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The Namesake by HeyMrsPotter
Chapter 1 : The Namesake
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On the one year anniversary of the second wizarding world war, there had been a memorial ball at Hogwarts. George Weasley had intended to stay in the flat above the shop and continue working on the new range of exploding quills he and Ron had invented. He had come to terms with Fred's death, although it had taken him longer than the rest of his family, but still wanted to be alone on the night that marked a year since Fred had died. It wasn't that he was going to mope around, he knew that Fred would never have wanted that. He simply didn't want people looking at him and feeling sorry for him, knowing he was the one who had lost his twin, his business partner, his best friend. Unfortunately for George, his plans were thwarted by the unstoppable force that is Molly Weasley. He could still picture his Mother standing in front of him, hands on her hips, face flushed red with anger and managing to make George feel tiny despite him being at least a foot taller.

"George Weasley! You will come to Hogwarts with your family whether you like it or not. You have worked none-stop since your brother passed and it's about time you had a night off, and what better night to have than on the anniversary of the war, the war in which he died protecting others." Her voice broke at this point but she didn't cry, she simply glared at George until he sighed and admitted defeat.
George still thanked his mother, even now, years later, for that was the night his life changed. He had bumped into Angelina Johnson, fellow ex-Gryffindor and the girl that Fred had taken to the Yule Ball. She had found him hiding in a corner scribbling on the plans for the exploding quills that he had sneaked past his mother and into his robes. They had talked and laughed, each sharing memories of Fred, and George had left the ball feeling better than he had in longer than he could remember. The two had began dating after that and George had never looked back.

And so, several years after the war George Weasley had finally found true happiness in his life. His beautiful wife had just given birth to their first child, a son. George stood by the window of their private room in St. Mungos, Angelina sleeping in the bed behind and his newborn son wrapped in blankets in his arms. He looked down at the tiny bundle and smiled fondly, baby Fred looked just like his namesake and father, though thankfully had two ears, with his blue eyes and tiny tufts of red hair. George looked away from his son an out of the window, to the stars.

"Well, Freddie, check me out, I'm a Dad! Reckon I should start growing up? Nah, me neither. I'm still sorry for stealing your girl, but lets face it, we made a cute kid and it's not her fault she couldn't resist me, I was always the better looking one. Don't worry though, I'll tell my boy all about his Uncle Fred, he's got some big shoes to fill, but I think he'll manage." George sighed. "I wish you were here to meet him Freddie, you'd have been a brilliant uncle..."

A single tear fell down George's cheek as he looked down at his sleeping son, thinking of the Uncle he would never meet.

Just then, a loud BANG came from outside of the window, pulling George out of his thoughts. A firework had exploded outside and the word 'POO' was now spelled out, flashing red and gold.

George couldn't help but laugh, knowing at that moment that his brother was celebrating the birth of his nephew wherever he was.

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The Namesake : The Namesake


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