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Hidden Attractions and Ill- Disguised Tricks by Brigadeiro16
Chapter 16 : Commencing the Beginning
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A/N- AHHH! GUYS ITíS THE LAST CHAPTER! This has gone by so fast (except for the giant crater of time between chapters 7 and 8, but letís ignore that shall we?) I havenít gotten a good amount of reviews, so there wonít be a sequel. However, donít despair. I have a new story, called Changing, which Iím really excited about... Itís a post war story, †one or two years after Voldy dies. Anyways, Have fun reading (blame Wormtail if itís too cheesy)!

Lilyís P.O.V.

††† ďLook, snow!Ē Mary exclaimed, her newly dark eyes sparkling. I gazed up from my heavy Potions book. After Snape stopped helping me, I had been failing tragically in that class. Slughorn, noticing Jamesí interest in me, said the cause of my failing grades was puppy love, so he went easy on my grading. I wasnít complaining. I decided to go out to the pretty snow globe scene outside the castle, leaving the book on my bed. Pulling on a white coat and mittens, I waved goodbye to Mary. Alice was with Frank in the sixth year boys dorms doing something Iíd rather not think about.

††† In the common room, I passed some giggling third years who were trying to think of ways to get James in their immature clutches. It was all I could do not to curse their legs into jelly. When the babbling idiots saw me, they stopped and began discussing the best kind of magical condom. Little sluts. I quickly went outside to avoid other such encounters.

I loved the smell of freshly fallen snow. What I didnít particularly enjoy was the nipping wind or the cold, wet feet that I later got. I inhaled once more and began walking under the flakes of delicate ice. My feet made a soft whispering sound in the snow. It was the first snow of the year, a bit late considering it was December. I sat by the frozen Black Lake, conjuring a simple flame in a jar to keep me warm.

My thoughts turned to where they had been lingering for the longest time. James still hadnít asked me out. I was beginning to wonder if he had given up on me altogether. I sighed. I had spent such a long time figuring out if I wanted to risk a serious relationship during a war, maybe he had given up on me altogether.

Jamesí P.O.V.

I was alone again. My mates had left me, and I didnít blame them. All I had been thinking about was Lily. I still hadnít a clue how to ask her out. The beautiful witch deserved the most romantic scene in the history of gooey love proposals. There was only one problem- I wasnít romantic. Not even close. So I had spent half of December trying to think of romantic but not too cheesy ways to ask Lily out. No such luck.

I noticed white at the window. Walking up to it, I saw a typical winter wonderland, everything was white. Wait, not everything. I noticed a small flicker of red near the Black Lake. Scrunching my glasses closer to my eyes and leaning towards the glass, I saw it was Lily.

She was so beautiful. The white flakes fell delicately on her hair, creating a stark contrast to the bright red. Her green eyes were glowing in the white landscape. When the snow fell on Lilyís face, she would crinkle her nose in an adorable way. Mindlessly, I struggled with a coat and flew down the stairs. I had no idea what I was doing, but I wasnít going to stop.

Lilyís P.O.V.

Shivering, I realized the sun was setting. I needed to finish that pointless Potions work soon if I were to get to bed in time. Thank goodness it was only one week until Christmas holiday. I began trudging to the castle from under the recesses of my favorite oak tree on Hogwarts grounds. I was still under the tree when I saw James.

††† He moved quickly towards me, and before I could even say anything, we were kissing. At first I almost pulled away in surprise, but then relaxed into the strong arms that were holding me. Suddenly, it wasnít so cold anymore.

††† This kiss didnít make me see fireworks or make me want to suddenly declare my love (which I wasnít even sure I felt), like stereotypical kisses were supposed to. But I did feel something special. It was a faint, warm, tingling. It ran from my fingertips and made me curl my toes. The warmth intensified where our lips met, almost as if it were a type of magic welding us together. I hadnít ever heard of love having itís own type of magic. What was especially strange was that I wasnít even sure I loved him. I noticed I was over analyzing, so I threw reason to the wind and leaned into the kiss.

††† All too soon, it was over. My eyes fluttered open, big fluffy snowflakes were falling on Jamesí hair from under the bare branches of the oak. Adorable.

††† ďWhat was that for?Ē I asked breathlessly.

††† ďI couldnít think of a better way to ask you out,Ē He answered quietly. His gaze was so intense, yet a bit unsure, and he was so wonderful to me at that moment, that I couldnít help it. I kissed him back. This was a quick kiss, but James nearly fell over in surprise.

††† ďWhat was that for?Ē He questioned, sliding his arms round my waist again.

††† ďI couldnít think of a better way to say yes,Ē I smiled. His answering grin was brighter than the reflection off the freshly fallen snow. He hugged me tight, and nearly pulled me off the ground. I hugged him back, and those abs were tighter than they looked! I swooned inwardly. When we fell apart, he put one knee on the cold ice.

††† ďLily Evans, will you do me the honor of accompanying me to my parentís annual holiday ball as my first official girlfriend?Ē He asked. Noticing his soaking wet knee, I answered quickly.

††† ďOf course,Ē I said. He smiled and cheekily winked at me, then quickly got up off the ground, and I made hot air come out of my wand to dry him off. He hooked my arm into his.

††† We were holding hands when we passed the incredulous faces of the castle. I couldnít help but notice some people werenít as shocked as everyone else. Snape was glaring at James, which was annoying. But, besides the angry faces of Jamesí fan club of girls, there were only a few different expressions. Most people were shocked and gossiping away, but the other faces were all of sorrow. There was that girl whose parents were tortured to death. That guyís brother murdered his own aunt. Those twins over by that corner had lost an older sibling to a werewolf attack. That little girl had lost half her family to the Dementorís Kiss, wrongly administered. That gangly boy had been imperioíed to murder an Auror who was his uncle, and had just barely held the curse back. James noticed my worried look and pulled me closer to him.

††† Of the future, I knew only one thing. Whatever happened, we would be heading into this war together.

A/N- Thank you so much for reading! Also I havenít posted a disclaimer for the whole story- Yes. I am secretly JK Rowling and am writing on a fanfiction site because the Ministry of Magic has banned me from writing any more books.

No, jk. Iím a normal nerdy fangirl... Not Jo. I wish though! Shout out to my amazing beta, Dana! Thank you for taking the time to read this story. I love you all!

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Hidden Attractions and Ill- Disguised Tricks: Commencing the Beginning


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