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The Lily Potter Problem by AHeat
Chapter 5 : When We Talk About BOYS
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Chapter 5: When We Talk About BOYS


Three years later, Lily found herself waving her wand aimlessly as she daydreamed in Potions class.  It became a sort of routine for her:  she usually finished much earlier than the others and spent the rest of the time either experimenting with new potions or drifting off.  Today, she was constructing a prank in her mind when Tom’s voice pulled her out of her reverie.


“Lily, couldn’t you do something more useful? Like help me with my potion. Just because you’re brilliant doesn’t mean the rest of us are…” he said with a blush.  Tom had opened up a lot since his first year, and the two were now close friends.


“Sure thing, Tom. Sorry about that,” she said. She pulled her seat closer and leaned over his cauldron to see why his potion was bubblegum pink rather than the expected fuchsia colour.


After the lesson, Lily, June, Kendra and the triplets were about to go to lunch when Professor Greengrass asked Lily to stay behind. 


“Thanks for staying, Lily. I just wanted to ask you a quick favor. You see, you are probably the best potions student at the school, and I know I’ve asked you to tutor younger students before, but I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind helping out one of my NEWT students?”


“Sure!  I’d love to help. Who is the student who needs help?” asked Lily.


“My nephew, Scorpius Malfoy.  I believe you two know each other?”


Lily stared at her professor in horror.  There was no one in the school she would want to help in a confined space less than Scorpius.  He had been annoying her relentlessly since her first year, but especially since last year.  She hated his guts, and he knew it.  He had gotten rather good at avoiding being the butt of her practical jokes, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t trying.


“Er, professor, is there anyone else who could help him?” asked Lily. Professor Greengrass looked surprised.


“But Lily, you usually love helping your classmates. I would have thought you’d be happy about this opportunity,” she said.  You obviously haven’t been very observant if you can’t tell Scorpius and I hate each other, thought Lily.


“Fine, if you insist,” responded Lily grumpily. Without another word, Lily turned and left for lunch.  When she got there, she explained to the others what the potions master wanted.


“But she can’t make you, can she?” protested June.


“She’s not really making me, she just sort of guilted me into it…”


“Well, can you still get out of it?” asked Tom. Just as he said it, Scorpius walked up behind him and started talking to Lily.


“So, my aunt just told me you were going to help me out with potions.  Why she thinks I need your help is beyond me, but be prepared for many long nights in the potions dungeon…” Scorpius winked at her and walked away.


“Well that was weird,” said Lily.  Scorpius had never winked at her—only ever sneered and smirked.  Maybe this was his new way of teasing her this year.


“What’s wrong, Tom?” Lily heard Mia say.  She looked over at Tom and saw that he was clenching his fist and glaring with a passion at Scorpius.


“He shouldn’t talk to Lily that way!” he practically shouted.


“Calm down, he’s just being Scorpius. You know, he always teases us…” said Lily. Though admittedly the encounter had left her more confused than their riffs usually did.


When Lily walked into her dormitory that night, it was to find her four roommates gathered on the floor, in their pajamas, talking.  This was not exactly an unusual occurance, but the fact that all four of them seemed to be giggling uncontrollably was.  When they caught sight of Lily, they burst out with a new round of giggles.


Giving them strange looks, Lily changed into her pajamas as well, grabbed her pillow and joined them on the floor.


“What are you guys talking about?” she asked.


“Boys!” said June. The others started giggling again. Oh boy, thought Lily. She hated discussing girly things. She would much rather be arguing about Quidditch with Hugo.


“So, right now we are pretty convinced that Tom is totally in love with you,” Natalie told Lily.


“Hold up, we’re talking about Tom, right? Brown hair, looks a little something like you two? No way. Nope. Nuh-uh,” denied Lily.  They all gave her the same “you’re kidding me” look. “You guys!  I’ve been best friends with him since first year! You’d think I’d noticed by now.”


“Yeah, you’d think.  You’re brilliant, Lily, but sometimes you can be kind of thick. No offense,” said June with a grin.  Lily thought back to that afternoon, when Tom had gotten all defensive of her when Scorpius winked at her.


“Maybe…” she said skeptically.  She thought about what it would be like to date Tom.  He was really nice and all, but she was not sure she felt anything more for him than friendship.


“Well, she’s in denial.  What about everyone else? Kendra, you’ve been rather quiet tonight,” said June;  she always seemed to be the moderator of these group conversations, her lively personality keeping the flame alive.


Kendra looked at them, looked down at her lap, took a deep breath and suddenly burst out, “I think I’m in love with a Wotter!”


Mia and Natalie gasped and June looked straight at Lily.  Lily, on the other hand, found herself smiling. “Which one?” she asked.


“Erm, Hugo.  It’s just, he’s really cute, and he plays Quidditch, and he’s in my arithmancy class and he’s really smart, and I know he’s  your cousin and best friend Lily but I just can’t help myself!” The words came pouring out of Kendra like none of them had ever seen. She was normally so composed and what she said was usually so thought out.


Lily started laughing, and Kendra looked hurt.


“No, no, I think it’s brilliant!” she explained. Kendra brightened up at this, and continued talking about Hugo for the better part of ten minutes.


“But Lils, would you talk to him? I need to know how he feels about me!” she finished.


“Sure thing.  While we’re on the subject, is anyone else in love with any of my relatives?” Lily just wanted to clear the air before the conversation continued.


June looked away nervously—something Lily had never seen her do. When the two best friends caught each other’s eye, June frowned and looked as if she was about to say something, but held her tongue.


“June, you know you can tell me, right?” said Lily.


“I know.  You see, you know how I spent a lot of time at your house over the summer?  Well, I sort of have a thing for your brother.” She looked relieved at finally having gotten that off her chest.


“Which one?” asked Lily.  She did not have a problem with Kendra crushing on one of her many cousins, but she was not sure how she felt about her best mate getting together with one of her brothers.


“Albus.  And, well, I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual, but I don’t want to make a move unless you’re okay with it.” June looked at Lily nervously.  Seeing the desperate look in her friend’s eye, Lily could tell that this was a moment that June had been working on for a while.


“Of course it’s okay.  Just let me know how you’re going to do it and if you need my help. Maybe we could involve it in this year’s opening prank!” exclaimed Lily. And with the sticky moment behind them, the two moved on as if nothing had happened.


The conversation continued until someone dropped Scorpius’ name. The memory of her encounter with him hours before resurfaced in Lily’s memory, and she decided to ask the others what they thought.


“He winked at you?  Like, in an ‘I’m gonna get you’ kind of way or a flirty kind of way?” asked Mia.


“I’m sure it was the first one.  I can hardly imagine Scorpius Malfoy having a crush on me, right? I mean, you have to agree that that’s totally absurd!” snorted Lily. She looked around and realized she was the only one laughing.


“Lily, half the boys in Slytherin have had a crush on you at some point,” explained June, “maybe this is just Scorpius’ turn.”


Lily looked at her in shock. Half the boys in her house? She thought.  She dismissed her friend’s ludicrous statement.  There was no way she had not noticed all the boys around her had been crushing on her.  Of course, there were all the times they had opened the door for her, and most of them went red and tongue-tied when she was around them, and when Hogsmeade dates were announced she did have a number of invites from boys, which she turned down because she was going with her friends…


Oh Merlin. Maybe she was being thick all along.  She just assumed that people were intimidated by her because she was Harry Potter’s daughter.  She had never thought of herself as desirable. 


“Okay, maybe you’re right about boys liking me, but you’re so wrong about Scorpius. There is no way on this planet that he would ever like me, and for that matter, that I would ever like him.”


“Suit yourself.  Personally, I think he’s kind of dreamy,” sighed Natalie, before catching Lily’s death glare and quickly adding, “you know, in an evil, un-datable way.”


“You got that right,” muttered Lily.  She was confused as to how the conversation even got to this point. From Kendra admitting she liked Hugo to Natalie and Mia revealing that Tom liked Lily and the suggestion that Scorpius also liked her, it had been quite a crazy night.


But little did she know, the drama didn’t end tonight. Not by a longshot.



A/N: So, we’ve started Lily’s fourth year.  Quite an exciting one, to be honest.  Lots of drama, lots of heartbreak… get pumped!  I really hope you are enjoying it! I really want to know what you think, so feel free to leave a review!  Stay tuned for Chapter six, which I’ll add as soon as this chapter gets validated. 


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