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Dance of Defiance by Ms_D_Longbottom
Chapter 9 : The Captain's Coach
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(Lily’s Point of View)

“Alrighty! We have five players. Two chasers and two keepers, that’s one for each team, and one seeker, the points from the catch of the snitch, will go to the team who scored last.” Sirius began. “James and I will be chasers. The three of you can decide who’re keepers and whose seeker.”

“I bags seeker!” Remus yelled as we headed down to the pitch.

“So that makes us keepers” Peter said  smiling at me.

“Lily’s on my team!” James called.

“She’s all yours, at least we know Pete can fly. When was the last time you flew Evans? First year?” Sirius barked.

“We’ll see Black.” I replied. James gave me one of the schools least dodgy brooms.

“On three, two, one.”

We all took to the sky and our hectic game of quidditch began. At first it was just a battle between Sirius and James for possession of the quaffle. After being on the same team for years they knew all each other’s secrets and just how to play them.  But after a while James made a mistake and let Sirius slip past him. He was barrelling straight for me...

All right Evans... breathe... you can do this.  I focused on the quaffle in his arms, the way he held it tucked into his body. How he cradled it loosely. His fingers curled spread apart. I watched as his elbow lifted.

He’s going to try lobbing it over my head...

As he got ready to release the ball I shot upward and caught it straight in the chest. I spiralled it back to James before Sirius could even blink. In fact he was so shocked he froze. Leaving James free to zoom down to the other end of the pitch and get a goal past Peter.

The game went on for another hour before Remus finally caught the snitch, James and Lily 250 to Sirius and Pete 0.

“You were amazing!” James cheered and picked up me up, spinning me around. I laughed.

“James!” I giggled.

“Seriously Evans how in the name of Merlin’s pants did you manage that? Every time, you knew exactly how to block me.”

“I just... studied your movements, your body language. It wasn’t that hard. It was actually pretty fun.” I smiled.

“Prongs... are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I am indeed Padfoot. Lily my love... how would you like to become a coach for the Gryffindor quidditch team?”

“Really?” I asked in surprise.

“You saw us out there. We know all each other’s moves, we need new ones. We need someone like you to analyse us, help us spruce it up a little.” Sirius replied.

“Was that a compliment Sirius?” I asked shocked. He nodded. “Well in that case... count me in. But I do need one thing...”

“Name it...”

“I need a muggle video camera.”

“Whatever for?” Remus asked.

“You’ll see. I have an idea.” And it’s just so crazy, it just might work.


“Oi Evans!”

“Sirius? its 4am” I yawned “What are you doing in my room.”

“You asked for a muggle video camera and I got you one ta da.” He replied throwing a parcel at me.

“That’s great Sirius but this couldn’t wait until breakfast? It’s a Sunday for Merlin’s sake.”

“Exactly. James wants us to eat early then go out and do some drills with the members of the team that are still here. Only our beaters went home for the holidays.”

“How early is early?” I groaned.

“He wants everyone of the pitch by 7am latest. I’ll let you get back to your beauty sleep now.” And he stalked out of the room.

I collapsed back into my pillows and let sleep take me.


“Alright team... As all of you should know this is Lily...” James was interrupted.

“Is it bring our girlfriends to practise day captain?” his seeker snickered.

“Yes and no. Meet your new coach.”

“Coach? I thought that was your job?” The remaining chaser spoke up.

“It is. But yesterday we had a bit of a fun game and Lily showed skills I haven’t seen before. Don’t worry she’s not replacing any of you. She is however going to analysing each of you. She’s going to help us improve our current techniques and create new ones. Alright I hand the stage to you Lils.”

“Umm... hi guys...Well guys today I just want you to go through your normal drills. I’m going to watch and record each of you. Then next practise I’ll talk to you about what I’ve seen and how I think you can improve and read other players okay? Please don’t feel pressured. Just act like I’m not here and be you. Thank you”

I could tell they were a little sceptical I couldn’t blame them. I was a stranger poking my nose into their business. But I’d prove them all wrong. Just watch, the other teams won’t know what hit them.


“So Lils how’s the video footage going?” James asked taking a seat beside me in the heads room.

“Alright. Your other chaser has the same problem as Sirius. She shows through her arm movements where she’s going to throw. She moves too early. As for your keeper...  He’s just basing where he flies out of luck. He waits until the quaffle is actually coming towards him to try save it. He isn’t thinking forward.”

He groaned.

“Alright so what’s wrong with Mitch...”


“My seeker”

“Well as far as I can tell so far Mitch is fine. He could lean forward a little more so he’s more streamlined and move faster but other than that he’s good.”

“Well that’s a relief at least.” He sighed.

“James what’s wrong?”

“Nothing love.”

“It’s something what is it?”

“I’m just nervous about this season. This year is my year to shine you know? I’m captain and it’s my final year. What if we lose the cup? It’ll be all my fault. I’ll have failed my team and Gryffindor.”

“You’ve still got those gloves I got you for Christmas right?” I asked.

“Of course I do!”

“Well then...” I said climbing into his lap. “You’ve got your good luck charm, You’ll be fine.”

“Merlin I love you.” He smiled.

“Ha ha, I love you too you prat.”

He kissed my lips, softly and slowly. I smiled against his lips.


“Hmmm?” He mumbled against my lips.

“You really don’t get hints do you?”

“What’d you mean?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“Let’s take this somewhere else...”

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