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A Pleasant Surprise by Draco4Laif
Chapter 1 : A Pleasant Surprise
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 It was evening at the Potter household. Harry had just returned from a long day at the Ministry of Magic. As he headed towards the living room to slouch into his favorite couch, he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. It was a small thing. It glittered bright and golden. He turned in his tracks and was now halfway to the little golden item when suddenly Ginny stood in between him and the item. “Hello dear, how was work?” she asked. “Good, but I swear if Ron doesn’t stop eating all my pumpkin pasties I’ll hex him into tomorrow”, Harry replied, still eyeing the little golden object. “I’ve got a special dinner planned for us tonight. First, though, we’ve got to visit my mother” Ginny said, moving farther in front of the small object. She held onto his hand and they apparated into thin air.

Next thing he knew, Harry was standing in front of a tall, slightly crooked building. The Burrow, Harry’s second home, second only to Hogwarts. It was one of his favorite places to be when he was younger. They walked in towards the door when suddenly they heard a shout from inside. “Arthur! They’re here! Hurry!”. Mrs. Weasley, Harry could tell it was her from a mile away. Ginny lead him inside where he found only Mr. and Mrs. Weasley quietly sitting on the table having a cup of tea. Harry wondered what they were in such a hurry about. “Harry, my dear, you’ve gotten so thin. Let me cook something up..”, Mrs. Weasley always made Harry a delicious meal. She hurried away in the kitchen and begun cooking. “It’s alright, mother. Thank you, but I’ve got somewhere I want to take Harry tonight” Ginny said politely, before her mother put a feast before them. “Well, Harry, how have you been?”, Mr. Weasley spoke for the first time since they had entered the Burrow. He seemed excited about something, yet he was holding it in. Harry replied with a confused, “Great, thanks Mr. Weasley. How about you? Have you figured out what you’re going to do with all those rubber duckies?” Harry said smiling. “Arthur, you best not be making another one of your contraptions..” Mrs. Weasley said with a stern look towards her husband. “Of course not dear, it’s just a little experiment”.

            Long before Harry knew it, Ginny was already leading him towards the door and saying their goodbye’s. It was already past 7 in the evening. Harry wondered what Ginny was planning. Every now and then she would turn to him and just give a soft giggle and smile. They walked up to the top of a giant hill where, to his surprise, Harry found a small picnic basket on top of a cloth. Ginny sat down and he sat next to her. She pointed towards the edge of the hill where they could see the sun setting. It was a beautiful moment. Ginny begun unpacking the basket. “What’s all this?” Harry asked with a grin. “I’ve got something to tell you, Harry” She replied with a giant smile. He looked at her confused and waited for her to continue. “Well, you see, I went to the doctor today..” She begun, “and we’ve got a little surprise”. At this point she was smiling so big and wide he didn’t think it could get any better. Harry looked at her with wide eyes, amazed. He wasn’t sure what exactly the surprise was, but he had an idea. “And..” he prompted. “Little James is on his way.” She said. He was so shocked and amazed. For a moment, he wasn’t sure what to do. His shock turned into excitement and happiness. He pulled her close and gave her a kiss. She reached into her pocket and Harry could see it, the small bright golden object from earlier. It was a little golden baby rattle. Harry looked into her eyes as the sun was setting and slipped out three quiet words. “I love you.”

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A Pleasant Surprise: A Pleasant Surprise


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