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Squib by VainSlytherin
Chapter 9 : Fears
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 “Calm down James. James sit. Would you stop pacing please you’re making me nervous.”



Teddy spoke as James tore back and forth across the floor of his older friend’s flat. But James wouldn’t stop-he couldn’t. How had Vivian been hidden this whole time? Why was she?




“She’s a witch Teddy. She’s been lying to me this whole time. She’s known who I was and what I was and she strung me along like a fool. Maybe she’s with the Prophet.”




A spy for the Prophet wasn’t even James’ craziest idea, he wasn’t thinking clearly at all. He came to Teddy for advice, but couldn’t stop talking to receive any; instead he kept spouting every thought on his mind.




“Why hasn’t anyone heard of her Teddy? She broke it off for a reason; she lied to me for four months. I’m going to confront her about it-No. I’m going to send her a howler first-No I’m just going to storm in.”




Teddy finally stood from his couch and held his hands out to James’ shoulders, effectively stopping his endless pacing. 




“This isn’t helping James.”




He all but shouted at him.




“The only person who can answer these questions is Vivian, but you have got to calm down before you approach her.”




James brushed out of Teddy’s grasp and sank into the sofa. He couldn’t deny his behavior was erratic and out of control, but what was he supposed to be acting like? Was there a better way to approach this? Was there any way to approach this?




“I have to talk to her Teddy…I have to know. I have to hear her say it. And maybe I’m making a mistake, maybe I’m wrong about all of this…”




Teddy shook his head back and forth before finally letting it rest on the back of the sofa.




“But Teddy…what am I going to do if I’m right?”








“You didn’t have to come up here Alec, really I’m doing better. Promise.”




Vivian added the promise when she saw her brother’s expression that didn’t believe a word she said.




“What about you? Mum tells me you’ve broken up with Lily.”




Vivian’s voice cracked slightly when she mentioned the Potter. How she heard her brother talk about James’ sister and never made the connection was beyond her. She had truly tricked herself into believing he was who she wanted him to be: normal.


Alec noticed the change in pitch and sighed.




“We don’t have to talk about her Vivian it’s not that big of a deal.”




“It’s your life Alec, since when don’t you want to talk about it?”




“Since I realized how much it hurts you.”




Alec said not looking up from the book he kept messing with. He had found it on Vivian’s dresser and kept flipping the edges of a few pages as they talked. Vivian had finally had enough and took the book from his hands.




“I don’t need a pity party Alec.”




Alec sighed again; his sister was so stubborn.  




“Stop it Vi. Would you just listen for a second?”




Vivian was taken back by her brother’s forcefulness.




“I parade around my life Vi. I have it so easy. Everything’s just been given to me, even magic was handed to me in a letter and I’ve taken it for granted.”




Vivian opened her mouth to speak, but Alec kept going.




“Why aren’t you with James Vivian?”




“I don’t want to talk about James Alec-“




“You know that being with James means announcing to the wizarding world who you really are.”




“What’s wrong with wanting to protect myself?“




Again her brother interrupted.




“You’re trying to protect us Vivian. You don’t want to make our family look bad. You can handle living with magic; you can deal with never having a wand of your own, but the idea of your family being shamed. The thought of you being the cause of it…that’s what you’re afraid of Vi. That’s why you hid out with Nan…that’s why you beg Dad not to mention you to his friends. We’re the reason you won’t talk to James Potter.”




Vivian scoffed and shook her head as her brother ranted on and on about how she supposedly felt. Unfortunately, he was spot on. 




“I can’t Alec okay.”




She finally interjected into Alec’s ramblings.




“I shut that door.”




Alec’s voice evened out when he spoke again, taking his normal tone.




“The door’s not locked Vi”




He nudged her in the shoulder as he finished his statement.




“Even if it is I know a spell.”




Vivian smiled at the joke, and let the advice sink into her thoughts. Could she do it? Could she enter the Wizarding World? Not for James, not for Alec, but for herself. She had finally got out on her own; she had gotten enough courage to go off to school- but school and magic were completely different worlds-literally. Vivian pushed the idea from her mind; it was too big of a change to think about right now. She shook her head and nudged her brother back.




“Honestly though, what happened with Lily?”




Alec smirked and shrugged.




“We got into a tiff the other night, it’s not a big deal we’ll move passed it.”




“Move passed it? Just like that? It’s that simple for you?”




“Well yeh.”




Alec furrowed his brow.




“It was a stupid fight Vi, she’ll get over herself eventually. Sometimes you have to step back to get perspective is all…with Lily, she’s too stubborn to step back so you’ve got to push her a bit.”




Vivian couldn’t help but laugh lightly.




“You’ve just got the system wired haven’t you?”




Alec put his hands behind his head in an arrogant way before lying back on his sister’s bed.




“Pretty much.”




They both laughed, but when the laughing ceased Alec spoke again.




“I saw him the other night you know…at the banquet…he looked horrible.”




Vivian smiled at her brother’s attempts to make her feel better.




“Thanks Alec, but our relationship is a bit more complicated than you and Lily’s…”




Alec huffed before sitting back up.




“He’ll forgive you Vivian. If you told him the truth he’d understand why you left him. Believe me it’s a good reason.”




Vivian opened her mouth to retaliate, but instead a different voice was heard.




“Ya know. I really hoped there was a good reason.”




James Potter was standing in Vivian's doorframe, his arms folded across his chest.




Short Chapter I know, but it's needed to give some perspective! Everything's hitting the fan in the next chapter so stayed tuned!!!! And please review :D 

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Squib: Fears


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