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Writings of Nelissa Finnigan - A Failing Journalist by hplover987
Chapter 12 : Twelve
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I'm his girlfriend. - Belle Clemetine.

We'd planned in detail what was going to happen on the day of the
wedding. James had owled David and arranged a meeting about his future with England and the developments we'd made on the case (all scripted by Josie and I). James had also arranged a day of intensive training with the Bulgarian team. That would mean David would have to leave straight after his meeting and wouldn't be back until the evening of the wedding.

When I arrived outside of David's house Josie made a dash for a blind spot behind a hedge. She gave me a thumbs up and I nodded. I walked to the doors and unlocked the doors with my wand. Then I threw open the doors and walked inside, my heels clicking loudly on the wooden floor. “David! Sweetheart!” I called loudly in a thick New York accent. “I'm home!” I heard footsteps upstairs and started to climb the staircase. “Are you up there waiting for me?!” I joked.

I walked across the landing and stopped outside of David and Belle's bedroom. I pushed the door open and was frozen by what I saw. Belle was tall with thick curly blonde hair, tanned skin and expensive make-up. But currently her hair was messy and glistening with sweat, her tanned skin had finger marks over it, and her expensive make-up was smudged. She was in bed, but under her was a man.


“Fuck,” I breathed. Belle looked over to me and her eyes widened. I shook my head and tried to improvise. She's wrecked my script. “What are you doing?!” I shrieked.


“Get out!” Belle ordered and climbed out of bed, wrapping a sheet around her.


“Me?!” I spat. “Get out of my bed! Get out of my house!”


“What?” Belle gasped. I looked over at the man and he had grabbed his clothes and hurried past me.


“Sorry,” he murmured.


“Just get out and don't come back,” I growled. Then I rounded on

Belle. “You can get out as well,” I hissed.


“I live here,”


“Really?” I sneered. “David Grimm lives here. Who are you?”


“I know he lives here. I'm his girlfriend,” she said smoothly.


“I don't think so. I'm his fiancée,”


“What?” Belle muttered.


“How long has you been sleeping with my man?”


“Four long months,”


“I left for America five months ago to see family,” I explained. Belle looked shocked and brought her eyes down to the floor. “I think you should leave,” I muttered darkly.


“This is my home,” she nearly cried.


“Not any more,”


“David loves me,” she said desperately.


“Then why is he marrying me this time tomorrow at the church in Godrick's Hallow,”


“You're lying,” Belle said frantically.


“Two o'clock. I'll become Mrs Grimm, and everything that goes with

it,” I replied. I saw her eyes calculate it and I smiled. “We don't

need you,” I said. Then I grabbed a fistful of her hair and forced her out of the room and downstairs. The doors were still open and I pushed her outside, her only wearing a bed sheet.


“No!” she screamed.


“Stay out of our lives!” I growled then I slapped her hard across the cheek. Belle started to sob and then reluctantly apparated. I waited a moment until Josie emerged and jogged over to me.


“What happened in there, Nel?” Josie asked.


“I don't know,” I muttered. “What did you see?”


“A man run out carrying his clothes and then getting his thing caught in the zip of his jeans, then you throw out Belle with a bed sheet wrapped around her,” she said. “By the way, you were very good,”


“Thanks,” I beamed. “I caught her with another man. But after a bit of improvising I think she brought it,”


“That's great,” Josie said excitedly.


“Everything is working,” I replied happily and we started out of the



* * *


On the day of the wedding I met James at the Club. David was already out of the way with the coach and team in Bulgaria. But we had to meet there because the cameras are always outside the Club. I walked through reporters wearing the dress I brought last month for the wedding. It was just past the knee in length, figure hugging and a deep shade of purple. They put their camera's down when they saw me, which to be honest was a little insulting. But I walked through the doors and straight past reception. I got in the lift and waited until I reached the seventh floor. Then I walked briskly to James's office.


“Hi Emma,” I said happily as I reached her desk.


“Back again, Nel,” she smirked.


“You know why I'm here,”


“Yeah, I do,” she laughed.


“Is he ready?”


“I think he's just finishing a letter to Nimbus,” Emma explained.


“Okay, thanks Em',” I smiled. I noticed blinds were pulled down over the glass wall but opened the door and walked through. Then I stopped. For the second time in two days I walked into a room to find someone partially naked. James stood looking at me wearing grey trousers and Italian made shoes. But he held a white shirt in his hand, only just putting it on. “Sorry!” I exclaimed. Then I turned towards the wall to give him chance to get dressed.


“It's fine, Nelissa,” he laughed. While he couldn't see my face I bit down on my lip. He did look rather good.




“It's okay,” he said. I blushed a little but felt his hand tap me on the shoulder. “You can look now,” he told me. I turned around and saw him laugh. He had buttoned up his shirt now and was tying a purple tie around his collar.


“Do you think this is going to work?” I asked anxiously.


“I'm sure it will,” James replied. “Reporters wrote a story on my eighteenth birthday party. It has held in Gryffindor common room. If they can get in Hogwarts they'll get in a church,” he promised.


“Okay,” I breathed. James put on a suit jacket and shoved his wallet into his trouser pocket. Then he opened the door of his office for me. I walked out and followed him as we walked through people working. We reached reception and walked slowly past the desk.


“Good afternoon, Mr Potter,” the woman said and James smiled and



We stepped outside and walked at a slow pace as camera's snapped us. “Shall I just drop it?” I whispered and James nodded. I reached in my bag for the wedding invitation and looked at it with interest before letting it slip out of my fingers. I saw a reporter pick it up as we reached the gates. I put my arm out for James and he took it as I pulled him in side long apparition.


We appeared outside the church and I looked behind us. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone else apparate, but hide in the shadow of a tree.


“It worked,” James commented.


“Good,” I said and we started towards the doors. Outside I spotted Josie waiting for us. “Hi,” I breathed and wrapped my arms around her.


“Hi Nel,” she said as we pulled apart.


“You've met Josie, haven't you?” I asked James.


“Once or twice I think,” he replied.


“Let's go in,” I urged and we started walking inside. I passed the

half way point and Josie stopped me.


“I wouldn't go any further,” Josie warned.




“Your Mum's sitting on the fourth row. You don't want her to see you with him,”


“You're right,” I agreed and pulled them onto the nearest pew.


“Sorry, whys that?” James asked.


“Mum is obsessed with me finding a husband,” I explained.


“Oh,” he muttered and laughed.


“She'd probably have kittens if she saw Nel with you,” Josie added.


“I think it's starting,” James stated. I heard music start to play and

saw everyone turn towards Cassie at the doors. But Josie was looking at the front, where Greg and her locked eyes. I rubbed Josie's shoulder in comfort and she gave me a sad smile.


Cassie walked up the aisle with Tina – bitch face – Green holding her train. Cassie reached the front and faced Greg with a manic look in her eye. The priest took center stage and sighed happily. He was an old man with white hair and was wearing a black suit with a white dog collar.


“Welcome!” the priest called loudly. “We are gathered here in the sight of God and these witnesses to unite Gregory Oliver Wood and Cassandra Cathrine Thomas in holy matrimony!” he said. “As followers of Jesus Christ, they believe that God created marriage. In Genesis it says, ‘It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.’ Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” the priest asked.


“I do,” Dean said softly and placed Cassie's hand in Greg's. After a moment everyone got to their feet to sing a hymn. I looked behind us to search for Belle, but all I could see was a reporter sitting at the back of the church.


“Thank you!” the priest's voice boomed. “Our Father, love has been your richest and greatest gift to the world. The love between a man and woman which matures into marriage is one of your most beautiful creations. Today we celebrate that love. May your blessing be on this wedding service. Protect, guide, and bless Gregory Oliver Wood and Cassandra Charlotte Thomas in their marriage. Surround them, and us, with your love now and always, Amen,” he told the church.


“Amen,” everyone chorused.


“Now, if we may sing one more hymn,” the priest said and everyone rose again.


When I sat down again I fiddled with the hymn book anxiously. James rested his hand on my arm and smiled lightly at me.


“It'll work,” he promised.


“Thanks,” I muttered.


“Gregory, do you understand and accept this responsibility and do you promise to do your very best each day to create a loving, healthy and happy marriage?” the priest asked warmly.


“I do,” Greg said, but he didn't sound convinced.


“Cassandra, do you understand and accept this responsibility and do you promise to do your very best each day to create a loving, healthy and happy marriage?”


“Yes, I do,” she said loudly and beamed at the people watching.

“Now for the vows,” he said and Cassie and Greg both nodded, (Greg reluctantly).


“In the name of Jesus, I -Gregory Oliver Wood -” he started, “take you - Cassandra Catherine Thomas - to be my wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, for as long as we both shall live,” he finished.


“In the name of Jesus, I – Cassandra Catherine Thomas - take you – Gregory Oliver Wood - to be my husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, for as long as we both shall live,” Cassie gushed.


“If any persons here present have any lawful reason as to why these two persons may not wed, speak now or forever hold your peace?!” he asked loudly.


Then the doors were pushed open and the clicking of heels on the tiled interior sounded. She walked past where we were sat and stopped with one hand resting on her hip. “I think I have a reason,” Belle said dangerously.


“I'm sorry?” the priest asked.


“I've been sleeping with him,” she said smoothly.


“Is that Belle Clementine? The missing person from the Prophet?” a woman sat on the pew in front asked.


“Yes, it is,” James replied.


“We've been lovers for four months and I won't let you marry that bitch!” Belle called. Then I watched her get a good look at the

groom. Belle frowned and started to back away. “Where's David?” she rushed. James stood up and smiled lightly.


“He's training in Bulgaria,” he explained.


“What?” she gasped. “He's marrying today,”


“No,” James shook his head.


“I may have told a little lie,” I said and stood next to James.


“But it's lovely to see you, Belle,”


“What?” she muttered.


“You've been missing. Or have been pretending. If you do see David

let him know I want him in my office asap to terminate his contract,” James told her coldly.


“If you have no business here then could you please leave,” the priest asked.


“I'm going,” Belle hissed. She turned and walked out of the doors. When she did I saw multiple flashes and puffs of smoke as she was bombarded my reporters.


“Oh God, it worked,” I grinned.


“That was . . . wow,” Josie said.


“Fucking hell,” James laughed and sighed in relief. “Thank you,” he nudged me and brought his lips to my cheek, kissing me softly. I blushed a little but sat down, a sly smile tying my lips.


“If we could continue!” the priest called. Everyone looked to the front again and I watched Josie look on sadly.


“Wait,” Greg breathed.


“What?” Cassie asked.


“I'm sorry, I can't marry you,” Greg muttered. He turned to the pews and sighed. “I'm sorry everyone! But there won't be a wedding!” he called.


“Why?” Cassie asked desperately.


“I've been seeing someone else, and I think I'm in love with her,” Greg admitted.


“How could you,” Cassie spat.


“You're beautiful, but I can't stay with you for our baby,” he said and started to walk down the aisle.


“You can't leave me! You'll never see your baby!” she screamed.


“You can't stop me. I'll love my child and see it,” Greg said.


“Who is it? Tell me that!” she growled.


“She's in this church,” Greg said after one long minute. He hurried toward the doors but stopped by our pew. I nudged Josie and she looked up reluctantly.


“Josie,” I said. She looked at Greg with wide eyes.


“Jose,” Greg urged and held out his hand for her.


“Go on,” I urged. Josie slowly stood up and took his hand. Then Greg leant down to kiss her and she wrapped her arms around him. They broke apart but kept holding hands, and Greg led her quickly outside before they apparated away.


James looked at me and raised his eyebrows. “You can't go anywhere without causing in trouble,” he teased.


“I like trouble,” I said and grinned at the sight of Cassie, groom-less and pulling her garter off and shoving it Tina's face.

Thanks for reading and feel free to review! So sorry for the wait, but I've finally found my laptop lead :) x

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