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Safe and Sound by RhyRhyJade
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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For Mature readers only
Warnings: Anorexia

Bad Timing
Amity stared down at her now-visable bump in her stomach. there was no way she'd be able to keep this from anyone any longer. However the reason she'd been putting off telling people about her pregnancy, was the reason she feared the most. Sirius Black. He'd made it clear on more than one occasion his opinion on having a family, and had proclaimed no less than three times how he wished to never become a father, yet one drunken night, and that fear of his was going to come true fearfully soon. Three weeks till her due date, and Amity's bump was only just visable yet no longer hidable. "What am i going to do?" She muttered to herself.
Lily! She'd be able to help her. Amity picked up her phone and dialed Lily's number. She picked up on the third ring.
"Hey, Lily."
"Hey, Amity, What's up?"
There was silence for a few moments as Amity struggled to find the words. I can't just tell her over the phone! She considered.
"Can we meet up? I have something Important to tell you." She said her voice shaking slightly.
"Sure. How about the park near the cemetary in fifteen?"
Amity agreed then ventured into her room in the attempt to find some clothes that would fit. She chose a baggy top and jeans.

"You need to tell him." Lily said seriously. Amity dropped her head into her hands. She'd hoped Lily wouldn't say that. She'd hoped Lily would say it was okay, and she didn't need to tell him what was wrong. But it was obvious she'd need Sirius to know. But she just didn't know the right way to say it... Hey Sirius I'm Pregnant and by the way, It's yours. Yeah, that would do so well. He'd be furious. And Demand she get rid of it. Thing is it's way too late. The baby was due any day now. But reluctantly she agreed to tell Sirius Black he was going to be a father wether he liked it or not.

Instead of going straight home, Amity went with Lily to her and her new fiance, James Potter's house. James was making food, and the house was lovely and warm. Lily brought three mugs of hot chocolate through to the lounge, and Amity decided she would tell James before Sirius. He'd known Siri most of his life, he was more likely to know how he would react. James kept looking Amity up and down rather suspiciously. He didn't know she was pregnant. And before she became with child, Amity had severe Annorexia. She was practically skin and bones, but when she got pregnant, she obviously put on a lot of weight, but nobody mentioned it. They were too afraid that it was because she was eating normally again and their questions may just stop her. But Amity had turned her life around. She'd stopped self-harming, and missing most meals, to eat and keep healthy for her child.

"James, Amity has something she wants to tell you." With those words, Amity knew there was no backing out now. The two of them looked at Amity expectantly. After a few moments, she decided it would be better to show him than tell him. She shook off her fluffy black jacket and flung it onto the couch, her bump visable in her stripy top. James stared at her stomach awestruck.

"Amity! Why the hell didn't you tell me?!" He smiled, lifting her off the ground with a hug. James and Amity had such a close relationship. They were like siblings. Amity smiled, maybe things were going to be okay after all....

I know, I know Short chapter. But I promise they're gonna get longer! Okay, two comments for the next chapter?? And I need name Ideas for Amity's baby as well as Gender Ideas. Thank you! Love you all for reading!!!

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