him, He promised he would be here. Where is he?! Oh if he doesn’t come… Seth was so happy! He was looking forward to this event since the beginning of the year and when he said he was coming, Seth was over the moon! How could he break Seth’s heart?

Then it happened. What she'd feared for occured as she sat there watching the next scene of the drama play out.

“Seth Lucius Malfoy, please stand up,” the old man said in his booming voice.

“Mummy, Mummy! Where is Daddy??” asked the little girl sitting next to her as she pulled on Rose’s hand.

“Daddy? I don’t know where Daddy is Bonnie,” Rose gritted out thinking, But I know how Daddy will be when he arrives at home tonight.

“Did he forget?” questioned Mark who was sitting next to his Bonter, already too aware of the answer.

“No Ricky! Silly, why would Daddy forget?! Daddy would never forget. He is Scorpius Draco Malfoy! My Daddy. Who never forgets! It’s all that old man’s fault. Can’t he see Daddy isn’t here yet? How dare he no notice?” Bonnie exclaimed as she hit her older brother on the arm for being so dumb.

“Exactly. How dare that old man forget that I’m not here yet? It’s his fault. Right bunny?” said a voice as he neared his family who were sitting on the corner seats with one seat empty, waiting for him.

“Daddy!!” Bonnie said as she quickly ran into him, giving him a bear hug around his legs.

“See. If it wasn’t for my Bonnie, all of you would be planning a conspiracy against me,” Scorpius commented as he lifted his only daughter in his arms, “You okay bunny?” smiling when she nodded her head, too concentrated with his tie to actually understand what he had said.

Rose brightened up when she heard his voice but her joy died out almost instantly. She gritted her teeth and looked away from him so she could look at her baby boy, passing out of the muggle 1st grade.

When Scorpius had initially refused to let his children be introduced to Muggle Studies before going to Hogwarts, she had thrown a fit. After refusing to talk to him for about a month, he had finally caved and let her have her way. It had been the happiest day of her life since she was happy to have won against her stubborn husband, but more since he was actually willing to let Muggles affect his children’s upbringing.

She snapped out her thoughts as she felt him sit next to her, his piercing eyes on her face. She refused to acknowledge him, not giving a care in the world for his guilty expression. What he had done today was horrible, almost breaking a promise he made, and she would never forgive him for it. Never.

“Daddy where were you?” asked Seth when he finally came down from the stage, a degree in his hand.

“Oh never mind that baby. You did it!! You passed all of your exams!! You passed first grade!” Rose exclaimed as she picked up her little boy and spun him around.

Without even realizing what happened, she ended up losing her balance since she stepped on the heam of her skirt. She was about to fall back on her spine, when she felt a hand on her back, steadying her by bringing her closer to their body. She didn’t have to see whose hand it was to know who her savior was. She would have known that hand and the body on which she was now leaning, any day. Looking up, she saw him looking at her with worry in his eyes and found herself lost, once again, in those stormy grey eyes.

Rose forgot that she was still holding Seth and that they were in public. His eyes held hers in an unmoving trance. Everything around them faded as she kept staring at his pearly orbs which always spoke more to her than he himself did. She only snapped out of the trance when she saw the worry disappearing out of his eyes, slipping back into the depths of the cover he had made, the steel gray stare that had people shaking.

Shaking her head in frustration she berated herself mentally, How could you Rose?What was that? How can you melt so easily?! Is that all it takes, a worried glance to break you?

She turned back to look at Seth to make sure he was alright, all too aware of the fact that her dear husband’s arm was now around both of them in an unbreakable hold. Her head was so close to his chest, she could hear his heartbeat-- which only made her more nervous and giddy but he didn’t need to know that. She refused to be affected by him and their proximity was not going to resolve the deed he had done today.

“Mum are you okay?” Mark asked as he quickly moved up to his Mum and Seth, dragging Bonnie behind him.

“Ricky what has gotten into you today?! Why do you keep asking dumb questions??” Bonnie asked as she finally yanked her hand away from her brother’s tight grip.

“Good question Bonnie,” Seth contributed, not even aware of what was going on between his parents.

He gave his Mummy a big kiss on her cheek and leaned over from her arms to give his Daddy one too. Then he conveniently slipped down from his mother’s hold to be with his siblings. Bonnie immediately slipped her hand into his and grabbed hold of her older brother by his arm, so they all wouldn’t get lost.

“Bon! Call me Bon!!” Bonnie complained for the millionth time.

Every since Seth had started to talk, he had adopted a habit of copying Bonnie. Since she called her Mummy, Mummy, he had too as well. This all worked out fine for everyone in the family until the day Seth started calling Bonnie by her name. Everyone in the family was older than Bonnie so they called her by her name but when Seth had been born, Bonnie had been the happiest out of all since now she had someone who would call her Bon, or at least recognize that she was older than them so would listen to her.

When Seth had refused to adopt to the name Bonnie had assigned herself, it started the first rough patch in their brother and Bonter relationship. This was only added on to as everyday passed by. In the end the two would always go crying to their older brother, Mark, and bad mouth the other until Mark told them who was right and wrong in the argument.

Now that the word “Bon” had been mentioned, Mark knew that a fight would start off with the two so he stopped paying attention to his Mum thinking, Dad’s here. She's fine as long as he's around. He turned his full attention to his little brother and Bonter who were already about to yank each other’s hair out in frustration. Somethings never change…

Rose watched as Seth went to stand next to his Bonter and started to argue. She kept her eyes intently on her children, trying to ignore his hot breath as she felt him moving closer to her. Her heart skipped as it always did when he was so close and she started to breath hard. The only reason her eyes had not closed by now was since she was staring at her kids.

“Careful,” he whispered in her ear huskily, smirking when she finally caved in and closed her eyes. It was the first time in a long while since he had acted like that and the intensity of need she felt almost blew her away. He pulled away tantalizingly, and quickly picked up Seth, “Let’s go guys! We have to get home!” leaving a baffled Rose to follow them.

They were just about to leave the school when Seth pulled on his tie trying to get his attention.

“Daddy, you didn’t… didn’t forget my gradation right?” Seth implored, his eyes wide as tears prepared to fall out of them.

“No Seth. I did not forget you gradation,” Scorpius told him sincerely, bringing up one of his hands to his face, “Now stop crying. You know I don’t like tears.”

In response Seth just wrapped his arms around his dad and placed his head comfortably on his shoulder whispering “I love you Daddy,” and then closing his eyes to fall asleep.

Rose watched from afar, her anger rising as she saw tears in her little boy’s eyes. She felt a little better when she noticed that he had fallen asleep in his Daddy’s arms quite peacefully. But that doesn't fix anything. Mr. Scorpius Draco Malfoy, you might be forgiven by your little boy but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven you yet.

When they reached home, having traveled by car since the kids were too young to side apparate or floo with, Scorpius quickly went to put Seth into bed since he had fallen asleep in his arms. He walked into the additional floor that had been added to Malfoy Manor just for the kids.

The house was completely empty right now since Grandma Narcissa had gone on another tour around the world, taking Grandpa Lucius with her. Septimus, his younger brother, and Lily Potter, who'd recently gotten married, were gone for their honeymoon. While Sophia Nott, his cousin, was probably at the Ministry since she'd practically married the place after becoming an Unspeakable.

Scorpius sat down on the bed and looked at Seth for awhile. It surprised him how much they all looked like him, with his platinum blonde hair and aristocratic features. Only Mark had managed to get some of the Weasley genes from his mother, making his hair a strawberry blonde rather than white and arranging his nose with freckles.

Also, Bonnie’s skin was a shade darker than the pale white which graced the Malfoy men. Seth, on the other hand, was a spitting image of a Malfoy boy. But it still shocked Scorpius to see how much the little boy, who was his clone, managed to look like his mother when he cried.

He hated it when anyone of them cried. It pained him to see the tears in their eyes, the same tears which he couldn’t even handle in his wife’s eyes. He felt horrible today for being late, even though it had not been his fault. Being an Unspeakable always messed up his schedule and got in the way of his personal life, but he had known that when he had joined. Sighing, he put his hand on Seth’s head, stroking his straight hair slowly. Finally, he got up and walked to the bedroom he had shared with his wife for 11 years, thinking of all of the work he had yet to do.

Heyy guys!! Alright so I know I really shouldn't be posting any new WIPs but tada!! Yes yes you can all hate lol. 

Good news, this actually has a bit of prewritten chapters ready to go!! So maybe the wait for updates won't actually be long! Now something to help explain the story a bit more. 

Ages of the family members in this story at this time:

Rose Irene Malfoy... 30 years old

Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy... 30 years old

Albus Severus Potter... 30 years old

Lily Lune Malfoy.... 28 years old

Septimus Abraxus Malfoy... 28 years old

Sophia Fiona Nott... 29 years old

Seth Lucius Malfoy... 6 years old

Mark Orion Malfoy...10 years old

Bonnie Bella Malfoy... 7 years old

Also! Another important thing!! Since I have now, loads of WIPs, and while all of you only follow a few of them, I wanted to let you know of some kind of an updating schedule that I will try to stick for them. 

Updating Schedule:

Chains of Bronze: Every 2 weeks on Fridays

Pregnancy Jitters: Every week on Mondays (almost done with this one actually yay!)

Iridescent Hearts: Hiatus!

Masquerade: Every 2 weeks on Wednesdays

We Are Family: Every 2 weeks on Saturdays


The schedule will be put into place after 2 weeks :P Really love my 2 weeks don't I? haha! And now that this Author's Note has become much longer than it really needed to be, I bid you farewell!

Read and review! I love hearing from you all. 


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