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The Steps to Insanity by Jchrissy
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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There’s a legend that very few know of. One that’s passed through the blood-red lips of mother to daughter, through the deadly whispers of father to son. This legend tells of magic making magic. Of taking another’s power, someone far from worthy of this gift, and keeping it for yourself. But only by death can this trade hands. Only by seizing the human heart and forcing it silent can you capture from them what was never rightfully theirs.

You thought long ago that you may have heard the whispers of this tale. Or maybe you just feel it... maybe you know deep inside what most are too weak to realize − there can only be one kind. There can only be those born to harness the power walking your world. The filthy don’t deserve to stand next to the noble, and there will be a time when their bodies will be crumpled and bow down in their proper place. They belong under you; you’ll do everything in your power to put them there.

And your power is nothing short of incredible. They all know that. The other servants are envious of it, and it makes your Master proud. You’ve taken life after life, ripped from their worthless hands the magic that belongs to you. What a breathtaking thing it is, to snatch back what you were born to own.

They’re all frightened of you, even those who you work alongside. That doesn’t upset you. On the contrary, it thrills you. They’re terrified of what they’ve seen you do in order to bleed the magic from a worthless being. Terrified you may turn on them if you find even the slightest desire for it. You love when they’re frightened.

But they don’t understand like you do. They know not of this legend. They simply know of power, and of the hunger for it. They follow your Lord because they wish to stand taller than the rest, to fill their pockets. They’re weak, too. One day when the time is right, you’ll dispose of them all. But for now, the Dark Lord needs numbers to fight for his Cause.

It won’t be long though until Master will set forward his plans and vanquish any that wish to oppose him. Then, after he succeeds, you’ll be able to rid yourselves of the bonds that no longer suit you. The husband who you’ve more than outgrown, the followers that have angered you. You’ll watch them all fall away, living endlessly in the beauty of it. Then, as legend has it, their power will be yours. You’ll own it in a way they never could, capture it and control it. You’ll walk this earth and follow the only mission you were ever meant to achieve: destroy the weak.

You, Bellatrix, are one of the few courageous enough to step forward and take your world back. To listen as they beg for mercy, and simply laugh. No one that’s worthy of power begs.

You’ve been given a gift. The ability to see the way things are destined to be and act on that.

Don’t let that gift go to waste.

New short story! This is just a short little prologue to set the tone. I'm aiming to add a new chapter to this every other Saturday, but we'll see how that goes!

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