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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 19 : Chapter Nineteen: Trials
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 Harry woke up to a cloudy day in the middle of June, and wished he could have a few more minutes of sleep. Today he was going to the trials of Draco and Narcissa Malfoy, and wanted to get it over with quickly. It's not that he didn't want to help them, he just knew that he was going to have to provide evidence that they helped in the war, such as Narcissa saving Harry in the forest. Harry gulped, he honestly did not want to have anyone see them, especially because the Weasley's would be watching in the crowd.

He of course had told them what had happened in the forest, he just had never shown them, knowing it would scar them just as badly as it did him. Harry got out of the bed, careful not to wake Ginny, and walked over to the closet for something to wear. As soon as Harry changed into his green jumper he climbed down the stairs and found only Molly and Arthur were awake, and sitting down at the kitchen table.


"Hello Harry, dear." Mrs. Weasley said, seeing him walk into the kitchen.




"Good morning." Harry said, addressing both Molly and Arthur.


Arthur looked up from his article in the Daily Prophet and smiled at Harry, before returning back to the paper. Molly hurried into the kitchen to start cooking breakfast, hearing movement on the floors above them. Harry sat down next to Arthur at the table and accepted a cup of tea from Molly, and felt the nervousness he felt upstairs creep back into him.


"Something wrong, Harry?" Mrs. Weasley asked as he peered at Harry.




"No, well yes, there is. At the trial, do I have to show them...everything?" Harry said hesitantly.


Arthur knew exactly what he meant.


"Well, they would want some evidence, but you can probably ask to show it in private." Arthur told him, noting that Harry seemed stressed over it.


Harry nodded and took a sip of his tea, just as Hermione walked into the kitchen, smiling at them before she went over to help Mrs. Weasley. A few moments after George and Ron walked in, yawning and sniffing hungrily. Ron sat next to Harry and started up a conversation about the Puddemore United Quidditch team. George quickly ate the one pancake done in the kitchen and hurried out the front door, claiming he had to check on the shop before they went to the trials.


Not long after everyone was downstairs at the kitchen table, eating and chattering happily. Harry did his best to smile and keep up conversation, trying to keep his mind off the trials for as long as he could. As soon as everyone finished they went back upstairs to change, or went and sat in the living room if they had already changed before hand. Harry was impatiently tapping his foot as he sat in a chair next to Ron, who stared curiously at him. When everyone had finally walked into the living room, Arthur sat up and cleared his throat.


"Aright, you lot. We'll be going in pairs to the Ministry, and try to stay close to one another when we all make it there. The courtrooms are hard to find and we don't need to miss the trial looking for someone who couldn't pay attention. Ron, Hermione, why don't you go first?" Arthur spoke.


Ron and Hermione nodded, and walked hand into the fireplace. Molly handed them some floopowder and backed away.


"Ministry of Magic!" Ron shouted, and with a flash of green light he and Hermione were gone.


Charlie and Percy went after them, and then finally Harry and Ginny.


"See you on the other side." Arthur said, clapping Harry on the shoulder.




Harry nodded and took Ginny's hand, and walked into the fireplace with her, and grabbed a handful of floopowder.


"Ministry of Magic!" Harry shouted, and was absorbed in green light as they traveled through the floo network.




Harry and Ginny stumbled in the Atrium of the Ministry, and brushed off the soot that clung to them. Harry scanned through the crowd, looking for the rest of the Weasley's. After a minute Harry found Charlie waving at him, and grabbed Ginny's hand and started walking towards them. As they made their way, Harry noticed people staring their way, and pointing right at him and Ginny.


"Is that Harry Potter?"




"What is he doing here?"


"That's Ginny Weasley, isn't it?"


Harry ignored the whispers as they joined the Weasley's, and waited for Molly and Arthur to turn up. After a couple of minutes waiting, Molly and Arthur hurried towards them, looking flushed and out of breath.




"The trial's have been changed, Harry. Kingsley just told us that their having Draco's and Narcissa's trial's together, and that they start at twelve, we best start moving." Arthur said, walking fast towards a corridor ahead of them.


Harry only nodded, and was grateful that they had been changed, he only wanted to show the evidence once. Looking down at his watch, Harry was shocked and slightly panicked when he found the time was already eleven forty-five, he remembered how long it had taken him and Arthur last time to find the courtrooms. After ten minutes of literally running through the corridors, Arthur stopped everyone and opened a wide green door. Harry looked around the room and saw Kingsley sitting where Fudge did last time, the Wizengamot sitting behind him, along with Ministry workers, and people sitting in benches around the room. In the middle of the room sat Draco and Narcissa Malfoy, looking towards him with gratitude on their faces.


Harry swallowed hard, and figured quickly that he would need to show evidence in front of everyone. There was no way around it, he would have to do it. Ginny and her family led him towards the benches next to Kingsley and sat, waiting for the trial to begin. After a few moments Kingsley started to speak, telling what the Malfoy's did and what they are being charged for.




"- And witness for the defense, Harry James Potter." Kingsley said, and gestured towards Harry.


Harry felt all eyes on him, and could hear mutters from the audience. He did his best to ignore them, and focus on what Kingsley was saying.




"You have evidence that both Narcissa and Draco Malfoy helped us during the war?" Kingsley asked him.


"I have evidence of Narcissa Malfoy helped during the war, and Draco after the war." Harry corrected.


"Would you mind sharing your memory of the evidence?" Kingsley asked politely.




"I believe Narcissa has the memory better than I do." Harry said.


Kingsley allowed Harry to get up and go over to Narcissa and collect the memory.


"The memory of the forest?" Narcissa asked him, shocked.


"Yes." Harry answered, and placed his wand on her temple.


Narcissa concentrated on the memory, and Harry pulled it away from her temple, and looked towards the large pensive someone had brought out. Harry walked towards it and placed it in there, and Kingsley walked towards him.


"Are you sure?" He asked, looking down at the pensive.


"Yes," Harry replied, "Just get those damn reporters out of here."


Harry sat down in the chair that was placed in the middle of the courtroom for him, and watched as Ministry officials ushered reporters out of the room. Harry watched as Kingsley projected the images out of the pensive so every could see, and waited for the memory to begin.






Ginny tried to get a hold on herself as the images died out in the courtroom, and her deep breath broke through the silence surrounding her. At first when the memory started, she had fear inside her for Harry as she watched him cross the clearing for Voldemort to get a aim at him, and waited silently. But at the moment Voldemort raised his wand, panic raised inside her, telling her to save Harry, to help him. Utter desperation and horror filled her as she watched the green beam on the Killing Curse soar through the air straight at Harry, and hit him square in the chest, sending him to the ground. Ron had a tight grip on her then, keeping Ginny and himself from throwing themselves at the memory-Harry.


Ginny then watched Harry in his sit in the courtroom look up, watching the scene play out before him, not knowing exactly what happened after he fallen unconscious. Rage she had never felt swelled inside her as Ginny watched Narcissa walk to Harry with shaking legs, and checked for herself if he was dead. The little breath coming from Harry almost made her cry out in relief, even though she knew that he was alive. At that moment she closed her eyes and had tried to calm herself, but Voldemort's gloating voice echoed in the room, and the curse he had casted. Ginny squeezed her eyes tighter, and opened them just in time to see Hagrid cradling Harry in his arms.


Ginny now knew why Harry was so reluctant to tell them the story and share the memory beforehand, she knew the images would haunt her. Ginny looked around her and watched Ron as he cuddled Hermione close to him, both shaking slightly. Her mum and dad were behind her, and Ginny could hear her mum sniffling. The looks on her brothers faces were looks of pure hatred, wanting nothing more than to strangle the man who had put Harry through so much in such a short time. To them, Harry was there brother, and would do anything for as much as Ron and Ginny would. The whole room was silent, waiting for someone to finally speak.


"You see?" Harry spoke, breaking the silence, "Without her help, I couldn't of beat Voldemort."




Most people flinched, and others nodded their head in agreement, Ginny and her family being some who did. Harry then put his wand on his temple and pulled out another memory, and walked towards the pensive again.




"Now, what Draco Malfoy did for me when I was kidnapped by Death Eaters." Harry spoke, and dropped the memory in the stone basin.




Kingsley walked up and placed the spell on the pensive that would allow everyone to see it, and walked back his his chair along with Harry.










By the time the next memory came, Ginny was calm enough to control her feelings, and waited for what would happen. She looked up and watched as the scene started, and watched Death Eaters making there way down to the basement, straight for a cell at the edge of the room. As soon as they got close enough she could see Harry, who looked the same as they found him the next day, minus a few cuts. Ginny looked carefully at Harry as the Death Eater's spoke to him, seeing nothing but hatred and annoyance in his eyes. When Draco was finally alone with Harry, he signaled Harry to come over to him, and Ginny saw Harry hesitate.




"I won't hurt you, Potter." Draco spoke.




The memory Harry hesitated for one moment, then came over to Draco and sat down by the cell door. Draco told Harry that he send word to her family and that they would be coming, and Ginny watched as many emotions crossed Harry's face. The one that set was one of confusion.




"Why are you doing this?" Harry finally asked.




"I never wanted to be a Death Eater, I was just trying to survive the war. I've had enough and my father and his vial ways. What his doing to you disgust me, I don't hate you this much. Plus, you saved me countless times, I owe you." Draco said.




Then Draco told Harry Narcissa  was on his side, and turned away from the cell. Ginny watched Harry go back to the corner in the cell, and saw one thing on his face; hope.










Harry sat on the couch in the living room at the Burrow, Ginny sitting on his lap as he played with her hair.


"I still can't believe Draco actually did that, I remember thinking he was just messing with me at the Riddle House." Harry muttered.




"Yeah mate," Ron said from the chair next to them, "We couldn't believe it either. And because they did that both Malfoy's are free."


Hermione then walked into the room, having visited her parents for the past few hours at St. Mungo's, and sat with Ron. They all started to talk about Ginny and Hermione going back to Hogwarts, all silently agreeing not to talk about the memory they saw in the courtroom, and ask Harry questions about it. For now they would try to go back to their somewhat normal lives, and not dwell on the past, but look forward to what was ahead of them.






Thank you everyone who waited patiently, I've been trying to get this chapter up forever. At first I was going to to have the memory in the scene, but I couldn't get it to work without copyrighting it. I wanted to give a special thanks to FriendsofMolly, who leaves me some of the best reviews, encouraging me to do better. Please R&R!

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