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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 1 : Caught Red Handed
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It had been two years since the wizarding war and Lord Voldemort's death. All the Death Eaters beside Narcissa (because she saved Harry's life) and Draco Malfoy were taken into custody of Azkaban Prison for life. 


Draco Malfoy nearly also got taken into custody with the rest but Harry Potter saved him by telling the wizarding court he was innocent and was forced to perfom the doings of Voldemort by his father, Lucius. He was let off with three years of probation and sent into training to work for the Ministry. 




The year following the war, Hermione Granger returned to Hogwarts with Ginny Weasley's seventh year class to finish her schooling. She was the only one from the group of friends and one of just a few of her seventh year classmates who did. Hermione didn't regret her decision at all and passed her N.E.W.T.S with flying colors, was Head Girl, graduated with honors, and had a job offer to the Ministry for the Department of the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures by the time she graduated. 


Ron and Harry were both offered a job at the Ministry right after the war without N.E.W.T.S.  Molly Weasley fought with all her power to convince Harry and Ron to go back to school with Hermione but they declined to listen to her opinion.


 Ron did not go straight into the Auror field but waited awhile to enter the Ministry and helped George (who is now married to Angelina Johnson and is doing a bit better after Fred's unfortunate death) with Weasley Wizard Wheezes. After figuring out the store was not where he wanted to be the rest of his life he then decided to go his own way and follow his best friend Harry Potter onto the Auror career path. 


Harry was a very talented Auror since he knew most of the spell-work he needed for the career already and had skill in catching dark wizards. He was now considered as one of the best Aurors. Some even compared him to having as much skill as Alastor Moody to which Harry did not agree.


To no one's surprise Kingsley Shacklebolt was elected as the next Minister of Magic and is the best one there has ever been yet. 


After a year of engagement, Harry and Ginny got married at The Burrow the summer right after the war in the backyard.  They now lived in a beautiful country home just a half hour out of London. 


Hermione and Ron found love for each other after the kiss in the Chamber of Secrets and got engaged the summer after Hermione graduated from Hogwarts. They now live in a muggle apartment complex in downtown London.




It had now officially been a year since Ron and Hermione got engaged and this is where their story continues... 




Hermione opened her chocolate brown eyes and  gazed at the blurry alarm clock located on her night stand beside their king-sized bed.




Ron was supposed to be home two hours ago at midnight and it was currently two in the morning. Hermione knew sometimes closing at the office as an Auror took a while but never this long and it was now the second time this week that he had came home late!


Finally after Hermione drifted back off to sleep it was three-thirty when she woke up again with a start to find Ron sneaking into their shared bed. His red hair was tousled and he wore a sheepish look on his face, almost as if he hoped she wouldn't stir.




 Ron jumped at her response, gave up on sneaking slowly into bed, settled to lay down, and looked obviously guilty as he did so. 


"Sorry Hermione, I had to close up the office alone again tonight... and uhh... erm... I couldn't find the key and then the guard's alarms wouldn't go on right. Just a shitty bloody hell of a night. I tried to get home earlier, I did! I promise you!"


"Ron you had the same problem on Monday night. Honestly, has no one offered to help you out?" Hermione asked sternly, sitting straight up in bed and looking him in the eyes for any sign of a lie.


"I am a little clumsy at these things. You know that, love." Ron replied nervously. 


This was not Ron. He was never late by two or more hours and he never hesitated when telling Hermione what happened at work.


Something fishy was going on...






The next morning, Hermione awoke and Ron was already gone. They had been fighting lately but not badly. There was no reason for this unusual behavior from him and she knew when he was acting different having known him for all of his adolescent life.


Feeling down about the whole incident last night, Hermione phoned Ginny to ask if Harry and Ginny wanted to meet her in Hogsmead at The Pub. Ginny agreed of course so Hermione quickly put her bushy hair in an elegant bun and walked quickly out the door to the taxis on street level.




When Hermione arrived at Hogsmeade and entered The Pub, Ginny waved her over enthusiastically. This was the second time they had visited the new place and so far they were quite impressed with the service.  


"You look sad Hermione, what's up?" Harry asked his bestfriend as she sat down. He could tell she was not acting herself. 


"Well Ronald has been acting weird, have either of you noticed?" Hermione asked them, hoping for an answer that could somehow comfort her so she could quit this anxiety over nothing.


"Yes." Harry replied with a tight frown. "He hadn't really been talking to me much. Seems to be busy at work training the new employee."


"And who might that be?" Hermione haughtily asked, glaring at Harry.


"Lavender Brown. We hired her last week and Ron has been training her since then. She is most likely going to be his assistant." Then Harry paused with a puzzled look on his face, "has he not mentioned this to you?" 


 Hermione shook her head and scowled. "No! He hasn't in fact told me he hired his ex-girlfriend onto the Auror Department! In fact we haven't been talking lately at all come to think of it!" 


How could Ron keep this from me knowing how I felt about Lavender? Hermione asked herself mentally.


"Harry, you're pretty close with the head of the department, can't you do something about her being there? You should know I don't want her near "won-won"!" She said angrily quoting with her fingers Lavender's nickname for Ron. "She makes me want to vomit!" 


Ginny giggled awkwardly across the table from her, feeling the same way. 


 "I'm sorry. I was sure he would have told you. I mean, she was the best fit for Ron's assistant position because she was really good at her interview. We don't discriminate employees just for being ex-girlfriends Hermione! We decided a week ago that she most likely will be Ron's assistant because of her skill in paperwork and amazing skill in spells we use within the Auror Department. You know how Ron is, he needs assistance most of the time. The head, Arnold, and I interviewed her and agreed she would be the best fit for what we are looking for the position. I'm sorry if this upsets you. Maybe he meant to tell you but just has been too busy and hasn't?" Harry explained while noticing Hermione's daggers of eyes piercing him again. Luckily she soon pulled her gaze back to the butterbeer and did not take out her wand like Harry feared she would.


"How could I be so stupid? I am supposedly the brightest with of our age!" Hermione bellowed loudly, throwing her butterbeer back on the wooden table they sat at and making a table full of elderly wizards look alarmingly her way.


"Calm down! Stop acting like a jealous person because you are being a little immature. Ron loves you, Hermione! All he ever talks about is you when he visits home!" Ginny cut in, trying to comfort her friend but at the same time annoyed with her carrying on.


"Ginny, how would you feel if Harry hired Cho to be his possible assistant and he had been coming home two to three hours late saying the same excuse every single time?!" Hermione asked irritably as her hands trembled against the cold glass she was holding. 


Ginny decided to close her mouth after that and Hermione took this as her queue to leave. She then pushed her drink away and stormed out the clinging restaurant door. 


Ginny and Harry gazed at her leaving, not believing what they just heard. There is a possibility Ron and Hermione's relationship is in danger and that shocked them after all the time they spent finding out that they wanted to actually be together. 




But Hermione felt in her heart something was wrong, something she didn't know and had to find out. Something that would change a lot of feelings and possibly even change her life.




The house felt cold and empty as Hermione entered it. She slowly walked into their room and put down the picture of Ron and herself happily kissing on her nightstand.


She then proceeded to slowly put on her nightgown and slide into bed, twirling her wand in her hand thinking of what painful spells she could use on Ron if she did in fact find out he was cheating. By midnight she was crying from thinking about the possibility of his betrayal and fell asleep.




Ron once again snuck into bed a little late but this time managed to be home at two. He kissed Hermione on the cheek lightly and rolled over to instantly fall asleep as usual.


As soon as Hermione heard him loudly snoring beside her she decided what she needed to do... she needed to go through Ron's owl mail so she could find the answer. 


Slipping almost as slow as a snail out of bed she walked out of the bedroom after turning around to make sure he was still fast asleep. She then walked to their linen closet in the entrance hall where she knew Ron stored all his mail and found a dusty pile hiding under a leather jacket of his. 


Grabbing them with trembling hands she walked into the bathroom to privately go through them. 


Hermione felt quite bad for not trusting him and having to go through his mail but there was an urgency there that she couldn't ignore. He's hiding something and she was going to find out what.


Sure enough there was a letter from none other than Lavender Brown sitting three letters into the pile and seeming to stare Hermione in the face intimidatingly. 


Her heart palpitated as she opened the seal which was unwrapped already: 




I am thrilled that they are considering me as your assistant. I am honored to be apart of the Auror Department and excited to spend more time with you! 


The sneaking around has got to end so we can actually be a real couple. I just hope you end things with Hermione soon like you so desperately want to. I mean who would want to be with know-it-all Granger anyway? She has been so shady since the war but hasn't she always been like that? Cocky I think would be a more fitting word. 


Anyway, since we have been seeing each-other for three months now I think it is time to consider leaving her. You told me the other day that you don't love her so why suffer when you have me to come to? I can't really deal with sharing you any longer. 


I hope that they hire me for sure and I can't wait to heat up those supply rooms with our hot lovin' ;) The other night was amazing by the way. 


With love,







P.S. Don't tell Harry about us because Hermione is sure to find out with how nosy she is about your business!  


A/N: Hello all! This is a story I started working on a year ago. It was my first fan-fic and now I am trying to edit it to be a little better. I hope you enjoy! 




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Winds of Desire: Caught Red Handed


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