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A Very Weasley Camping Trip by Harrysavesme
Chapter 3 : engine grease and flaming marshmallows
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                Ginny would never admit it, but she was glad the bus was broken.  Her dad had apparated back to the burrow to get what he needed to fix the bus.  When he got back they would have to help fix the bus, so there could be no more Truth or Dare.  The last time they played she had been thrown out Ron’s bedroom window because the twins dared him to find out if little girls bounced.  She had right into the pond, but that was beside the point.  The point was Weasley’s shouldn’t play truth or dare, they loved mischief too much.  Ginny rested her arms along the top of her bus seat to peek over at Harry who was holding Teddy.  The little boys Hair was a vivid blue, a sure sign that he was Happy.  Watching Harry play with Teddy always made Ginny’s heart flutter, if she hadn’t already been in love with him, she would have fallen the first time she saw him with Teddy. 

                Ginny was pulled back to reality when she saw a pair of bright green eyes staring at her.  Ginny’s stomach decided to start doing back flips; she didn’t think she would ever get used to Harry’s eyes.  There was so much love in them and when all that love was directed at her it made her melt.  “You got off lucky love, with mum watching the game was almost too civil.”  Harry grinned and leaned over the seat to kiss her forehead, “it seemed a little too safe, what exactly did these games used to look like?  It can’t have been pretty if your mum had to ban the game.”  Ginny smirked, “you know Weasley’s we love mischief.  This becomes very obvious in truth or dare.  I got thrown out a window, Fred and George scared Ron by turning his to teddy bear into a spider, and Charlie broke an arm swinging from a tree.  So many little things happened that it got to be too much for mum to keep up with.” 

                They heard a pop followed by the return of Mr. Weasley.  Harry and Hermione went to take the tools from him, as the only ones raised by muggles they were less likely to injure themselves, and were very good at keeping dad moving when he got into one of his muggle obsessions.  There was a lot of noise coming from the back of the bus and judging by her father’s exclamations Harry and Hermione had once again stopped him from injuring himself. 

                Ginny returned her focus to the inside of the bus when George sat down next to her.  ‘Hey baby sis.”  Ginny shifted a sleeping Teddy to turn and face George, “What George?”  He just smirked at her and glanced towards the women at the front of the bus.  “GINNY WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU SITTING BACK HERE ON YOUR OWN.  GO JOIN THE OTHER WOMEN.”  Ginny groaned inwardly, she should have seen this coming.  The boys didn’t want her listening in to them so to torture her they were sending her up to talk to mum, Fleur, and Audrey.  Ginny glared at her brother and went to sit with the chattering women.  Ginny hated this kind of girl talk.   She could chat with her mum and it was easy to talk to Hermione, but Fleur was hard to stomach in large doses and Audrey was unbearable. 




                Harry gritted his teeth and tried to stop Mr. Weasley from crushing his hand in the engine.  Hermione had grease on her cheek and was surreptitiously repairing the engine magically while Harry kept Mr. Weasley out of Harm’s way.  Arthur turned to help Hermione and they switched roles, Harry tried to fix the motor while Hermione watched Mr. Weasley.  It only took them a half hour to get the bus ready to go again.  They climbed back on the bus and Hermione went rather reluctantly to sit with the women.  Harry looked to see if Ginny wanted him to take Teddy, but the sleeping toddler was curled up on Molly Weasley’s shoulder.  Harry continued to the back of the bus and sat next to Ron.  The bus started moving again and in no time at all they reached their camp site. 

                When everything had been unloaded and stacked in the center of the campsite Hermione took over.  She looked at Harry and Ron, “You two know the drill, tents up, and then protective enchantments.”  Harry and Ron exchanged a glance and set about magicking the tents up.  They each took one of the big tents and Hermione the two small ones.  When they finished, the three friends carefully paced out the outer limits of their camp site and cast the protective charms they had become so familiar with while on the run for a year.  With that done Hermione shot them both another look.  Without a word the two boys turned to go into the forest for fire wood.  Harry couldn’t help laughing to himself, after nine years of friendship the three of them could effectively communicate nonverbally. 

                When they were far enough into the trees that no one would hear them Ron spoke, “It feels a little weird doesn’t it mate?”  Harry nodded, “being in a tent, camping again, it’s certainly a little surreal.”  Ron grinned at Harry, “Well we’ll just have to make some good tent memories this week.”  Harry grinned back and then stopped when something on the ground caught his eye.  He stopped and pointed it out to Ron, with and evil glint in his eyes Ron nodded.  Together the boys gathered the wild mushrooms from the ground and finished gathering the fire wood.  When they returned to the camp site they saw that Hermione had been busy while they were gone.  All the gear was stowed away and the Weasley men were glancing at Hermione nervously. 

                Harry put his fire wood down over by the tent while Ron used his to set up the cooking fire.  When that was done to Hermione’s satisfaction Mr. Weasley took over insisting they use matches to start the fire.  While he tried to get the matches to light Harry and Ron put the Mushrooms they gathered into a bowl and wandered over to Hermione.  Much to Harry’s amusement Hermione looked torn between wanting to help Mr. Weasley, and a desire to laugh at how ridiculous he looked.  Ron held the bowl out to Hermione, “Look what we found for you love.”  Hermione looked at the mushrooms and then looked at the boys.  The look on her face meant trouble but they didn’t get out of the way quickly enough and both found themselves with a face full of mushroom.  The rest of the Weasley family watched as the three friends chased each other around the campsite throwing mushrooms and laughing.  Distracted as he was Mr. Weasley managed to light a match and drop it into the wood. 




                Molly Weasley cuddled into her husband’s side and watched as her children ate marshmallows.  They set almost as many on fire as they put in their mouths, but thanks to the refilling charm on the bag they weren’t going to run out.  Dinner had been Hermione’s idea.  Everything they ate had been roasted over the fire.  Molly smiled remembering her children’s reactions to dinner.  They each had a stick and had roasted everything they ate over the fire.  Molly was pleased to see that everyone was smiling.  She was a little worried about Harry, Ron, and Hermione, the last time they had been in a tent had been that horrible year.  It hadn’t occurred to her at first, but now she was worried that they might have trouble this week.  The Mushrooms had broken her heart, to think that they had had nothing but mushrooms to eat for so long, but at least they could laugh about it.  Molly noticed the younger members of her family were asleep, little Victoire was curled up in Bill’s lap and Teddy was on Harry’s lap with his face buried in his neck.  She watched Ron eat another Marshmallow and saw George fling a still flaming Marshmallow at Percy.  At that Molly decided it was time to go to bed. 

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A Very Weasley Camping Trip: engine grease and flaming marshmallows


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