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I'll Love Her Enough For The Both Of Us by alicia and anne
Chapter 8 : Hiding in the dormitory
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“Are you going to the Apparation lessons after Easter?” Horatio asked Louis as they lay on their own beds in the boy’s dormitory. A note had gone up on the notice board in the common room earlier that morning, saying that an instructor would be in after the Easter holidays to teach anyone that wished to take up the lessons. Horatio had seen the note when he strolled down there earlier, just for something new to do; Louis had stayed up in the dormitory, avoiding everyone.

Louis gave a shrug as he looked over his essay for Charms; he had been giving in homework that hadn’t been to his normal standards and the teacher had told him it was becoming unacceptable. He didn’t need any of his teachers to write home and say that his grades were slipping, they wouldn’t be too happy with him, and might not think that he would be able to cope with everything.

“Probably not, I need to save all of my money now.” He answered.

“I can always pay for you to do them,” Horatio told him honestly, Louis shook his head at him.

“I won’t accept your money mate,”

“You won’t be able to stop me; I’ll pay for it secretly.”

“Don’t make me feel guilty for taking your money, seriously, I can do them another time when I don’t have to save money.”

“So in like eighteen years, there’ll be no point then. What if you need to get somewhere in an emergency with Horatio Junior? Will you take the Knight Bus?”

Louis put down his essay and looked up at the ceiling in thought; in all honesty the apparition lessons weren’t top on his list of priorities at the moment. His main focus was trying to come up with a way to support his and Freya’s future child, who most certainly will not be called Horatio Junior. He looked over at Horatio, who had a grin on his face as he knew that Louis would agree to the lessons.

“No, I won’t. Fine I’ll do the apparation lessons, but I’ll pay you back, I promise, and I won’t be doing that by naming my unborn child after you.” He added after he saw Horatio open his mouth to say something.

“Oh come on! How cute would it be to name your baby HJ?” Horatio said loudly.

“That doesn’t even sound right,” Louis muttered, shaking his head at the idea of calling his child HJ; it was just as bad as Horatio Junior.

“I’ll have to convince Freya to call your child that, whenever I might see her.” Horatio muttered.

Louis gave a sigh, the only contact he had from Freya was the letter the other day and he wanted nothing more than for her to write him some more.

“Hopefully you can see her next week,” Horatio said, sitting up so he could look over at Louis, “that should cheer you up some more. You’ve been moody for a while now.”

“I haven’t been in that bad a mood,”

“Not necessarily a bad mood, but a sulky one. You’ve been extremely quiet.”

“Well, wouldn’t you be? And I’m always quiet, I don’t know how I can be quieter then I normally am.”

“It is strange that with sisters like yours, you’re as quiet as you are, it’s as though you’re happy to take a back seat whilst the rest of your crazy family becomes crazier.”

“Molly’s not that crazy,”

“I suppose, but she’s one of the normal ones, at least she knows how to have fun though. Because you’re in a sulky mood we’ve been cooped up here and I’m bored.”

Louis didn’t answer him, as he reached for his Muggle Studies book, flipping through the pages, and wondering if he could put off doing his homework until tomorrow, ‘Name and explain three uses for bleach, whilst cleaning clothes,’ Although he supposed it could come in handy, if his wand ever broke, and he was running low on clean clothes.

“Shall we go outside?” Horatio asked, sounding bored.

Louis glanced up at the window and saw that it was raining heavily, “I don’t feel like getting drenched today, thank you.”

“We’ve been stuck up here for hours.” Horatio whined.

“No one has made you stay,”

“I don’t have any other friends.”

“Whose fault is that though?” Louis asked him.

“Mine,” Horatio said with a shrug.

“Oh come on, you can’t hide up here forever you know,”

“Who says that I’m hiding?”

“I say that you’re hiding, you’re hiding from those idiots down in the common room.”

“I think we can see why you don’t have any other friends.” Louis told him slowly

“I don’t need other friends, I’ve got you forever.”

Louis decided that maybe he should make a start on his Muggle Studies homework, that way he wouldn’t have to worry about it later.

“Let’s go do something reckless, it won’t be long before you have to be responsible and all that crap. We need to do something crazy as a send off.”

“I’ve never been reckless –“ Louis began, with a frown.

Horatio gave a loud fake cough that covered up the words “got your girlfriend pregnant”.

Louis shook his head at Horatio before throwing his pillow at him.

“You’re a jerk.” Louis tutted, running a hand through his hair before checking his watch, it was nearly dinner time, Horatio had been right; they had been here since lunchtime.

Horatio got off of his bed, the pillow clutched in his hand. He walked over to Louis’s bed and hit him with the pillow, in the face. “That was a jerk thing to do, now put down the homework and come with me to find Molly, at least she’s fun.”

“I don’t want to...” Louis began, grabbing the pillow from Horatio and chucking it onto the floor.

“That wasn’t a request Louis.” Horatio told him with a smile, “I will quite happily drag you down there.”

Louis gave another sigh before he got off of the bed and grabbed for his shoes. Horatio almost jumped around in excitement at the prospect of leaving the dormitory.


Louis was almost reluctant to leave the train as it stopped at platform 9 ¾, beginning to fear what his parents were going to say to him. Were they still going to be supportive of him? Had they changed their minds?

“Hurry up mate, some of us need to go home and start eating Easter eggs,” Horatio said, holding onto Louis’s shoulders and steering him ahead of them. Louis let himself get pushed along the platform with a small laugh at Horatio, he knew that Horatio was more excited about the prospect of chocolate then he was about seeing his family.

“Hey, there’s your ‘rents,” Horatio said, pointing in front of Louis, Louis looked up to see his mother and father smiling and waving over to him. “Now get going, don’t forget to write to me and let me know what’s going on.”

He turned Louis around to face him before reaching a hand up expectantly, Louis high fived him before Horatio gave a wink and ran off towards his own parents, who were waiting back at the other side of the platform. Horatio must have known that Louis would need that extra push today and Louis was thankful.

Louis hitched his backpack back onto his shoulder; it had slipped off slightly, and walked over still feeling slightly nervous. But he didn’t need to be as his mother and father greeted him like they always did, with big smiles and even bigger hugs.

“How have you been sweetheart?” Fleur asked, her arm around him as they walked back out into the Muggle world.

“I’ve been good,”

“You look better than the last time I saw you,” Bill said, as they made their way out of the station. They were going to be apparating home and needed a quiet place to do so; either Fleur or Bill would side along apparate Louis.

“I’ve managed to get more sleep, which is good; I haven’t had to worry about everything as much as I did.”

“Have you heard anymore from Freya?” Bill asked, as the family walked towards an alleyway to apparate away from.
Louis shook his head sadly, “not yet.”

“Don’t worry; I’ll take you over to see her, her dad can’t stop you from seeing her when you have things to discuss.” Bill said, taking a hold of his son’s arm so he could apparate them home.

Louis could only hope that his father was right.

They apparated just outside of their home, and Louis finally felt a small amount of excitement at being home. Although he couldn’t help but feel like his sisters would be annoyed at him for not responding to their letters, he hoped that they understood how hard it was to get out in words how he was feeling. He walked into the house, hitching the bag back onto his shoulder and took a deep breath.

Louis stood still after walking into the front room and dropped his bag to the floor. He was looking at his two sisters who had been waiting on the sofa, and had now stood up and stared at their younger brother. Louis waited for them to begin telling him off for not replying to their letters, and for hiding such a big secret from them, he would have been angry if it was the other way around.

He took another deep breath as Victoire walked towards him first, she wasn’t wearing her high heels so she only came up to his shoulder, but she was still intimidating to him. He readied himself for her stern words, but she merely held her arms out and hugged onto Louis tightly, he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her back. Dominique soon walked over and hugged onto both of them, forming a group hug.

“Oh Louis, what are we going to do with you?” Victoire asked, continuing to hold onto her brother and not wanting to let him go. Louis never wanted them to let him go, he wanted to stay safe in their arms forever.

They stayed that way for a while before they pulled away from each other.

“Me and Dom have had a talk,” Victoire said, turning to look at her sister who gave her a warm smile and a nod, telling her to go on. “We’ve decided that we should share a room, so you can have a room for the baby.”

“No, I couldn’t ask you to do that,” Louis said shaking his head.

“You’re not; we want to do this for you Louis. It’ll be better for you, Freya and the baby if you could have a room just for the baby. We’ve heard what Freya’s dad said and we really think that when the baby comes that Freya will be spending most of her time here with you. We really don’t think that he will let you stay there if he doesn’t even want Freya to keep the baby.”

Louis gave them a smile before pulling them both into a hug again, “You have no idea what you both mean to me.” He told them.

“I think that Louis has gone a bit soppy on us,” Dom told Victoire as she smiled warmly.

“He’s growing up so fast.” Victoire said, a smile of her own filling her face.

They let go of each other when their parents walked into the room, they had left the siblings to catch up on their own earlier.

“How’s everyone doing?” Bill asked, looking at his children. They each smiled at him and said that it was all good.

“That’s great, are you all hungry? Me and your mother were thinking of going out for lunch if you all want to join?”

Dom and Victoire agreed quickly, both instantly discussing with each other what meal they would have, Victoire had apparently been wanting a cheeseburger all day, Louis knew that his sister must have been hungover if she was craving that. As Dom and Victoire walked out of the room to grab their shoes the conversation instantly turned to their hopes of having lunch at The Leaky Cauldron, as there had a new barman there that Dom liked the look of.

Bill watched his daughters retreating backs as they giggled loudly, he had a frown on his face and he gave a shake of his head. He turned to his wife who was smiling at him, knowing that he was a protective father.

“We’ll have to find somewhere else to eat,” Bill told her, Fleur gave him a smile before reaching up and kissing him lightly on the cheek.

“Don’t worry about it darling, it’s only a crush.” She told him, before turning to look at Louis with a smile.

“Go and put your stuff in your room darling, and then we can all leave.”

Louis agreed as he picked up his bag and left the room, his father ruffling his hair affectionately as he did so, and made his way up the stairs. Thinking about how amazing his family was being, and knowing that he couldn’t have asked for a better one.

A/N: So there is the next chapter of the story, I know at the moment that there isn't a lot of Freya in it, but she will be making more of an appearance soon. I hope that you're all enjoying this story, let me know what you think in a review :D

Also a big thanks goes out to TheHeirOfSlytherin for being a great motivational help and for having fantastic stories that have been keeping me hooked for days! Go check them out :D

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