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Get in Line by dobbyismyhero22
Chapter 1 : Let The Games Begin
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super amazing chapter image by sanadamaiko at TDA featuring the lovely Jordan Moseley

“GET A MOVE ON WOMAN!” My, at the moment, deeply annoying stepbrother shouted at me for about the thirtieth time as we hurled through Kings Cross station.

You’d think after nearly seven years we’d learn to wake up early enough to not have to sprint through nearly two hundred people, taking out mass amounts of small children and stepping on over thousands of toes, but alas, no. We’re unfortunately just as dumb as we were when we were puny little eleven year olds.


I almost felt bad for slamming my trunk into an old, crotchety looking woman’s shins. Almost.


I mean, seriously, if you see an insane, half crazed looking teenage girl flying towards you with a massive trunk in one hand and a squawking owl in the other, then you’d think you’d learn to jump out of the way. Common sense seems to escape some people these days.


“JORDAN, MOVE YOUR SKINNY LITTLE ASS AND HUSSLE!” Silas screamed at me, attracting death glares from mothers with their little ones that just learned a new curse word.


I was about point five seconds away from decapitating him myself, but the Hogwarts Express’ engines suddenly roared to life and the whistles blasted, signaling that it was about to leave, and I knew it wasn’t quite the time for murder plans.


A few choice swear words sprouted out of my mouth as I jumped onto the train after him. And when I saw jumped, I literally mean jumped since the blasted train was already slowly starting to move. I probably appeared like I was straight out of a mental institute to all of the on-lookers, but you have to do what you have to do.


“Let’s go, we have to find the others, kee—“ Silas started to say, effortlessly carrying his trunk as if it was a bloody feather while my arms screamed out in protest as I lugged mine behind me.


“If you tell me to keep up one more time, I’ll hex you into next week.” I growled violently at him, wishing I had a rock or some other heavy object that I could nail him in the head with. His brown eyes twinkled at my growing irritation and a little smirk played on the corner of his lips.


“You could never hex me, darling sister. You adore me far too much.” He said with a grin spread widely across his face as slowed his pace so he could swing a good-natured arm around my shoulders.


“I thank Merlin every day that I don’t actually share the same blood as you.” I shot back causing him to laugh because he knew it wasn’t true.


In all honesty, even though he was a right prat half the time, Silas was the best non-actual brother that a girl could want. His dad ditched his mum when he was just a bun in the oven while my mum at least waited till I was at the ripe age of three before bailing.

I haven’t had a real conversation with her in the past eight years. We used to exchange owls every now and then but those stopped when I turned nine and asked her when she was going to stop being a flighty shit mum and come back to raise her child.


Needless to say, she didn’t get back to me on that one.


Also needless to say, I was a very abrasive nine year old.


My dad got married to Silas’ mum when I was seven and I hated Silas more than anything. To be fair, he was an extreme git when he was a kid and regularly put honey in my shampoo. I got him back by pancing him in the middle of Diagon Alley on a Saturday, but the memory of chunks of my sticky, light brown locks falling out still stings in the back of my mind.


I think we started to slowly like each other when Ava was born when we were ten. There was suddenly a new little brat that came into our lives and screamed endlessly, constantly demanding the attention that we had a difficult time gaining ourselves.


Daphne, Silas’ mum, was thrilled to have a kid that actually had a father plus the daughter of her very own that she always craved so Silas was indefinitely pushed to the side. Meanwhile, my dad, who rarely stopped working, managed to find time, but instead chose to spend it with his newborn daughter as opposed to the one he already had.


It’s no wonder that two ten year olds would be decently salty about this change of events so, naturally, we plotted against our newborn half sister.


Looking back, the various ways we planned her downfall were actually quite frightening and, honestly, inhumanely demented but I think we both look past it because it somehow brought us together.


I leaned my head against his shoulder and then licked the side of his face. One, because I wanted to piss him off and two, because I can’t have a nice moment with someone unless I know I’m going to ruin it later seconds later.


Silas made a noise of disgust that caused me to grin self satisfiedly. “You’re lucky I didn’t leave your ass in bed this morning, you little shit.” He barked and ‘lightly’ punched me in the gut as he pushed open the door to the compartment that we shared since first year.


“Sup bitches,” Silas yelled in an obnoxious, high-pitched voice, drawing the attention of our group of fellow Slytherins.


“It’s cool, guys. The party can officially start now that the Greengrass/Moseley clan has arrived,” I added, ruffling Silas’ hair as I threw my trunk into his open arms for him to put on the top racks and plopped myself down next to my best friend since I started Hogwarts.


A lot of people wondered why Hazel Scott, pretty much the sweetest girl in the entire world (on the surface at least; only I know what a sarcastic little bint she is), was in Slytherin. In fact, when the Sorting Hat screamed out her house, she actually started crying and begged McGonagall to change her to Hufflepuff. Unfortunately for her, her ambition to become a curse breaker had overtaken her overpowering level of niceness.


A lot of people also wonder how she became to be friends with me when we are such polar opposites. While she likes to spend her Friday nights doing Arithmancy extra credit with her Satan-spawned devil cat, Paula, curled up on her lap, I like to go do sketchy shit that I almost always regret in the morning.


Also while she’s involved in just about everything the school has to offer including being the Seeker on the quidditch team, being a prefect, a member of the Gobstones club, president of both Charms club and Arithmancy club, and a chairman of the Wizard’s Chess Society, I manage to not do anything but sleep and eat scary amounts of cookie dough ice cream.


We really don’t add up as a friendship yet at the same time we balance each other out perfectly considering I make her not be a stick in the mud and she makes me not ruin my life in one way or another.


She wasn’t the only one that was surprised to be a Slytherin though. The ambition thing happened with Silas as well I’m sure. While his last name is Greengrass, a pure blooded family that dates back generations, he didn’t believe in the whole ‘my blood is better than your blood thing’. The only time he’d ever even think about harming someone else was on the quidditch pitch and he wanted to go pro more than Hazel wanted to spread flowers and happiness on among the universe.


The rest of our group was finished off with Mitch Walker, Cyrus Palmer, and Scorpius Malfoy.


Mitch, no doubt about it, was meant to be a Slytherin. He was simply just an outright asshole. You became used to his assaholic tendencies after awhile and now it’s fairly hilarious to watch as he gets regularly abused for the idiotic comments he makes on a daily basis. 


Cyrus was an asshole as well but once you took a look at how beautiful his face and his body was you forgot it all and just wanted to congratulate him on his everything.


Scorpius was a different story entirely and he was in a different grade entirely. While the five of us were all seventh years, he was the lone sixth year. He’s Silas’ cousin so he became adopted into our group when we discovered that all the Slytherins blokes in his year acted as though they lived with trolls and giants their entire lives. He was far more mature than both Mitch and Cyrus combined and was just as fit with his bright silver eyes and silky golden hair.


He had a sort of sensitive side that you didn’t see in most Slytherins and he had confided in Hazel and I once that he asked to be put in our house so that way his father wouldn’t be disappointed in him. He was originally meant to be in Gryffindor, surprisingly, but since that would most likely cause his dad to drop over dead, he silently begged the hat to put him with the rest of the snakes. He fit in with our group well enough. He could out drink Silas by a mile and could play a mean game of quidditch so it was really no question with whether or not he belonged.


“I hate to break it to you, love, but the party doesn’t start until after the feast tonight when we are joined by a hefty bottle of Firewhiskey in our dorm.” Cyrus said, across from me, with a mischievous grin planted on his unfairly attractive face.


“Don’t tell me you forgot about the tradition we’ve had since fourth year!” Silas said in astonishment, throwing himself down in between Scorpius and Cyrus. 


“How could she possibly forget, mate? Last year she was too hung-over to go to any of her classes and got detention for a week.” Mitch graciously pointed out.


“That’s rich coming from the one that woke up in a pool of his own vomit on Hagrid’s front steps.” I shot back with an eyebrow raised that wiped the smirk straight off his face.


“To be fair, that vomit could have been from Hagrid himself.” Scorpius interjected reasonably.


“Are we going to have another little mini strip tease from our lovely Hazza?” Mitch asked and suddenly every bloke’s face, as well as mine, broke out into an identical grin as Hazel’s face turned to the color of a ripe tomato.


Last year, you see, was the first time we somehow miraculously got Hazel to drink and after three shots, she claimed that the dorm room too hot and striped down to just her knickers.


Now if you knew Hazel as well as I do, you’d know that shit like that never, and I repeat, never happened. So I, being the incredible, thoughtful friend that I am, decided to document the occasion with pictures.


Let’s just say Hazel Jocelyn Scott better never cross me or else snapshots of her dancing half naked with a bottle of Firewhiskey in one hand and a lit joint in the other with Mitch, Scorpius, Silas, and Cyrus all in the background looking ecstatically surprised will be all over the school faster than you can say blackmail.


Then again, Hazel would never dream of crossing a person even if they murdered her parents and ate her cat for dinner. Plus I could never do that to her even though it would be bloody hilarious.


“I believe I told you the next morning that I’m never consuming that shit again.” She said with a groan, burying her face in her perfectly manicured hands.


“Yes, but that’s what you said after the Halloween party, the Christmas party, the New Year’s party, and all of our seventeenth birthday parties so excuse me if we don’t actually believe you.” Cyrus told her, trying and failing to refrain from laughing at her dismay.


“But I’m serious this time.” She insisted with a look of determination on her face.


“Let us all paint you a little picture, Hazel dear, of what’s going to happen tonight,” Silas started and then clasped his hands together, placed them on his lap, and gestured with a nod of his head for me to set the scene.


I cleared my throat for the dramatic effect before beginning.


“The night will start off at the feast where all of us will be merrily eating and enjoying our roast beef while flicking our peas at the terrified first years, as per always. We’ll have Scorpius casually ask you if you are going to come to the boy’s dorm this year because we know that he’s the one you trust not to trick you the most. You’ll say no, of course, but after some convincing you’ll say how you’ll come up for one hour and that’s it.”


At this point Cyrus, Mitch, Scorpius, and Silas all were listening to me in amused interest while Hazel had her arms folded bitterly across her chest knowing that this is exactly how the night would played out.


“We’ll go up to the dorm, some drinks we’ll be poured, but you’ll refuse everyone to try to maintain the responsibility of the group. But then Mitch will say something mushy and out of character about how this is our last year together and Scorpius will say how lonely he’ll be without us. You’ll start to get sad so you promise to join in on one toast because it’s bad luck not to drink when someone is toasting. That one toast will turn into one shot and then that one shot will turn into seven and before you know it, you’ll be hammered out of your mind.”


“Then you’ll both take off your bras and shake your ta-tas for us and we’ll all be happy.” Cyrus tacked onto the end causing Hazel to shoot him a disgusted glare and for me to attempt to reach across to him and whack him in the gut for ruining my well-painted scenario.


Unfortunately for me, I ended up leaning a bit too far forward and my face slammed straight in between his legs.


How lovely.


“Enjoying the view, sweetheart?” Cyrus laughed mockingly at the position that I had ended up in.


“We can all leave if you two would like some privacy to rekindle your relations from last year?” Mitch suggested, while Silas made a noise of disgust, with a shit-eating grin plastered across his shit-eating face, referring to the fact that Cyrus and I hooked up once or twice last year.


Or, you know, like thirty-four times, but that’s beside the point.


We had had the typical ‘friends with benefits’ situation going on in secret for a while. Once people started finding out it though became less fun with the constant death threats Cyrus was receiving on a daily basis from Silas. We eventually came to a mutual decision that we should stop so he didn’t suffer some sort of aneurysm.


I spun around and hurled myself on top of him with my wand at his throat. A smart man would be currently terrified considering that I was one of the best in our year at Defense but Mitch’s face remained impassive other than the little smirk that was pulling up the corner of his lips.


“At least buy me dinner first, love.” He commented lazily after noticing that I was pretty much unintentionally straddling him and then put his hands directly on my ass just to be a douche bag.


I love my friends, I really do.


Before I, or Silas for that matter, could slap him across the face, another voice entered the compartment.


“So this is what the Slytherins do behind closed doors then? Do you each have a go at her or is Walker the only one that’s getting any action this year?”


My head snapped to the side when I saw James Potter leaning against the doorframe with his arms folded across his chest and his eyes twinkling in amusement at his own unfunny joke. Fred and Louis Weasley along with his little brother Albus were at his flanks.


“I don’t like what you’re insinuating about my sister, Potter.” Silas barked, his fists immediately clenching, and I refused to let my face flush as I threw myself off of Mitch and back into my original seat.


“There’s nothing to insinuate. Everybody and their mothers knew that Moseley spent the majority of last year fucking Palmer here; I was just merely curious if she was switching it up a bit.” He said condescendingly, quirking up a perfect eyebrow.


And that’s just it, everything about James was perfect. From his liquid gold eyes to his black messy hair that looked like he just stepped out of a quidditch photo shoot to his impeccable body that I’m sure looked just as good without clothes on as it did with, he was flawless. Especially now, even after pretty much just calling me a slag, in his charcoal gray jumper with the sleeves carelessly rolled up and dark jeans that were tight in all the right places he looked fit, proper fit, and it made me want to light myself on fire.


I didn’t take what he was saying personally even though everyone else in the compartment was. I knew he was just trying to get a rise out of us all because that’s what James Potter enjoyed doing most and, of course, it was working.


Innocent little Hazel was glaring at James with such intensity that you’d wonder how he didn’t shrivel up on the spot and Cyrus, Mitch, Scorpius, and Silas all looked like they were seriously refraining from beating the shit out of him while I was merely picking at my chipping nail polish.



“Did you come here just to be a prat to one of the few intelligent girls that won’t give you the time of day or to further prove how much of an asshole you are to the small amount of people that already know?” Silas snapped at him while I examined how shitty my nail beds were.


“Contrary to popular belief, I did not come here for a fight so you lot can stop clenching your fists, pretending like you actually have enough balls to punch me.” James shot back with the side of his mouth pulling up into one of his famous, infuriatingly sexy smirks.


“Then why did you come?” Hazel hissed, the anger obvious in her voice if it wasn’t already by the way she was staring at James as if she wished he would simultaneously combust into thin air. 


Hazel, like I said, is the sweetest person alive… Unless you do or say something bad to one of her friends. Then she’ll rip off your skin, eat it for dinner, and then wash it down with your blood.


Violent, yes, but hey, she didn’t get to be a Slytherin just by being ambitious.


“We came to give a warning.” Fred Weasley said in a remarkably serious voice, speaking up for the first time since the Gryffindors entered our compartment. This was unusual for him because normally he couldn’t resist saying some sort of idiotic comment within the first minute of a conversation. Also, the last time I’ve seen him be even remotely serious was when he accidentally killed his illegal pet bunny during the Halloween Feast of second year.


“If it’s a warning that you’re going to beat us this year in quidditch then keep dream—“ Mitch started to say but Albus cut him off.


“It’s actually a message for Malfoy.” He said with a nod of his head in Scorpius’ direction and we all looked at Scorpius in surprise mingled with curiosity.


One of the things about Scorpius that set him apart from Cyrus, Silas, and Mitch was that he never got involved in anything that could bring any sort of drama or social interference into his life.


Growing up in a family like his, he liked to stay away from anything that would get him attention other than his good grades and quidditch skill so yes, it was a big shock that the Wotters had their ‘warning’ directed towards him of all people.


“And what would that message be, Potter?” Scorpius asked coolly with a look of dull boredom on his face.


“Stay away from Rosie.” Fred ordered, answering for Albus. “She’s too good for you and always will be too good for you.”


Scorpius’ face, unlike all of our dumbstruck ones, remained impassive. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”


“We found the letters, Malfoy.” James said simply and elusively. I couldn’t tell if it was just my imagination, but Scorpius’ face seemed to go a slight shade of pink at his words. Satisfied by this, James, along with his brother and cousins, exited the compartment without another word.


“What the hell was that?” Mitch asked, rounding on Scorpius, as soon as the door shut.


“What?” Scorpius asked, feigning innocence. “Potter has always been off his rocker, we’ve known that for years.”

“Fair enough, but seriously man, Rose Weasley?” Mitch said, screwing up his face in distaste.


“I’d almost rather have you nailing Kelsey Kramer.” Cyrus muttered and Silas grunted in agreement.


Kelsey Kramer was the lowest of the low. She was one of those girls that drew whiskers on her face because she wanted to be a cat and had massive hickeys permanently on her neck from her ‘fiancé’ that she’s known for three weeks.


So the fact that I agreed with that statement as well really tells you how much our group detested Rose Weasley.


Silas didn’t like her for strictly quidditch purposes only, which is the sole reason that he disliked anyone. He was still bitter that she knocked him clean off his broom during last year’s quidditch cup final causing Slytherin to lose our star Keeper. Thankfully Hazel caught the snitch fast or else the final score would’ve been a lot worse than 420-260.


Mitch didn’t like her because she had single-handedly given him forty-seven detentions last year for continually sneaking out to the kitchens at random wee hours of the night. It’s not his fault that he constantly got cravings for peanut butter and jelly in the middle of the night that needed to be satisfied.


Hazel didn’t like her because in fourth year she aimed a bludger straight at the end of Hazel’s brand new, extremely expensive broomstick, effectively smashing it to pieces, as well as breaking Hazel’s leg, arm, and three fingers when she slammed to the ground.


Cyrus and I didn’t like her for the same reason. She was the one that found us ‘canoodling’ in an empty classroom during free period and then all but screamed it to entire Great Hall less than an hour later at lunch.


She claimed it was an accident, but bitch, how in the hell does that shit just slip out?


Immediately after her little ‘announcement’, Cyrus was sporting two black eyes and a bruised rib and Silas had three weeks detention for purposefully maiming his best friend.


Let’s just say that there was a shit ton of tension in the air for a long while after that incident. 


“They were exchanging letters, for Merlin’s sake. Potter didn’t say anything about them sleeping together.” Hazel busted in, always the voice of reason.


“Haz is right. The real matter at hand is how we are going to get back at that asswipe for insulting Mose.” Scorpius said, trying and succeeding to change the subject away from himself. 


“Good point. That’ll be our mission for tonight: Devise a plan to get back at the bastard while getting totally and completely shit faced at the same time.” Cyrus said, putting his fist in the middle of the compartment.


“Hell yeah, fucking right!” Mitch exclaimed with an extreme amount of enthusiasm, being the first to fist bump him back.


We immediately all joined in with identical grins spreading across our faces and we came up with a simple, yet mildly brilliant plan to get back at James Potter.


Sure, we’ve had better but it would certainly do the trick and it would definitely set off a chain of revenge that would continue far into the rest of the year.


Let the games begin, motherfucker.

A/N: I KNOW, I KNOW. I REALLY SHOULDN’T BE WRITING ANOTHER STORY BUT I COULDN’T RESIST. I think that I may be able to promise you that I’m going to attempt to go back to Enemies with Benefits so that’s a plus! Please, please review even though I don’t deserve it. It would be much appreciated that if you did by some miracle review that you did it about this story, not my others. I want opinions and criticism, not people begging for updates.


I do want to tell everyone that I love you and miss you all. Help me ease back into the world of fan fiction.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my OCs. 

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