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Harry Potter and a Daughter of Druid by StarFeather
Chapter 8 : The Storm
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beautiful CI by JoanneK of TDA

Harry took out a two-way mirror again tapped it with his wand, Ron appeared,

“Ron, please tell other Aurors to check the gate while we flew away. And if you see a big raven flying from the castle, she might be an Animagus form, a daughter of Druid so watch.”

Ron answered,

“OK. We’ll cover you. See you in the Isle of Mann.”

Just then Ginny came out of the bathroom. She had already changed her clothes to her Quidditch robes.

Harry pulled Ginny on to his Firebolt behind him and said,

“Ginny, are you ready?”

“Yeah, I’m ready. It’s exciting to fly with you on your Firebolt!” she whispered near his ear holding Harry tightly from behind.  

Harry felt swooping sensation around his abdominal region when he felt her breath under his ear and a touch of her body against his back. He cleared his throat and said,

“Eh..well, off we go. Bend your body forwards.”

Harry bent his body forwards not to bump against a window sash, kicked the floor and flew out of the window. He didn’t notice someone was watching their departure from the other window. He was only thinking to be away from the castle as quick as he could. He took out his phoenix feather wand and held it flat in his hand and said,

“Point me,” the wand spun around once, pointed towards his right showing north, he swerved to the southeast. He glanced back down towards the plateau where other Aurors and Unspeakables had camped. The sky turned to grey, it began to rain. Rain drops beaten his glasses so he casted waterproof charm upon his glasses. Rolls of thunder were heard in the distance. The rain came pouring down. As he flew further away from the coast, it was raining harder. It took more time than Harry had expected to see an outline of the Isle of Mann below. Then Ginny gasped and said,

“Harry, look,” pointing at the spot below.

Harry squinted at the pack of masked wizards down below. They shot stunning spells at two of them above, he barely ducked them casting Shield Charm upon Ginny. Harry counted. They were more than four or five. Harry regretted that they had left the castle when he saw six hooded Death Eaters chasing them. He sped up, ascended in the air. The black clouds were covering above them. He thought it would be more dangerous to keep ascending into the black clouds, but he couldn’t think of any ideas. He was very afraid of Ginny’s being hit by more spells from Death Eaters. He burst into the black clouds. They flinched at the flash of lightning in front of them. If they continued to fly in the black clouds, their lives would be in peril.

“Ginny, what shall we do?” Harry shouted at Ginny being at a loss.

“Get out of here. I am sharing your fate. If I die now, I will never regret, at least I am with you now.” Ginny shouted back behind Harry in the heavy rain and the wind.

Harry determined the course to keep flying and descended the black clouds flinching at the thunder. He casted Disillusionment Charm upon himself and he casted it upon Ginny, too. Under the clouds it was raining hard, the storm raged over the waves which were running high. Harry tried to speed up in the heavy rain and swerved to tear themselves away from Death Eaters. Harry looked back and he relieved to see six Death Eaters fly away from them but he lost the direction. He couldn’t put the wand on his palm to be sure which way was southeast, for he was afraid of losing his wand in the heavy storm.

“Harry, look at that isle!” Ginny shouted soaked to the skin,and she pointed at below.

Harry squinted at the isle. It was a small isle but it was enough for them to take a rest to avoid their flight disaster. Harry descended down in the air carefully glancing around, making sure that no Death Eater was chasing them, and they landed on the hard ground. They were drenched to the skin. They needed a shelter from the storm. It was getting very dark.

“Lumos.” Harry ignited his wand.

There were no sign of living of human beings. They walked and walked deeper in the forest and finally found a hollow of the big tree in the forest. They entered the massive trunk to keep away from the rain and the wind. Ginny began to collect twigs inside the trunk and piled them. Harry tapped the mirror and called Ron. Ron appeared in the palm-top mirror.

“Ron, where are you now?”

“We’re still near the castle in the tent. We had checked the castle and the gate, but no one appeared nor a big raven. But a few albatross were flying. Unspeakables said they flew when the heavy storm was coming. So we decided to stay one more night here. Have you reached to the Isle of Man? Please wait for us. We’ll fly there tomorrow morning after the storm,” said Ron.

“Ron, we were attacked by the masked wizards near the coast of the Isle of Man. I reckon they were remaining other Death Eaters.”

“Bloody hell, was it true?”

“Yes, positive.”

“Where were they from? We have seen no Death Eater leaving. ”

“No idea.”

“Where are you now?”

“I don’t know but somewhere near Ireland, not in the Isle of Mann. It’s a very small isle.”

“OK. I’ll tell Williamson or Dawlish. Look out for Death Eaters.”

Soon Ron appeared again on the palm-top mirror and said,

“They say you must put some protective enchantments around the place where you are.”

Harry went out of the hollow and casted some protective enchantments. He was so exhausted after finishing protective enchantments around the hollow that he couldn’t have a confidence to do wandless magic so he swished his phoenix feather wand and chanted,

“Incendio,” soon the fire was produced.

He took off his dripping wet Auror robes. Ginny removed her sopping Quidditch robes,too. They squatted down and warmed themselves at a fire, but soon twigs were burned up then they collected twigs and piled them, Harry put on a fire again. They repeated the same working a few times, but at last there were no twig to be burned. Harry casted Warming Charm upon Ginny, he casted it on himself, but he noticed Ginny was still shivering with cold and suddenly remembered the story one of Aurors told the trainees about the way to survive in the forest. :

When you have to survive with your partner in the cold forest or highlands after heavy rain , the best way is to strip and hold with your arms around each other rather than to perform the warming charm, but if your partner is a female, you have to get her consent. It’s rather a Muggle way but it’s very effective.

Seamus used to laugh at the words saying he couldn’t hold a bloke naked each other he preferred to do with a girl. When Harry saw Ginny still shivering and putting her hands on her forehead, he determined and said,

“Ginny take off your clothes and come closer to me, you’ll have a fever like you did on our first aid training,” and he began to strip himself.

Ginny blushed at Harry’s removing his clothes but didn’t say any words. She seemed to understand what Harry intended to. She began to undress, too. Harry tried to keep away from looking at her but her feminine body line came into his view and he felt hot inside his body. When they wore only underwear he said taking off his glasses,

“Ginny, I can’t see you without my glasses, so eh, come closer.”

Ginny’s almost naked figure was a blur but he could feel her embarrassment. He made up his mind, pulled her towards his body and held her awkwardly. She also held Harry with her arms around and she snuggled her face against his chest. He felt her sigh on his chest, he felt something hot inside his abdominal region. They sat down together on the cold ground in the hollow. They sat still there feeling the warmth of the body each other for a while then Ginny gasped, shifted her head and said,

“Oh, Harry, how did you get so many scars?”

Harry regretted he forgot to do Disillusionment charm upon his body which had so many cursed scars, resigned to tell a lie and said,

“Well, last year I had to face Voldemort, other Death Eaters, you know?”

“Oh, I see..but you have a bigger lightning scar on your left side. Does it mean you got another killing curse?”

“Yes, I did.”

They were listening to the sound of the heavy rain outside for a while. They could hear the sound of heartbeats each other. The silence passed. Ginny touched his big lightning scar on his chest with her hand and she kissed him ardently. He kissed her back and they lay down on the ground. Ginny’s lips moved from his face down to his neck and to his lips again. Harry smoothed her hair which was fragrant with flowers feeling her soft skin brushing against his and sighed and they snuggled up closer, fell asleep feeling the warmth of their bodies each other.

How many hours passed, Harry couldn't remember. He had a weird dream dozing off: He heard the familiar voice.

“You are sleeping in a hollow of your tree with your girlfriend. Harry, you have already known your tree. You should better make your wand with this. Your true tree will make you do another magic.” Sirius whispered in his head.

Harry now could see Sirius’s figure which was leaving him in his dream and shouted,

“Sirius, wait! I want to talk with you more.”

But Sirius in his dream vanished. Then Harry heard the twittering sound of birds outside the hollow. He fumbled around his glasses and put it on and startled. Ginny with only her knickers were snuggling against his body. She was so beautiful and looked vulnerable. The feeling that he wanted to protect her from any harm, sprang up in his heart. He kissed her cheek gently barely controlling his desire to see her naked body more and touch her, trying not to wake her up and summoned her dried Quidditch robes without using his wand and covered it over her body, he stood up. He put on his clothes and his Auror robes, he went out of the hollow and looked up at the branches hung down close to him, he broke off a twig and he took out his knife given at the lecture of Auror Headquarters, began to scrape the bark and chisel the wood. He remembered the name of the tree. It was cypress tree. He thought he needed a magical core, but what about performing wandless magic with this new substitute wand? He closed his eyes and concentrated and tried to do Animagi swishing his new substitute wand. Then he was shocked. He was not a stag. He changed himself into a big raven as the same as the one of a daughter of Druid. A big raven, whose legs were red, Harry hopped back into the hollow to make sure Ginny was still sleeping. She was sleeping there, so he hopped out of the hollow and he soared up into the sky. The autumn sea breeze grazed past his cheeks, he circled over the small isle and back to the seashore and landed on the land without noticing another big raven chasing him. He finished his magic and went back to the hollow. Ginny was standing clad in her Quidditch robes in front of the hollow holding his Firebolt in her hand. She looked anxious but her face turned to a relived look soon after she noticed Harry approaching her.

“Harry, where were you?”

“I was patrolling around here. Shall we leave?”

“Yes. Let’s go.”

They walked out of the forest. Harry took out his phoenix feather wand and made sure the direction. When he tried to pull Ginny on to his Firebolt, a female voice halted him.

“Harry Potter, you survived the storm last night. I was very impressed.”

It was Dara. She was with her father, Owen Cadwagan.

Harry took out his phoenix feather wand and handed it to Ginny stealthily, he whispered,

“Use my wand to protect you and fly to the south, the Isle of Man by Firebolt and contact with Ron and other wizards. No denying, Ginny, we had no time.”

Ginny seemed to understand, she moved fast, just then Harry casted nonverbal wandless stunning charm upon Dara and Cadwagan. They were a little late to notice Harry’s intention. They fell down on the seashore. Harry closed his eyes and did Animagi without a wand, he transformed into a big raven and flew away, but Dara stood up and she transformed into a big raven, too. She soared up high and caught up with him. Harry tried to fly the other direction, the opposite side of Ginny. He understood which way was to the north following his Animagus instinct. He kept on flying to the north, Dara was following after him, and he noticed a big albatross chasing him, too. He was sure it was Cadwagan, who transformed into a big albatross, who had informed remaining Death Eaters that Harry and Ginny were flying to the Isle of Man. Then Dara made a twittering sound, soon other real big ravens gathered around them, they encircled Harry and forced him to fly back to the Giant's Causeway. Harry was compelled to land on the seashore. While Harry was watching for a chance to soar up in the sky, a big albatross landed on the shore, Cadwagan turned into himself. The warlock conjured a cage, he grabbed Harry, a big raven, and he put Harry into the cage. Dara soon changed into her original figure and conjured a vial and forced Harry to drink it.

“Don’t be afraid, Harry Potter, it will make you relax,” she whispered.

Harry protested but he was forced to gulp it down. Soon he passed out.

Author’s note: Thank you for reading my fan fiction. Any kind honest reviews welcome!

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