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Bulldozer by free elf 25
Chapter 4 : Freak Out
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Kasy's POV


"Kasy, calm down. She probably didn't know!"


"You know that's not true Rose! Mum sent her a letter just this morning; for all I know she's known all Summer. Longer!"


"Kasy, even if that's right, Rose is right. You just need to calm down, think this through."


"Shut it Malfoy. I just need the password and I won't hold you up any longer."


"Hold me u-AAAH! Kasy, put me down right now!"


"Really? Quite a drop." 


"Kasy, if you dare kill him...for Merlin's sake Scorp, just give her the password!"


"Fine, it's Severus! But if anything bad happens, we didn't have anything to do with it!" Scorpius shouted from his position near the ceiling. His foot were centimeters from the stone arches encarved in the walls, his face turning redder by the second. Quickly, I left, knowing it wouldn't take Rose long to get him down. Less nauseous on the other hand...


Aidan had stayed in the common room when I'd stormed out, giving them time to see my teary face and me time to wipe it clean. He'd grabbed the letter and rushed for the end of Ancient Runes, so he could inform Albus. Unfortunately, we didn't have that weird twin kinetic sense. Maybe because we're not twins.




The door to the dungeons cracked open, barely bothering to acknowledge the fact I wasn't a Slytherin. Strangely, it always seemed to say something spiteful to muggle-borns or half-bloods.


"REBECCA!" I shouted as soon as I entered the common room.It was harsh and cold, the stone walls covered in emerald green tapestries and dusty portraits filled with scornful and long-nosed people. A bunch of six years on the other side of the room turned to see me, my sister paling instantly when she recognised my voice. And my face.


"You! When were you planning to tell me that they were getting divorced? That our parents, my parents, are splitting up, have already started new lifes?"


"Erm...l-l-later." She stammered, cringing in her seat. Most people struggled with 's' and 't', but she always found it hard to pronounce 'l' and 'K'. Like Kasy, or K-K-Kasy. My wand was drawn, my face livid. However spiteful she may seem, however confident, she ahd the courage of a house elf.


"Really?" I hissed, digging my wand into her throat. A few spots danced across my vision, reminding me of a situation similiar to this. Our eyes met, flashing back to second year.


"You bitch!" Rebecca screamed from under a layer of unremovable gunk and fish guts. 'Bitch' was one of those forbidden words back then, said only in times of the utmost importance. It was as if, if spoken, McGonagall would appear infront of you and burn you to a small pile of ash. Though it appeared quick and painless, it was a slow torture, where you could feel each flame licking at your skin...I digress.


"Really? I'm the bitch? When were you and Mum going to tell me?"


Her face froze.


"Katsy, listen, I'm so sorry, it was Mum's idea, Katsy, please-"


"Shut it!" Her ramble ended immediately. "How could you do that to me? I'm your sister Becky, your flesh and  blood! Your mirror. How could you keep that from me? She meant everything to me,everything! I wasn't even given a choice." Tears streamed down my face, almost a replica of hers. Almost.




"NO! Don't you dare! I've forgiven you so many times...well this is the final time! I...I don't even know who you are anymore. All I know is that I'm disgusted to call...this my sister. Rebecca." I spat her full name out, like even the word was poison on my tongue. It was then that she knew it. Knew she'd gone too far, betrayed my trust too much. Far too much.




"No. Not this time. Did you really think I wouldn't find out? That I wouldn't realise my own parents had split? That Dad wouldn't tell me at his first chance? After last time, did you really think keeping it from me was a good idea?" Pain and tears clouded my vision, the gray spots deepening to black, to pink, to blood. My wand was now pressed hard against her throat, chokes gargling through her mouth instead of normal breathes.


"Kasy!" Behind me, someone burst into the common room. His feet pounded towards me, unaware of all those watching. All those frozen in fear. I could see it in her eyes, the fear begging for help. Not her- Rebbecca never begs. Slytherins never beg.


"Kasy." His voice was soft, like a lullaby, as his hand reached for my wand. "It's okay Kasy. You can let go. It's fine, I promise you. Swear on the iris."


My entire body, my entire mind, was shaking so much. It barely registered the fact he'd removed and pocketed my wand, and was now leaning towards my sister. His few words reached my ears.


"Don't think that this is the end of this. I might not believe in hitting a girl, but I know a lot of Gryffindors who won't be afraid to bend those rules a little. They'll be keeping their eyes on you."


Rebecca nodded, gulping slightly. Whether it was at the prospect of having the majority of Gryffindor watching her every move even more closely, or to remove some of the natural build-up from where my wand was, I didn't find out. Her eyes flickered to mine, catching them just in time. My eyes were filled with pain, tears still rolling down my cheeks, my hair sitting wild and static on my shoulders.


"Come on Kasy." Albus muttered, guiding me out of the common room. Most of the Slytherin house was there, looking at us in confusion. That sort of 'what the fuck? Should I ask if you're okay or prepare myself? Are you sane? Am I definitely going to get out of here alive? What the...?' confusion. Behind us, I heard one of Rebecca's friends, Viola, say "Oh my God, are you alright? Do you need to go to Madam Pomfrey? You should talk to McGonagall, she could have killed you!"


"But she didn't, did she? I'm fine, it's really not necessary Vi. She didn't hurt me Lucie, I'm really fine. Well and truly. Drop it, alright?"


The door then shut behind us, so I couldn't hear my sister and the other six years who were begging her to let them help her. With the prospect of first class gossip, why wouldn't they? Now it was just me and Albus in an empty corridor.




"No. Come on, we have Defence now."


"That can wait." He said, jogging to catch up with me.


"What's this? Albus Potter, skipping class? I thought only your brother got the Marauder gene." I mocked, still not turning to face him.


"Kasy, shut up. Aidan showed me what your Dad said. Just...stop being so calm. Freak out a little."


"Freak out? Al, I pointed my wand at my own sister. Right in her throat. I was ready to cast anything at her, no matter what the consequences would have been! I think that's all the 'freak out' I need." I snapped, turning down the next corridor. Defence was just a little further...


"Kasy- SHIT!" Al suddenly slipped, crashing into me before I could move. This brought us both to the floor, his large form coverign mine. Sheepishly he lifted his body up, removing something from his shoe.


"A leaf." The Potter half-grin lit up his face. At first I smiled, then I giggled, then I was so close to hysterical laughter when I burst into tears. Freak out? There's no such thing as too much.




Albus' POV


Through her choked sobs, Kasy began her slightly exaggerated tale. My mind wandered off, my hand stroking her hair in a steady rhythm as her body was curled up into my side. Her voice become a hum in the back ground, a song only broken by sobs, as the events following Ancient Runes flashed through my head.


I was just walking out of the classroom, talking to my partner Richard, when Aidan came sprinting down the hall. Panting heavily, he passed me a piece of paper before keeling over, completely out of breath. I gave a weak smile to Richard, who nodded understandingly and disappeared.



Hey love! Sorry I didn't get to see you off- I blame it on quidditch! Congrats on Alchemy, I know how much it means to you; she'd be so proud of you.'


"It's a letter from Kasy's Dad. To Kasy. Not Albus." I said, looking down at Aidan. He jabbed the final paragraph, before slouching against the wall.


'I know this will come as a shock. I wanted you to hear it from me first; I only hope I'm in time. Me and your mother have been growing apart lately, and things just aren't working out. We both agreed this was the best option for all of us. We're finalising a divorce. I wish I could have told you earlier, and face-to-face, as you wouldn't be able to just burn the words away, but your mother thought it was best not to. She's happy being who she was before she met me, and I've been on a couple of dates since we filed the paperwork. One of the woman, Clarissa, I really like. Maybe not the person, but a person. Please don't hate me, or your mother. I'm so sorry love, especially for dropping this on you not even one day in.


Love Dad'


"Slytherin common room?" I asked, already sprinting in that direction.


"Password's Severus! And hurry mate, it wouldn't have taken long for old Scorpo to break!"


Before I knew it, I was crashing into their common room, rushing to where Kasy was holding her wand to her sister's throat.


"So I guess it's all in the letter. You've probably read it, of course. I knew something wasn't right Al- Dad was barely ever there, I never saw close. No kissing, no cute little nicknames, no fancy dates, not even a hug! And Dad thought that she wouldn't tell Rebecca. The two Slytherins- of course they're going tot ell each other everything! He's so trustful and positive...I don't know how he didn't end up in Hufflepuff. Anyway, Rebecca and Mum were just playing us, not just him or me. They're twisted"


"As Bellatrix?" I offered, now twisting her hair into dozens of little plaits, all held together at the tips with magic.


"Yeah, as twisted as Bellatrix! I don't see any relation between us, other than our hair. Everything else I've inherited from my Dad: my quidditch skill, my silent brains, my handy charms..."


"You're Hufflepuff-ness. Kas, I'm pretty sure you didn't inherit all that evilness and courage from your father. Can't you remember those pranks you and Fred did last year?"


"Yeah, those were fabulous. I'm going to miss my partner in crime. But anyway, that's just from spending way too much time with a bunch of Wotters."


I stared at her, our gaze meetign for a millisecond. That was all we needed. Before she could roll away, I pounced on top of her, tryignt o attack her in the most Salazar worthy way possible.


"Stop it! Please Al- haha! Stop it, I take it back, you're not just a bunch of Wotters, I take it back I take it back!"


Nevermind crucio; Voldemort should have just tickled his opponents to get what he wanted.


"Works like a charm." I smirked, getting up off the floor. Kasy sat up, folding her arms across her chest.


"Oh come on. Need a lift?" I asked, offering my hand. After a quick inspection, she took it, allowing me to pull her up beside me.


"Come on. Don't want to be late for Defense now, do we?" I said, ignoring the fact we'd already missed half the lesson.


"You can't tell, can you? That I've been crying?" Kasy asked, slowing to a stop. I turned to face her- it wasn't every day Kasy asked me a girl problem question. Though her eyelashes were damp, she looked like she always did. Amazing. Wild red curls, pale white skin, dark and light green, blue and brown eyes.


"You look perfect. Promise me, no one will be able to figure it out. They'll probably just think we were shagging in a broom cupboard."




With a laugh, I walked into Defense, Kasy close behind me.


"So the famous Potter finally arrives. With Miss Wood as well I see. Excuses can wait, I'll give you some time to think up some fool prove ones. Except I'm not a fool. Take your seats and see me after class. Both of you."


Well that wasn't Professor Flint.




Author's Note


REVIEW MY MINIONS! So yeah, it would be awesome if you guys could write a teensy weensie little note in that adorable box down there. Doesn't have to be a novel or anything, just a few words and a rating. Thanks y'all!

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