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A Long Summer by alicia and anne
Chapter 2 : Clingy and dependant
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A/N: I'm so glad that people are liking this story :) I'm so happy with the response to this. Let me know what you think of this chapter :)

“I’ll be back before you know it Harry,” Ginny told her husband as she continued folding clothes to put inside her suitcase.

Harry had been practically begging his wife, from when he had woken up a few hours ago, to stay at home and not go on the work trip. But so far he was having no luck.

“The kids won’t be that bad,” Ginny stated. Harry scoffed before he could stop himself, in the background they could hear something heavy falling onto the floor and the unmistakable sounds of something being broken. Harry decided to investigate the noise later on, he needed to convince his wife to stay with him.

“You’re going to have Teddy here to help you,” Ginny told him, pushing her long red hair away from her voice as she placed her folded clothes into her suitcase.

"He’s just as bad as them.” Harry told her. Ginny agreed with him, just not out loud.

“My parents aren’t that far away, and you’ll be able to owl Ron and Hermione for advice or help, whichever one comes first.”

“Do you have to go?” Harry asked, grabbing hold of his wife’s arm gently and pulling her towards him, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her into a hug.

“Yes, Harry. They’re expecting me, and I need to cover the match,” Ginny told him, pulling away from him slightly so she could give him a kiss. “You’ll be fine. You’ve looked after them alone many times before.”

Harry gave a sigh as he gave Ginny, another kiss, before letting her go so she could go back to packing her suitcase. She needed to be packed before her and Harry went for dinner later that afternoon. They were having dinner early as Ginny was going to be travelling early the next morning, so needed an early night.

“Now help me pack, we don’t have long before Teddy will be here,” Ginny told Harry, walking over to her open wardrobe and picking out some clothes before placing them on the bed. Harry waved his wand casting a spell that would make the clothes fold themselves before going into the suitcase, Ginny gave a small 'tut' at his laziness.

Their packing was interrupted by another loud crash coming from downstairs and some loud and heavy footsteps, that seemed to be running away from the scene of whatever crime had just unfolded. Ginny gave a sigh as she and Harry turned their heads to look out of their bedroom door, wondering which one of their children it could be and what they had destroyed this time. Harry and Ginny had chosen the bedroom that could see the top of the stairs, so that they would be able to see if one of their children was trying to sneak downstairs or upstairs.

“Do you think it’s Lily?” Harry asked Ginny as the house went silent again. Ginny shook her head at him.

“No, Lily’s not that heavy footed. It sounds like James.” Ginny stated, still listening out into the now too quiet house.

“I wonder what he’s broken this time,” Harry stated. They were still looking out of their bedroom door, trying to see if the culprit would be coming up the stairs, to try and hide from the scene of whatever crime was committed.

“I don’t think I want to know.” Ginny said shaking her head.

They went back to packing the suitcase, but were distracted again a few moments later. This time by the sound of the front door opening and Teddy’s voice calling through the house.

“Is anyone here? I’m home.”

“We’re upstairs Teddy; we’ll be down in a minute.” Ginny called back.

Teddy yelled back, “Okay,” before they heard him walking towards the front room.

He let out a loud, "oomph" before the sound of him falling to the floor met their ears. Teddy had managed to trip over something in the hallway, more than likely the umbrella stand that seemed to trip him up quite often. They had tried moving it, but Teddy would somehow always manage to find it.

Ginny took a deep breath, before shaking her head; she was looking forward to a nice relaxing time away from home. It was going to be heaven to not have to worry about her children breaking things, or eating any food she might want, or interrupting her sleep. She had to admit that she was mainly looking forward to having a bath and being able to read a book without being disturbed by anyone.
Hermione had recommended a new witch and wizard romance novel a few weeks ago and life had been too hectic for Ginny to even begin reading it.

“We should go downstairs to see if he’s hurt himself,” Harry told Ginny, walking over to her and taking her hand in his as she walked away from her suitcase. They both walked out of the room and made their way downstairs, deciding to go back to the packing later on.

They found Teddy in the kitchen, talking to James, he appeared to be fine from his earlier fall. He was waving his wand around and fixing what appeared to be the cupboard door, that they assumed that James must have broken. How James had managed to break it, they didn’t know, they had suspicions that he might have been swinging on it again. With moments like these Harry couldn’t believe that his son was sixteen and nearly an adult in the wizarding world, he wasn’t looking forward to the day when his son could use magic outside of the school, the amount of accidents James had would increase.

“Teddy. Guess what Mum’s done to break my heart?” James said with a frown at his mother before turning to look at Teddy, who had finished fixing the cupboard and was now helping himself to the jar of cookies on the side.

“No idea,” Teddy said with a shrug, shaking his blonde hair out of his face as he searched through the cookies to find one that hadn’t been broken, or had a bite taken out of it.

“She only went and cancelled her subscription to Witches Weekly,” James said outraged, shaking his head at his mother, who rolled her eyes.

“You read that garbage?” Teddy asked with a scoff, finding a rare full cookie in the jar and shoving it into his mouth.

“I did read it, until mum ruined that for me.”

“It’s been cancelled James, I think you should let it go.” Ginny told him.

“Mum, I can’t believe you won’t hear me out,” James cried, slumping down onto the seat next to Harry and looking over at his mother, who was trying her hardest to ignore him. “I read it for the articles, there’s some really interesting stories in there.”

“James, you shouldn’t be reading that magazine,” Ginny stated, turning to face her son who was attempting to give his best ‘puppy dog eyes’ look. Harry knew that it wouldn’t work; the only one of his children that seemed to be able to achieve that look successfully, was Albus. “I’m doing you a favour.”

James continued giving his mum the puppy dog eyes, but Ginny merely raised an eyebrow at him, not being affected by it.

“Teddy love, we shouldn’t be out for too long,” Ginny said, turning to face Teddy, her honorary son. “Whilst we’re out can you make sure that the boys bring down their dirty washing, so I can clean it before I leave?”

Teddy gave a nod and thumbs up; his mouth was still full of cookie.

“And don’t let them bully you into doing it for them Teddy.” Harry stated, wondering why James was still attempting to make himself look sad, couldn’t he see that it wasn’t working?

Teddy swallowed his cookie and wiped his mouth to get rid of any stray crumbs, “They can’t bully me Ginny, I’ll be fine.”


“Where’s Lily?” Albus asked his brother as he looked around the room. It had been about an hour since his mum and dad had left, leaving them alone with Teddy.

“I’m not too sure,” James told Albus, with a shrug. “I think she said something about hair dye and ran off upstairs giggling.”

Albus knew he should go and find out exactly what his baby sister was up to, but he decided it wasn’t his problem. Teddy was the one who was babysitting them and if he couldn’t be bothered to keep an eye on them all, then that was his own fault.

Why exactly they needed a babysitter he didn’t know. Sure, when his mother wasn’t there him, James and Lily basically ran riot, breaking things including people’s hopes and dreams. But when their mother was around they were practically angels, or they at least hid any evidence of wrongdoing.

“I can’t believe that mum and dad went out for a meal without us,” James cried loudly, “It’s so unfair.”

“They obviously don’t love us.” Albus agreed with his brother, it wasn’t often that happened.

“I think they just want some time alone guys,” Teddy told them as he walked into the room, his arms were laden down with a whole bunch of clothes. Albus could tell by James’s sock dangerously close to Teddy’s face, that he was getting their dirty washing from their rooms. James had finally taken that sock off yesterday after having worn it for about three days, Albus had no idea how Teddy could have it that close to his face without passing out from the smell.

“Well then they shouldn’t have had kids,” Albus said with a shrug.

“Especially very clingy, dependent, kids,” James said from the chair that he was lounging on. He was currently trying to see if he could put his head on the floor whilst still sitting on the chair. Albus hoped that James would fall off of it; thinking that maybe he should give it a nudge with his foot. “We need doting on.”

“You two are really selfish,” Teddy tutted carrying the clothes out of the room, Albus could hear him heading towards the kitchen.

“Tell us something we don’t know!” Albus cried, slouching in his own chair. Albus reached his foot out and gave James’s chair a big hard kick, it toppled over as James was balancing precariously.

Albus was quick to run from the room as soon as he kicked the chair, knowing that James would be after him as soon as he managed to get off of the floor. Albus dove into the cupboard under the stairs, a place where their father kept threatening to make them all live if they couldn’t behave, and quickly shut the door enough so he could still peer out of it. He could hear James crying from the room he had just run from. Albus gave a roll of his eyes as he thought of how much of a girl James was being. Teddy ran passed Albus’s hiding place upon hearing James’s cries, the clothes gone from his arms. Albus gave a sigh, wondering why James had to be so pathetic, he only fell onto the floor, it’s not like he had broken anything.

As it turned out James had broken his arm; he was given a sling to wear overnight, which Albus found hilarious.

Albus had been grounded for a week by his mother, when she and his dad had come home to find the note Teddy had left behind, to say that they were all up St Mungo’s because James had hurt his arm. Albus thought that they were all being totally unfair, and was going to make them regret their decision, or at least wait until his mother had gone and then convinced his dad to un-ground him. He knew it wouldn’t take long to make him crack.

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